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What Is Black Gold? And Why Is It Surging In Popularity?

Over the years, black gold has seen a surge in design, buyers, and value. From its stunning coloring to its unique look on the skin, black gold has become a major market in the jewelry industry. You may ask yourself, what is black gold? What does black gold mean?

Black Gold Ring Set
Image by bykeller via Etsy – Black Gold Ring Set

These are not silly questions, considering the origins of the precious metal are elusive. Luckily, we’ve done plenty of searching and have these answers (and more) to share below.

Beyond The Veil Of Darkness: What Is Black Gold Exactly?

For anyone wondering what black gold is made from, its origins are not as confusing as you’d think. Generally, creating black gold is done by mixing gold with another metal like cobalt, usually to the ratio of three parts gold to one part metal.

The phrase’ black gold alloy’ is used, although this isn’t a true alloy. Instead, the black layer is only on the surface, unlike other alloys where the metals will be combined.

You can think of black gold as warm gold being the base of a piece, with cobalt oxide heated on the surface.

That will give the jewelry its blackened appearance. Additionally, black gold is not its own precious metal but would fall into a gold classification.

After all, when we ask ourselves, “What is black gold? ” this comes down to the finishing outer layer, not the actual composition of the metal. It is still gold.

What’s The Difference Between Black Gold And Classic Yellow Gold?

One of the main questions people ask when purchasing a black gold ring, necklace, or other piece of jewelry is its correlation to classic gold and whether it’s different.

As we covered, black gold is made using traditional gold metal. According to experts, black gold is “not naturally occurring and is, therefore, a manmade substance.

“That said, black gold, component-wise, is nearly identical to classic gold. Like white gold or rose gold, black gold is treated to appear a different color.

You can achieve black gold by utilizing dark metal alloys or darkening techniques. Our article on telling whether or not gold is real may also be worth reading.

What is Black Gold: Alloys And Treatments Involved

Treating classic gold to achieve black gold is no easy task. Most jewelry manufacturers will use rhodium plating for other kinds of electroplating, which is cheaper at a mass scale.

However, you may find companies turning to cobalt for treating gold to become black in hue, so this varies. Another method of turning gold into black gold is through femtosecond laser treatments, another way to produce pieces at a large scale for lower prices.

During the laser process, high energy levels will be used to manipulate the surface structure of a gold item.

With these various treatments available, you may wonder about their impact on gold quality. Plated black gold is another form of producing it, although that will be the cheapest quality.

Treated black gold will preserve its integrity best. Make sure to ask for that type of black gold, especially if you want the color to retain its vividness down the line.

Maintaining Black Gold: Keep Your Jewelry Beautiful Forever

Despite being a ‘soft’ metal, black gold jewelry is pretty hardy. After all, you can treat your black gold like regular gold, avoiding harsh chemicals and unknown ingredients.

One of the main things to remember when cleaning and polishing your black gold items is to avoid being rough.

Scrubbrushes or anything with sharp bristles can damage black gold, especially plated pieces. We recommend cleaning your black gold rings, necklaces, bracelets, etc., with a soft cloth, soap, and warm water. You can grab a small bowl, fill it with lukewarm water, and add some soap for cleaning.

Black gold wedding rings may be especially needy, even more so if you wear them daily.

Black Gold Is The New Trend: Wherever You Shop

As variations of gold jewelry make their way into markets globally, this sparks new trends. For example, black gold jewelry has become a ‘cool’ choice over traditional yellow-gold pieces.

One reason for this is that black gold feels more luxurious when the light touches it and won’t be such a bright yellow hue.

Many shoppers consider black gold to be iconic and timeless, giving it an added value. “What is black gold?” has quickly become a query of the past as young and mature jewelry wearers embrace the darkness. There’s a quiet luxury to black gold treated and plated pieces, much like with platinum, black ceramic or less obnoxious coloring.

We’re seeing a culture shift from flashy accessories to those you may not first notice, with black gold leading the way.

Current And Future Must-Haves: Where And Why To Buy Black Gold Pieces

Regarding what types of black gold jewelry people are buying, this depends on the age and occasion. We often see black gold wedding rings or black gold engagement rings and pieces being black gold.

You might even see black gold trending among anniversary gifts, like diamond necklaces or earrings. Because of its popularity, black gold is often paired with diamonds on necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and whatever else you can add it to.

Some brands that do a nice job creating black gold jewelry include

  • Elysium Black
  • Diamond Exchange Houston
  • David Webb, New York
  • Diamondere

Of course, countless jewelers offer black gold pieces, but some will be less premium in quality. Look for treated, not plated, black gold for better long-term results.

The Time Has Come: Where To Sport Black Gold Accessories

Regarding when and where black gold jewelry is acceptable, this will usually be during upscale events. Weddings, dinner parties, graduations, and most celebrations warrant a timeless black gold accessory.

After all, these pair nicely with most clothing colors, meaning you don’t have to stress. Movie premiers, red carpets, awards shows, and celebrity gatherings are other places where black gold jewelry has become synonymous.

With high price tags and stunning colors on and off camera, this genre of accessory has become somewhat of a status symbol.

Unlike yellow or white gold, black gold has a mysterious feel, drawing attention from all sides of the aisle.

It’s certainly something to wear to make a bold statement.

Dazzling Duos: How To Combine Black Gold With Other Materials And Gemstones

For those reading who need styling inspo, pairing black gold with other materials and even gemstones should not be hard.

Most fashion experts suggest pairing black gold pieces with lighter jewelry and fashion, like white diamonds.

Going a more dramatic route, you could pair black gold with deep-tone gemstones, including black onyx, emerald, sapphire, ruby, or whatever fits a darker aesthetic.

You also can wear lighter garments alongside black gold pieces or even pair them with brighter jewelry. Rose gold can be an excellent choice for black gold as they both have that warmer appearance.

Black Gold Through The Ages: Cultural And Symbolic Significance

As well as asking, ‘What is black gold? ‘ many shoppers don’t know the deeper meaning and importance of this unique-looking treated gold.

Luckily, there are many important reasons to wear black gold and invest in it for the future.

The Story Begins: Black Gold And Its Everlasting Impact

Historically and culturally, black gold has always been a feat of science and design. Your jewelry is automatically valuable because black gold works on a classic gold base.

After all, when shopping for black gold pieces, you have the assurance they come from a gold base (if buying through a trusted brand) and are treated over-plated.

Gold is a pure substance, as it’s made from only gold atoms, making the pureness of black gold even more valuable.

This also correlates to its resale value, with many black gold and regular gold jewelry going up in price as the years go on.

Again, black gold is NOT a natural metal. It has been altered in a lab by jewelry makers. It’s much like rose gold in the way it would not be found naturally with its current color.

Plated or filled jewelry isn’t as meaningful as a precious metal, but it’s still lovely.

What Is The Symbolism Of Black Gold? What Wearing It Says About You.

Wearing black gold rings, earrings, necklaces, or whatever else always makes a statement. Black gold is traditionally labeled as 10-karat, 14-karat, or 18-karat gold, all with various values.

You will also find precious gemstones or diamonds paired with this coloring, which is considered ultra-luxe.

There’s a passion involved with black gold pieces, with many purchasing them for husbands, wives, partners, and even family.

Wedding rings come in black gold, which pairs well with diamonds. Wearing black gold makes you stand out and look interesting.

The mysterious component of their design feels much more edgy than standard gold or silver, which may be perfect for someone hoping to break the mold.

Although newer technologies create black gold, it feels like black gold has been here forever.

Black Gold Around The World; How Darker Jewelry Finds Its Way

Regarding how black gold is viewed around the globe, this has been more successful in North America and Europe.

Typically, classic metals are chosen more often than adapted pieces (rose gold, black gold, etc. ), so that is something to know.

Asian shoppers prefer classic gold over black gold, but this has been slowly changing among younger individuals.

As time passes, black gold jewelry has become more present on red carpets, high fashion runways, and advertising campaigns around the holidays.

Like black diamonds, the idea of a dark, altered accessory turns many on and off. You will not see as much black gold worn by regular people.

Instead, it is easier found among those who dare to break the ‘norm’ and wear things out of the box.

Calling All Savvy Shoppers: Here’s How To Buy Black Gold

Purchasing black gold can feel new to some people. Luckily, we have a few tips to point you in the right direction and avoid scams while shopping.

High-Quality Only; Here’s Why Asking Questions Matters

When purchasing black gold pieces, always ask for the karat. As we covered above, black gold will be classified like regular gold, being 10, 14, 18, and so on karats.

If your jeweler cannot provide a solid answer, the jewelry is likely not pure gold. You also should inquire about how the black coloring came to be.

Was it done by plating? What about laser technology or treating it using cobalt or rhodium mixed with energy to darken the original hue?

To get a grasp on your jeweler’s knowledge, ask the age-old question: What is black gold? See what answer they give and if it matches what you’ve learned.

Our article on gold and silver allergies is also worth checking out.

Let’s Talk Money: How Much Black Gold Jewelry Will Cost You

Expect to spend some money when you’re in the market for black gold pieces. Generally, black gold will be priced well into the thousands, and even more depending on the labor and stones included.

Most websites offer prices from $2,000-$10,000+ for black gold rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. There are also gemstones and diamonds typically added to black gold jewelry, which account for much of their retail pricing.

See what makes sense for your budget and go from there. Compared to regular gold or silver, you might find yourself spending more money.

What is Black Gold ethical and environmental score?

Surrounding the ethics of black gold jewelry, this would be the same as purchasing regular gold pieces. After all, a lab is required to produce black gold, so this will likely add on energy and materials needed.

Therefore, from a sustainability perspective, black gold isn’t as sustainable as regular gold or silver. Prioritize shopping through diamond retailers that support fair labor and ethical consumption when you can.

We promise it’s worth it! Black Gold is a unique way to express yourself through jewelry. Made through high bursts of energy and material coating, black gold should always use a true gold base.

This incredibly precise technology should allow the deeper hue to remain when you own your piece. Remember to ask questions at the jewelry store, even if it’s a simple: “What is black gold?”

What Is Black Gold: FAQs

Is Black Gold More Expensive Than Gold?

Yes. Black gold can be priced higher than traditional gold because of the process and labor it takes to recolor a piece of jewelry. Lasers will likely be used to coat the gold with black rhodium or cobalt.

Is There Natural Black Gold? What Exactly is Black Gold?

No. Black gold is not found naturally. This material is much like rose gold, created by a lab using high energy frequencies. Actual gold won’t become black but may become darker as it tarnishes.

Is Black Gold More Expensive Than Diamond?

Black gold will not be more expensive than diamonds (black or not). You will often see black gold jewelry paired with diamonds, having the diamond account for most of the retail price.

What Is Black Gold?

Black gold is gold that has been mixed with materials like cobalt to change its color to black. It’s not pure gold, but it’s perfect for unique jewelry pieces.