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Orange Butterfly Meaning: The 8 True Spiritual Messages

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What’s the orange butterfly’s meaning? As we end the first quarter of the twenty-first century, with the space-age technology we encounter, many people are turning in a different direction, looking to the natural world for answers.

We live strange lives–why do things happen the way they do?

Orange butterfly's Meaning
Image by Krzysztof Niewolny via Unsplash

Until these questions are answered, humans will search far and wide.

Crystals and stars are part of the natural world, and so are butterflies. We are increasingly realizing that these delicate creatures carry a symbolic meaning.

In this article, we’ll flutter through butterfly symbolism.

The Butterfly’s Life

Here are the brief stages of a butterfly’s dazzling, short life:

  • Egg- A mother butterfly lays an egg that looks like jell-o, and the future butterfly is in it for about a week.
  • Caterpillar-If you’ve ever heard someone refer to “larvae” it’s another way of saying caterpillar. When the future butterfly is this fuzzy wormlike dude, it stays that way for about five weeks.
  • Chrysalis– A chrysalis is a shell that forms around the caterpillar. It’s similar to a cocoon, and some caterpillars do actual spin cocoons. During this time, the caterpillar is in a sort of hibernation and is transitioning into a butterfly.
  • Butterfly- What we call a butterfly, with its pretty wings, emerges from the chrysalis. All it does in this life stage is mate and lay eggs. It literally doesn’t eat (some have no mouths) during this 20-30 day average lifespan and depends on the nutrients already stored up from the caterpillar.
Orange monarch butterfly
Image by Meritt Thomas via Unslash

Meet the Orange Butterflies

  • Monarch- Most people are familiar with monarch butterflies if they are familiar with butterflies at all. These butterflies have a lifespan that is slightly longer than average, about 6 weeks. They are somewhat unique in their ability to migrate. They can fly nearly 100 miles per day.
  • Viceroy- This orange butterfly looks a bit like the monarch. Its orange butterfly meaning can be seen in its large wings, which are generally a bit bigger than a monarch’s.
  • Queen- This lovely variety is almost entirely orange, but it has small white dots near the edges of its delicate, pretty wings.
Orange butterfly on dirty sport shoe
Image by Nathan Dumlao via Unsplash

Orange’s Meaning

The color orange is associated with some interesting characteristics such as sexual energy, inner bliss, positivity, and confidence.

Because of its bright appearance, the color is also a symbol of transformation and growing into a new, better life.

One thing to consider about the color orange is that it corresponds to the sacral chakra.

Now, the sacral chakra, as you probably know, is aligned with a human’s spinal cord.

This chakra is responsible for–and creates–such wonderful elements as physical desires and creativity.

What an excellent combination!

Girl with orange butterflies
Image by Joel Valve via Unsplash

The Meaning of Orange Butterflies

Since this is an article about orange butterflies’ meaning (or, if you will, the orange butterfly’s meaning) we should probably get busy explaining the orange butterfly’s meaning.

This meaning is made up of a few components.

Orange butterfly's Meaning

The orange butterfly’s meaning: An Announcement of Change

One major significance of this magnificent color is change. The energy and fire that their bright wings suggest generally lead to something new.

When you see an orange butterfly across your path you are being told that a big change is in your near future.

It could be a new and better job; it could be a change in your romantic life or in your personal life!

Orange butterfly Striped Tiger Butterfly
Image by JSonika Agarwal via Unsplash

Some people fear change and some look forward to it in a big way. What’s always interesting about change is all the little changes that ripple outward from initial changes.

Changes in occupation can lead to geographical changes, which in turn can open up new opportunities for fitness, entertainment, and culture, and can allow you to join a whole new social group.

Even if this has nothing to do with the spirit world, it’s still a very rich opportunity for exciting growth.

What’s important is to take the opportunity and to make the very most of it.

Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

African American woman with orange butterflies flying around her
Image by Jessica Felicio via Unsplash

Positively Orange

When you look at anything with a screaming bright orange hue, it sure is hard to feel gloomy or to look at the negative side of things exclusively.

That is how and why orange is a really good symbol of positivity.

Orange butterfly's meaning: Orange butterfly tattoo

When you specifically see an orange butterfly floating nearby, please take it as a reminder to be lively and energetic, taking life in with your biggest smile.

Look at the near future with great positivity and energy, being ready to use that positive energy to create in turn, more things to be positive about.

That is certainly a key orange butterfly meaning.

Orange butterfly's meaning
Image by Matthias Oberholzer via Unsplash

Orange Butterflies and Inner Peace

While orange is a demonstrative color, and while butterflies may seem outgoing and extroverted, the sight of an orange butterfly hovering near you could be directing you inward.

You should take it as a cue to find the answers you’re looking for inside yourself.

Take some time to look within for your strengths and to recognize your true goals and desires.

This kind of thought can also let you know some areas that you may be able to alter in some way for your overall success.

Orange butterfly
Image by Marie-Lou Wechsler via Unsplash

Orange Butterfly’s Meaning: Love in the Air

As we’ve mentioned, the color orange is a messenger color, letting you know that some sort of change is underway and on the way.

What is an adult butterfly, anyway, but a machine for procreation. It is too busy doing that to even eat, so if you need a more blatant hint, I don’t know what to tell you.

So, a monarch or viceroy or some other similar creature, be ready to throw your hat into the romance ring, with your charm and your energy and positivity to spark a love connection.

Orange butterfly's meaning

Orange butterfly’s meaning and The Law of Abundance

When looking at the orange butterfly meaning, it’s always fun to take a stop on the law of abundance.

If you’ve ever heard a person talk sincerely about how fortunate they are and how they’ve been showered with blessings, that person has been touched by the law of abundance.

The blessings that these folks may have been showered with can include a lovely life partner, a fulfilling career, material wealth, or possibly fame or prestige.

Orange butterflies
Image via Wikimedia

Who knows what kind of abundance may be in your future, but remember that the color orange is all about rebirth and newness, sort of like spring after a long winter.

Think of all the new plants and trees and leaves exploding into life after the thaw.

Your life may be like that, with new abundance just busting out everywhere.

You just have to be mindful of what you’re receiving, and ready to accept it.

It’s the orange butterfly’s meaning!

Woman with orange butterfly in her hands
Image by Kelli McClintock via Unsplash

Orange Butterfly’s Meaning: Burst From Your Chrysalis

A main piece of information you’re getting from the sight of an orange butterfly is that it’s time to take action, just like an adult orange butterfly flying from the chrysalis for the first time.

Rather than waiting for the right situation or for a feeling of complete comfort, transition into the newness of a springtime of your life.

Take action and then take subsequent actions to push your life forward. Spring does lead to Summer, after all!

But there are energies flowing at different times and certain times when efforts will have greater effects than others.

When that butterfly flies by, you know it’s time to take action.

Orange butterfly's meaning
Image by Yuichi Kageyama via Unsplash

When the Butterfly Hovers

However, there’s the question of what happens when an orange butterfly hovers over you.

What if it’s in no hurry, and it seems to like the area near your head and shoulders.

Why would it do that? Does it think you’re a flower?

This is an omen, but not a scary one. In fact, there’s no problem with this omen and not much for you to do.

You just have to start spending more time with your loved ones and show them as much appreciation as possible.

Try to forge closer and tighter connections with folks, even if you may have to walk a few miles in their shoes to be able to do so.

It will be worth it.

Orange butterfly
Image by Vincent van Zalinge via Unsplash

The Butterfly is In the House

Generally, it’s a positive sign if one of these enchanting creatures comes over to visit.

While they might seem like an unexpected visitor, they are actually telling you about an unexpected visitor who may be on the way!

Wow, what a great way to get that curry on the stove, right?

Well, there’s another, quite divergent thing that may be symbolized. If you have recently experienced the death of a loved one, the orange buttefly’s meaning is that your loved one is conscious in some afterlife and is at peace.

An orange butterfly landing in your abode is a way of emphasizing all of these things, and should be thought of as a great honor.

Orange butterfly gulf fritillary butterfly
Image by Joshua J. Cotten via Unsplash

The Dream of the Orange Butterfly

If you’re having an orange butterfly dream, you will be the recipient of wonderful positive energy.

This energy will allow you to be more creative and to see a lot of things in a new light, coming up with some wonderful ideas that you perhaps would not have otherwise.

Orange butterfly
Image by Robin Mathlener via Unsplash

Orange Butterflies: Good Luck?

Some ancient civilizations thought that orange butterflies were lovely good-luck charms.

In today’s world we look at the sight of an orange butterfly as giving one energy, giving one creativity, and heralding a new era in someone’s life. This is also true for a brown and orange butterfly, a black and orange butterfly, a brown butterfly and an orange and yellow butterfly.

I don’t know if I’d call that luck, but it’s a positive thing that one should embrace and fold into one’s life.

The last thing one should do is ignore a positive omen.

Orange butterfly Fritillary Butterfly
Image by JIvan Evans via Unsplash

Butterflies Around the World

Let’s take a look at what some cultures around the world have recognized about butterflies traditionally.

Native American- Native Americans thought the orange butterfly meaning was that butterflies of this hue are spirit animals.

Is the yellow butterfly your spirit animal?

Orange butterfly’s meaning for Greeks

In Greek culture, an orange butterfly is a symbol of the soul and of immortality.

Furthermore, in well-known Greek myth, there was a princess, Psyche, who amazingly rose to the rank of goddess!

Orange butterfly's meaning
Image by Jelena Senicic via Unsplash

Imagine being a human and rising to the rank of goddess. Psyche is traditionally depicted as looking a lot like a butterfly.

Thus, today’s common word, psychoanalysis comes from psyche as a melding of the body and soul.

The orange butterfly’s meaning in Chinese culture

The Chinese characters for butterfly are similar to the characters for good fortune.

Therefore, the butterfly is considered good luck. Now, for the Taiwanese Rukai people, the orange butterfly’s meaning is diligence and swiftness.

People often wear garments with butterflies to show these virtues.

Orange monarch butterfly
Image by Freddy G via Unsplash

Several other ancient cultures thought of the orange butterfly as a symbol of the Sun.

That is partly why it has so many associations with energy and positivity.

It is also why it’s so associated with Spring, since we are closer to the Sun when Spring begins.

Conclusion “a l’orange”

It’s no surprise that creatures as beautiful as orange butterflies symbolize such positive traits.

Perhaps the orange butterfly lands and maybe the butterfly doesn’t land but no matter where it’s flying or what it’s doing it symbolizes newness, fresh energy, great new things coming.

Monarch orange butterfly
Image by Boris Smokrovic via Unsplash

When the orange butterfly enters your life, take the orange butterfly’s meaning and spring into action to make your life better. Similarly, welcome all sorts of orange butterflies: yellow butterflies, orange and brown butterflies or black and orange butterflies.

As you can see, above, there can be different meanings of the butterfly if it’s hovering or flying or if it’s inside your house.

However, that’s just a matter of specificity. If you’re seeing this awesome creature it’s a good thing.

Orange Butterfly FAQ

What does it mean when you see an orange butterfly?

In general, when an orange butterfly is flying or hovering nearby, you’re being told that greater creativity and energy is on the way, and that you should use these to improve your life.

What color butterfly means death?

Traditionally, quite a few cultures have held black butterflies as a symbol of death. But don’t be afraid that you’re near death, since the death could be anyone’s.