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Is Tissot a Luxury Brand? Elevating Timekeeping with Style

Tissot, a Swiss watchmaker, has been carefully crafting watches since 1853. But Is Tissot a Luxury Brand?


Luckily, we’ve done some digging and have details about this Swiss watchmaker you’ll want to know.

What Is Luxury? Is Tissot A Luxury Brand?

When we hear the term luxury, pictures of grandeur pop into our minds. As a ‘luxury’ item, this dictates a higher price, smaller quantity, and even a rareness compared to other items on the market.

For instance, the meaning of luxury states:

Luxury – something adding to pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary.


You will find luxury items in high-end stores like Tissot for a premium cost and quality. Although people don’t need these things, they add value to the person wearing them.

If you’re asking, “Is Tissot a luxury brand? ” The answer would most certainly be yes. Tissot watches retain the elegance of luxury brands while offering affordable options, including pocket watches and sports watches.

Who Wears Tissot Watches?

Regarding “who” wears Tissot watches, this ranges from everyday people to celebrities and even royalty. Because Tissot has a long-standing reputation in the watch world, customers from all walks of life flock to the brand for their go-to timepieces.

You want to recall that Tissot is a watch company that has been creating timeless designs since 1853. Usually, brands that have been around that long hold a specific power over their market share.

We’ve seen pro athletes wear Tissot, and pop stars sport wear them, too. There isn’t a particular demographic that wears Tissot: Both young and older adults love these watches.

Much like any designer brand, there’s something exciting and exclusive about Tissot.

What Are The Origins Of Tissot? Why Is This Brand Special?

This Swiss watch company began in Le Locle, Switzerland, in 1853, and Tissot is still based out of Le Locle today.

Tissot started as a local watch producer in Switzerland and quickly found itself across Europe. Tissot was founded by the father and son team of Charles-Félicien Tissot and Charles-Émile Tissot, with their dream being a high-quality watch for all.

In the 1980s, Tissot became a member of The Swatch Group Ltd, and in 1987, Tissot perfected and started the trend of using mother of pearl for its watch construction.

Up until then, no watchmaker had made such a high-quality dials out of mother of pearl material. Tissot has always been known to push the limit, cementing itself as a luxurious fashion brand.

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VIP Or For Everybody: Is Tissot An Exclusive Brand?

When it comes to Tissot being an exclusive brand, we’d say yes and no. Generally, buying a Tissot watch should be as easy as locating a certified retailer or reseller or visiting the website.

However, Tissot has done many limited-edition collections. According to the company,

Tissot has a wide variety of Limited Edition time pieces to honour its many partnerships with sports, ambassadors and events.

After all, Tissot is a luxurious brand, pushing the boundaries of watchmaking and wearing since the 1850s. Like any Swiss luxury watches, Tissot releases both easy-to-find options and very scarce, VIP-only collections. It’s the name of the game for them.

Does Tissot Have Physical Retail Stores?

Yes! Tissot has many physical retail locations worldwide, with 1,221 in the United States alone. Whether it’s a simple quartz watch, a gold or silver mechanical watch, Tissot has a store to try its products on.

Much like Valentino or even Moschino, Tissot stores are around: You’ll just need to find them. Locating a certified retailer that carries the Tissot brand is straightforward, as most watch dealers do.

Is Tissot a Luxury Brand? How Iconic Is This Swiss Watchmaker?

Regarding Tissot’s iconic collabs, the Swiss watch brand has worked with stars including Liu Yifei, Huang Xiaoming, Tony Parker, Enea Bastianini, Simon Gong Jun, and many others.

Of these ambassadors, Tony Parker has been a nice bridge between the sports world and the fine luxury watch market.

Tissot does a good job of combining people from all backgrounds into its campaigns. Moreover, Nelson Mandela, Grace Kelly, Elvis Presley, and the Duchess of Cambridge have all been spotted wearing a Tissot and superstars like Justin Bieber.

Everyone loves Tissot. Tissot is a true luxury watch, focusing on much more than aesthetics. From the everyday person making a splurge purchase to royalty, Tissot continues to find its way onto the wrists of millions of people.

Let’s Talk Price: How Much Will A Tissot Cost You?

The average retail value of a Tissot watch is around a thousand dollars. Depending on the collection, materials, designer, and occasion, Tissot timepieces can be major investments.

After all, some are still wondering, ‘Is Tissot a luxury brand? ‘ It’s only customary to clear the air before going out and spending a few thousand dollars on a watch.

Many watch experts recommend investing in vintage Tissot, which has since become a staple of the luxury watch brands market.

These won’t set you back like a Rolex will, but vintage Tissot can be $2,000+. Tissot alos offers a “Small Prices” collection, featuring watches for around or under $400-$700.

In contrast, the most expensive Tissot watch is the vintage Tissot Heritage Navigator Limited Edition Men’s Automatic COSC 18K at $8,250.

You can see there are certainly options for everyone.

Are After-Market Tissot Watches Worth Anything? [Resale Value Spoilers]

Tissot watches (unless special edition or vintage) usually won’t retain their value for long periods. Perusing after-market sites, we find that most used Tissots sell for around $400 on average, with a few pieces being sold for thousands.

Again, it depends on the model and if it is a rarer find. This shouldn’t discourage you from investing in Tissot, as many of its pieces will retain some level of their initial price point.

Just shop smart and check out second-hand websites before making the purchase!

Is Tissot a Luxury Brand? Tissot Watch Quality, Bang Or Bust?

For those wondering how nice Tissot quality is, it’s on the premium end. Swiss watches have always fallen into a high-class tier of the market, with Tissot being a leading force.

Tissot watches are made in Switzerland (still), mainly in Le Locle, the birthplace of Tissot. Le Locle is tucked within the renowned Neuchâtel area of the Jura Mountains.

Ninety percent of Swiss watch production has been coming from this region for over a hundred years. With Tissot. You know where your watch came from.

Making An Icon: What Designs Is Tissot Known For?

As a true luxury watch, Tissot designs have always focused on efficiency and the delicacy of Swiss manufacturing.

Tissot’s iconic “Banana Watch” is a great example of this one-of-a-kind design, initially produced in 1917 and re-editioned in 2002 as the ‘Classic Prince.

‘ These watches have long, stretched faces curving around their owners’ wrists. Over the years, Tissot has also created sports watches, collaborating with athletes to promote them.

The company continues to push the boundary of what affordable luxury means to us, the consumers, and what cutting-edge design means globally.

Swiss watches, although stunning, are also intended to be adaptable and wearable. They’re for everyone.

How Committed To The Planet Is Tissot? Do They Care About Sustainability?

The history of Tissot being “green” is somewhat confusing; with the Swiss watch brand being criticized for failing to be sustainable in the 2010s, we’ve seen more efforts in recent years to switch the narrative.

For example, Tissot’s website mentions the brand uses natural or artificial light to create many of its watches over a battery or equipment that would typically produce carbon emissions.

Moreover, this sustainable technology “is enabling Tissot to create watches that run for several months without ever needing a recharge.”Tissot also uses the greenest energy sources to power its iconic T-Touch collection: Expert Solar and Connect Solar.

This is how the brand creates watches without putting a heavy cloud of smoke into the air or depending solely on batteries to operate.

One more detail: Tissot watch boxes are 100% recyclable cardboard, which is a step in the right direction for such a massive company.

Treated Like Royalty: What Is It Like Purchasing A Tissot Watch?

Besides asking, “Is Tissot a luxury brand? ” you might also want to know the experience of purchasing one. Because Tissot does have physical retail locations, you can expect to be attended to by a store employee while you find your perfect watch.

Shopping through a certified reseller is also a way to buy Tissot products, although this might be less tailored and luxurious depending on where you go.

The Tissot experience has always been tailored to the customer. It’s all about finding a timepiece YOU want to wear daily.

For anyone shopping online, Tissot watches have protective packaging and require a signature upon delivery for higher-value designs.

Tissot offers repairs on their watches, which you can initiate through the official website. You will ship your watch to be fixed or head to a local jeweler they partner with.

These watches also come with a 24-month or 2-year warranty, which you can find here.

From a father and son’s dream in Switzerland in the 1850s to now selling worldwide, Tissot will forever and always be a staple of affordable luxury and Swiss craftsmanship.

Is Tissot a Luxury Brand FAQs

Is Tissot comparable to Rolex?

Tissot and Rolex are not directly comparable, as they cater to different market segments. Rolex is known for its luxury and prestige, while Tissot offers more affordable Swiss watches with a focus on value.

Is Tissot entry-level?

Yes, Tissot is often considered an entry-level Swiss luxury watch brand. You can find watches at Tissot for under $1,000, if not $500, making it more affordable than other brands with similar quality.

Is TAG Heuer or Tissot better?

TAG Heuer is typically regarded as a higher-end luxury brand, while Tissot offers a balance of quality and affordability. So the choice between them dependent on individual preferences and budget.

Is Tissot a Luxury Brand?

Tissot is a luxury brand with a focus on providing reliable and stylish watches at an accessible price point, catering to a broader consumer base.