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Image via Tiffany - round sapphire platinum ring

How To Resize a Platinum Ring: The Ultimate Guide

How to resize a platinum ring? It can be awkward to give or receive an engagement ring that doesn’t fit right.  You and your partner may then have to interrupt the romance long enough to go through the resizing process.  And what if you’re going the route of a platinum engagement ring?

Some people say it’s nearly impossible to resize a platinum ring.  Is this true? Well, we might define it more like “difficult.” Let’s explore this mystery.

by Hiuyan Lam
Resetting a diamond ring by adding color gemstone: before after

How to Reset a Diamond Ring: Cost, How to & Best Kept Secrets!

How to reset a diamond ring is a well kept secret, as resetting is significantly less expensive than buying a new ring! Resetting means adding some stones, upgrading the center stone, adding a halo or something similar. A remodel, one might say! 

One important thing to know as you consider resetting an engagement ring or other diamond ring is that it’s not really about fixing a problem.  It’s not really a repair method but an upgrade.  Here are some common reasons for resetting your diamond ring:
- Be hip
- Be fresh
- Celebrate
- Get what you want
- Flee old memories

Pros and Cons of Resetting a Ring: Is it just all candy and peanuts when it comes to a resize for your engagement or other ring? Or are there upsides and downsides? Well, sure, there are both pros and cons to resizing, and here they are.

by Hiuyan Lam
mood ring color chart

Mood Rings Colors and Meanings: A Great Way of Self-Discovery

Mood rings colors meanings are fascinating. They are captivating. Society has been enthralled by them since the birth of mood rings about fifty years ago. 

Wearing a mood ring can make you look mysterious or thoughtful. It can show others that you’re conscientious about your emotions, and your mood ring colors can be a great conversation starter.

Some folks turn to a mood ring to learn about their moods and feelings, and to be able to detect them sooner. Some people like to see the mood they’re in reflected by a small charm on their finger. Perhaps some ladies and gents who are into mood rings find them pretty or humorous

Do mood ring colors accurately tell us what our moods are? Well, they detect changes in body temperature, which are associated with mood. We will look more closely into this as we get going. 

This guide will explain the various mood ring colors (see our mood ring color chart), while along the way, giving you a great overview of the ins and outs of mood rings.

by Hiuyan Lam
large halo diamond engagement ring

Halo Engagement Ring: The 7 Best Secret Tips To Choose

A halo engagement ring highlights its center diamond by encircling it with small accent stones, typically pavé diamonds, so that the center appears larger. Halo settings stones can be the same shape as the center stone, or they can be different.

The halo engagement ring is the hottest style in bridal jewelry. Some of the reasons for this may be:

  • Halos are retro, providing a modern yet timeless alternative to the vintage engagement ring.
  • The halo makes the center stone appear larger.
  • Halo engagement rings have an incredible sparkle.
  • They go with just about any shape of diamond.

Because the halo makes the center diamond appear larger, a high-carat diamond will look gigantic in a halo setting. In fact, a half-carat diamond can look up to half a carat bigger. This is such a wonderful feature for both parties in the engaged couple, allowing you elegance and sparkle without breaking your budget.

Also gaining in popularity are engagement rings with halos encircling compass point settings, double halos, or halos sporting floral elements.

by Hiuyan Lam