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How to make a ring smaller without resizing: Top 8 Tips

How to make a ring smaller without resizing it?

You’ve just slipped that gorgeous engagement ring on your finger. It’s perfect, it’s beautiful, but the ring is too big for your finger.


At first glance, it would seem like resizing is the only option.

But what if your ring is platinum or the stone is so big that you can’t take it out without damaging the setting?

Some DIY methods offer the best temporary solutions for these circumstances.

How to make a ring smaller without resizing when the Ring is too large for the finger
Image by Itakdalee via Shutterstock

How Do You Know If Your Ring Is Too Big?

You might prefer a loose ring fit but if you’re wearing a ring too big for your finger, it’s hard to get anything done.

How do you know if it fits correctly? Well, look for these signs:

  • A big ring will slip off your finger and fall off when you’re doing something like daily chores.
  • A ring that fits correctly should be snug. You may need to twist or wiggle it to take it off.
  • A ring with a loose fit will come off without a struggle.
  • A ring is too big if you can wear it over a bandage or glove.

How Does Classic Ring Resizing Work?

Jeweler cutting a ring
Image by Lakeview Images via Shutterstock

If your precious ring does not fit, you can resize it. A professional jeweler can make it smaller or larger.

Sizing down a ring is pretty simple. It involves cutting off a tiny part of the shank.

Then, the jeweler solders it back together and polishes it up. After your ring is resized, you get a perfect ring! You can get this done in any jewelry store.

The process is reversible if you want to make it bigger for some reason, but that will “damage” the ring by making an extra cut.

Jeweler soldering ring after cutting the shank
Image by Anastasiasi via ShutterStock

Making the ring larger (getting the ring resized “up”) involves cutting the shank and adding extra metal. If you want to resize it by half a size, stretching the ring is enough for a thick band.

Some quick facts:

  • You can resize a ring up to two sizes bigger or smaller.
  • A simple resizing job may take up to two weeks.
  • Resizing is only possible for silver, gold and platinum rings.

Find out if you can resize a stainless steel ring.

Is Resizing the Best Solution? Think Twice

If you’ve got a ring that just doesn’t fit right, you may be wondering whether you should get it resized or leave it alone.

Well, resizing is not the best idea in the following cases:

It’s an antique

If you have an antique ring, changing its size can affect its value and make it more difficult to restore in the future.

It’s best to leave it unless you really want to wear it on a special occasion.

Sentimental value

Antique engagement ring
Image by Joice Rivas via Pexels

When you inherit your grandmother’s wedding ring or own something that has a deep personal meaning, it’s worth keeping things the way they are.

As long as your ring isn’t falling off constantly and causing you serious frustration, you might want to keep it as-is.

Temporary health issues

Maybe your ring is too big because you’ve just dropped a bunch of weight. Some health issues cause us to lose weight.

In those cases, regaining health is the best solution instead of resizing the ring.

A ring can feel tight because of gaining muscle. Also, our knuckles sometimes swell up due to a medical condition, pregnancy, or something else.

The ring has an engraving

Engraved ring
Image by Felipe Salgado via Unsplash

You should not resize a ring with an engraving on the inside of the band. It will require removing all of that engraving work, which would ruin the ring’s sentimental value.

Technical reasons

Modern style Diamond ring
Image by The glorious studio via Pexels

Resizing some rings is challenging because of the stones’ settings. For example ring with gems set in a groove running across the band (channel rings) cannot be easily resized.

Also, there are eternity rings with diamonds all around the shank.

Resizing these rings would require removing the gems and resetting them in a new channel, which would completely change the ring’s look.

Weather changes

Our finger size changes depending on the temperature outside. The hands may swell in summer because the extreme heat triggers the body to retain more water.

Similarly, they may shrink a little when the temperature drops. In such cases, temporary resizing is a better solution than something permanent.

DIY Ring Size Adjuster vs Jeweler Applied Ring Sizers

Both methods have their benefits and downsides. We have explained each aspect so you can make an informed decision.

How To make a ring smaller without resizing it: the Durability Factor

DIY ring sizers offer a temporary fix. However, they will still last for months without any problem.

A jeweler-applied method is semi-permanent.

DIY methods are convenient because they don’t change the ring’s original shape and size.

But that’s not possible with the jeweler’s techniques because they solder extra metal to the ring’s band.


Of course, resizing by a professional makes the ring more aesthetically pleasing than using a DIY resizer.

The jewelers take great care to make the fixtures smooth and less visible. But a DIY ring resizer is something you add to the ring’s band, so there’s no way to make it invisible.


Resizing by a jeweler is more expensive than buying a DIY resizer. It has to be because the jeweler will do a flawless job on the cosmetic and durability levels.

DIY fixing is a temporary solution, so it’s much cheaper than a professional service.


Using household DIY solutions like tape, super glue or liquid guard can damage the metal of your ring or even cause an allergic reaction.

Both a ring resizer and professional resizing techniques are safe in this case.

The 3 Types of Jeweler Applied Ring Sizers

Jeweler-applied ring sizers are widely used by jewelers everywhere and can be a great way to ensure that your ring is snug to your finger.

But how do they work?

There are three different methods, and the great news is that they don’t alter the ring’s circumference:

1. How to make a ring smaller without Resizing it With Ring Sizing Beads

How to make a ring smaller without resizing: Ring sizing beads
Image by ThePeachBox – Ring sizing beads

In this process, the jewelers set tiny metal beads (mostly sterling silver) on the inside of the ring’s band.

These beads fill up the space between the ring and your finger. It works well for people who have had swollen knuckles because of a medical condition and their finger has returned to normal size.

This method is suitable for eternity bands, bezel setting rings and patterned rings because it’s not possible to cut these types to size down.

The soldering process of these small metal balls may damage costume jewelry, bands with colored coatings and glass or plastic stones.

It’s possible to go three sizes down without making the space between the ring and finger visible.

This service will cost you around $35 but could be more if the metal is something other than sterling silver.

2. Spring Inserts

Ring resizing with spring insert
Image by ThePeachBox – Emerald Ring with spring insert

Jewelers insert a spring inside the ring’s inner circumference with this method.

The metal spring is flexible, regaining its size when the pressure is lifted. It can make a ring smaller by one full size and covers around ¾ of the band’s perimeter.

This type of sizer also works like beads but feels more comfortable for people with knuckle pain.

3. How to make a ring smaller without Resizing it using Sizing Bars

Reduce a ring size using a metal Ring sizing bar
Image by ThePeachbox – Ring sizing bar

The first two methods require you to push a little to get the ring past the knuckle.

You should go for the sizing bar if you don’t like that. It provides a little extra breathing room for putting on and taking off your ring.

With this method, a hinge-and-latch system U-shaped bar is soldered across the ring’s bottom.

You have to open the latch when putting the ring on and then close it to keep the ring in place.

A ring with a sizing bar (also called fold over device) is more comfortable than one with spring inserts or bead fixtures.

It can make a ring a few sizes smaller and suits people losing weight.

How to Make a Ring Smaller without resizing it: 5 DIY methods

If your ring is too big and you want to make it smaller at home, try any of these DIY resizers:

1. Spiral silicone ring size adjuster 

Spiral silicone ring resizer
Image via ThePeachBox – Spiral silicone ring resizer

The spiral ring-size adjuster is a lifesaver for people with prominent knuckles, finger swelling, or shrinking problems because of weather.

Spiral ring-size adjuster usually come in 3.9-inch long strands.

Two strands are 2mm thick and the third one 3mm, and you can cut them down to use with multiple rings.

It means that you may not need another ring sizer in your life!

The transparent silicone adjusters are made of food grade silicone and are not visible from the side or top. You can use them with any ring.

2. How to make a ring smaller without Resizing it using An Arc shape silicone ring size adjuster

Arc shape silicone ring size adjuster
Image by ThePeachBox – Arc shape silicone ring size adjuster

Available in plenty of sizes, these invisible ring-size adjusters (ring guards) will provide a complete solution to the loose-ring problem.

It offers six sizes (from 1.2mm to 3mm) in a spiral design and seven sizes (from 2mm to 8mm) in an insert design.

And you will get the whole package only costs a few bucks.

Both styles are comfortable and remain invisible. You can trim the extending part of the plastic guard if the insert adjuster sticks out (for a thin band).

Again, you can use them with all ring types; the insert style will be especially good for eternal bands.

3. EVA material sticky ring sizer 

How to make a ring smaller without resizing: EVA material sticky ring sizer
Image by ThePeachBox – EVA material sticky ring sizer

Made with soft EVA materials, the adjuster comes in many different sizes. The pack also has three big patches that you can cut into any shape and length.

It can reduce a ring by 0.5 to 2 sizes so that you can fix any ring, from too big to slightly loose.

The adjuster is non-toxic and skin-safe, so your ring will be comfortable. You have to set this up on the inside of the band, so it remains virtually invisible.

4. How to make a ring smaller without Resizing it With a Ring noodle adjuster  

Silicone ring noodle ring size adjuster
Image by ThePeachBox – Silicone ring noodle ring size adjuster

These adjusters are available in 7 different sizes, giving you the freedom to pair with rings with vast bands.

It’s a transparent ring noodle that you can put on without any tool.

The noodle is highly comfortable because of the smooth, curved shape, and the medical-grade vinyl should not cause any allergic reaction.

Also, its soft texture does not scratch your valuable ring metal. However, that same smoothness can make it slip and slide around the band.

All options, depending on size, are priced between $8.99 and $9.99.

5. How to make a ring smaller without Resizing it With a Polyester resin ring size adjuster

How to make a ring smaller without resizing: Polyester resin ring size adjuster
Image by – Polyester resin ring size adjuster

If you prefer the jeweler-applied sizing methods but dislike the price point, buy this RinkShrinker resin.

Apply it in bead form or across the band’s peripheral and enjoy a fit that you find comfortable.

A bit on the expensive side, the product comes with a UV light to cure the resin. This product is safe for all metals.

How Can People With Arthritis Make a Ring Fit?

Finger Mate hinge shanks ring
Image by Ingenio Virtual – Finger Mate hinge shanks ring

People who have arthritis can have swollen knuckles. In that case, they cannot wear a ring even if it’s perfect for their finger size.

They can wear a large ring and fit it with metal beads or a spring insert. But that won’t look good because of the visible space between the ring and finger.

So, they might prefer to add an adjustable shank. It allows the ring’s band to open wide by flicking a tiny button/lever.

After putting the ring on, push the band to the previous position, and it will close down.

Only a professional jeweler can install an adjustable shank. It works best for gold and platinum rings.

Ultimate Tips for Ring Care

  • Don’t try to make a ring smaller with tape, wax or glue because these things can damage or discolor the ring’s metal.
  • Avoid any chemical elements, if possible, because they can cause skin irritation.
  • Permanent resizing stretches and weakens the band. So, don’t do this repeatedly.
  • If the DIY methods don’t work, take a jeweler’s advice.

FAQs about How to Make a Ring Smaller without Resizing 

Q. How can I make my ring fit tighter?

A. There are several ways to make a ring fit tighter. You can use metal beads or spring inserts for a semi-permanent solution.

But the DIY sizers are best for use-when-you-need purposes.

Q. How can I shrink a ring at home?

A. Using silicone or plastic ring adjusters work best for shrinking a ring at home.

Some people use glue or candle wax, but these things can damage the ring’s metal and stones.

Q. How many sizes can a ring be sized down?

A. Typically, you can make a ring smaller by two full sizes. It’s possible to go one more size down with the sizing beads method.

Q. Can you stretch a ring?

A. You need tools like a steel mandrel or ring stretcher and professional skills to stretch a ring.

If you don’t have these, it’s better to consult a professional jeweler.

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