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How To Choose A Rose Cut Diamond Ring: Ultimate Guide

The rose cut diamond has been an enduring symbol of love and the perfect engagement ring for a long time.

With a timeless, classic appeal, it could be the best engagement ring for any modern-day bride-to-be who has a soft corner for a romantic style.

You must remember the beautiful rose cut diamond engagement ring of Lily Collins.

Rose cut diamond engagement ring
Image via Brilliant Earth – Rose cut diamond engagement ring

Her selfie against Sedona’s stunning rocky terrain blew the Internet. But millions of people had their gaze fixed on just one rock – the huge rose cut diamond on the ring.

Celebrity jewelry designer Irene Neuwirth custom-designed the antique sparkler and it’s just stunning.

The lustrous gemstone displays a see-through effect, thanks to its beautiful bezel setting.

If you’ve been considering proposing and want to make your beau’s heart skip a beat, a rose cut diamond ring could just be the right choice.

Lily Collins Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
Lily Collins’ Rose Cut Engagement Ring Via Instagram @lilyjcollins

It has so much character and is one of the most elegant and beautiful stones you can find.

The Tale of Rose Cut Diamonds: Centuries in the Making

You might be wondering about the name of this cut. Does it look like a rose?

Well, it does. The cut in this style weaves corrugations and facets into the shape of petals.

The flat bottom, without a pavilion, accommodates 3 to 24 facets that spread outwards on the domed top, giving it a round appearance from the top view.

Because of the flat bottom, the stone is mounted flush with the finger when worn without a setting.

The shape has been popular for centuries, and came to attention in the mid-1500s, according to diamond expert Brian Dedrickson.

The popularity streak ran strong during the Georgian and Victorian eras before dwindling after the invention of the miner and old European cut.

Round rose cut diamond solitaire engagement ring
Image via ApresJewelry – Round rose cut diamond solitaire

The style further sunk into oblivion in the 20th century because of the raging popularity of round brilliant diamonds.

It was simply a no-match to the fire and brilliance of the brilliant stones.

However, rose cut engagement rings regained the lost popularity after shifting the focus from carat weight maximization to enhance the brilliance.

Jewelers add some shine to it by using new technology.

True antique rose cuts are extremely rare these days because most of them were re-fetcheted for increasing their brilliance.

If you are looking for something other than the common diamond cuts, rose cut rings are the perfect choice with their classic elegance and reasonable price.

The Distinct Features of Rose Cut Diamond Rings

With well-defined triangular facets, rose cut diamonds are perfect for creating a vintage charm.

Like other styles, such as asscher or emerald cut, this cut also has some unique features:

Rose Cut Diamond Rings: Versatile Shapes

Oval Rose Cut Diamond Ring
Image by DelicateJewels7 via Etsy – Oval Rose Cut Engagement Ring – See it here

Is there a particular shape that screams “me”? There is! The rose cut diamond is the perfect shape for those who want to be different from the crowd.

With its round shape and symmetrical rose pattern, a rose cut engagement ring will instantly light up any room.

A round rose cut is the most common style but other shapes are not unfamiliar too.

The lack of a pavilion makes it possible to carve different shapes, such as cushion, pear, marquise, and more.

A Rose Cut Diamond Ring Looks Larger than the Weight

Rose cut diamonds look bigger than their carat weight. When you look at them from above, they appear twice as big as a round diamond of the same size, which makes it seem like they are worth more.

Because of this feature, an engagement ring with a rose diamond will stand out from others.

Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Rings Have a Low Profile

Image via Brilliant Earth

Never made for a crown, never meant to be flashy, the rose cut diamond is becoming a favorite of everyday people.

Perfect for the work-a-day woman who likes to keep things simple.

The flat bottom also allows it to sit flush with the ring’s band so you don’t have to worry about getting caught during daily activities.

Low profile gives it a unique look while also making it easy to wear and still maintain an active lifestyle.

But Rose Cut Diamond Ring Sparkle is Less Intense

Rose cut pear shaped moissanite engagement ring
Image by Thecandorjewelry via Etsy – Rose cut pear shaped moissanite engagement ring

The sparkle of a rose cut diamond is much less intense than that of a brilliant or cushion cut diamond because it’s flat on the bottom.

The flat surface and no pavilion do not reflect light well and provide less return.

These sparkling gems offer a more transparent, glass-like appearance. This cut is ideal for someone who wants a diamond with a milder look.

Lovely Shimmer

Rose cut diamond ring bezel setting
Image by Roseanfchoc via Etsy – Rose cut diamond engagement ring bezel setting

The shimmer of rose cut diamonds, more sensual than flamboyant. The feminine detail is the perfect symbol for the beauty and grace that diamonds represent.

The first thing people see when they look at a rose cut diamond is its captivating charm.

These gems are blushing with a seductive sheen, beaming from every angle with pure, serene radiance.

A great choice for an occasion where you want to sparkle, but not overwhelm.

What Is the Best Bridal Style for a Rose Cut Diamond?

Rose Cut Diamond Ring Rose Cut Engagement Ring
Image via Capucinne – Rose Cut Diamond Ring

The perfect bridal style complementing a rose cut diamond varies depending on the person wearing it.

This particular cut is often seen as more feminine, so it goes well with a classic, romantic setting.

A rose diamond ring is typically elegant and refined, with delicate features that include dainty designs and curvy lines.

Such a ring is perfect for the golden age glamor and vintage style.

The bride can wear a full ball gown, like the one seen in the 1950s, or a dress with asymmetrical drapes or laces to create an old-time feel.

Rose Cut Diamond Ring Rose Cut Engagement Ring
Image via Capucinne – Rose Cut Diamond Ring

Pinned-up hair will be the right choice for emphasizing the decorative details of the dress and jewelry.

The dress-up and ring will evoke a romantic old-time feel.

In ancient times, the main purpose of the rose cut was to shimmer in candlelight.

That old-school aesthetic is still inherent to this cut. A modern bride who still craves that timeless romance will adore a rose diamond ring.

What’s the Difference? Rose Cut vs. Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds?

Round rose cut diamond solitaire engagement ring
Image via ApresJewelry – Round rose cut diamond solitaire engagement ring

Cut in the shape of a rose, a rose diamond may sound like an oddity but many people like it for its unique look and intrigue factor.

You might be wondering what makes it different from brilliant round diamonds?

Well, let’s find out!

It can be hard to tell at first glance, but there are actually a number of key differences that make each stone unique.

Spoiler alert: There is no “best” choice when it comes to buying diamonds.

It really depends on your preference!

Rose Cut Diamond Ring vs. Round Brilliant Cut: Brilliance

Three stones diamond engagement ring with rose cut white diamond central stone
Image via Capucinne – Three stones diamond engagement ring with rose cut diamond

While a rose cut diamond is stunning, it does not have as many facets and polishing points as the round brilliant stone.

This means that its reflection of light will be much lower than a brilliant one.

It also has less sparkle because the lower part is completely flat and the dome has only three to 24 facets.

If you’re looking for something that sparkles with extra brilliance and flashes even more fire, then the round brilliant cut diamond is your best bet.

It has more sparkle and shine because its shape creates many flat surfaces for light to reflect off from.

Plus, there are 58 different facets on this type of stone which add even more dimensions.

 5 Diamonds Rose cut diamond engagement ring rose gold
Image via Brilliant Earth – 5 Diamonds Rose cut diamond engagement ring rose gold

This makes them very popular among people who want a truly brilliant stone.


Because of the flat bottom, a rose cut diamond has a low profile. It sits rather flush on a setting, which is better suited for daily wear than something that screams its presence, like a round brilliant.

The latter has a taller profile and catches attention with its exceptional scintillation.

Rose Cut Diamond Ring vs. Round Brilliant Cut: Perceived Size

5 Diamonds Rose cut diamond engagement ring yellow gold
Image via Brilliant Earth – 5 Diamonds Rose cut diamond engagement ring yellow gold

For the same weight, the size of all diamonds is the same. However, a rose diamond often looks larger than its size because of its flat shape.

It will look bigger than a round brilliant or any other cut despite having the same carat.


Because it’s not as popular or common as other more regular cuts, such as round brilliants, rose cuts may be a bit harder to find.

The re-fetcheted ones are available on the market but a true rose diamond with the older cut is quite rare.

Rose Cut Diamond Ring vs. Round Brilliant Cut: Price

The price of a rose cut diamond is generally lower than that of a round diamond with a brilliant cut.

This is because of the rose cut’s underwhelming sparkle and less wastage from the rough diamonds.

Do you want an old-fashioned style stone with big curves? Or do you prefer a modern cut diamond with lots of sparkle and fire?

Each type has its benefits, so decide which is best for your budget.

Rose Cut vs. Old Mine and Old European Cut diamonds

Rose, old mine, and old European diamonds feature old-style cuts, which make them unique and beautiful.

Because of their antique nature, they are sometimes compared with each other.

These cut styles actually have a handful of common features. All of them show small imperfections because of the hand-cutting treatment.

It’s not uncommon to find slightly distorted facets or lopsided patterns in these cuts.

Rose cut Diamond Ring 5 stones
Image via Capucinne – Rose cut Diamond Ring 5 stones

All three types also have way less brilliance and fire than any modern diamond.

The muted sparkle creates a warm glow under the light. Still, a side-by-side comparison will show some differences:

Design of the Table

Both old European and old mine cuts have a small flat table. Rose cut is different in this regard with a larger curved table.

Triangular facets on the dome create a rose-like pattern.

Shape Variations

With no pavilion and a flat bottom, a rose cut is open to a variety of shapes.

You can mold it into a round, pear, oval, cushion, or marquise shape. On the other hand, the shape of the other two cuts is limited to just one variation.

The old European cut comes in a round shape while the old mine cut features a distinct cushion shape.

Rose cut Diamond Ring Perceived Size

rose cut diamond ring in a platinum setting accented with smaller rose-cut diamonds
Image via – rose-cut diamond in a platinum setting

While the size of all diamonds is the same for the same weight, a rose cut diamond looks bigger than its size.

No pavilion and a low profile create this illusion. If you keep a 2-carat rose cut, old European cut, and old mine cut diamond side by side, the rose cut one will appear larger.


Brilliance is not the forte of any of these cut styles. However, rose cut will still be behind the other two types.

These diamonds look more mirror-like instead of showing the sparkle.

The Best Color, Clarity, and Shape For Rose Cut Diamonds

The good thing about rose cut diamonds is that their quality does not solely depend on industry standards.

As they don’t have an exorbitant price tag, the ultimate choice depends on personal preferences.

A low-grade color is fine

Victorian 1.01 Rose Cut Diamond Three Stone Ring
Image via – Victorian 1.01 Rose Cut Diamond Three Stone Ring

Unlike many other popular options, rose cut diamonds have color variations.

Any kind of warmer tone looks pretty well on these stones. From strong black and yellow to neutral opaque white, champagne, and grey are quite popular for rose cut diamond rings settings.

Because of the domed top and understated shine of the stone, these colors look really good on this cut.

There is a rising trend for salt and pepper diamonds these days. It refers to a diamond that has plenty of white and black inclusions.

A rose cut is great for this style because its transparency exposes many inclusions.

Finding a high color grade (colorless or near-colorless) rose cut diamond is rare.

It’s because jewelers have recut almost all old rose diamonds to enhance their brilliance.

So, you should not worry too much about finding a high-grade color.

Focus on the Diamond clarity

Pear Shape Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring
Image via Mygemma – Pear Shape Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Instead of the color, you should be careful about the clarity when picking up a rose diamond.

It looks more transparent because there is no pavilion to reflect a high amount of light.

Such a glass-like appearance shows off the inner inclusions and blemishes instead of hiding them.

The imperfections actually create a “salt and pepper” effect, which brings out the true vintage charm of rose cut diamonds.

It also adds a sense of exclusivity since no two diamonds with interior flaws will look the same.

Despite having blemishes, the rose diamonds are not as vulnerable as princess cut diamonds.

A low profile ensures less exposure to external wear and tear.

The shape selection for rose cut diamond rings is more of a personal choice

Oval rose cut moissanite engagement ring
Image by Sparklegemshop via Etsy – Oval rose cut moissanite engagement ring

A rose cut stone is truly versatile when it comes to the choice of shapes.

There are multiple variations, including round, rectangle, hexagon, oval, and many more.

Pick up any shape you like and pair it up with a matching setting.

Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Rings: Pros and Cons

Pear rose cut diamond engagement ring with pave band
Image via ApresJewelry – Pear rose cut diamond engagement ring with pave band

Rose cut diamonds have a unique design that separates them from other diamond shapes.

They are more about subtle beauty than flamboyance, making them perfect for many occasions.

Like all other styles, rose cut also has its own unique advantages and downsides.

Let’s explore them, so you can make an informed purchase decision:

Pros of Rose Cut Diamond rings

Rose Cut Diamond Engagement ring
Image by Envero Jewelry via Etsy – Rose Cut Diamond Engagement ring

Available in various shapes

One great feature of rose cut diamonds is their variety of shapes, which allows customers to choose the perfect design for them.

It can be found in various shapes and sizes, including round, pear, marquise, oval, and more.

As a result, they are perfect for both men and women alike.

Have more spread

Looking from the top makes a rose cut stone look much bigger than its actual weight.

It looks twice as much as a round brilliant of the same size. The diameter of a 0.5 carat rose cut is 6.5mm but a brilliant cut has to be at least 1 carat to look that big.

Suitable for everyday wear

Because of having a flat bottom, the diamond does not protrude much from the setting.

This low profile makes it quite suitable for everyday wear. It does not get in your way or snag on clothing, making it easier for active people.

Cons of Rose Cut Diamonds

Rose cut diamond engagement ring with black rhodium halo
Image via Brilliant Earth – Rose cut diamond engagement ring with black rhodium halo

Low brilliance

The brilliance of the rose cut is the lowest among all diamond cuts. The light return of this stone is minimal because of having no pavilion.

However, this low brilliance gives the diamond a completely unique look. It creates a subtle elegance that people with a sophisticated taste will love for sure.

Rare to find

You may have a hard time finding a rose cut in your preferred shape and weight.

It’s because the cut is quite rare these days. Approximately, only one out of every thousand diamonds is a rose cut.

Recutting brings less value

Rose cut diamond engagement ring 3 stones
Image by EnveroJewelery via Etsy – Rose cut diamond engagement ring 3 stones

Jewelers recut the antique cut diamonds to make them a more valuable modern cut, like brilliant.

However, the rose cut’s unique facets make it hard to craft anything else other than a rose cut.

Crafting a different style will produce plenty of small diamonds instead of a bigger one.

Transparent appearance of rose cut diamond rings

The light return of a rose cut is really weak because of the absence of a pavilion.

For this reason, the diamond looks kind of glassy that shimmers instead of showing fire.

What’s the Price of a 2-Carat Rose Cut Diamond Ring?

Round rose cut diamond ring set with marquise diamond crown
Image via Capucinne – Round rose cut diamond ring set with marquise diamond crown

There is no straightforward way to tell the price of a diamond. It depends on several other factors besides the 4Cs.

The average price of a 2-carat rose cut will be around $3k to $5k but it can be cheaper or more expensive.

The price of a same-sized round brilliant diamond would be double or more.

What Is the Best Setting for Rose Cut Diamond Rings?

Because of the antique appeal of rose cut diamonds, they will look good in any vintage setting.

If you choose it for your engagement ring, these settings could really make the stone stand out:

Prong Solitaire Setting

Rose Cut Diamond solitaire
Image by Envero Jewelry via Etsy – Rose Cut Diamond solitaire

A solitaire engagement ring is a ring with one diamond and no side stones. For a rose cut stone, go for Tiffany’s iconic prong solitaire, where the diamond is slightly lifted off the band.

This style brings out more sparkle from the diamond by allowing the passing of light underneath.

Solitaire settings often have only one, thin metal band that goes around the outside of the diamond.

It’s an ideal way to accentuate a smaller, more delicate diamond while also adding some style to your engagement ring.

A Decorated Band

Rose Cut Contoured Diamond Ring
Image via Brilliant Earth – Rose Cut Contoured Diamond Ring

The Edwardian-style setting features an embellished band that complements the low profile of the rose cut diamond.

It gives the ring a more eye-catching and bold appearance.

The Box Setting

Box settings provide a simple, yet elegant box mounting for the center stone.

Giving off a classic deco-style vibe, it holds the diamond with 4 secure prongs.

The Buttercup or Belcher Setting

Victorian Rose Cut Diamond Ring
Image via – Victorian Rose Cut Diamond Ring

The setting was highly popular during the Victorian era. The scalloped edge between the prongs features flower motifs that look like that beautiful flower.

How To Choose a Rose Cut Diamond Ring: FAQs Section

Q. Are rose cut diamonds more expensive?

A. No. They are actually less expensive than brilliant and antique diamond cuts.

Round brilliant is the most expensive of all diamond cuts out there.

Q. Can a jeweler tell if a diamond is lab created?

A. Yes, but not just by simply looking at them. With all the new technology out there, it’s become increasingly difficult to tell the difference between an authentic diamond and one that came from a lab.

The only way of finding out its origin is to check for the laser inscription on the girdle.

Q. Do rose cut diamonds look bigger?

A. Yes. Because of the absence of a pavilion, a rose cut diamond has more spread, which makes it look bigger than the actual size.

To put that into perspective, it appears twice as a brilliant round diamond of the same size.

Q. How many carats is Cardi B’s ring?

A. The engagement ring from rapper Offset has a total of 8 carats of diamond.

Apart from the big pear-shaped center diamond, there are two more diamonds on the sides.

Q. How many carats is Meghan Markle’s ring?

A. The total weight of Meghan Markle’s engagement ring is 3.8 carats. It features a big cushion cut center diamond. And no, it was not made with recycled yellow gold!

Q. Which cut of diamond looks the biggest?

A. Rose cut. It has the biggest spread because of having no pavilion. Looking from the top makes it look way bigger than its actual size.


So should you buy a rose cut diamond? Well, that depends. For most people, it will simply not give you enough sparkle to warm your heart.

But if you’re looking for a unique low-profile design that won’t get in the way or if you relish the subtle beauty of a diamond that doesn’t sparkle, a rose cut is definitely worthwhile.

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