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cubic zirconia and diamonds of different shapes

Moissanite Vs. Cubic Zirconia: Which is a Diamond’s Best Substitute?

Moissanite Vs. Cubic Zirconia: which one should you chose? Diamonds, aside from being “forever” and being "a girl’s best friend," are valued for both their incredible hardness and stunning shine. Diamonds are clear and colorless, and the more colorless the diamond, the more valuable. These are all traits that other stones, such as Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia, don’t always have.

However, people shouldn’t feel pressured to go to diamonds for engagement rings and other jewelry. Living beyond your means isn’t a great idea, and there exist two excellent imitations (or simulants) of diamonds: Moissanite and Cubic Zirconia. Both of these stones are durable, pretty, with a nice bling factor, and can fool many people as real diamonds. Plus they cost less.

The question is, which is a better diamond substitute, Moissanite or Cubic Zirconia? We will guide you through all the factors to help you make the best decision.

by Jennifer N.
moissanite and diamonds

Moissanite Vs Diamond: Why Moissanite Looks Absolutely Fantastic

What could possibly replace a diamond?  Well, moissanite, perhaps.  

Moissanite is a very rare gem that is sparkly and thought of as a replacement for diamonds, perhaps similar to the way that cubic zirconium is.  Well, get ready for a very thorough exploration of the ins and outs of this mysterious gem, and how it compares to diamonds.

This stone reflects light in a way that creates spectacular multi-color patterns.  It is also very hard, and these are some of the reasons that the gem can be thought of as a stand-in for good old diamonds.

by Jennifer N.
cut diamonds and cut cubic zirconia side by side

Diamond vs. Cubic Zirconia: How to Tell the Difference?

Looking at both stones under natural light, diamonds show a strong white light (the "diamond's fire" or "brilliance") whereas cubic zirconia gives off much more colored lights (the "rainbow effect") as cubic zirconia has a lower refractive index and higher dispersion rate than diamonds.

Another difference is that cubic zirconia is heavier than diamonds and of course... way cheaper. Why is that?

by Jennifer N.