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20 Sneaky Ways to Find Out Your Partner’s Ring Size

So what’s the average ring size for women?

Having a partner go down on one knee and express their love is something many women desire.

Especially if it’s a surprise.

And what do you need to seal the deal? Well, of course, a ring.

The thing is, rings come in so many different sizes, and you need to be certain before you splurge on an engagement ring.

Wedding proposal
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In the US, the average ring size for women is 6, or 6.5, and a bit bigger for men, but that doesn’t mean this size will fit your partner perfectly.

One of the worst things that can happen during a surprise proposal is when the ring doesn’t fit.

Don’t ruin the special moment with a ring that’s too small or too big because you only relied on the statistical information of the average ring size for women!

We’ve compiled a list of tricks you can use to get your partner’s ring size without ruining the surprise.

Neon light proposal
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But first, let’s learn more about ring sizes and how they’re measured:

You are lucky- you two are living together!

If you two live together, my friend, you are in luck.

It’s much easier to get your partner’s ring size.

1. Get inside their jewelry box

Average ring size for women: Jewelry box
Image by Simran Sood via Unsplash

Pay attention to the rings your partner wears, then, when they aren’t looking, steal one from their jewelry box.

Make sure the one you choose isn’t a pinky, thumb or knuckle ring. That won’t get you anywhere.

Take the ring to a jeweler, and voila, you have their size (and it will be pretty accurate).

Just make sure you do it before they notice, or else they might suspect something is up.

2. A bar of soap is your best friend

Soap bar
Image by Sincerely Media via Unsplash

A bar of soap can be used for much more than a shower. If you think they might notice if their ring is gone, wait until they are in the shower or busy cooking to sneak into their jewelry box.

Use their ring to make an imprint onto the bar of soap then take it to the jeweler for measurement.

This method can only be accurate if the imprint is made properly. Just make sure you clean the ring off and don’t leave any evidence behind.

3. In case you run out of soap, use wax

If you can’t find a bar of soap, use a candle to make the imprint or some wax if you happen to have some handy.

The concept is the same, just make sure you clean the ring off so they don’t realize what’s happening.

4. Awaken your inner Michelangelo, and draw the ring

Hand drawn ring
Image by Tatyana Karelina via Shutterstock

If you don’t have time to make an imprint or the tool to do so, this is a quick and easy method.

All you need is a pen/pencil and some paper. Place the ring onto the paper, then quickly outline the inside of the ring.

Your jeweler should be able to figure out their ring size with the diagram.

5. Use a Ruler

Average ring size for women: Measuring ring size with ruler
Image by SabOlga via Shutterstock

A ruler can come in handy when you want to determine their ring size. All you have to do is measure the widest diameter of the inside of the ring.

Make note of that measurement and consult a jeweler or check an online ring sizing conversion chart.

6. Don’t try to measure it yourself!

You may be tempted to measure their finger while they sleep, but this is a bad idea.

You can get caught and there’s no way to explain that away when you have a piece of string or paper around their ring finger (which isn’t accurate to begin with).

If they don’t wake up, there’s always the possibility of measuring it incorrectly in your haste.

If you are not living together, don’t worry

You can still figure out their ring size, even if you aren’t living together yet, by using these methods:

7. Get your partner a fashion ring

Fashion rings
Image by Yahatziel Argueta González via Pexels

Another sneaky way to get their correct ring size is by gifting them a fashion ring or jewelry set.

This is sort of a trial run in case you guess the wrong size. If you do, you’ll know whether to size up or size down.

You’re better off going with the set because you don’t want to raise suspicion or disappoint them.

This isn’t the most accurate method but it’s a great place to start.

8. Get their mom on board

Daughter and mom holding hands sitting on the beach
Image by Kampus Production via Pexels

If you have a good relationship with your future mother-in-law, enlist her for your mission.

Moms have a way of knowing things, and if they don’t, they’ll figure it out.

Whatever she gives you, go a ½ or full-size up.

She may not be accurate, but this way, you give yourself room for error and room to resize.

9. Let their best friend help

Two women best friends
Image by via Pexels

So who knows your girlfriend’s ring size? Well, who knows your partner more than their best friend?

They probably share jewelry all the time, so they probably know if your partner’s finger is the same size as theirs, smaller or larger.

Even if they don’t share rings, your partner’s best friend can help come up with a crafty plan to get their ring size.

10. Use their friend who plans to get married

Bridesmaid wearing identical glasses
Image by Oliver Li via Pexels

If they happen to have a friend who plans to get married, ask the friend to ask your partner to tag along to the jewelers (you can even have their friend pretend to look for rings).

Then, ask them to encourage your partner to try out a few rings, or have her ring-sized.

This plan is not 100% foolproof because your partner may object, since this is technically a special day for their friend.

But, you can always go to plan B, i. e another option on this list.

11. Get a wingman

Collective wedding

If you have a buddy that is going to propose to their partner, tell them to ask your partner for help.

Your friend will take your partner to the jeweler to try on a few rings and help them choose one.

This is where you’ll get an accurate ring size from a jeweler.

12. Prep the jeweler for a visit

Cartier store at night in Paris
Image by Jakub Szypulka

Your jeweler is the best person to help in this situation. If their birthday or another special occasion is coming up, take them to pick out something they like.

If the jeweler is in on it, he can encourage your partner to try some rings, which means finding out their ring size.

This method is as accurate as it gets, just make sure you nor the jewelry store’s employees spill the beans or give your partner any reason to suspect anything.

13. Let someone else ask

You can always ask someone else to ask them. Just make sure it seems like a random question or part of a relevant conversation.

14. Pretend it’s someone else’s

You can always pretend the ring is for someone else. For instance, pretend the ring will be for your friend who wants to propose, or as a gift to your mother or sister.

Note that this method is a bit overused, so if your partner catches on to things easily, there’s a chance they might suspect it’s for them.

15. Prove a theory

Tall and short women  walking side by side
Image by Nathan Rupert via Flickr

Pretend you want to prove a theory. Say something like, “I heard a girl’s ring size is half her foot size plus two”.

Then, measure with an online tool . This might not be the best method to use if your partner suspects you’re about to propose, so perhaps pose the question to a group of friends and take all their measurements.

16. Visit a jewelry expo

If there’s a jewelry expo near you, take you partner to try on some stuff. Make sure you don’t focus solely on rings.

Allow them to try on necklaces and bracelets, and even some earrings so they don’t get suspicious.

And, make sure you buy something to really sell this move.

17. Compare fingers 

Average ring size for women: comparing fingers
Image by Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

Try comparing your fingers with theirs. If you know your ring size, you can make an educated guess.

You can also try to compare your partner’s finger with another person of the same sex as your partner.

If you know this other person finger size, you can make a pretty good guess at your partner’s, especially if they are of similar height and weight. Indeed

18. Try guessing

African American wearing Guess brand clothes
Image by Mkuu xiii via Pexels

If you know the average ring size for your partner’s sex, get a visual representation of what that looks like, then compare it with your partners finger to see if they are above or below average.

Note that the average woman size is different by country, ethnicity etc…

Then, make a good guess.

19. Just ask them

Lovers talking
Image by Kampus Production via Pexels

If you want to be absolutely sure, just ask your partner. It may not be the surprise you wanted it to be, but the most important thing is getting them something that fits.

You can even ask your partner to choose what type of ring they want.

20. Bigger is always better

Average ring size for women: When the ring is too large for the finger
Image by Itakdalee via Shutterstock

You can never go wrong with a larger ring. It’s always easier to size down than to size up.

Just make sure the one you go with is easily resizable. If not, you can probably get a ring guard that goes on the inside to make sure it won’t slide off.

Some materials are particularly hard to resize, for example platinum and stainless steel.

Furthermore, the design of the ring can affect the outcome, and your jeweler may not want to touch it.

Always ask a jeweler before buying a ring with the intention to resize.

Let’s learn more about ring sizes and how they’re measured:

What’s the average Ring Size for Women across the world?

Remember that the majority of the world uses the Metric System while the United States uses the Imperial System?

Well, it’s a similar situation for ring sizes. It’s important to note the different sizing methods used, especially if you intend to purchase the ring from an overseas manufacturer.

Average ring size for Women in the United States

The U.S uses a simple number chart. The numbers on this chart go from 0 to 16 and increase by ¼ inch intervals.

The internal diameter and inside circumference are used to create this chart.

Wedding proposal with lower Manhattan skyscrapers view
Image by Erin Donahue Photography via Shutterstock

Since the imperial system is used, rings are measured in inches. So, a size 0 ring is 0.458 inches in diameter and 1.44 inches in inside circumference while a size 16 ring is 0.97 inches in diameter, and 3.05 inches in inside circumference.

In the U.S a woman average ring size is between 6 and 6.5. This is for the average women’s ring finger size: unfortunately, there are no reliable statistics for average thumb ring size, or for the average woman pinky ring size.

Average ring size for women in Europe

In Europe, the ISO size (internal ring circumference in millimeters) dominates. Countries like France, Germany and Belgium prefer this unit of measurement, which creates a chart using the outer circumference.

So, a size 49 ring will have an internal diameter of 15.7mm while a size 70 ring has an internal diameter of 22.2mm.

In Europe the average ring size for women is between 49 and 54.

How to guess ring size: Girl measuring her ring size
Image by Jameson Murphy via Shutterstock

Average ring size for women in Australia, UK, Ireland, New Zealand

An alphabet system is used in these countries. Size A represents size ½ in the US, and they come in full and half sizes, eg A ½.

The only exception is size Z4, the largest size, which increases by more than half a size.

In Australia, the average ring size for women is N or O.

Women Average ring size in East Asia and South America

Here, ring sizes for women run from 1 to 27, with 1 corresponding with US size 1 (the fifth size) and UK size B (the third size).

Size 27 corresponds with US size 13 (the largest size) and UK Z ½.

For example in Singapore, the average ring size for women is between 11 and 16.

International Ring sizing chart: US sizes 3 to 8

Ring diameter (mm)U.S & CanadaEuropeU.K & AustraliaJapanHong Kong
14.1344F ½46
14.345G 5
14.53.5G ½7
14.746H 6
14.9447H ½78
15.34.548I ½89
15.5J 10
15.7549J ½9
15.950K 11
16.15.5K ½10
16.351L 12
16.5652L ½1113
16.7M 12
16.96.553M ½1314
17.3754N ½1415
17.555O 16
17.77.5O ½15
17.956P 17
18.1857P ½16
18.2 18
18.58.558Q ½17

Average ring finger size: Wedding rings of different sizes and metal colors
Image by Stocksolutions via Shutterstock

International Ring sizing chart: US sizes 9 to 13

Ring diameter (mm)U.S & CanadaEuropeU.K & AustraliaJapanHong Kong
199R ½1820
19.49.561S ½1921
19.81062T ½2022
20U 21
20.210.563U ½2223
20.464V 24
20.611V ½23
20.865W 25
2111.566W ½24
21.2X 26
21.41267X ½2527
21.812.568Z 26
2269Z ½
22.21370 27

Average Ring Size for women: main Factors influencing ring size

While the above charts are a big help in determining ring size, certain factors have a noticeable influence on how well a ring will fit.

Physical factors

  • Height and weight– Weight is pretty much a no-brainer. The heavier a person is, the larger the ring they will need. But what about height? Well, taller people tend to have longer, skinnier fingers but this is no hard and fast rule. So the average ring size by height and weight is not a perfect indicator.
  • Knuckles– Generally, the knuckles are larger than the base of the finger, so while a ring may slide on with ease, it may be difficult to get over the base knuckle or get stuck entirely. You want to make sure the ring slips over the knuckle with a bit of resistance, but it should not be difficult to put on or cause an indentation at the base of the finger. If your partner’s knuckles are large, maybe get a ½ size up.
  • Pregnancy– During pregnancy, the fingers and other parts of the body begin to swell. A lot of pregnant women remove their rings until after giving birth because they don’t want any of the issues associated with a swollen finger. If your partner is pregnant, consider going up a full size just to make sure the ring fits well. You can always have it resized after she gives birth.
  • Age– As we grow, we will notice an increase in our ring size. But, as we approach our senior years, our fingers shrink slightly.

Environmental and other factors

  • Left/right-handed– The dominant hand tends to have slightly thicker fingers, about a ¼ size difference.
  • Reference– Does your partner prefer a snug or loose ring? If they prefer a loose ring, a ¼ size up should do the trick.
  • Weather– In the cold, the body constricts blood flow, leading to slightly thinner fingers. In the heat, the skin swells in response to blood vessels expanding, and the fingers get slightly thicker..
  • Race/ethnicity– Regional diet and ethnicity have a noticeable impact on ring size. For instance, the average ring size for women in Europe is 7 while in South East Asia the average is 5.
  • Job– If your partner has a manual job, consider getting a ring that will fit snugly and won’t fall off during work. People who work with their hands generally have thicker fingers. The opposite is true for an office job.

Final words

Now that you have their ring size, it’s time to find the perfect ring and pop the question.

Remember to speak from the heart, be confident, and woo them with your proposal.

This is a day that they will remember forever, so don’t spoil it with a tight ring.

You’ve got this!

Average Ring size for women FAQs

Q. What is average ring size for women and what is the most common ring size?

A. The average ring size for women is 6, but the most common ring size for a woman range from 5 to 7.

Men’s rings are generally a bit larger.

Q. Can you tell a person’s ring size by their shoe size?

A. This is just an old wives’ tale that has been disproven time and time again.

The only accurate way to get the correct ring size is to have it sized by a professional.

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