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Blue Butterfly Meaning: The 8 True Spiritual Messages

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What’s the blue butterfly’s meaning?

The color blue is often associated with various positive traits such as loyalty, honor, royalty, and both the sky and the ocean.

Blue butterfly Rhetenor Blue Morpho - Dorsal side
Image by Damon On Road via Unsplash

For the most part, the blue butterfly means similar things and is a very positive omen.

Get ready for an invigorating journey into the secret meaning of blue butterflies, which are as beautiful as they are rare.

Even in tropical rain forests you’d have a hard time finding one! We will show you how your spirituality can benefit from knowledge of this creature, plus how they have functioned in various societies for ages.

1. Blue Butterfly Means Acceptance

The earth is surrounded in blue, as though the color is two hands whose palms we are nestled in.

Blue sky, blue ocean. In this way, the blue butterfly represents acceptance.

Because butterflies are there to send us messages, when you see one, the blue butterfly’s meaning is that you are accepted.

 Blue butterflies

Your place in the universe is secure and you have nothing to prove. That frees up so much energy for more important tasks.

Some people interpret this omen and message to mean that they must be more accepting of others, and that’s always a good thing to do.

Acceptance is usually a two-way street. But it’s also true that people who are more accepting of others are more accepting of themselves.

Blue butterfly's meaning
Image by Andra C Taylor Jr va Unsplash

2. Blue Butterfly Means Unconditional Love

One of the symbolic meanings of the blue butterfly is that it is a message from your guardian angel.

Because humans cannot stand the light of an angel, they cannot appear to us.

And they cannot communicate with us through traditional channels. That is why they use angel numbers and other symbols to show us they are looking out for us.

Unconditional love is essential to the human experience. Someone who is somehow raised without it or who is made to feel without it will become selfish and treacherous.

Woman on the beach with 2 windsails representing a blue butterfly
Image by Sameplayer via Unsplash

He will only knowing how to cheat others or dominate them in some way. No one can feel safe without unconditional love.

That is the kind of love we receive from our guardian angel.

A writer Olga Rasmussen describes the feeling she got from seeing a blue butterfly by saying, “I did not feel alone and realized I have never been alone.”

She felt a strong presence from the butterfly, one she knew was holy and not of this world.

It was peaceful.

It would be wonderful to have a blue butterfly cross one’s path in this way; the takeaway should be that even if you don’t recognize the presence as strongly as Rasmussen did, you are being foretold of unconditional love.

Blue butterfly's meaning
Image by Anne Lambeck via Unsplash

3. Blue Butterfly Means Healing

One of the main components of a butterfly’s life and what it can say to us for our own life is transformation.

As we all know, the animal starts off in its pupa stage and then goes into the larval stage.

The caterpillar, near the end of this stage, literally disintegrates, and its liquified cells regenerate in the form of a butterfly.

Light blue butterfly
Image by Bob Brewer via Unsplash

This is not only transformation, but the extraordinary type of healing that leads to a spectacular rebirth.

In this way, the blue butterfly has come to represent healing. There’s no doubt that this can be applied to physical healing, so seeing a blue butterfly during a time of illness might be a positive development.

However, one should investigate any possible spiritual healing that may be foretold by the blue butterfly.

If you are in a time of emotional pain, seeing a blue butterfly carries the meaning that it is so possible for you to heal.

This would be a perfect time to embark on a needed healing process, since your angels are pulling for you.

Large blue butterfly on hand
Image by Christian Wiediger via Unsplash

4. Blue Butterfly Means Something New

Because of the connotations of healing and transformation, the blue butterfly’s spiritual meaning refers to new experiences in your life.

Your message is that you will soon be embarking on a very new component of your life, or at least finding new things underfoot.

Perhaps it’s a new direction in your career, including moving to a whole new field.

Maybe it will be a part of your love life or most important relationships.

Blue butterfly painted in watercolors
Image by Elena Mozhvilo via Unsplash

Or, the major change could have to do with your children or a spouse. It could be moving to a new area or having an addition to the family.

One of the interesting things is that you wouldn’t be getting this message from the angels if you weren’t the kind of person with the capacity for thriving with change.

5. Blue Butterfly’s Meaning for Your Chakras

The throat chakra is the fifth chakra, and is located in that part of the body.

It is symbolized as a circle with sixteen petals. This chakra relates to expression and connection, and also helps people connect with others.

Blue butterfly's meaning
Image by Erik Karits via Unsplash

Due to this, the blue butterfly’s significance extends to communication. It symbolizes good communication and consideration for others.

It also means a warmth and a strong desire to get along with everyone and bring people to a consensus.

If you have the blue butterfly in you, you will pay close attention to how you communicate and will improve as necessary.

You’ll also be in touch with your throat chakra.

Blue butterfly Blue Swallowtail Butterfly sitting on flowers
Image by Gayatri Malhotra via Unsplash

6. The Blue Butterfly’s Meaning for your Spiritual Life

If you see a beautiful butterfly of the color blue you are not only seeing a messenger animal, but you’re seeing one of the rare ones. This is the blue butterfly spiritual meaning.

You wouldn’t see this creature if you didn’t have a deep spiritual side. The animal is there to tell you that changes in your spiritual life are near.

If you’ve been in a rut in terms of a deeper life, one that pertains to more than just the day-to-day, take the sighting as a cue that you are on your way to a time of productive spiritual growth.

That can set you into action, and only you can be sure to follow through.

Thus, the blue butterfly’s meaning is that now is the time to get cracking on your spiritual life, since the efforts you make will get results.

Blue butterfly's meaning
Image by Howard Roark via Unsplash

7. The Blue Butterfly’s Meaning in Ancient Cultures

Whether it be Eastern cultures such as those of China and Japan, cultures that prefigured modern “Western” culture, such as those of Rome or Greece, or Middle Eastern traditions like those of the ancient Persians and Egyptians, many of the prominent ancient cultures had significance for butterflies. In all these cultures, there is a specific blue butterfly symbolism.

These cultures built the mythologies for butterflies that we know today, with associations such as birth and rebirth, transformation, newness, and the corridor between earthly life and the afterlife.

To get into a more specific meaning of what do blue butterflies symbolize, it’s necessary to look at the symbolism of the color blue in various cultures.

Blue butterfly
Image by Meg Jerrard via Unsplash

The Blue Butterfly’s Meaning in Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, the blue–like butterflies in general–is associated with transformation, a concept that was very important to the Greeks at that time.

Many blue plants, for example, are said to have gotten their blue color through the action of some mythological figure.

But in this culture, blue also stands in for beauty that comes from the sea.

Aphrodite, the goddess of love in Greek lore, was born of sea foam (which is what “Aphrodite” means).

The sea is, of course, referred to as blue since the sky tends to make it look mostly that shade.

Blue butterfly wish
Image by Nick Fewings via Unsplash

That is part of how we get such majesty from the color blue, which is in turn why the butterfly of this color is thought of as embodying such joyful and positive traits, and why it is thought of as rare and desirable.

The Blue Butterfly’s Meaning For Egyptians

In Egypt, the color blue is even more valued. To see how such a color came to be associated with royalty, loyalty, class, and luxury, let’s look at where the color blue originated with Egyptians.

Before the color could be found in any of their clothes or in buildings or pottery, the only version of blue the Egyptians had was in turquoise and lapis stones.

Blue appeared only in nature, but it was revered by the Egyptians. It was because of these stones that Egyptians expressly developed synthetic dyes to match the light, slightly green blue of these gemstones, and that is how their society got its blue color.

Blue butterfly's meaning
Image by PerfectMirror via Unsplash

That is as good a reason as any why one should take an animal of this color seriously, particularly considering its grace.

Doesn’t it put the blue butterfly’s meaning in a whole new light?

It should also be pointed out that the rarity represented by the blue butterfly comes in part from Medieval Europe, where it was very expensive for artists to obtain for their paintings.

Thus, they used it for the most important things in the painting, such as the virgin Mary.

That may explain, in turn, how the color blue became associated with purity and nobility.

Blue butterfly
Image by Scott Longerbeam via Unsplash

8. Blue Butterfly in Movies: The blue butterfly movie

There has been no shortage of references to blue butterflies in movies. One reason for this is that cinematographers really like sets of complementary colors, chief among them blue and orange.

Whereas most people’s skin isn’t orange, it does often contain shades between light brown and pink, including a range of soft oranges and beiges.

Therefore, if a butterfly is to be flitting around a person in a film, blue is a great color to offset the person’s skin.

Blue butterfly tattoo on woman's back
Image by Tattoo2Me Tatuagem via Pinterest

There’s a particular type of butterfly favored by the film industry, the legendary Blue Morpho.

This pretty variety has a shiny blue color because of how they act with light.

This shiny blue is outlined in black. This butterfly is the reference for the blue butterfly emoji, and are even more rare than most blue butterflies.

Maybe that’s why movies are drawn to them! Something we don’t see often.

Blue butterfly Blue-winged Eurybia butterfly resting on a Heliconia plant
Image by William Warby via Unsplash

One notable blue butterfly appearance in movies is in The Corpse Bride, directed by Tim Burton.

The butterfly is used as a very important motif. It actually appears in the first shot, with the protagonist drawing a butterfly.

But in a way that honors the significance of a blue butterfly, the murdered woman transforms into multiple blue butterflies, having found peace in the afterlife.

That is so true to the symbolism of this gorgeous creature.

In The Fall, Tarsem Singh’s 2006 movie, a fictionalized Charles Darwin hunts a blue butterfly intermittently throughout the narrative.

Blue butterflies
Image via Peakpx

Blue Butterfly, Bundled

A universal symbolism for butterflies is transformation, and the blue butterfly’s meaning contains this symbolism.

Because of the life cycle of the butterfly, it will always be attached to the concept of transformation.

Sometimes, people extend this to the ultimate transformation, from the world we know into the afterlife, if there is one.

White shoes with blue white orange black butterflies
Image by Brock Wegner via Unsplash

However, white butterflies and black butterflies have closer associations with death.

Instead, blue butterfly’s meaning is far more joyful. It sends the person who witnesses the blue butterfly messages concerning, and vibes of, healing, and unconditional love.

A sighting of one of these magnificent creatures carries one of the blue butterfly’s key meanings, that you are receiving a message from a guardian angel.

Sweet Alhambra turquoise butterfly pendant, earrings and bracelet
Image via Van Cleef

Blue Butterfly FAQ

What does a blue butterfly symbolize?

Most of the blue butterfly’s meaning is very hopeful, symbolizing energy, hope, optimism, fruitful communication, healing, and acceptance. These are all qualities you possess if you see a blue butterfly.

What does the butterfly emoji mean?

Emojis always depend on context, but the user probably doesn’t intend a lot of spiritual meaning with this emoji. It’s probably most often meant to symbolize peace or beauty or transformation.

What does a blue butterfly mean in love?

Most of the symbolism in this category has to do with changes and improvements. The butterfly is usually sending a message that your love life is going to get much more involved.