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Left eye twitching biblical meaning: A Sign of Good Luck?

So what is the left eye twitching’s biblical meaning?

You’ve heard the expression “her eyes were burning with desire” or “Jacob’s eyes lit up.”

These phrases relate back to the Bible, which considers eyes to be the lamps of the soul.

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After all, we do see with our eyes, so it makes sense that two thousand years ago, someone would compare them to lamps.

Well, sometimes lamps flicker, and sometimes a person’s eye twitches. It may be a very specific thing, but people have developed a large ideology–or at least a group of superstitions–about one or the other eye twitching involuntary.

This action is sometimes referred to as the eye “jumping”.

We’re going to take a deep dive into the left eye twitching’s Biblical meaning.

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Brief Introduction to Eye Twitching

When one refers to an eye jumping or twitching, they generally mean either the top or bottom eyelid, specifically an individual nerve in one of these areas.

A muscle spasm may cause the eyeball itself to move slightly. These movements are not common and don’t happen on a regular basis.

If they are regular and last more than a week or so, the person should seek medical attention, and the reason is physiological.

This article is concerned with individual eye twitches, those that are meant as omens.

These have great Biblical significance, particularly the left eye.

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Left Eye–The Evil Eye

Before this article gets into the left eye twitching’s Biblical meaning, let’s lay a foundation concerning the evil eye, which is the left eye.

Well, the evil eye isn’t exactly an eye per se. Instead, it’s a look that can be given, or more specifically, a curse associated with it.

A person who is jealous or bitter toward another person casts the evil eye spell.

This can cause the person to have headaches or a twitching eye, heavy eyelids, and mood swings.

The effects of the spell can sometimes extend to calamities like job loss and other financial troubles.

It should be pointed out that the eye in the center of the Fatima Hand (or Hamsa Hand) is known as the evil eye. In this capacity, it is usually meant to ward off the spell of an evil eye.

With that in mind, let’s look at the left eye’s significance in the Bible.

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Left Eye Twitching: Biblical Meaning

Left eye twitching’s biblical meaning #1: The Soul’s Nourishment

Naturally, the text of the Bible is all about spirituality, or the life of the soul.

God is teaching his followers ways of keeping their soul healthy. Now, how does that concern the left eye, or the eyes in general?

Well, the eyes and the concept of seeing have great significance in the Bible. We’ll explore the varieties throughout this section.

Left Eye Twitching Biblical Meaning:: Woman covering her eye with her hand
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However, what concerns us most right now is the connection between the eye and the soul.

Matthew 6:22-23 says “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are healthy the body will be full of light.”

Now, the body here is meant to be the soul, since the physical body isn’t fed by eyes.

“Healthy” means not a physical, but a more spiritual health, meaning that what one decides to look at and how they see it feeds the soul.

If a part of this spiritual machinery is acting up–if your left eye twitches, for example–that has to be viewed as a warning.

Left Eye Twitching Biblical Meaning:: Womand left eye close-up
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It is first and foremost reminding the person in question to remember that the purpose of living simple. Is is to feed and maintain the health of the soul.

That is what the Bible is there for, of course, and sometimes we may need extra reminders.

Woman covering her left eyes with banknotes
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Left eye twitching’s biblical meaning #2: Be Present in Today

If one experiences a left eye twitch, the Biblical meaning of the left eye twitching is to let go of the past. And to be present in the here and now.

In 1 King 18:15, the prophet Elijah says “As the Lord of host lives, before whom I stand, I will show myself to him today.”

This verse is a commitment to one’s spiritual life on a day-to-day basis.

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Thus, the left eye twitching’s biblical meaning is that the eye is not healthy, as described above, so that for the whole body (or soul) to be healthy, one has to work on the thoughts entering one’s mind, represented by sight.

If you are holding onto hurts from the past, the eye twitch is there to beg you to stop worrying about the past.

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Left eye twitching’s biblical meaning #3: Trust God and His Plan

As we can see, our spiritual lives are fed mostly through our eyes. The left eye twitching’s Biblical meaning is a disruption in the process of proper “nutrition” fueling our souls.

The Bible generally describes what the eyes see as a form of wisdom. If you are seeing a thing, that equates to thinking it through completely and perceiving the truth.

For example, Proverbs 4:25 says “Let your eyes look directly ahead,” meaning to see things in a straightforward way not skewed by prejudice or deception.

Because God has the ultimate truth, the best way to have a straight (correct) outlook on life is to trust God.

Therefore, a left eye twitch is there to remind a person of that.

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4. Keep the Body Pure

While the eyes are compared to a lamp, the body itself is famously called a temple in the Bible.

In that context, a twitching eye can’t be a good sign. If you look into the medical facts associated with a twitching left eye or left eyelid, they include high blood pressure, poor diet, too much caffeine, etc.

God seems to have chosen a warning that is hard to ignore. A twitching eye tends to be scary to the person experiencing it, and if anything, it may send a person to the doctor.

That may put one back on the track of healthier lifestyle choices that will honor God’s temple.

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5. Engage in Forgiveness

If you think about the eyes and how they’re presented in the Bible, they are all about the present and the immediate future.

The reader is told to look straight ahead, not into the past.

The eye protects a person by seeing potential danger, and it brings information into the person’s mind and soul for processing.

If you are using your eye to dwell on the past, it won’t be doing its duties properly.

The Bible implores readers on a regular basis to forgive others as God forgives us.

While it is important to that person it is also important to us as a way of moving on and living the most productive lives possible.

 left eye close-up
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6. Seek Fellowship

One main component of Christianity is the development of a community for practicing one’s faith.

Christains are encouraged to seek out companionship for sharing in faith, and that is why traditionally, the twitching eye or eyebrow has the Biblical meaning of a warning to not isolate and to keep up with friendships.

Remember, your gaze should be straight ahead, not at your navel!

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7. Positivity

The final left eye twitching’s Biblical meaning is a reminder to stay positive and to dwell on only positive things.

This can mean feeling thankful for what you have and it can also entail not thinking about things people may have done to you or said about you.

It’s all part of letting go and being in the moment. While people may have wronged you, dwelling on it won’t help your soul achieve what God wants it to.

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You can avoid bad luck on your journey to higher spirituality

The main spiritual meaning of a left eye twitch seems to be that you have more control than you may think when it comes to your spiritual life.

If you are on a serious spiritual quest, you are in charge of its success and are the only one who can assure its success.

Let go of the past. Do not worry about what people may be saying about you, and by focusing on what is good and positive in your life and by communing with others.

There are many cultures that have superstitions or beliefs about a twitch in one’s left–or even right–eye.

You may be interested in checking those out in addition to the left eye twitching’s biblical meaning.

Finally, the content of this article is not medical advice. While there are various mythologies or symbolism having to do with the twitching of an eye, a persistent twitch or eye jump can be a sign of a medical condition, and you should see your doctor.

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