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How To Remove Flat Back Earrings: Top 3 Ways Made Simple!

You know the struggle—trying to unclasp those flat back earrings safely that seem stuck forever. But don’t rip your ear lobe off just yet. With a few simple tips, you can free those earrings quickly. I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of how to remove flat back earrings the easy way.

flat back earrings

A Guide to Flat Back Earrings and Their Types

You know the staple jewelry that elevates any outfit—the flat back earring. But did you know there are a couple of varieties?

Learn everything about flat back earrings and the differences between classic butterfly backs, secure lock backs, and trendy threaders.

The ABCs of Flat Back Earrings

Flat back earrings appear simple and they have a thoughtful design. At the front, a dazzling gemstone or gleaming metal adorns the post.

The back pieces have a hollow post with flat discs or balls permanently attached at the end. The hollow post, which is generally 16g or 18g thick, is inserted from the back of the ear.

The front post, which can be 6 to 10 mm long, then goes through the back piece’s hollow post. The back piece’s flat disc rests gently against your skin, with no jutting parts to cause irritation.

This smooth backing makes flat backs ideal for healed piercings along the entire rim and contour of your ear.

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Wearing Flat Back Earrings: Pros and Cons

Tired of traditional earrings poking you all day long? Flat back earrings banish pain with their smooth, flat discs nestled comfortably against your skin.

No more irritation from shirts catching on protruding posts or excruciating stabs when you lie on your side at night.

Flat backs let you lounge, cuddle, and live worry-free. Their sleek silhouette also means no snags on hair or mask straps.

Yet for all their advantages, flat backs present challenges too. Their tight fit makes them difficult to insert and remove, especially the first time.

You may need a piercer’s expert hands in some cases. Once in however, flat backs tend to stay put, which is great for security.

A Flat Back for Every Ear: Types and Features

There are three main flat back styles: threadless push-fits, threaded screw-ons, and butterfly or friction backs.

A threadless push pin stud offers effortless wear, with a thin post simply bent and pressed into the hollow back post.

Dainty and secure, they are suitable for small earrings and studs. Fans of larger statement pieces may prefer an internally threaded stud, where a sturdy screw fastens the front piece firmly in place.

It’s inserted through the threaded hollow space of the back piece post. Their strong grip ensures heavyweight sparkle stays put.

Classic butterfly backs employ light friction to keep their fluttering shape on your earlobe. No need to bend or screw anything—just slide the post through the slit backing for quick wearing ease.

However, friction backs lack the clamped-down stability of internally threaded earrings, ideal for initial piercings.

Take Them Off Without a Hitch: Removing Flat Backs

How to remove flat back earrings? We all love how flat back earrings make a statement, but taking them off can be a pain.

Different backings like butterflies and locks need special removal techniques. But you can remove any earring without injury or tears with some know-how.

I’ll share pro tips to slide off studs, unlock tricky closures, and detach clingy threaders.

Removing Threadless Push-Fit Back Earrings: Easy and Painless

What are some techniques for removing flat back earrings? When trying to take out your threadless push pin studs, the trick is getting a good grip.

  • Use your dominant hand’s thumb and index finger to grasp the front of the earring tightly.
  • Push backward on the front piece to move the flat back away from your earlobe. This allows you to get a firm grip on the back end of the earring as well.
  • Keep in mind that not all earrings are threaded identically, so you may need to gently twist in one direction first before switching directions if it doesn’t seem to loosen up.
  • After grabbing the front and back pieces, give a slow half-turn twist coupled with a little tug to release the post from the hollow back. No need to over twist.
  • The key is getting an equally firm hold on both ends and applying steady outward tension as you twist. Take it slow, and the earrings should come out with ease.

Pro tip: Doing this over a soft surface prevents losing any tiny pieces.

How To Remove Flat Back Earrings: Unscrew the Stubborn Threaded Screw-On

What are the steps to take off flat back earrings? Removing a threaded screw-on back earring can test your patience.

You must get a good grip on both ends of the earring.

  • Grab the front of the earring tightly between your thumb and index finger.
  • Push backward on the front piece to create space between the flat back and your earlobe. Now, hold the back post of the earring.
  • The tricky past is unscrewing the long threads. With a good grip on both pieces, twist the front and back ends in opposite directions.
  • You should feel the threads start to spiral and release. Keep slowly twisting in counter directions. Don’t force it! The threads can be lengthy, so be patient and maintain gentle opposing tension.
  • You’ll know you’re turning the right way when the threads begin unwinding in a noticeable spiral.

No More Struggle: Easy Removal of Butterfly or Friction Back Earrings

Butterfly earring backs can be tricky, but removing them is easy with the right technique.

  • First, get a firm grip on both the front stud and the butterfly backing using two hands.
  • Carefully pull the pieces apart in opposite directions. Keep pulling until the butterfly backing fully detaches from the post. Don’t apply extreme forces.
  • For stuck backings, wiggle a bit and then gently pull apart to help free it. If you’re removing the starter piercing jewelry, lube up the area for smooth gliding.
  • The key is maintaining a steady grip and applying gentle, opposing tension.

With the right grip and some mild pulling, butterfly backings will slide right off.

How to Remove Flat Back Earrings from Non-Pierced Ears

Taking off clip-on earrings can be tricky. You have to be gentle, so you don’t pinch your earlobe or cause any pain.

Release the tension slowly and gradually rather than just yanking the studs off. I usually start by gently bending the clip part away from my ear.

That loosens up the grip bit by bit. Once I’ve bent it enough that it’s not squeezing my earlobe so tight, I hold it in that position.

Then, while still holding onto the decorative front part of the earring with one hand, I use my other hand to slowly slide the clip up and off my ear.

I find it’s better to glide it upward rather than just ripping it straight back, which might tug on the thin skin of the earlobe.

Removing Flat Back Earrings: How to Avoid Damage

Taking out earrings takes some care to prevent piercing injury and damage to the jewelry. Washing your hands is the first thing to do to avoid getting any germs in there.

Next, sit by a bright light and pull back any hair that could get tangled up. Take the earring between your fingers, apply a little backward tension, and carefully detach or unthread the back part.

If an earring feels stuck, don’t force it! That can mess up your piercing. Instead, try soaking the area with saline solution to loosen things up.

Gently massage the solution into the piercing using a cotton ball. This might help dislodge the stuck earring.

You can also use a dab of petroleum jelly to lubricate stuck posts. Avoid using tweezers as they can pinch the thin skin of your ear.

If an earring absolutely refuses to budge, get professional help. Piercers and jewelers have the right tools to remove stuck pieces without damaging your ears.

The Takeaway

I’ve definitely had my share of tricky flat back removals, but once I learned the right techniques, I haven’t dealt with a truly stuck earring in ages.

As long as you go slowly, avoid excessive force, and apply warm compresses or lubricants, any flat back can come out smoothly in the end.

FAQs About How to Remove Flat Back Earrings

How do you unscrew a flat back earring?

To unscrew a flat back earring, hold the front gem and back end firmly between your fingers. Slowly twist the front piece counter-clockwise, taking care not to tug. Or try unscrewing from the back if that’s easier to grip.

Are flat back earrings easy to remove?

Removing flat back earrings is easy but fist-time removal could be a little tricky. The key is being patient and gentle. Lightly jiggle the post to slide it through smoothly. It may take a few tries to get the knack.

Why can’t I unscrew my earring?

It’s frustrating when an earring just won’t budge. Tight closures can make unscrewing impossible. The post may be stuck from dead skin cells or dried bodily fluids and oils. Earlobe infection can also create secretion to make the earring stuck.

How To Remove Flat Back Earrings?

To remove flat back earrings, have clean, dry hands. Firmly grasp the earring’s front, then twist the back piece counter-clockwise until it comes off.