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Is Anne Klein a Luxury Brand? Redefining Perception

Anne Klein, often mistaken for a relative of Calvin Klein, is a fashion brand well-known for its unique designs and high-quality materials. Name mix-ups aside, this fashion company has teetered between a luxury category and the upper-middle class market through the years, leading to the question: Is Anne Klein a luxury brand?

Anne Klein open handbag close up

What’s the deal with Anne Klein clothing and accessories? Is Anne Klein a luxury brand or not? Luckily, we’ve done plenty of searching and have this answer to share.

Luxury, By Definition

The term luxury often stands for “the state of great comfort and extravagant living”. When we say this, it is a good, service, or experience that isn’t necessarily needed.

Luxury is something only those with money to burn can enjoy, which trickles down to clothing and fashion manufacturers.

You may imagine high-end fashion brands like Gucci, Hermes, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and even Karl Lagerfeld being considered luxurious, often with equally jaw-dropping price tags.

The concept of luxury is unattainable to “most”, with only the rich and powerful able to enjoy it comfortably.

That’s not to say no ordinary people can shop for a luxury good, service, or experience; they’ll save their money for a while.

Is Anne Klein A Luxury Brand? Is Anne Klein A Good Brand?

Regarding whether or not Anne Klein is a luxury brand or not, this has been debated for years. The consensus, however, points toward Anne Klein NOT being considered a true luxury company.

After all, Anne Klein clothes and accessories won’t usually set you back more than a couple hundred dollars.

When we call a fashion brand “luxury”, that almost always comes with a high price tag, exclusivity, and craftsmanship worth writing home about.

That is not to say Anne Klein clothing/apparel isn’t nice; it is. But if someone’s asking us, “Is Anne Klein a luxury brand?” we’d have to say no

The History, Heritage, And Modern Brand Of Anne Klein

Rewinding a few decades, Anne Klein began her professional fashion journey as the principal designer at Junior Sophisticates until 1960, when her marriage ended to the company’s co-founder, Ben Klein.

Moving beyond her first husband and his fashion brand/influence, Anne Klein remarried, eventually forming Anne Klein & Company in 1968.

From there came her Anne Klein studio. From there, her brand became known in the higher-value fashion market, often for working women and homemakers alike.

Anne Klein focused on value, materials, and premium experience: all things that translated well in that period.

She even had a section in New York City’s Saks 5th Avenue. In 1970, Klein opened the first designer shop-in-shop boutique in Saks 5th Avenue, New York.

It was met with good reception, sales, and acclaim. She was also the only woman designer invited to the Battle of Versailles, a competitive fashion show of five American designers against five French designers.

Anne Klein was a woman trailblazing her way through the glass ceiling. Even today, her legacy and influence continue to impact the female clothing market.

Exclusive Or Easy-To-Grab: Where Does Anne Klein Fall?

In general, Anne Klein is not exclusive nor hard to find. Because the fashion company falls into a middle-tier market (not cheap and not luxury), shoppers should be able to find it at most retailers.

Anne Klein offers its products at most retailers such as Macy’s, Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Amazon, T. J. Maxx, and even Walmart today.

Additionally, Anne Klein has a website you can shop through. Much of the lower-end collections will be found in Walmart, Amazon, and T.J. Maxx, or out-of-season Anne Klein garments. Again, this is not a luxury brand, so you have more accessibility.

If you were to shop for brands like Longchamp or even Ted Baker, you’d likely find Anne Klein at similar retailers. They’re nice, but not THAT nice.

Anne Klein’s Low-Key Approach To Product Placement

This brand stays laid-back regarding partnerships, brand deals, and overall associations. Recently, Anne Klein partnered with supermodel and eco-lifestyle entrepreneur Candice Swanepoel on a planet-friendly fashion launch, which was exciting for fans of both entities.

With this type of collaboration, Anne Klein hopes to bring more sustainability to its manufacturing process and focus on high-quality, organic materials. Per a press release:

Beginning in April, Anne Klein will donate product for the students to work with as they learn to sew, design, and sell sustainable fashion.

Moreover, this collab is aimed at women and the advancement of them in the fashion world. Whether it be lower-income students or adults with a dream, the current Anne Klein strategy hopes to make the world (and fashion) a better, greener, and more inclusive space.

In August, it was also announced that Anne Klein had partnered with another supermodel, Jasmine Tookes, for its new Fall/Winter 2023 fashion campaign.

This collection will also boast an Event at NYFW to Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Versailles—a full-circle moment for Anne Klein.

How Much Does Anne Klein Cost? Is Anne Klein A Luxury Brand Price-Wise?

You may recognize Anne Klein watches, purses, or garments on racks at your local Nordstrom or Macy’s, but how much will the brand set you back?

Because Anne Klein is not considered a luxury brand, most pieces will be under $100. For instance, on the official Anne Klein site, a standard V-neck tank runs $39, and a V-neck pleat top would be closer to $49.

Moving to purses, the lowest-cost option as of today runs for $24, while the most expensive is $98. Anne Klein purses are known to be comparable with that of Coach, Michael Kors, and that genre.

Moving to the more popular accessory, Anne Klein watches, we find the cheapest runs for $65, while the most expensive watch on the website will cost you $195.

These aren’t designer brand prices by any means. The original and current idea is to give the modern woman a chance at high-quality clothes and accessories.

Is Anne Klein A Luxury Brand On The Second-Hand Market? Does It Have Good Resale Value?

When it comes to the resale value of Anne Klein watches, purses, clothing, etc. , you will make the most money off vintage pieces.

From checking popular resale clothing websites, vintage Anne Klein sells for about $200-$300, with higher prices for dresses and apparel.

We notice much lower resale value when browsing Poshmark for an Anne Klein watch. For example, if you wanted a pre-owned Anne Klein watch on there, you’d spend about $20 most of the time.

That’s excellent news for fashion enthusiasts in the market for a pre-loved item but not for anyone wanting to sell one.

Of course, women’s fashion tends to be saturated on the second-hand market, even in the luxury niche, so these numbers aren’t surprising.

Let’s Talk Quality And Materials: How Does Anne Klein Fare In Both?

Material and quality-wise, wondering whether Anne Klein fits the mold of a designer brand, we’d say the company is nice quality.

Still, Anne Klein is not luxurious or designer-feeling. Known for having soft, premium fabrics and materials, the Anne Klein name is synonymous with great quality pieces, including Anne Klein shoes.

However, most Anne Klein garments are made using nylon, viscose, elastane, cotton, polyester, or blends, even from places as far as Vietnam.

These things aren’t usually associated when you think of a high-fashion brand. Again, this isn’t to say Anne Klein is not a well-made choice for the modern woman, but it’s not on a level with Louis Vuitton, Gucci, etc.

Most, if not all, garments we’ve seen on the website come from overseas in Asia. Even Anne Klein watches have faced scrutiny for being made in China, so this doesn’t stop at clothing.

Anne Klein’s Aesthetic: Boring Or Something For Everyone?

Besides wondering if Anne Klein is a luxury brand, the company’s aesthetic often comes into question. Starting as an American sports brand for women, Anne Klein has evolved to be fit for the working person, stay-at-home moms, and supermodels.

Having somewhat of an identity crisis in recent years, Anne Klein has struggled to grasp a younger market. When you see Anne Klein, it’s usually on a more mature person, often someone with money but not wanting to spend thousands of dollars on their look.

Again, the unique watches and cute handbags Anne Klein produces do help them in the accessory market, but not any more than comparable companies.

Anne Klein lacks the WOW factor that other fashion houses/companies do. It’s not always bad to keep it simple, but in Anne Klein’s case, they may want to ramp it up.

Considering the iconic Anne Klein logo, the brand could easily reformat into a higher-end market while keeping its core “affordable” base.

How Much Does Anne Klein Care About The Environment?

Even though we don’t consider Anne Klein a luxury fashion company, we applaud them for their efforts to cut emissions and product waste.

Partnering with organizations like Oceanworks, Anne Klein has proved to be a leader in eco-conscious fashion production.

Specifically, the brand has put its teeth into the sustainable fashion initiative, hoping to cut down on global emissions made via the fashion industry.

An alarming yet true figure for how impactful the fashion market is on our planet is that it was responsible for 2.1 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions in 2018 alone.

Working with Oceanworks, Anne Klein has undergone significant restructuring to its core values and manufacturing process, introducing recycled packaging, solar-powered watch technology, cellulose acetate made from natural cotton and wood fibers for upcoming 2023 Fall/Winter watches, and much more.

Is Anne Klein perfect? No. But they are working to make the fashion industry a better place. And for that, they deserve a bit of credit.

How Does Anne Klein Treat Its Customers? Is It A Luxury Experience?

Because Anne Klein mainly works out of other big-box retailers, you won’t have the same luxury experience as you might with an upscale fashion brand.

Let’s say you walk into a Louis Vuitton: you’re met with a personal assistant, champagne, and the whole nine yards.

Anne Klein, however, will be in your neighborhood at Macy’s, Dillard’s, or even T. J. Maxx, with nobody from the brand present to help you.

For a purchase under $100, this is customary. Remember, you’re not shopping for a high-end designer brand.

Anne Klein is the ‘middle’ of the road. On a positive note, however, Anne Klein’s customer service is well-rated and is easy to engage with.

You would head to the official website with questions or concerns regarding a purchase made through it. At a third-party retailer, you would go through them.

Shopping for Anne Klein clothing and accessories won’t necessarily be a “luxury” experience, but you still come home with a nice quality product.

Customer reviews often highlight the durability and style of Anne Klein products. What began as a woman with a dream soon became a globally recognized company made for the modern woman.

Anne Klein is and will forever be a trailblazer within the fashion industry, and that’s a significant plus to sporting her brand.

Again, is Anne Klein a luxury brand? No. But Anne Klein is a good brand worth considering if you like comfortable, decent-quality garments for the office, errands, or everyday activities.

If I ordered a Longchamp bag and the zipper broke after a few months, I imagine I’d be pulling my hair out trying to get them to fix or replace it.

And that’s not the experience I expect from a high-end brand.

Is Longchamp a Luxury Brand? The Verdict

Longchamp is a fashion brand, no doubt about it. But I’m not sure they really count as a luxury brand. The craftsmanship, materials, and classic styles definitely scream “high-end.

” Yet the low price-point, below-par customer services, and questionable sustainable practices will make you think twice.

Longchamp is an affordable luxury brand. They’re like that “middle ground” between cheap brands and super expensive ones.

Don’t get me wrong; Longchamp makes quality stuff. The leather feels nice and thick, the stitching is perfect, and the designs are stylish.

But their bags cost a fraction of what you’d pay for a Louis Vuitton or Chanel purse.

Is Anne Klein a Luxury Brand? FAQs

What is the difference between Calvin Klein and Anne Klein?

Although the two companies and people share a last name, Anne Klein is not related to Calvin Klein whatsoever. Anne Klein is geared more toward the female fashion market, while Calvin Klein tends to be more high-fashion and gender-neutral (and suited towards men often).

What happened to Anne Klein brand?

Anne Klein is an American privately held company owned by WHP Global, which acquired the brand in July 2019. Since its inception, Anne Klein has undergone changes in designers, marketing efforts, and overall image, with the current one being more eco-centered.

Is Anne Klein a designer?

Yes, Anne Klein is an American fashion designer whose name remains associated with this brand. She’s often regarded as one of the key female designers in bringing the ‘American’ style to the fashion world.