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Unakite Properties, Powers, Healing Benefits and Uses

Unakite’s propreties are incredible: so when you love collecting crystals, either for their beauty or spiritual properties, one stone that should be in your collection is unakite.

The altered granite features colorless quartz elements mixed with green epidote and pink feldspar.

The name “unakite” is derived from the Unaka Mountains in Tennessee, where it was first discovered.

Unakite's Properties: Unakite Necklace
Image by BohoByDiVi via Etsy

Apart from a few locations in the United States, these beautiful rocks are also available in Brazil, China, South Africa, Australia and Sierra Leone.

If you love crystals, you will love unakite’s properties because it’s believed the stones have great healing and metaphysical powers.

It’s called the “stone of vision” because it’s supposed to open the third eye and help with foretelling.

Also, the stones can be polished to a high sheen, making it possible to produce various unakite jewelry items, including beads, pendants and earrings.

It is also a popular material for making sculptures and other carved objects.

Unakite Tumbled stones
Image by CrystalGemsCoStore via Etsy

Unakite’s Properties: Metaphysical, Grounding, Healing and Physical Attributes

Unakite is a beautiful and unique crystal. Its grounding, metaphysical and healing properties positively affect the body, mind and spirit.

Unakite’s Properties: Metaphysical effects

This stone is helpful for those who seek to establish balance in their lives.

Unakite’s properties will gently release old patterns and negative emotions that no longer serve the highest good.

As a result, you can move on from difficult and painful past experiences.

Since the crystal opens the third eye chakra, it promotes psychic abilities by providing insight and understanding.

Unakite's Properties: Unakite Cubes
Image by ResourceCoach via Etsy

It’s the stone of vision, so it helps gain insight into one’s future. It’s a stone of transformation, so it transmutes negative energy into positive energy.

It works well in balancing the chakras.

Unakite’s metaphysical properties will help you get a better perspective of any situation.

You can see the beauty in life, even during tough times. It fosters cooperation between family or group members by helping each person to see the other’s point of view.

Besides empowering oneself, the stone can help attract love, abundance and success.

It brings harmony to one’s life by promoting love and preventing negative energy from entering the aura.

Unakite - tumble polished stone
Image by Raike via Wikimedia

Unakite’s Properties: Grounding effects

This crystal has the power to attune the energies of Earth and the Universe.

The feldspar element makes up a good percentage of Earth’s crust, more than any other stone.

The stabilizing energy of Earth can guide you through the more difficult times in your life with confidence.

Uncover your true self with the help of this crystal, and enjoy a spiritual and psychological growth.

You needn’t work yourself into an anxious fit over each problem that comes your way.

It is vital to make decisions with sobriety and with the seriousness they deserve, which unakite can help you do by controlling your emotions.

Unakite's Properties: Unakite Crystal Stone Earrings
Image by HeartAlwaysJamie via Etsy

Unakite’s Properties: Healing effects

Unakite is highly rated as one of the prominent healing crystals. It can promote fertility and support a healthy pregnancy.

When you hold a unakite crystal in your hand, you can feel its healing energy seeping into your body.

The green and pink elements in it can stimulate the heart chakra, triggering healing energy.

Unakite’s healing properties can ease a variety of ailments. According to Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons, if you are struggling with addiction, this crystal can help you to break a bad habit.

They explained it in their book “The Book of Stones: Who They Are and What They Teach”.

The unakite crystal is also said to be helpful for those dealing with grief.

If you have recently lost a loved one, it can help you to cope with your loss.

This stone helps improve your mental health. If you are depressed or anxious, use something made of unakite to restore peace of mind.

It can also heal your past trauma and guide you to find closure.

Unakite properties: Raw Natural Stones
Image by Worldincensestore via Etsy

Unakite’s Properties: Physical

The unakite stone’s properties are semi-precious, and it’s prized for its beautiful colors and exciting patterns.

The metamorphic rock comprises pink, green and clear minerals. It is usually mottled in appearance, mixing these three colors in swirls or bands.

The stone is relatively soft, with a Mohs hardness of only 6-7. This means it can be easily scratched or chipped by things like fingernails.

This stone is also quite brittle and can break with a moderate impact.

Unakite has a vitreous luster, which means it has a glossy or glassy appearance.

The texture is semi-opaque, which is not transparent, but allows light to pass through.

Unakite Palm Stones
Image by CrystalBedrock via Etsy

The Origin of Unakite

Unakite is sometimes referred to as epidote or epidosite granite. However, this is a mistake because the main elements of an epidote rock are epidote and quartz.

It does not have the pink orthoclase of unakite crystal. Another name of the stone is unakite jasper, but it’s different from other jasper variations like Mookaite because it is mostly formed of a quartz variation.

Unakite is available primarily all over North America, mainly around the Unaka range in Tennessee.

The stones also travel from the Blue Ridge Mountains to Virginia through the river valleys.

Countries like Brazil, Sierra Leone, China and South Africa also produce this stone, but never in quantities present in the USA.

Unakite's Properties: polished Unakite Puffy Heart
Image by GAFTreasures via Etsy

How to Cleanse and Charge a Unakite Crystal

Unakite’s properties help with balancing emotions and promoting the wearer’s well-being.

This stone is also suitable for grounding and connecting to the earth. For this reason, you can leave the stones in your backyard, and they will soak the earthly energies for cleansing and charging.

Since this crystal helps release negative emotions, it requires frequent cleansing and charging. Follow these methods to keep unakite crystal properties at the top of their game:

Sunlight: One of the simplest and most effective ways to cleanse and charge your unakite is to place it in direct sunlight for a day.

Moonlight: Like orange Selenite, unakite can cleanse itself and get recharged under moonlight. Place the stone in moonlight overnight.

Smudging: Another great way to cleanse and charge unakite is to smudge it with sage or lavender smoke.

Tuning fork: This is the easiest way to recharge a unakite stone. Tapping the stone with the tuning fork once or twice is enough to knock off the negative properties.

Music: Expose the stone to a melodious tune for a few minutes, and it will be fresh.

Using it afterwards will release sonic waves to eliminate anger and hatred. Cleaning the stone is not complicated. You can run it under cool, clean water or wash it with warm, soapy water.

You can also place it on a bed of sea salt or in a bowl of rice overnight. It’s not a highly durable crystal, so don’t use any chemicals for cleaning.

Unakite Palm Stone
Image by GoldenLightOutlet via Etsy

How to Activate Unakite Crystal

There are no unique ways of activating unakite’s properties. So, you use the methods applicable for activating crystals in general.

You must choose an intention for your unakite stone. What do you want it to help you with?

Do you want it to attract love? Bring you success? Help you heal from a past hurt? Once you have chosen the intention, it is time to activate the crystal.

To activate unakite, hold the stone in your left hand and focus on your heart chakra. Visualize the chakra opening and the energy of unakite flowing into your body.

Repeat this affirmation: “I am open to love and healing. I am balanced and whole.”

You can also do this by keeping the stone on your third eye.

Another way is to place the crystal in a sunny spot or near a full moon. You can also use sound to activate the crystal.

Since the stone connects well with earthly energies, you can activate it by keeping it in a sand bed or putting it in a jar and burying it under the ground for a few days.

Unakite's Properties: Tower Point for Crystal Grid
Image by ConnectCo via Etsy

How to Use Unakite in Different Ways

Unakite’s properties help bring many positive effects on your mind, body and life overall.

Let’s see how you can use it to improve your life:

Unakite’s properties in meditation

Keeping chakras in balance is essential for a healthy and happy life. Unakite can be used to balance all the chakras, but it is particularly beneficial for the third eye and heart chakras.

The third eye chakra is about intuition, psychic ability and spiritual vision.

By working with unakite, you can develop a stronger connection to your intuition and psychic abilities.

Judy Hall expressed the same sentiment in her book “The Encyclopedia of Crystals.”

According to her, people can bring harmony into their emotional and spiritual selves, and receive more intuitive guidance by opening their third eye chakra with unakite.

If your heart chakra also needs some balancing, this stone can be helpful.

This chakra is all about love, compassion and empathy. Unakite’s properties can help open up your heart chakra and bring more love and compassion into your life.

Hold a piece of unakite in your hand to balance the heart chakra. Focus on your breath.

Visualize a bright color filling your chest, and feel the love and compassion of the unakite entering your heart.

Place it on the third-eye area to boost the third eye chakra.

Unakite Crystal Tower
Image by CrystalsByJJ via Etsy

Put unakite in various places in your home

Putting the stone in strategic places in your home can bring good results.

You can follow the generic feng shui rules of putting crystals in your house to connect to Earth elements.

You can also keep it close to your favorite objects to transmit its energy to them.

Also, keeping some unakite stones in the garden will transpire their energy into all the vegetables and flowers you grow there.

Unakite and Chakras and the Zodiac

Unakite’s properties mostly align with two chakras: the third eye and heart chakras.

You can use it to balance emotions, build psychic abilities and gently release unwanted energies.

This stone is not a zodiac crystal and has no association with any traditional birthstone.

However, it’s still considered the birthstone for people born between April 20 and May 20 because its primary color is green.

Where to Get Unakite From

Unakite is an affordable crystal. Most unakite jewelry and loose stones are available at less than $100.

If you are considering buying some, look into the stores that exclusively sell gemstones and crystals.

For online purchases, both Etsy and Amazon offer plenty of variations. However, if you are concerned about ethical sourcing, buy from reputable shops.

Check their websites or contact customer support to be sure about their process of collecting the products.

How to Tell If Unakite Is Real

Unakite is not an expensive stone, so there is a low chance of producing its fake counterparts.

However, if you are still in doubt, you can check its authenticity by looking for a few unique features.

This stone’s colors are unique and one of the best ways to spot real ones from fake ones.

Real unakite should be a mix of pink, green and brown. If the stone is mostly one color, or if the colors are very dull, it’s likely a fake stone.

Also, the real ones have pink feldspar inclusions. Without this color, the stone could be an epidosite, but not a unakite.

Another green-colored gemstone is green jasper. This quartz stone features beautiful green shades from its iron silicate compounds.

However, the color palette is very different from unakite. No two crystal stones have the same shape and symmetry. They have their flaws, chips and slightly asymmetrical shapes.

Unakite also has its flaws and doesn’t have perfect patterns or swirls of colors.

Also, check the clarity of the stone. Real unakite should be semi-translucent, meaning you can see through it, but it shouldn’t be transparent.

If the stone is translucent, it’s likely not real unakite. Also, fake crystals will have a glassy look and mostly contain air bubbles.

Different Types of Jewelry with Unakite

Unakite crystal’s properties have many benefits, and you can take advantage of them by wearing unakite as jewelry.

It’s a good choice for ornaments because it is compatible with the energies of other crystals.

All unakite jewelry pieces can create a protective aura, and bring together the energies of the heart and mind.

It can balance your emotions and restore peace of mind. It is also said to help release old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us.

To enjoy these remarkable unakite properties, try these jewelry choices:

Unakite's Properties: Donut Bead and Chain Necklace
Image by HippieMoonGoddess via Etsy

Unakite Pendant

Since the pendant stays closer to our heart, it can open up the heart chakra, the energy center associated with love and compassion.

This rectangular pendant with a stainless steel chain looks pretty neat. It works well with modern outfits and for those who love a clean look.

This donut pendant with a beaded chain is perfect for those craving a boho style.

The chain features multi-colored beads, complementing the colorful pendant and adding to the bold palette.

Unakite Faceted Oval Double Drilled Bracelet
Image by CrcbeadsShop via Etsy

Unakite Bracelet

The healing properties of unakite are powerful and the stone is said to help balance the body’s energies.

It is also said to be helpful in cleansing and purifying the aura. Unakite is also said to help restore mental and emotional balance.

Natural unakite stones in faceted oval shapes are strung together in this bracelet.

It looks modern and unconventional because of its unusual bead shape.

This one is more traditional with round beads. This handmade item could be your go-to jewelry for casual outings.

Copper and Unakite Earrings
Image by LLIwireworks via Etsy

Unakite Earrings

If you are looking for a crystal to help you attract love, unakite is a great choice.

Open your heart to love and attract positive relationships into your life by wearing a pair of unakite earrings.

These rectangular-shaped long earrings will give you a different look, while unakite will help increase your self-esteem and confidence.

These small studs in boho style feature unakite’s beautiful swirls of colors.

If you want more direct and focused results from unakite’s properties, using them in various shapes will give better outcomes.

Crystals in different shapes can provide specific energy outputs.

Unakite Point tower

If you want the directional energy of unakite, use this crystal tower in your workstation, bedroom or wherever you want.

It will work as a central hub to spread intention and positive effects upward and around.

Palm stone/thumb stone

If you are into meditation, use a Unakite thumb stone to intensify your focus.

It’s so small, you can carry it everywhere and use it for comfort in uncomfortable situations.

Massage wand

A wand is suitable for directing energy to someone or something and charging other crystals.

Use a Unakite massage wand to pass its positive effects into someone and bring out its healing power.

Unakite Tumbled stones

Tumbled Unakite stones will emit a slow and steady energy stream that will spread in each direction.

The stones are a good choice for those seeking to connect with the natural world.


A sphere is a good choice if you want to spread focused energy into an entire room or space evenly.

Activate it with an intention and place it in the middle of a room for ultimate effects.


The benefits and positive effects of unakite mentioned in this article could be real, but there is no scientific evidence or research to back the claims.

Millions of people believe in the power of crystal healing. So even if the effects are not real, wearing the stones doesn’t cause any harm.

Unakite is said to create balance, bringing together the energies of the heart and mind.

The stone of vision helps us to see the world through new eyes. It makes grounding and stabilizing emotions easier for people going through significant life changes.

It is also said to be a healing stone, helping to release old behavior patterns and emotional wounding.

FAQs about Unakite’s Properties

Can you wear unakite every day?

This crystal helps to restore emotional balance and purge negative energies, along with many other benefits. So, there’s no harm in wearing it every day, but the stone is not sturdy enough for everyday use.

If you want to keep it with you all the time, wear it as a pendant or keep it in your pocket.

Where do you put unakite stones?

Since unakite is connected to the third eye and heart chakras, these are the best spots for placing this stone. It is believed to move the energy in these areas and purge negative feelings.

You can also wear a unakite bracelet or pendant to create a connection with its healing aura all day long.

What does unakite pair with?

Because it is a high-vibration crystal, unakite’s pairing should be done with other high-vibration stones. For example, pairing it with Iolite will stimulate the third eye chakra, while pairing it with amber will boost your physical and mental well-being.

What is unakite’s meaning?

The name does not hold any special meaning. It simply comes from the Unaka Mountains, where it was first discovered.