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Discover 12 Of The Most Beautiful and Unique Blue Gemstones

When you look at a picture of Earth taken from space, what do you see?  Rich, vibrant blue.  A blue planet!  Not only are the oceans blue, but so is the sky.  That’s one of the reasons that blue is so universal.


There’s something comforting and accessible about the color blue.  On the color spectrum, it’s such a nice medium between various bold hues.  Yet blue often has the advantage of shimmering and reflecting light beautifully.  It can often speak of mystery and infinity.

These are some clues as to why blue has been such a popular color for gemstones, not only for generations, but very much at the present moment, too.  With all the versatility of blue, with the way it matches so many outfits and accessories, it’s hard to find someone without some blue gemstones in their jewelry boxes.

by Hiuyan Lam
A pink tourmaline and diamond

Top 12 Most Beautiful Pink Gemstones: The Definitive Guide

Pink is associated with wonder and open-mindedness.  It’s associated with innocence and childhood, and with openness and light-heartedness.

While pink is nearly synonymous with femininity, men often rock it to good effect.  Sometimes they even rock pink…rocks.  This post is all about those rocks, awesome pink gemstones used in jewelry.

There’s never been a time when pink gemstones were unpopular or overlooked.  But today they’re as popular as ever. Pink Sapphires, Tourmalines, Morganites, and other pink gemstones are very much in demand.  

by Hiuyan Lam
2 jade bracelets

How To Tell If Jade Is Real: The 5 Best Foolproof Tests

Think of buying a beautiful jade bracelet only to find later that it's counterfeit. Oh no! You deserve better than that. But how to tell if jade is real? Is there any precise DIY method to know what's what?
by Hiuyan Lam
10 amazing black gemstones

Discover How 10 Amazing Black Gemstones Are Used in Modern Jewelry

When thinking of black gemstones, people tend to think Obsidian or Cat’s Eye, but as we’ll show you, there are so many others. They vary in their level of rarity, price, and hardness, but all have a place in your jewelry collection.

Black gemstones were overlooked and undervalued up until recently. They are becoming more and more popular for their elegant luster,  understated and dignified look, and their originality among the many bright pinks and emeralds and blinding blues out there.

As the trend in jewelry now is gemstones,  jewelry connoisseurs are looking for colors that express themselves.

More and more pieces of black gemstone jewelry are now available.

Here’s a guide to 10 of the greats, showing that Black gemstones come in more variety that many folks may think.

by Hiuyan Lam