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8 Reasons Not To Buy A Hidden Halo Engagement Ring

If you name five highly-popular and sought-after styles for engagement rings, the halo setting will be one of them.

It features an enchanting row of diamonds that encircles the entire center stone, making it look larger than it is.

The style is timeless and elegant, not to mention eye-catching.

hidden halo engagement ring with pave in white gold
Image via Diamond Mansion

While the halo itself is very popular, many women are beginning to prefer rings with “hidden” halos.

Hidden halo engagement rings have been on the rise in popularity. If you want something a little more understated but still gorgeous, a hidden halo ring could be just what you’re looking for.

So, what’s all the fuss about this fad of hiding diamonds? Shall you take a chance on this exciting, new trend?

Let’s dive into the details.

What Is a Hidden Halo Engagement Ring?

One or two rows of smaller diamonds frame the center stone in a halo ring.

The melees will be facing up, and the halo diameter will be bigger than the main gemstone.

On the other hand, hidden halo rings are exactly what they sound like. They have a halo setting with diamonds on the side or underneath the central stone, which is hardly visible when you look at it from the top.

hidden halo pave diamond engagement ring in white gold
Image via Diamond Mansion – Hidden halo engagement ring

The idea of hiding the halo is a modern twist on the classic halo design, and it’s been winning hearts for years.

It adds a vintage touch to any ring and makes it look fun and romantic rather than old-fashioned or outdated.

The most common hidden halo design features a halo underneath the center diamond’s girdle.

However, there are a few more beautiful variations. Some rings have a diamond loop at the base of the setting.

Another style features a scalloped halo wrapped around the midpoint between the center stone and the bottom.

Hidden halo engagement ring
Image by Esdomera via Etsy

Why You Should Choose a Hidden Halo Ring

You might be thinking about the points of wearing a ring that has its diamonds hidden.

Well, a hidden halo offers unique appeal and subtle elegance. You may also consider these plus points:

1. Makes your center stone appear larger

A hidden halo can make the center stone appear 15% larger. It’s fantastic, isn’t it?

When placed around the band, the concealed halo makes the center stone sit higher above the band, making a more prominent appearance.

It creates a much more dramatic effect than a “regular” halo.

The tiny bands of diamonds sit underneath the center stone, adding a little extra sparkle to your ring.

Its effect is subtler than a traditional halo, so it does not distract from what’s really important, which is the gorgeous center stone.

Hidden halo engagement ring
Image by Esdomera via Etsy

2. Works with any shaped diamond

Unlike the traditional halo ring, a hidden halo is more versatile and looks great with diamonds of any shape: pear, oval, princess cut, or round.

Since you can pair it with any diamond, it’s straightforward to customize the ring to fit your style.

The setting leaves enough room for adding diamond bands without cluttering the center stone.

The halo blends in with the setting and complements the center diamond, irrespective of its shape.

3. Allows mixing shank metal

Halo rings are not ideal for mixing up different shank metals because they will look tacky because of the already cluttered band.

But a hidden halo leaves room for this kind of experiment.

You can mix up a white gold shank with a rose-gold hidden halo setting or any other combination of your choice.

Even after combining different metals, your hidden halo ring won’t look too heavy or bulky.

4. Hides inclusions

Does the center diamond in your ring have noticeable inclusions? The hidden halo is the best choice for concealing marks in the pavilion area.

You can save a handsome amount of money by purchasing a low-clarity diamond.

The setting will hide the blemishes without taking the edge of the sparkle.

5. The price of hidden halo and halo rings is the same

Because of the halo’s position below the center stone, the making of hidden halo rings requires more skill and care.

But you can still get them at the same price as halo rings.

People who want a subtler and more elegant style without spending more money will definitely love the price point.

Why Should You Not Choose a Hallo Hidden Ring

Despite their unique appeals, the hidden halo rings have some downsides too.

Well, these are not really negative points, but some people may not like them because of personal preferences.

6. Well…the halo is hidden

That’s the appeal of a hidden halo ring, but many people may not like the idea.

The point of adding a halo to a ring is to show it off, right? Hiding it underneath the center stone feels odd.

Many people use the halo rings for their gorgeous sparkle and brightness. So, hiding the halo somewhat counteracts that idea.

Creates a high-profile setting

A halo ring is low-profile because the halo bands encircle the center diamond from the sides.

On the other hand, the main stone sits higher than the smaller diamond bands in the hidden halo setting.

So, this style is not for you if you want a ring where the main stone sits flush with the side stones.

Also, the position of the smaller diamonds underneath the primary stone and inside the prongs makes them more prone to damage.

7. Difficult to par hidden halo with wedding ring

Because of the high-profile setting of the center gemstone, it could be a little challenging to find a matching wedding band.

However, it’s not a significant problem because not all hidden halo rings have a bulky setting.

You will still find plenty of options to match your preferred wedding band. You cannot show off the extra sparkle

What’s the point of having extra diamonds on your ring if you can’t put them on view? Looking from the top, the halo bands of these rings will remain completely hidden.

Although it will show its full glory from the side, most people will look at your ring from above.

But this setting will draw the full attention to the magnificent center stone.

So, that’s a plus point.

8. More prone to damage

You stack diamonds against diamonds and gold metal bands in a hidden halo ring. Since diamond is the hardest material, it scratches almost every other thing.

So, you have to be extra careful, especially if the ring has multiple hidden halo bands, to avoid damage or potential loss of the smaller stones.

High maintenance

So many tiny diamonds on various surfaces and heights make it difficult to manage.

You may also need to spend extra time on its cleaning and maintenance because it’s difficult to reach all surfaces of these diamonds.

If dirt sticks to hard-to-reach places, you cannot clean the ring with a brush and cloth.

You can use an ultrasonic cleaner, but it may damage the setting.

Are There More Types of Halos?

Like asscher and cushion cut, halo is a popular setting for rings, be it for engagement or other occasions.

Apart from the classic style and hidden, there are a few more popular types:

Flush Halo

The name pretty much gives an idea about this style. The main stone in this ring sits flush with the loop of side stones with no gap in between, so it remains pretty close to your finger.

The low-profile center stone sitting next to the side loops does not draw much attention.

So, it’s perfect for those looking for a sophisticated style in their wedding ring. For something extra glamorous, you should choose a classic halo ring.

Floating Halo

A floating halo also features a center gemstone encircled with one or two loops of side stones.

However, the halos look like they are floating in the air because looking from the above reveals no attachment to the shank or main stone.

Prongs or metalwork from underneath supports the halos here. The apparent distance creates a floating effect; hence the name comes.

The floating style draws more attention to the center diamond or stone and elaborates its diameter by playing with the gap.

The ring looks quite gorgeous yet fragile at the same time. It’s perfect for people who like to wear a magnificent ring for a glamorous wedding.

Double Halo

A double halo ring features two halos instead of the usual one. It can be pretty striking, and it’s often used to make a statement.

There are several different double halo rings, each one has its unique look, but each type exploits the same idea, which is two halos surrounding the central stone.

A double halo could have the halos set close together, with no space in between.

This type is quite famous for wedding bands. Some other types could have one halo on the side and another hidden one underneath the center stone.

Triple Halo

The triple halo has three concentric halos of diamonds, one larger than the other.

The rows are set around the edge of the center stone, creating a stunning effect.

However, this style is quite rare.

Floral Halo

This nature-inspired style features a flower-resembling halo that is sure to turn heads.

To enhance the look, you can choose colorful stones.

It’s perfect for anyone who loves floral rings and accessories and wants to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to their look.

You can wear such a ring to both formal and casual events.

Gemstone Halo

If you are bored with white diamonds in the halo setting, choose the gemstone halo for a change in style.

These rings feature a colorful center stone like morganite, onyx, or sapphire.

The rich, lively shades of these stones create a beautiful contrast with the loop of diamond side stones.

Vintage Halo

A vintage halo ring is so gorgeous that it can easily be the statement ring for the most significant event in your life, such as a wedding.

It features metal edges to hold the one or two bands of tiny diamonds in place.

It’s gorgeous and evokes vintage charm and class.

Last Words: Shall You Buy a Hidden Halo Ring or Not?

So, what do you think? Shall you go with a hidden halo or stick to the traditional halo engagement rings?

We’d say that it’s more of a matter of personal choice. If you are a fan of subtle elegance and looking for a modern twist on a classic style, you will like the hidden halo ring.

Also, think about its creative scope. If you’ve always wanted to blend in yellow gold and white gold into your wedding band or pair a halo with a pear or oval-shaped diamond, the hidden halo is your best bet.

The main stone has to have perfect symmetry or linear faceting for a halo setting to look good.

But symmetry is not a problem with the hidden halo since the bands lay underneath the center stone.

On the contrary, a halo ring will be perfect if you actually love to show off the diamond sparkle or want to stay away from a high-maintenance ring.

FAQs about Hidden Halo Engagement Rings

What is the point of a hidden halo ring?

The hidden halo setting is very discreet, as the smaller stones are set beneath the edge of the main stone and are not very visible from most angles.

This makes it an excellent choice for those who want a bit of sparkle without a lot of bling.

Does a hidden halo take away from the diamond?

No. Instead, a hidden halo directs all the focus to the center diamond by removing distractions.

It also creates an illusion of making the center stone look more prominent.

Are halos on rings tacky?

No. Halo rings look gorgeous with a touch of fancy but are never tacky. Their eye-catching beauty complements lavish wedding outfits well.

Will halos go out of style?

Halo diamond rings have been on the rise in popularity since 2000, and they are showing no signs of slowing down.

There’s a possibility of the trend going up and down, which is typical for all styles.