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Louis Vuitton vs Hermès: Which One Is Best For You?

I’ve always loved nice handbags. So, when I finally saved up enough money to buy a designer bag, I had a hard choice between Louis Vuitton vs Hermès.

Hermès bag vs Louis Vuitton bag

I really couldn’t decide, so I did what I always do, tons of research! After all that, I’ve got a definite favorite.

Let me share the insights from my investigation to help you pick your top designer as well.

From Luggage to Luxury: A Brief History of Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton started out making practical luggage in 1854. But the French luxury brand has come a long way since then!

LV’s lightweight, stackable trunks became hugely popular for travel in the late 1800s. The iconic monogram pattern debuted in 1896.

This cemented LV as a symbol of luxury around the globe. In the 1930s, Vuitton started making custom bags for Coco Chanel.

This pivot into handbags and leather goods paved the way for LV’s future in fashion. Then in 1987, the company merged with wine and spirits brands Moët and Hennessy to form LVMH.

The luxury conglomerate set the stage for LV’s evolution into a global fashion empire. Hiring Marc Jacobs as Creative Director in 1997 was a major turning point.

He brought the brand into ready-to-wear, turning it into a true fashion house. Today under Nicolas Ghesquière and Pharrell Williams, LV blends innovation and heritage.

The brand makes everything from runway looks to staple Speedy bags. LV has come a long way from luggage! But it still balances tradition and trendsetting designs.

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Hermès’ Journey from Harnesses to High-end Handbags

It’s hard to believe Hermès started off as a Parisian workshop making harnesses in 1837! Founded by Thierry Hermès, the company was family-owned for six generations.

This allowed the brand to stay dedicated to flawless craftsmanship and timeless style through the decades. In the 1880s, the flagship Hermès store opened on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honore, cementing its status as a luxury brand.

Over the years, Hermès introduced new instant classic products: the ‘Haut a Courroies’ saddle bag, bespoke golf jackets, silk scarves, and eventually the iconic Birkin and Kelly handbags.

The 1970s were a tough time for Hermès, as its commitment to natural materials declined in popularity. But new chairman Jean-Louis Dumas turned things around in the late 1970s.

He focused on core products, launched new items like watches, and brought in fresh designers. Dumas’ hard work paid off with game-changing launches like the Birkin bag, ostrich jeans, python jackets, and more.

Hermès regained its position as a high fashion luxury brand. Today Hermès collections across leather goods, clothes, and accessories remain the ultimate aspirational luxury for shoppers.

From equestrian roots to handbag dreams. That’s quite a journey!

Louis Vuitton vs Hermès: Product Range Comparison

Both brands exemplify expert craftsmanship and enduring elegance. However, they each have their specialties across a diverse range of products.

Let’s quickly compare Louis Vuitton versus Hermès across their offerings:

The Iconic Handbag Collections

From Birkin bags and Hermès bag collections to Louis Vuitton brand offerings that include Louis Vuitton scarves, Louis Vuitton shoes, and even covers for Louis Vuitton bags, the range in luxury fashion brands is truly expansiveHermès and Louis Vuitton both make high-end luxury handbags.

But their styles and exclusivity differ quite a bit. Hermès craftsmanship through understated designs like the Kelly and Birkin is impeccable.

The Kelly, named for Grace Kelly, originated in the 1930s. The even rarer Birkin was custom-made for Jane Birkin herself back in 1984.

It takes one artisan a painstaking 18 hours to make just one Birkin bag. And there’s a years-long waitlist, so you can’t just walk into a store and buy one.

Such devotion to perfection makes Hermès bags the peak of exclusivity. Louis Vuitton has classics like the Speedy and Alma that flaunt the famous monogram canvas and subtle details like padlocks and luggage tags.

They nod to LV’s history as a luxury luggage maker. Newer designs like the Capucines keep the collection fresh and modern.

While not as hard to get as a Birkin, Louis Vuitton bags still carry prestige. They’re an attainable luxury for today’s fashionable woman.

Hermès wins for ultimate pedigree and exclusivity. Their bags are made start-to-finish by hand in very limited quantities.

LV offers a more functional luxury that works for everyday life. Michael Kors bags have a more affordable, accessible vibe. Read more about how they compare to Louis Vuitton here.

Louis Vuitton vs Hermès: Luxe Accents with Wallets, Cases, and More

LV accessories are all about that iconic monogram and Damier canvas. Classics like the Pochette Accessoires, key pouches, belts, and tiny Nano Speedys are totally recognizable.

They let frequent travelers, minimalists, really anyone stay chic and organized. Hermès takes a more elegant, whimsical approach with pouches, charms, and especially silk scarves.

Hermès scarves are works of art, with countless beautiful prints coveted for generations. They’re made from the finest silks through meticulous handcrafting.

In general, Hermès leans into an artistic vibe and their accessories put a special twist even on casual wear.

LV accessories are more suitable for complementing a tailored outfit.

Luxury Legacies: Comparing Louis Vuitton vs. Hermès Footwear

Both brands have master craftsmen who turn practical footwear into coveted works of art. LV shoes skew sporty and modern.

Sneakers rule the roost, like the futuristic LV Trainer merging athleisure with the monogram. Boots range from Chelsea to hiking styles, combining luxury details with functionality.

There are pumps and sandals too, offering various designs. Hermès favors understated elegance in their footwear.

The focus is on timeless, exquisite silhouettes made from premium leathers and other luxe materials. While sneakers are offered, styles lean classic like loafers, oxfords, mules and boots.

Hermès’ core shoes are made by traditional artisans. Under the radar designs allow the impeccable quality to shine.

For those seeking footwear that whisper rather than scream, Hermès is the clear choice. LV fans want shoes that boldly declare their marquee name.

The Style Differences in Hermès vs Louis Vuitton Apparel

Hermès and Louis Vuitton may both be French luxury brands, but their approaches to fashion differ as day and night.

Vuitton leans into signature prints and recognizable designs. But Hermès prefers subtlety and anonymity in their immaculately tailored wares.

LV believes in instant outfit recognizability. We’re talking the monogram and Damier prints, and the bold LV logo.

For fans, seeing that interlocking LV pattern immediately screams luxury. It has mastered brand consistency across all product categories.

In contrast, Hermès rejects loud logos and obvious branding. Their designs whisper elegance with clean lines, fine fabrics, muted colors.

The beauty comes from impeccable craftsmanship. The brand flexes fashion skills over brand visibility. But everything in their inventory, whether a silk scarf or leather skirt, still oozes that coveted stealth wealth vibe.

Louis Vuitton wants their monogram to be everywhere. Hermès refuses to oversaturate. Both took radically different approaches, but secured their spots as premier luxury fashion houses.

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Minimalist Elegance or Innovative Luxeness? Louis Vuitton vs Hermès Watches

Though better known for leather goods, Hermès and Louis Vuitton make quite the mark in luxury watches too. How do their watch collections compare for style, quality, and prestige?

The Hermès watch division La Montre Hermès celebrated its 100th birthday in 2022. Under new leadership, they aim to grow watches into a major business pillar.

True to the brand’s spirit, the watches exude exceptional taste. Think sleek, minimalist cases housing manufacture movements, like the cool matte black H08 watch.

The Arceau Le Temps Voyageur is an engineering feat, packing 122 components into a slim 4.4mm case. LV blends heritage and haute watchmaking for instantly recognizable, wearable watches.

The dazzling Voyager Flying Tourbillon wows with its deep onyx face and diamonds, while the Tambour Slim Monogram screams LV style with its vivid blue dial and canvas strap.

For style hounds, both brands offer coveted, trend-transcending watches. The choice just comes down to personal taste.

Do Hermès and LV Achieve the Pinnacle of Luxury Craftsmanship?

Hermès and Louis Vuitton are both synonymous with superb artistry, materials, and borderline obsessive dedication to quality.

But who goes the extra mile to achieve perfection? Hermès has rightfully earned a reputation for exceptionally crafted leather goods like the iconic Birkin, belts, charms, and wallets.

Behind the scenes, there’s a huge focus on training. Leatherworkers undergo multi-year apprenticeships before crafting a bag.

They fiercely protect exclusivity and limit new hires to around 200 artisans annually. They take months to fulfill custom orders despite massive demand, refusing to sacrifice an ounce of quality for profits.

This unwavering commitment to perfection is unmatched. Louis Vuitton also values expert technique and top-notch materials.

Many items are still handcrafted in European workshops using time-honored methods. They pass down expertise from veterans to new artisans and keep innovating.

There’s no doubt Hermès has achieved the pinnacle of bespoke luxury with limited production and intensive training.

But LV also shares that laser focus on meticulous craftsmanship, quality materials, and pushing boundaries.

Louis Vuitton vs Hermès: Unique Brand Identities

In luxury fashion, brand image is everything. Hermès mastered creating desire through scarcity and heritage.

They limit production and accessibility, redefining luxury as rareness over price. The brand violates all the rules of retail yet retains customer loyalty and grows revenues.

It maintains its identity without hard sells, retaining an untouchable aura of exclusivity. LV also evokes prestige through ubiquitous logos and celebrity associations.

Their monogram goods signal sophistication and elite taste. With strategic partnerships and experiential stores, they saturate the luxury market to stay top-of-mind.

When it comes to prestige and trust, Hermès wins with its cultivated mystique and exceptional craftsmanship. But LV’s mass appeal also works.

Hermès versus Louis Vuitton in Price and Exclusivity

Hermès bags are in a totally different league than Louis Vuitton when it comes to astronomical prices and exclusivity.

Famous Hermès styles like the Birkin and Kelly start around $10,000 and easily hit six figures for exotic leathers and custom designs.

Even a simple business card holder costs over $300! These crazy prices come from the painstaking hand-craftsmanship and limited production.

Each Birkin takes an artisan many hours to make, using exceptionally rare crocodile and alligator skins. Hermès also limits distribution to maintain that elite aura.

Scoring a Birkin is like joining a secret society, only the most connected VIPs can get one. Louis Vuitton handbags are also definitely luxury status symbols, but much more affordable from $2,000 to $6,000.

Special editions and exotics can hit five figures, but basic canvas and leather bags are attainable for regular shoppers.

You see LV monogram bags everywhere, in airports, cities, on celebrities. While still aspirational, the mass production makes the brand seem almost mainstream compared to Hermès exclusivity.

To tell the truth, Hermès trounces Louis Vuitton for price and exclusivity every time. The French certainly know how to create covetable arm candy!

No Sponsorship or Celebrity Endorsements: Which Works Better?

Louis Vuitton vs Hermès approach to celebrity endorsements couldn’t be more different. Hermès shuns paid sponsorships and celebrity marketing.

They don’t have a public face or do flashy red carpet product placement. Instead, they rely on their ultra-elite aura to attract A-list clientele.

Only bonafide celebs like Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley, and Carla Bruni-Sarkozy can even get their hands on the brand’s Birkin and Kelly bags.

This natural demand among the rich and famous becomes the ultimate endorsement for Hermès. Louis Vuitton takes the opposite tactic with big budget celebrity sponsorships.

They’ve paid people like Angelina Jolie as much as $8. 5 million for a single ad campaign. Their brand ambassadors run the gamut from Hollywood A-listers like Zendaya and Bradley Cooper to K-pop superstars like J-Hope from BTS.

LV courts celebrities from diverse cultures to appeal to markets worldwide. At the end of the day, both brands attract plenty of celeb attention.

Stars are going gaga for the Birkin and the LV monogram whether the endorsement deals exist or not.

The Takeaways

Choosing between Louis Vuitton vs Hermès comes down to your personal style and budget. Hermès offers elite exclusivity and heritage craftsmanship at astronomical prices.

Louis Vuitton provides attainable luxury to the masses. Each brand shines in its own way. Select the one that best fits your lifestyle.

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