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Top 12 Most Beautiful Pink Gemstones: The Definitive Guide

Most beautiful pink gemstones. Pink is associated with wonder and open-mindedness.

It’s associated with innocence and childhood, and with openness and light-heartedness.

While pink is nearly synonymous with femininity, men often rock it to good effect.

Sometimes they even rock pink…rocks.

Ring with pink tourmaline cabochon and diamonds
Image by SW Photo via Shutterstock

Ring with pink tourmaline cabochon and diamonds

This post is all about those rocks, awesome pink gemstones used in jewelry.

There’s never been a time when pink gemstones were unpopular or overlooked.

But today they’re as popular as ever.

Pink Sapphires, Tourmalines, Morganites, and other pink gemstones are very much in demand.

If you’re one of the folks who may have an interest in pink gemstones, we present this handy guide.

1. Morganite

Morganite natural gemston
Image by Somjit Chomram via Shutterstock

Morganite natural gemston

Morganite stones capture pure elegance. They stand out because of their soft hues.

Often the stones are a light pink or a peach-pink, and sometimes they come in a violet-pink.

The stone is a member of the beryl family, and contains small amounts of cesium and manganese, which is where they get their light hues.

Morganite ring with diamond
Image by Studio494 via Shutterstock

Morganite ring with diamond

The gemstone was named, in the early 20th century, after banker and business magnate J.P. Morgan.

As is only natural for a stone named after one of the richest men in the world, it is very lustrous.

It also is durable, with a hardness score of 7.5-8 on the Mohs scale.

It’s easy to see why Morganite is very popular.

2. Most Famous Pink Gemstones: Pink Diamonds

Pink diamond halo set cushion cut engagement ring
Image by Fruit Cocktail Creative via Shutterstock

Pink diamond halo set cushion cut engagement ring

It is equally easy to see why Pink Diamonds are so expensive and sought after.

One reason is their rarity.

You aren’t going to go to a mine in Maine or California, or even the Congo, and dig up a bunch of these precious stones.

Most of them in the world come from Australia’s Argyle Mine.

The next reason is that they’re mysterious. Yes, the look of a Pink Diamond itself gives off an air of mystery.

But it’s more than that.

If you’ve read some of our other guides, you’ve seen that many stones get their colors (particularly those with swirls or streaks of color) from iron, calcium, sodium, and similar mineral deposits.

Pink diamond wedding engagement
Image by Fruit Cocktail Creative via Shutterstock

Pink diamond wedding engagement

Well, that’s not the case with Pink Diamonds, so for a while, scientists didn’t know how to explain the gorgeous pink color.

However, they finally came up with an explanation.

It is called plastic deformation, and you can read all about it here.

But, to summarize, it has to do with pressure from the Earth’s crust, which causes, in a diamond, carbon atoms to be rearranged, thus changing the color we see.

Diamond is also the hardest material on earth (10 out of 10 on Mohs scale…).

Pink diamond ston
Image by Edward Westmacott via Shutterstock

Pink diamond ston

So, after that science class, on to more fun things.

How pricey is a pink diamond?

As one example, the stones can sometimes sell for as much as $100,000 per karat.

But it’s worth it for the unique beauty of the stones and for their rarity.

Spiritually, pink diamonds are known to improve one’s mental energies, purifying one’s mind.

The stone can be associated with having many friends, and also becoming financially successful.

These stones are very popular for engagement rings.

3. Pink Moonstone

Moonstone and pink gold diamond ring
Image by UNIKYLUCKK via Shutterstock

Moonstone and pink gold diamond ring

Moonstone of any color can be a funky and cool addition to one’s jewelry collection.

Pink is no exception.

Moonstone gets its name from a moonlike sheen it gets, which is also called the Schiller Effect.

It’s a part of large mineral group feldspar.

They come in black, white, peach, and also pink.

Pink moonstones has some hematite, which gives it its color.

Often, the stones are a medium-light pink, with some grey and red hues combining.

Moonstone ring
Image by Yellow Cat via Shutterstock

Moonstone ring

Often, we see white veins and markings in pink moonstone.

Pink Moonstones are usually referred to interchangeably with “pink flake moonstones,” though some people use “pink flake” to mean ones with most hematite.

Moonstones work with chakras to help a person see their beauty and to feel a sense of attractiveness.

One of the major benefit of these earthy (kind of a pun there), humble-looking stones is that they are affordable.

They really work for wearers who don’t want that fancy or formal look.

4. Surprising Pink Gemstones: Pink Sapphire

Loose pink sapphires
Image by NickKnight via Shutterstock

Loose pink sapphires

On the other end of the spectrum, sometimes you will want something very elegant and high-class.

Sapphire is right near the top of the line on that score.

The pink in Pink Sapphire comes from chromium.

A lot of them are a very vivid pink (one might even say “hot pink”).

But if a more low-key hue of pink is your jam, that’s available too, just not quite as common.

Pink sapphire and ruby with side white diamonds
Image by Npdesigntop via Shutterstock

Pink sapphire and ruby with side white diamonds

The vibrancy of Pink Sapphires is the reason that people may choose them as a stand in for Pink Diamonds—a good way to save a bit of money.

Sometimes it can be annoying to pay a lot for a nice stone only to see it getting scratched or faded and then realize you can’t wear it more than a couple times a month.

That’s not a problem with Pink Sapphire, which is durable enough for everyday wear. It has a hardness number of 9.

Pink sapphire ring and diamond
Image by Photo-world via Shutterstock

Pink sapphire ring and diamond

That combination of sparkle and old-fashioned toughness is one reason the word Sapphire is synonymous with high-quality jewelry.

5. Most Renowned Pink Gemstones: Pink Tourmaline

A pink tourmaline and diamond
Image via SW Photo by Shutterstock

A pink tourmaline and diamond

In the Tourmaline family, pink is among the most renowned gemstones.

What is a tourmaline collection without one that’s pink?

This color of Tourmaline contains much sodium and has long, slender crystals.

It has a vitreous lustre and is very refractive.

Tourmaline stones come in a pretty big range of pink, softer to brighter.

Some of them also have a dual-color quality, with watermelon hues and softer tones combined in the same stone.

Mined pink tourmaline gems
Image by Photo33mm via Shutterstock

Mined pink tourmaline gems

Pink Tourmaline is the 8th Anniversary gemstone.

It has a hardness measurement of 7-7.5, so it needs to be treated with some gentleness, but isn’t exactly fragile.

One often sees Pink Tourmaline stones faceted, and they can be used in almost any type of jewelry.

Pink tourmaline bracelet
Image by Gemstones By Boat via Shutterstock

Pink tourmaline bracelet

In addition, you can rest assured that most Tourmalines are untreated, yet it may not be a bad idea to ask.

Overall, this is a prestigious pink gemstone.

6. Least Common Pink Gemstones: Pink Topaz

Set of ring and earrings with pink topaz
Image by Luibov Luganskaia via Shutterstock

Set of ring and earrings with pink topaz

Pink is one of the least-common colors of Topaz.

A Pink Topaz stone you find has almost certainly been treated, because you won’t find stones with much pink tone in nature.

Natural pink topaz pear shape
Image by Photo33mm via Shutterstock

Natural pink topaz pear shape

How hard are Pink Topaz stones?

Well, quite durable and hard, with a Mohs hardness score of 8.

They usually come from either Brazil or Pakistan.

Flamingo topaz gems
Image by Nika Lerman via Shutterstock

Flamingo topaz gems

Not only are these stones lustrous and gorgeous, but they enhance creativity.

This is because Pink Topaz contains the energy of the Sun.

Ancient Egyptians thought that the stone got its color from the Sun God, Ra, and many wore it as protection from evil.

7. Kunzite

Kunzite on matrix from laghman province afghanistan
Image by Albert Russ via Shutterstock

Kunzite on matrix from laghman province afghanistan

We don’t pick favorites, but there’s so much to love about Kunzite.

Pink Kunzite used in jewelry gives your ring or pendant a look of amazing class, integrity, and beauty.

Kunzite is often an understated, pretty pink, but can have a bit more of reddish hue as well.

It does have pleochlorism, meaning two different colors, which come out when viewed from different perspectives.

Rose gold ring with white and cognac diamonds
Image by Smirnof via Shutterstock

Rose gold ring with white and cognac diamonds

You will usually find large stones of Kunzite, making it ideal for statement jewelry.

Not for everyday use, this pink gemstone is a special occasion item.

Because of a decided cleavage, it isn’t best for use that may cause it to be knocked or subject to trauma of any kind.

The significance of this gem is that it opens the heart to the mind.

Wearers will find a great communication and balance between mind and heart.

8. Pink Rhodolite Garnet

Rhodolite flower pendant
Image by Wirestock Creators via Shutterstock

Rhodolite flower pendant

First off, be sure not to confuse Rhodolite with Rhodonite.

Rhodonite is a chain silicate, and not our focus right now.

On the other hand, Rhodolite is a member of the Garnet family.

Garnets are ancient silicates with no cleavage plains.

As for Pink Rhodolite Garnets, they are very refractive, thus super bright.

These rare stones can also boast few or no impurities.

They will never be treated.

Rhodolite and diamond rings in white gold
Image by Studio492 via Shutterstock

Rhodolite and diamond rings in white gold

Not only does the brilliance and highly-defined color make jewelry from Rhodolite distinctive, but the hardness score of 6.5-7.5 means you don’t have to baby the gemstone, and can wear it often.

Jewelry is to be worn, not put in a box, right?

9. Rhodocrosite

Geometric rhodochrosite bracelet
Image by Plumissbohemian via Etsy

Geometric rhodochrosite bracelet

This “rhodo” is completely different from Rhodolite. It is made of manganese carbon material.

Found in the broadest range of pink hues (all the way to bright red), Rhodocrosite usually has streaks like those found in Agate.

This less-common pink gemstone isn’t extremely easy for jewelers to work with.

It is often cut into cabochons rather than faceted.

This is due to its low hardness score of just 3.5-4. This gemstone is a looker, not a workhorse.

Wear it sparingly, and keep it safe from damage when showing it off.

Pink rhodocrosite on quartz
Image by MarcelClemens via Shutterstock

Pink rhodocrosite on quartz

Legend says that Rhodocrosite were formed from the tears of kings and queens.

As with many pink gemstones, Rhodocrosite can lead a person to be softer, more compassionate, more open to receiving love.

So much of what pink does for people spiritually involves love, since that is the main property of pink.

10. Pink Spinel

Beautiful pink spinel
Image by Yut chanthaburi via Shutterstock

Beautiful pink spinel

Have you ever felt lumped in with a social group or friends?

Has your individuality been compromised? If so, you can relate to Pink Spinel.

This gem is not only rare, but formerly confused with Pink Sapphire or Ruby.

In other words, it wasn’t even its own thing until a few decades ago.

Pink spinel gemstones on a white background
Image by Nika Lerman via Shutterstock

Pink spinel gemstones on a white background

Well, now that jewelry and gemstone experts have straightened that out, Pink Spinel is very valuable and coveted.

Why is it so valuable? Partly because Pink Spinel refracts and disperses light very well.

This results in a gemstone that leaps out at one’s eye—and one’s emotions.

It is just so confident and charming in its brilliance.

Pink spinel engagement ring
Image by

Pink spinel engagement ring

One side note is that some Spinel stones include bits of rutile, and this makes them even more valuable because it creates asterism.

This means little star-like patterns of refracted light in a stone.

Always sure to impress!

Now, even with all this going for it, Pink Spinel is still affordable.

It has a hardness of 8, making for serious durability. It only needs to be kept away from heat so it won’t be dulled.

11. Pink Gemstones with Character: Rose Quartz

Pendant with rose quartz in the form of a drop
Image by Unicorn12two via Shutterstock

Pendant with rose quartz in the form of a drop

Because the luscious soft pink of Rose Quartz comes from titanium impurities, it is often cloudy.

This is where it gets it character and depth.

Its deep, textured appearance often makes it look antique or distinguished.

Rose quartz bracelet
Image by EarthsMineralsInc via Etsy

Rose quartz bracelet

It is commonly found in large sizes, so it’s perfect for big statement jewelry, including earrings and cocktail rings.

It can also be made into cabochons and then polished for use in bead jewelry.

Rose quartz necklace
Image by Serenity Project via Etsy

Rose quartz necklace

As makes sense from its breath-taking beauty, Rose Quartz is a stone that opens the heart to love of all kinds, including self-love.

An affordable and versatile stone, Rose Quartz has something to offer a wide range of jewelry aficionados.

12. Most Abundant Pink Gemstones: Pink Chalcedony

Pink chalcedony
Image by Africa Studio via Shutterstock

Pink chalcedony

No discussion of pink gemstones would be complete without a look at Pink Chalcedony.

That’s because this gemstone is one of the most abundant pink gemstones.

To sort some things out, Chalcedony is a category of gem that encompasses varieties like Onyx, Jasper, and Agate.

It’s a type of Quartz.

Rose gold ring pink chalcedony
Image by AnemoneUnique via Etsy

Rose gold ring pink chalcedony

Pink Chalcedony is formed by volcanic rock.

It is unique in that it doesn’t have crystals within it.

The stone is known to help with blood pressure and with the immune system.

These are all the indispensable pink gemstones…

It’s not a list of all pink gemstones or of all the possibilities and options out there (think pink opal, pink pearls…).

However, if you’re adding more pink to your collection or getting into the color for the first time, there’s no better place to start than the gems on this list.

It’s true that many pieces of pink gemstone jewelry with these stones have feminine qualities.

Many of them meet traditional ideas of prettiness.

But they go far beyond that. It can depend on the particular shade of pink or on the hue of pink, but stones can have qualities of playfulness, sensuality, naughtiness, luxury, elegance, or mystery.