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Image by Califindings via Etsy - 14k vermeil chain bracelet dainty paperclip faceted 7.5 inches

What is Gold Vermeil? And Why You Should Care!

What is gold vermeil? Welcome to the magical world of gold vermeil.  It’s by far our favorite vermeil.  OK, it’s the only vermeil, so maybe gold is the operative word.  Or is it silver?

Gold Vermeil is gold-plated jewelry made of sterling silver with gold plating.  You can spot it because it will have a stamp—or hallmark—of 925 on it.  This number, 925, can also be read 92.5, meaning 92.5%.  This is good news to the jewelry buyer, because it means that the main metal, the silver, is 92.5% pure silver and just 7.5% alloys. 

by Hiuyan Lam
Image by Redkoala via ShutterStock - hamsa hand hand of fatima - amulet symbol of protection from devil eye

Hamsa Hand Meaning: Discover How To Wear The Hand of God

The Hamsa hand is a beautiful symbol that you’ve probably seen in many situations.  You may have seen it in jewelry and wondered what the meaning of the Hamsa hand symbol is.

The Hamsa hand is an upright hand that seems to have two thumbs pointing in opposite directions, with three fingers together in the middle.  It has a large eye on the palm, which is one of its most striking features and a big part of the Hamsa symbol.  It also has various swirls and diagonal lines coming up from the eye symbol and into the fingers.

by Hiuyan Lam
woman putting on pearl necklace

How To Choose The Right Necklace Length: Best Expert Tips

When choosing a necklace, everyone goes for the style, the type of stone, and similar points.  You have to have something that looks great and fits your style, right?

So now that you know the look of the necklace, it’s time to choose the right necklace length.

Everyone’s different. The human body comes in so many wonderful shapes, so there’s no “one size fits” all approach...

by Hiuyan Lam
girls hand with golden bracelets - how to tell if gold is real

How to Tell If Gold Is Real: Best 12 Tests to Spot Counterfeits

How to tell if gold is real? Have you ever found someone trying to sell gold jewelry or bars, and felt like the price was too good to be true? How do you know that you didn't just take a piece of silver and paint it gold?
by Hiuyan Lam
rhodium plated ring with diamond

Best Jewelry Rhodium Plating: 10 Surprising Things to Know

Rhodium plating adds a very thin layer of rhodium to a precious metal creating a very shiny ultra-white color and increasing durability, light and luster.

You deserve the best!  And that means jewelry that shines, with clear, live color.  One way to get that is by touching up any sort of jewelry with a process called rhodium plating. Girl, you’re here because you want to learn more, so let’s not waste time.  Here are 10 things you (and tell all your friends) need to know about rhodium plating!

by Hiuyan Lam
2 gold engagement rings with a 925 marking inside the ring

What Does 925 On Gold Jewelry Mean?

I bet you’ve been jewelry shopping and suddenly saw some code on a bracelet or a necklace.  Maybe 228 or 925.  Does this mean you’re being followed by MI-5? Or that you have a Bingo? Is there a secret 925 jewelry code?

Well, these are actually called a hallmark.  It’s any little number code etched into a piece of metal used for fashion jewelry.  The whole thing comes from an old English tradition of metal smiths having to take their wares into a board that certified their quality.  The board would then stamp a hallmark on them.

by Jennifer N.
sterling silver bracelets

How To Tell if Silver is Real: The Easy Guide to Avoiding Faux Fancy

So, you take home a piece of silver jewelry that is shiny and seems to be perfect for your style. A couple days later, something just feels off. The shine has dulled and the metal appears cloudy... is this genuine silver? 

by Hiuyan Lam