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Is Ted Baker a Luxury Brand? Fashion’s Best-Kept Secret

Is Ted Baker a luxury brand? That may seem like an easy question, but the answer is far from simple. This British fashion brand has some hallmarks of a luxury label, but also misses a couple of important points. 

Ted Baker Tote Bag

An easier question to answer would be is Ted Baker a designer brand because answering that is much easier. There is no doubt this is not a mass-produced product that does have care and thought that goes into the design.

So, While Ted Baker may not tick every box as a luxury brand, it is certainly a high-fashion designer option.

The bottom line is that some Ted Baker customers may call this luxury, while others insist it is not. However, it is worthy of some recognition within the fashion industry for its designer pieces.

Luxury or Not: What Makes the Difference?

When considering the question, “Is Ted Baker a luxury brand? “, It is important to figure out what defines luxury within the fashion industry.

The major characteristic of luxury brands is exclusivity. Exclusivity means the product is not readily available to everyone.

This might be due to limited production or pricing that is out of the range of most customers. Creating that exclusive feel to a line is essential to make something a true luxury brand.

Another characteristic is excellent craftsmanship. Ted Baker produces items for which, every design choice, every stitch, and every fold is deliberate and careful.

Ted Baker’s products do not come from mass production on a machine. In addition, only high quality materials go into the creation of the products.

These guidelines ensure a finished quality only available from top brand names. Luxury fashion brands also usually have a strong heritage.

They do not have to be old companies, but they typically have some compelling story behind their creation. There is generally a person at the heart of the brand who brings his or her vision to life through fashion.

Within this definition, is Ted Baker a luxury brand? The answer is no because it lacks the exclusivity requirement.

Still, if consumers wish to treat it as a luxury brand, then it may very well earn that label among them.

Ted Baker: An Idea in Innovation

Ted Baker is a British company and one of the quickest-growing brands in the United Kingdom. Ray Kelvin founded the brand in 1988.

While some people may think Kelvin should have chosen his name to put on the label, those in the know are aware of the secret.

Ted Baker is Kelvin’s alter ego, so he did name the company after himself. The brand began as a men’s label only.

The first store was in Glasgow, Scotland, and in those early days, the company offered laundry services in the store.

The Ted Baker logo was created, featuring the brand’s name in a clean, sans-serif font, which underscores the brand’s modern, yet timeless, aesthetic.

Ted Baker quickly became well-known for its unconventional approaches to fashion. It also didn’t rely on advertising to grow and expand internationally.

Plus, the company has a strong commitment to ethical employment and green manufacturing practices. The brand has had a variety of important key events in its history.

The first London store opened in 1990, and just five years later, the brand introduced its women’s line. Ted Baker introduced its first Ted baker Woman collection in 1995.

In 1997, it became a public company, and one year later, it opened its first United States store in New York City.

In 1998, it also launched its underwear line. In 2000, the footwear line hit stores, and in 2001, the brand introduced its eyewear collection.

By 2018, Ted Baker PLC had 490 Ted Baker stores around the globe. In October 2022, Authentic Brands Group (ABG) bought Ted Baker.

ABG plans to expand the brand further internationally.

Exclusivity Is Not A Key Ted Baker Characteristic

Exclusivity is one of the main reasons why it is impossible to answer yes to the question, “Is Ted Baker a luxury brand?” The label does not have the same exclusive feel as the typical luxury label. Ted Baker items are fairly easy to get your hands on.

They are also not priced so high to create exclusivity. They fall into an affordable or high-end price range.

The company does do some limited edition products, such as the Limited Edition Makeup box, which sold as a gift for Christmas 2016, but it wasn’t too difficult to find or purchase.

There are occasionally VIP sales, but tickets are often readily available and not nearly as exclusive as the traditional luxury brand.

Is Ted Baker a Luxury Brand? Ted Baker Associates With Top Names

Ted Baker is a good example of how celebrities and rich people do not only wear luxury labels. Ted Baker products have graced many rich and famous bodies, including Taylor Swift, Kourtney Kardashian, Chris Pratt, and Kate Middleton.

The brand does work with influencers, such as Mahimachaudhry1 on Instagram. These paid partnerships help to get Ted Bakers products out to those who are most likely to purchase them.

Ted Baker also does various partnerships with artists. In 2016, the brand teamed up with Pop International Galleries in NYC to create a storefront that also displays artwork.

Pricing Is High But Affordable

Is Ted Baker a luxury brand? Well, looking at the price points for various products paints a clear picture that it is more of an ordinary designer label.

The prices are not quite at the luxury level where whole segments of the population couldn’t afford the items.

For example, a luxury bag is usually at least $1,000 or more, but Ted Baker handbags sell for much less. The Crystal Mini Cross Body Bag is only $195.

The Crystal Clutch Bag, which is a black leather bag with a crystal rope tied into a loose net around it and a metal shoulder strap, sells for $290 and is the most expensive clutch from the line.

Looking at menswear, specifically the suits, the most expensive item in this collection is the Slim Fit Tuxedo Suit Jacket.

It has a price tag of $798. The most expensive item from Ted Baker’s collection of high heels is the Crystal Mesh Ankle Boots.

They feature a stiletto heel with crystals accenting the mesh of the boot and black suede on the toes and heels.

They sell for $260. The brand has a lot of outlet sales where items are up to 60% off. These are quite easy to find even at retailers, such as Nordstrom and online.

It also has a sample sale in NYC with prices up to 85% off. Even Kelvin explains he isn’t going after luxury pricing.

According to the creator in an interview with TheTrendSpotter, the brand is about delivering quality at an affordable price point.

Is Ted Baker a Good Investment for Resell?

Many people like to buy fashion to resell it in the hope they can make a nice return. Despite knowing the answer is no to the question “Is Ted Baker a luxury brand?”, you may still be able to make a fair amount reselling it. Items found on TheRealReal show resell of Ted Baker is very active with lots of options available. Some examples include:

  • Striped knee-length dress: Originally $290, Selling for $75
  • Scoop neck mini dress: Originally $290, Selling for $80
  • Leather crossbody bag: Originally $220, Selling for $75

Tom Baker is also hot on eBay and other resell sites. So, it can be a good option if you have an interest in doing this type of business.

Ted Baker Shines in Quality

One area where Ted hit the nail on the head is quality. When examining the craftsmanship and materials, it does appear that Ted Baker is a luxury brand because the quality is amazingly high.

The company refuses to slack on quality. One of the hallmarks of the brand is attention to detail and use of high-quality materials.

The focus is on ensuring it makes every product well and that the items are durable. The sourcing of materials is worldwide.

Manufacturing also occurs in various international locations. Ted Baker works in and derives materials from countries including China, India, Italy, Peru, Spain, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam.

A Quirky Aesthic Keeps Ted Baker in Demand

One of the reasons why Ted Baker has become so popular and even has people asking, “Is Ted Baker a luxury brand?” is the overall design aesthetic. It has the quintessential British style that is classic and sophisticated but every item always has a twist.

Whether it is unique color choices, embroidered detailing, or just fun notes tucked in the packaging, there is always something quirky about a Ted Baker product.

The focus is on introducing consumers to something fun and unexpected. The company focuses on the details and on ensuring that pieces make a statement while also remaining something consumers can wear for decades without looking out of place or dated.

There is a bit of whimsy to many designs, but the brand takes tailoring seriously. Each piece always has a foundation of exceptional tailoring.

Some may ask, “Is Ted Baker Tacky? ” The answer is a clear no. While there are offbeat aspects to the designs, nobody would ever accuse the brand of being poor taste.

Instead, quirky in this context means a fun touch that brings life to a design to keep it from being too buttoned up or stuffy.

Ted Baker Is Responsible

A critical part of the Ted Baker brand is its commitment to sustainability and ethics in everything it does. This company has strict vows when it comes to the fair treatment of workers and green materials and manufacturing.

Ted Baker is a designer brand that takes steps to offset its impact on the environment. The focus on sustainability is a part of everything the company does.

It chooses partnerships carefully and only moves forward with those who meet its ethical requirements. It is very important to the brand.

So much so, that it has a projection for making serious changes through 2030 to ensure the highest level of sustainability.

Some of these commitments include only using 100% organic cotton and 100% bovine leather from certified tanneries.

The company wants to only use certified cellulosic and recycled polyester. Ted Baker is a good brand choice for consumers who also have an eye for green practices and who value environmentally conscious companies.

How Does Ted Baker Do Customer Service?

Something that helps distinguish a company as being a top-level brand is how it approaches customer service. Providing top-notch service is essential to ensuring consumers stay happy and keep coming back.

Ted Baker does allow exchanges or returns with a receipt from the store or online. All handbags have a 5-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

The company offers live shopping broadcasts on its website. These interactive events help to draw people in and help customers to have a more personalized shopping experience.

Customers can reach out to the company in a variety of ways, including by post, email, and phone. They can also contact the company on its website or social media accounts.

Reviews from consumers tend to be excellent in the UK and when shopping in person at stores. The experience is lovely and the brand is quite attentive to the needs of physical shoppers.

However, online experiences seem to be lacking. There are a lot of shipping issues and complaints about the company not addressing issues or taking too long to fix problems.

Ted Baker may not be a household name like Gucci or Chanel, but it has had great success, especially in the UK.

As the brand continues to expand and reach customers across the pond, it is sure to become more of a force within the fashion industry.

Is Ted Baker a Luxury Brand FAQs

Is Ted Baker a designer label?

Consumers likely do think of Ted Baker as a designer label. The company puts care into every product and only uses fine materials, which are hallmarks of good designers.

What type of brand is Ted Baker?

Ted Baker is not a luxury brand, but it is a high-end or designer brand. It lacks exclusivity and high prices, but it is well made and there is a distinctness in the design aesthetic that keeps it popular. 

Why is Ted Baker famous?

Ted Baker is famous for being quirky and whimsical. Fans often call it the “No Ordinary Designer Label” because it is fun and off-beat. 

Is Ted Baker a Luxury Brand?

Ted Baker isn’t a high-luxury brand, but its quality and design place it in the premium category, alongside brands like Reiss or AllSaints.