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The 8 Reasons Why People Wear a Ring on a Necklace

Why do people wear a ring on a necklace? If you have a stylish necklace chain, the look can jazz up any outfit.

It’s easy to add a little bit of sparkle and glamor to your look with this simple tweak.

Whether you’re looking for something subtle or want to go all out, a ring on a necklace can create that aura.

Sterling silver Ring on necklace
Image by Atul Vinayak via Unsplash

But wearing a ring on a necklace can hold deeper meanings too. Just think about Frodo Baggins, who wore the One Ring on a chain because the chain could prevent the ring’s deceitful nature.

Like Frodo, many people have adopted that style for practical purposes or to express a symbolic meaning.

If you’re wondering why people wear a ring on a necklace, you’re not alone.

There are several reasons, ranging from personal comfort to symbolizing a commitment.

Other than making a fashion statement, people can wear wedding or other rings on a necklace for these reasons:

Wear a Ring on a Necklace: 3 rings personalized necklace
Image by LENOSHEM via Etsy

Staying safe from ring avulsion

Ring avulsion is when your ring gets caught on something and is pulled off your finger with a strong force. When men or women wear rings, this can happen.

And it can be excruciating and can cause a minor abrasion, or even amputation of the finger.

People working in hazardous conditions, doing an outdoor fun activity or various sports activities can get such injuries.

It can also happen if you suddenly fall or get caught in other accidents.

Wearing a ring on a necklace can help prevent this type of injury by keeping the ring away from potential hazards.

Even if the ring gets caught on something, it will just come off the necklace instead of your finger.

You can also remove the chain quickly if it does become snagged on something.

Ring on beaded chain

Preventing blood flow constriction

Blood flow constriction results from narrowing blood vessels, leading to reduced blood flow and oxygen to the tissues.

This can cause physical discomfort, including aching, lack of sensation and stinging in the affected area.

It can also lead to injuries such as tissue damage, joint damage and nerve damage.

Your finger swells from increased blood flow when you are working out or doing other strenuous work.

A ring on the finger, especially a tight-fitting one, can cut down the blood flow.

You can avoid potential injuries by wearing it as a pendant.

 Ring on leather necklace

Protecting the ring from damage

A ring on a necklace is less likely to get damaged from heavy work than if you were wearing it on your finger.

For example, instruments can disfigure or scratch the ring when you are a construction worker, lifting something bulky or doing yard work.

Similarly, some metals can get stained from our day-to-day work. For example, a hot tub bath can discolor gold, while any kind of water exposure can make silver dark.

Also, small gemstones attached to a ring can fall off during daily chores like ironing clothes, cleaning the house or washing dishes.

The only way to prevent these accidents is to wear the ring on a necklace, as doing this will keep the ring away from sharp objects.

Silver rings on necklace on wood table
Image by Sweetlouise via Pixabay

Protecting others from injuries

Some professionals, like doctors and nurses, need to come in contact with their patients.

Rings on their fingers can hurt the patients and even damage the rings when they need to operate various instruments.

Also, a loose ring can easily get pulled out when taking off latex gloves.

So, wearing the ring on a necklace is safer for all parties involved.

Wear a Ring on a Necklace with a Personalized Ring Holder Name Necklace

For comfort

Someone who has never worn jewelry may find it challenging to get used to wearing a ring on their finger.

It doesn’t feel natural to them; some may feel like the ring is too flashy or showy.

Also, it may feel too tight and uncomfortable on the finger.

Wearing a ring on a necklace, however, solves this problem. A chain is easier to take off whenever needed.

So, if you feel uncomfortable with a finger ring but need to wear your engagement ring or wedding bands somehow, attach them to a necklace instead.

Ring on necklace chain

Ring size issues

Another reason to wear a ring on a necklace is ring size issues. No, a ring does not become too big or small, but our fingers do, making the ring not fit anymore.

Several medical conditions cause swollen fingers. or lead to weight gain. Arthritis, high salt levels in the body, an injury or an intense workout can make fingers and their joints bulge.

Similarly, your fingers shrink due to several health reasons such as losing weight.

Our fingers can swell or shrink depending on the weather conditions too. They are typically slightly larger in the morning, during sleep when you’re hot, in hot summer weather, when you are on a plane or when you consume too much alcohol.

Contrarily, they shrink when you are cold or when you are swimming in cold water.

It’s possible to make a ring smaller without resizing but attaching it to a necklace is the simplest solution.

 Ring on necklace
Image by Mehrshadrezaei via Pixabay

Remembering a person

Another reason to wear a ring on a necklace is to hold dear a deceased family member or partner.

For some, it may be a way to keep their loved ones close to their heart and honor their memory.

Putting a ring on a necklace is a popular style for wearing a promise ring or a family heirloom.

It could be your great grandma’s beautiful ruby ring that does not fit, but you still want to show it in a meaningful way.

Wear a Ring on a Necklace with a Sterling silver Plain Ring Keeper Necklace
Image by SimplyNJewellery via Etsy

Showing off personal style

Many people wear a ring on a necklace to show off their personal style. Some people prefer creating a louder look, while others prefer a more understated look.

Combined with a necklace, you can either show off the ring by dangling it loosely or tuck it away for a less flashy look, similar to the choker style.

If you want a unique and super stylish look, try the Russian 3-ring necklaces.

Inspired by the traditional Russian wedding ring, the chain holds three interlocking bands, symbolizing the Holy Trinity or the three stages of time.

You can tweak the design to give the 3-ring necklace a personal touch. Also, selecting the bands in different metals or colors will add an eclectic look to your outfits.

 Ring on necklace chain
Image by Jezuu via Pixabay

Ring Etiquette: Can I Wear a Wedding Ring on a Necklace?

While it may not be common practice, you can wear a wedding ring on a necklace.

Of course, you should ask your partner first to see if they are comfortable with the idea.

Engagement rings and wedding bands are very personal. So, it’ll be a personal choice if people decide to put them on in a necklace instead of their fingers.

However, you should at least wear it on your finger on the wedding day, or it might be seen as disrespectful.

Remember that ring etiquette varies depending on the culture and tradition of the particular area or country.

But when it comes to the wedding band, it should depend on the couple’s personal preference.

If either party prefers not to wear it on the finger, it’s acceptable etiquette to wear it on a necklace instead.

The choice ultimately comes down to what is more comfortable for both parties involved.

Wear a Ring on a Necklace: with a horse shoe shape Ring Holder Necklace
Image by MuurDesign via Etsy

Jewelry Superstition: Is It Bad Luck to Wear a Ring on a Necklace?

There are a handful of jewelry superstitions prevalent in various cultures.

People in some countries think that wearing gold and silver jewelry brings bad luck, while some eastern cultures consider that opals have evil properties.

Similarly, a few myths are associated with engagement and wedding rings. It’s well circulated that putting a ring on your ring finger before your wedding may ruin your chance of getting married.

Another myth is that taking the wedding ring off your finger may lead to problems between the couple and even divorce!

Remember that these are just superstitions. It will not bring bad luck or divorce if you wear a wedding ring on a necklace.

The Best Chains to Wear a Ring on

The necklace chain should be strong enough to hold the ring. It should also look beautiful because it’s a jewelry piece at the end of the day.

It could be a silver or gold chain, or some other materials of your preference, but you must be careful when choosing the chain style.

Here are five popular styles that you can consider:

Curb chain

The chain features a thick, soldered link style with a substantial weight.

It looks bold and masculine, making it the perfect choice for men who want a chain that makes a statement.

The chain is solid and durable, making it ideal for everyday wear.

Cable chain

Featuring uniformly interlinked links that are soldered separately, this chain type is one of the best options for wearing a pendant or wearing rings.

Go for the high-quality chains because cheaper ones don’t have individual welding.

This means they can be pulled apart under slight pressure.

Figaro chain

Similar to the regular curb chain, the figaro chain only differs in the link patterns.

Its structure follows the pattern: one elongated curb link and three regular curb links.

The chain can be thick, looking good on men and those who want an androgynous look.

If you choose one, be sure to pick a length that is comfortable for you and matches your clothing ensemble perfectly.

Box chain

This chain type is named as such because it features cubic square links. Box chains are available in various styles and thicknesses, and they look good with pendants and rings.

If you prefer a gold box chain, purchase one wider than 1.5mm. Otherwise, it will be too fragile and could get damaged easily.

Anchor or mariner chain

This is one of the strongest chain types out there. It’s similar to the curb chain design, but the structure features oval links with a bar in the middle.

It resembles the chain used for anchoring a boat.

Thanks to the design, the chain doesn’t tangle or twist. It’s a highly durable chain type that can survive all conditions.

Wearing a Ring on a Necklace: Use a Ring Keeper

Instead of attaching the ring directly to the chain, you can use a ring holder necklace.

The holder is a pendant with clasps to secure the ring on both sides.

If you want to wear a ring on a necklace with a ring holder, consider these beautiful styles:

Simple ring keeper

A simple ring keeper has a closure system to slip the ring into the circle.

A closure can be of various types. For example, one with a push-style lever will need an inward push to open.

Wear a ring on a necklace with a Wishbone shape ring holder
Image by Idyllicjewelrydesign via Etsy

Wishbone shape

A wishbone shape ring keeper is the more sophisticated version of the loops with a closure system.

It offers a safe place to keep your ring whenever you need to take it off your finger.

The ring keeper oozes understated elegance, making it suitable for wearing as a standalone pendant necklace.

Round or oval shape

Featuring a round or oval shape, these ring keepers look good with or without a ring.

The ring size should match the loop, or it could slip off.

 Ring Holder Necklace Rose Gold
Image by MuurDesign via Etsy

Horseshoe shape

A horseshoe keeper is similar to but slightly rounder than the oval shape ring holder.

It adds style to the way you carry your ring.

Ring Holder Necklace with Turquoise Charm
Image by LoftCharm via Etsy

Ring keeper with charms

If a ring holder looks too mundane, add a little bling to it with charms. You can add single or multiple charms, whatever goes with your personal style.

Personalized ring holder

Make the ring holder personalized if you are bored with the ordinary ones.

Many Etsy shops sell customized holders featuring your name or whatever you want.

Final Words

A ring on a necklace can add an extra touch of elegance to any outfit and help you stand out from the crowd.

It’s also an effective way to put your ring on when you can’t wear it on your finger for some reason.

However, no matter how you wear it, a ring makes a fashion statement and is a symbol of love and commitment.