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Burberry vs. Louis Vuitton – Which Brand Fits You?

So you are assessing your options, you now have a choice to make. You contemplate between British sophistication and French glamor. It’s Burberry vs Louis Vuitton.

Burberry - Louis Vuitton bag

Walking into Burberry is like stepping into British history. Trench coats lined the walls, exuding timeless craftsmanship.

Imagine the salesperson, dressed in a Burberry trench, guiding you through the collection. Trying on high-quality trench coats and picturing yourself as a modern-day Sherlock Holmes.

Then comes Louis Vuitton. Their store oozes French luxury. It’s not hard to spot the iconic monogrammed bags on display across the room.

The smooth leather and golden hardware fits perfectly in your hands. It feels like you are holding a piece of history.

In the end, you make your choice. Both luxury fashion brands leave you with a new appreciation for fashion history.

You finish your shopping trip with an important lesson in self-expression.

A Brief History of Burberry’s Iconic Brand

Burberry was founded in 1856 by 21-year-old Thomas Burberry in Basingstoke, England. The luxury fashion brand initially focused on outdoor attire, like raincoats.

The luxury brand gained popularity over the next 50 years. This was thanks to famous explorers who wore the apparel on expeditions around the world.

Dr. Fridtjof Nansen was a Norwegian polar explorer who received the Nobel Peace Prize for his life’s work.

He is the first recorded explorer to wear Burberry on his voyage to the Arctic Circle. Fast forward to 1955 when Queen Elizabeth II grants Burberry a Royal Warrant.

After that, business boomed. Throughout the next decade, one in five coats exported from Britain was a Burberry coat.

By 1990, the brand was changing. The Prince of Wales granted Burberry another Royal Warrant as an outfitter.

This increased the fashion brand’s popularity even more. 2008 marks a historical shift towards creating a sustainable fashion industry.

The fashion company established the Burberry Foundation as an independent charity. This paved the way for philanthropic actions, like joining the Ethical Trading Initiative.

Burberry is also a contributor to The Ellen MacArthur Foundation ‘Make Fashion Circular. ‘ Their goal is to help reduce the fashion industry’s carbon footprint.

For the last few years, Burberry has switched business models. They are now focused on retail as their primary distribution.

The luxury fashion brand utilized social media platforms such as Twitter, to attract attention. They even became the first fashion brand to live-stream a fashion show. By 2014, Burberry was a household name and operated over 500 stores worldwide. Currently, Burberry Group PLC owns Burberry and Riccardo Tisci is the creative director. It is one of the leading luxury brands in the industry and famous for being a leader in sustainability.

A Brief History of Louis Vuitton

In 1837 a 16 year old, the young Louis Vuitton arrived in Paris as an apprentice for Monsieur Marechal. Marechal was a well-known trunk maker and packer.

Back then, horse-drawn carriages, boats, and trains were the primary means of transportation. Luggage was often handled improperly and damaged.

Travelers relied on skilled craftsmen to pack their personal belongings. It didn’t take long for Vuitton to gain a reputation in Paris as one of the city’s premier craftsmen.

Louis Vuitton became a valued craftsman which served as the roots of his iconic career. He stayed for 17 years making travel trunks for Napoleon III’s wife, Empress Eugénie de Montijo.

In 1854, at age 33, he opened his first shop northeast of Paris, where he worked until his death in 1892. Initially, he focused on luxury travel trunks and leather goods.

It wasn’t until much later that the company birthed one of the most iconic fashion brands ever. In 1925, Gabrielle Coco Chanel requested a personalized handbag.

A few years later she allowed the company to mass-produce the bag. This began Louis Vuitton’s expansion into smaller luxury leather goods.

Other iconic handbag designs have also stood the test of time. Including the legendary Audrey Hepburn requested Speedy 25.

The 1990s was the start of Louis Vuitton establishing itself as a leading fashion house. In 1987 they merged with Champagne and cognac brands Moet et Chandon and Hennessy.

This merger resulted in the creation of the luxury fashion house known as LVMH. In 1997, American fashion designer Marc Jacobs became Creative Director.

This new era transformed Louis Vuitton into a high fashion empire. He launched Vuitton’s first jewelry collection, based on a collection of charms. Throughout the 2000s, LVMH gained control of several luxury fashion brands. A few examples include: Bulgari, Celine, Fendi, Givenchy, and Tiffany & Co. Each brand has their own identity but are all managed by LVMH.

To this day, Louis Vuitton is still known for their luxury collectables. As of 2020, Louis Vuitton is led by creative director Virgil Abloh. The company had 23,000 employees, 460 boutiques, and over 10 billion USD in annual sales. They are most famous for handbags.

A Comparison of Burberry vs Louis Vuitton Handbags

Let’s compare Burberry bags vs. Louis Vuitton bags by highlighting a few iconic pieces. Both brands offer a wide range of high-end handbags.

Burberry is known for its iconic checkered pattern, while Louis Vuitton is recognized for its monogram canvas on timeless and chic purses.

Starting with the Burberry Pocket Bag: A handbag with history. This Burberry handbag is a high functioning aesthetic that reflects the luxury brand’s roots.

The handbag has a snap-closure pocket and top-handle style that can also be styled as a crossbody. Burberry’s Michelle shopper handbag sold in the 80’s inspired the bag’s design.

Switching gears to Louis Vuitton, The Speedy bag is one of the most popular Louis Vuitton handbags on the market.

The bag came to be in response to The Alma’s popularity. It comes in various sizes and shows off the brand’s signature monogram.

In the 1960’s, Audrey Hepburn made a special request for a smaller version of the bag. This resulted in the exclusive creation of the Speedy 25.

Comparison of Burberry vs Louis Vuitton accessories

Burberry and Louis Vuitton offer accessories like scarves, wallets, and belts. Both luxury fashion brands incorporate their signature branding into their accessory designs.

Burberry’s Classic Check Scarf is an iconic, cashmere accessory. It features the signature check pattern and comes in many color combinations.

Louis Vuitton’s accessories, like the LV Initiales Belt, are a popular fashion choice. The belt has a leather strap and showcases their famous LV logo as the buckle.

It is another example of their passion for elegance and luxury.

Burberry vs Louis Vuitton: Luxury Footwear Collection

Both luxury brands have an extensive footwear collection. They offer a variety of styles, including sneakers, boots, and heels.

Both fashion brands offer options that reflect their unique philosophies. Let’s compare Burberry v. Louis Vuitton sneakers.

Burberry sneakers stand out for their versatility. They offer casual or semi-formal designs and always feature the iconic check pattern.

Versus Louis Vuitton’s sneaker collection, which focuses on comfortable fashion. Their Archlight sneakers have become a stand out product.

The LV logo and oversized design make the shoe a recognizable fashion statement.

Luxury Fashion Apparel: Burberry v/s Louis Vuitton

Both Burberry and Louis Vuitton create fashion-forward luxury clothing with distinctive aesthetics. The classic Burberry trench coat is a a famous piece in the luxury fashion industry.

Burberry trench coats come in three different lengths and two different colors. People wear them in a wide range of settings, from work meetings to casual outings.

They are perfect for rainy or chilly days when you want to stay stylish but also protected. Louis Vuitton also offers high-quality coats.

An example is their long black sporty parka edition. It has a large logo on the side and chic graphic features.

It pairs well with your casual look to add a bit of extra sass. Louis Vuitton coats are a bold fashion statement and appropriate if you want to stay ahead of the trends.

These coats often incorporate innovative designs and materials. This makes them a great option for fashion-forward individuals.

Comparing Burberry vs Louis Vuitton: Watches

Both Burberry and Louis Vuitton offer a stylish range of luxury watches. Choosing between the brands is a difficult choice.

But, there is no right or wrong answer when debating between Burberry vs. Louis Vuitton. They both offer luxurious pieces with premium craftsmanship.

Although Burberry discontinued watch production in 2017, they still sell classic pieces. One of the most popular Burberry watches is the BY9025 Unisex Watch.

Customers know it as a reliable and sophisticated product. It is larger in size but still feels lightweight on your wrist.

You can buy Burberry watches here. Like their other products, Louis Vuitton watches are popular for their fashion-forward and luxurious designs.

The brand first started producing watches in 2002 when they launched the Tambour. Its name stems from “drum” in French and features a unique shape inspired the instrument.

Quality and Craftsmanship: Burberry vs Louis Vuitton

Thomas Burberry became famous after he invented Gabardine, the revolutionizing rainwear fabric. To this day, the Burberry brand is still famous for their high-quality products and unique craftsmanship.

Customers support their commitment to building a sustainable business model. Their collections focus on producing environmentally friendly materials.

Most products are crafted with certified key raw materials. Louis Vuitton uses one of the world’s most recognizable materials for the Louis Vuitton products.

The brand uses a material made of cotton and coated with an extra layer for added durability. The brand also uses various types of leather, some vegan friendly and some not.

Unlike Burberry, Louis Vuitton uses exotic animal skins to create their high-end products. For example, the brand has used animals like, python and crocodile to craft their limited-edition bags.

Brand Image and Perception of Burberry vs Louis Vuitton

The fashion industry perceives Burberry and Louis Vuitton as prestigious luxury brands. Both brands have a rich heritage and symbolize a sophisticated style.

There are several studies published investigating the perception of the luxury brands. An AI program known as ‘Thematic’ leads these studies.

Thematic analyzes public reviews and feedback to assess a company’s image. Starting with Burberry; The brand’s perception is the most impactful in the industry.

Customer surveys conclude that Burberry is an established luxury fashion brand. They feel it is professional and well-known for its unique designs.

However, it seems that Louis Vuitton style is a superior product among customers. Louis Vuitton takes the lead on perceived quality, shopping experience, and customer service.

When comparing Burberry vs Louis Vuitton, LV’s expensive prices reduce their score. Yet, customers still rate LV as a leading brand in the fashion industry.

Customers feel the expensive products and higher quality is “worth the price. “

Burberry vs Louis Vuitton: Price Comparison

Another important consideration in this Burberry vs Louis Vuitton comparison is price. After reviewing the brands, Louis Vuitton is the more expensive brand of the two.

Although Burberry has a competitive price range, LV is still more expensive. Burberry and Louis Vuitton accessories, coats, sneakers, and other items may look similar.

But, the brand’s products do not match in price. Burberry handbags cost between $500 and $2,000+ USD. Their most expensive bag costs $40,000 USD.

Wallets, and other accessories like scarves or sunglasses can range from $200-$800 USD. Their famous trench coat starts around $1,000 USD and increases in price every year.

Louis Vuitton is the more expensive brand of the two. Handbags start at a minimum $1,000 USD with their most expensive bag costing $150,000.

Wallets and accessories range from $300-$1,000+ USD. Cost also varies depending on the specific product.

Celebrity Endorsements: Burberry vs Louis Vuitton

There are a total of 22 celebrities that have endorsed Burberry. The most famous include Julia Roberts, Beyonce, and Michelle Obama.

Burberry is no stranger to red carpet events. Some recent celebrity collaborates include Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

There are even more A-list celebrities endorsing Louis Vuitton. Celebrities like Madonna, Rihanna, and Kanye have helped revolutionize the brand.

Recent collaborations include celebrities like Emma Stone and Sophie Turner. A few important takeaways: Both Louis Vuitton and Burberry create high quality, luxury products.

There are some noticeable differences when comparing the brands. Louis Vuitton is more popular, despite prices being consistently higher.

Burberry prioritizes improving the fashion industry. They use sustainable materials to reduce waste and carbon footprint.

Unlike Louis Vuitton, who is popular for using exotic animal skins for their products.

Burberry vs. Louis Vuitton FAQs

Is Burberry a high-end luxury brand?

Burberry is a luxury brand but its price range is lower than top-tier luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, or Chanel. Burberry may fall more into the category of “mid-range luxury” compared to the top-tier. Either way, Burberry offers high-quality products often considered luxurious.

Do Burberry bags hold their value?

Burberry bags, like many designer luxury bags, hold their value well. The extent to which they maintain or appreciate in value depends on several factors. It depends on style, material, condition, trends, etc. Overall a Burberry product is a good investment.

Are Burberry bags considered luxury?

Burberry bags are generally considered luxury items. Burberry is a well-established and respected luxury fashion brand. They are known for high-quality products. Although Burberry is not in the same price range as the top-tier luxury brands, it is unquestionably considered a luxury brand.