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What Finger Does a Promise Ring Go On? Etiquette Explained

The promise ring concept is not new since the tradition goes back thousands of years.

They’ve been around since the 2nd Century BC when Roman brides wore a ring to symbolize a marriage promise.

Promise ring Close up
Image by Andy Holmes via Unsplash

So, it’s evident that they’re here to stay.

If you’re looking to wear a promise ring, you’re probably wondering what finger does a promise ring go on?

We’ve got the answer—just keep reading!

Usually, there’s no rule to tell you where to wear your promise ring. It’s entirely up to you.

Some people wear rings on the ring finger; others on the middle finger.

So, when it’s your turn to give someone a promise ring, which style should you wear, and how do you present the ring?

Let’s find out.

What Is A Promise Ring?

Promise rings are a symbol of a promise between two people. The ring typically features the couple’s initials and is often given to signify a commitment between two people.

That’s why some people also call them commitment rings; in that case, both the giver and receiver wear one on their fingers.

However, it doesn’t always mean that the couple is engaged or getting married in the future.

These rings come in various styles and designs. They can also be worn to symbolize different types of commitments other than romantic, such as a commitment to abstain from drugs and alcohol, save money, or stay pure until marriage.

No matter which fingers a promise ring is placed on, its meaning remains the same—a symbol of love, trust, and commitment to each other.

Some get confused between promise and engagement rings, but the latter only stands for a commitment between two people getting married.

On the other hand, you can give a promise ring to anyone regardless of whether you are romantically involved with that person.

In most cases, women are the ones who wear a promise ring; however, that’s not to say that men can’t wear them too.

Men usually wear promise rings on their ring fingers as well. Still, it’s not uncommon to wear them on the middle finger of the right hand as a sign of being single and faithful.

What Is the Promise Ring Meaning?

What finger does a promise ring go on? Well, knowing the ring’s meaning is essential before deciding which finger to put it on.

Because without knowing this, the ring can be interpreted in many different ways.

The symbolic meaning of the promise ring is a gesture of love and commitment.

The purpose will differ for each person, but as a general rule, it represents a promise to be faithful to one’s partner.

It may also be a visual reminder of the couple’s love and commitment. These rings, also known as posy rings, come from the French word “poésie.”

They’re often engraved with romantic words like “love conquers all things” or “united hearts, death only parts.”

Ancient Roman bishops and priests wear promise rings to signify union with the holy charge or spiritual marriage.

In 200 BC, the Roman brides wore purity rings to represent strength and permanence.

There are some other meanings of promise rings. Let’s take a look:

Beyond Dating

Promise rings represent more than just a promise to a person you’re dating.

It’s a physical commitment between two people that your heart, soul, mind, and body belong to them.

The ring can also symbolize a commitment to stay with your partner for the rest of your life.

Possibility of Future Marriage

In some cases, promise rings are considered a sign of potential marriage. It may indicate the seriousness of your relationship and the possibility that you could be getting married in the future.

Promise to Yourself

Sometimes these rings are also given as a reminder of a promise or lesson that a person has learned.

For example, someone may get a promise ring to symbolize the importance of being honest or remaining spiritual.


Chastity rings are given to young women to remind them of their faithfulness and the importance of remaining celibate until marriage.

Which Finger to Wear the Promise Ring On?

What finger does a promise ring go on? There are no hard and fast rules or regulations about it.

It depends on the person. Many people like to wear it on their ring finger, and others like it on their middle finger.

The Traditional Choice

The traditional finger to wear a promise ring is the left-hand’s ring finger.

It’s because the finger is traditionally reserved for engagement and wedding rings, with the promise ring being a symbol of a future commitment.

But what if you want to wear the ring on your right hand? Is that acceptable?

The answer is yes! In fact, some people choose to wear their promise rings on the right hand to avoid any confusion with an engagement or wedding ring.

Is the Middle Finger Okay?

So, can you wear a promise ring on your middle finger? Again, the answer is yes.

While the left hand’s ring finger is the most common choice, you can still wear it on any finger you feel comfortable with.

Can I Wear It on a Necklace?

One of the great things about promise rings is their flexibility. If you don’t want to wear it on a finger, you can opt for a necklace or a bracelet.

It’s just a matter of preference rather than a specific rule to be followed.

This allows you to showcase your commitment in a way that feels right for you.

The Verdict?

So, what finger does a promise ring go on? Most people wear these rings on their left hand because wearing jewelry on that hand is a common preference.

But in some cultures, which hand the ring goes on indicates whether the person is married.

If someone wears a promise ring on the right hand, it indicates that they’re married.

On the other hand, if the ring is worn on the left hand, it means they’re single.

Different Styles of Promise Rings

There are many different promise ring styles. They can be made from various metals and set with different gemstones.

Some promise rings for women have diamonds and sapphires all in one, which is beautiful and shows your commitment to each other.

Here are a few different styles of promise rings:

With Gemstone

Many different gemstones can be set on a promise ring. The most popular gemstone from the past has been Blue Sapphire.

From ancient times these stones represent trust, loyalty, honesty, and purity.


A heart is a trendy symbol to set in a promise ring since it’s considered the most romantic symbol.

It’s a guarantee of the love that you’ll share with that one particular person.

Interlocking Band

It’s a mix of multiple bands made of different or the same metal. This stylish ring symbolizes two people connected forever.

Infinity Knot

The infinity symbol has been used to express eternal love since ancient times.

It’s made of two loops interwoven into each other.


This ring is named after the village of Claddagh, Galway, Ireland. It symbolizes love, friendship, and loyalty.

This ring has three parts, each representing a different meaning:

  • Hands for friendship
  • Crown for loyalty
  • Heart for love

Plain Band

This gorgeous ring works well as a wedding band. It has no design or stone, but it means just as much as all other design variations.


The classic wedding ring is a round-cut stone that sits in a setting with four prongs.

These rings contain only one diamond or gemstone.

It signifies the commitment to marrying and loving each other. However, these types of rings are expensive.

Acrostic Ring

This kind of ring is a jewelry piece with a word, name, or saying engraved.

Acrostic rings are often called “the language of stones.”

The letters are usually set in the form of a scroll or heart, and the ring is often made of white gold or platinum.

When to Give A Promise Ring

What finger does a promise ring go on? We hope you’ve got a clear idea about that.

So, we’ll focus on the right time to give the ring.

Ready to take your relationship to the next level? With a promise ring, you can let your partner know you’re serious about your commitment and prepared to move forward.

But when is the right time to give a promise ring?

While the answer may vary depending on the couple, there are a few key signs that it’s time to make your commitment official.

Here’s what you need to know about when to give a promise ring.

1. You Talk About the Future Together

Are you and your partner already discussing the future and making plans together?

It’s a sign that you’re both ready to commit to the next level. It’s usually a good idea to give a promise ring when you’ve already discussed getting married or starting a family, as it shows you’re serious about your commitment.

2. You’ve Managed Conflict Effectively

Promise rings are symbolic of commitment and trust, so it’s essential to ensure that your relationship can handle disagreements before you give a promise ring.

Resolving conflicts well in the past indicates your relationship can handle the ups and downs of a committed partnership.

3. You Both Feel Ready

Ultimately, the best time to give a promise ring is when you and your partner both feel ready.

You both must be excited and enthusiastic about taking your commitment to the next level.

How to Give A Promise Ring

The person you’re planning to give a promise ring to must be a significant part of your life.

When you give her a promise ring, plan on it in advance.

Picking a Ring

Before you decide to go out and purchase the ring, make sure that you know the person’s taste in material and design.

Also, it’s better if you’ve got an idea of ring size for women.

Wrap It

After you’ve purchased a promise ring, wrap it in a gift box. Your partner will be thrilled to see that you’ve taken the time and effort to wrap it.

Pick a Significant Day

Always remember to give the promise ring on a special occasion, like on their birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day.

Your partner will feel more appreciated if the ring is given on a significant day.

Go to a Romantic Spot

Take your partner to a romantic place when giving the promise ring. Go to the place you like or plan to go together, which will make the occasion more memorable.

Present the Ring

When you get to the romantic spot, present the ring to her romantically. Ensure your partner knows its importance and how much it means to you.

Say What it Means

After presenting the promise ring, explain how much the person means to you.

This is what a promise ring is about: your love for each other and your connection with that person.

Place it on Their Finger

So, what finger does a promise ring go on? Place it on your partner’s left hand’s ring finger.

You’ve pledged to her and are very serious about your relationship.

Final Words

Promise rings symbolize true love and a commitment to each other’s future.

It would be nice to hear and to tell your loved one that you promise them with this ring and that you’ll never change your mind.

What finger does a promise ring go on? There should be no confusion about it at this point.

You can wear it on almost any finger you feel comfortable with.

FAQs About Wearing a Promise Ring

Can you wear a promise ring on your right hand?

Of course, you can. The right hand’s middle and fourth fingers are popular choices for wearing the promise rings.

What finger are promise rings worn on?

Most people choose the middle and ring fingers when they wear the promise ring on their left hand.

If you prefer the right hand, put it into your fourth or middle finger.

What finger do you wear an abstinence ring?

If the promise ring is specifically used to indicate your celibacy, put it on your left hand’s ring finger.