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Tektite Properties: Enhancing Consciousness and More

Tektite is beauty born of trauma. The word “tektite” refers to a type of stone created by ancient meteorite landings on Earth.

Imagine a big monster rock, about a kilometer wide, crashing into the planet five, ten million years ago–or longer.

Ektite Pendant
Image by Gemstoneappeal via Etsy – check this item on Etsy

Certain rocks on Earth are launched into the air, where their temperature drops, causing them to solidify as a natural glass.

They then settle back to their planet (and yours and mine) and meld with the meteorite’s fragments of stone to form what we now know as Tektite.

What a beautiful origin!

Well, Tektite has a lot to help us with when it comes to spiritual cleansing and healing, and is reputed to heal physically as well.

It is among the array of healing crystals whose vibrations can enhance a person’s life when we become one with nature.

We’ll now investigate Tektite’s properties to show how you may integrate the lovely black stone into your life.

Tektite’s Marvelous Properties

Tektite is natural glass formed from meteorite impacts on Earth. One of the main factors in the character of Tektite is the amazing heat it was subjected to upon impact.

Because of this, it has no water inside of it. That distinguishes Tektite’s properties with those of Obsidian, another black stone some people confuse with Tektite.

Vibrations come from light rays and sound waves and objects and life forms all around us.

Tekite has high frequency vibrations, which is just the thing for higher spiritual abilities.

This can include alternative ways of perceiving such as lucid dreaming, deja vu, a sharp intuition, or even clairvoyance.

A valuable property of Tektite, perhaps more applicable to everyday life, is its ability to promote positive emotional states by helping us let go of old wounds and hurts.

Everything is about newness with Tektite, which was created, afterall, by a large flying object new to our planet’s atmosphere.

It can promote new friendships and relationships of all kinds; it can help during a new beginning or can cause a person to have enthusiasm for what is to come.

It’s important to realize that Tektite strengthens a person’s aura and protects a person from harm both emotional and physical.

This amazing dark brown stone is also said to cause a general calm that can help with not only stress but also with dealing with trauma.

Because mental and physical health are one-and-the-same, this can have a great impact on one’s health.

Where in the World is Tektite From?

There must have been either a large meteorite or a few of them, because Tektite stones are found all around the globe, in China, the U.

S. , Thailand, and through Northwest Africa. They are on every continent but Antarctica and South America.

It’s hard to nail down a hard-and-fast discovery of Tektites. Many of them were around millions of years before there were people to discover them, but we don’t have records of their significance in ancient cultures.

In the twentieth century, scientists began to debate the origin of Tektite.

Eventually, it was conclusively proven that the meteorite had struck Earth, thus forming Tektite.

Tektite’s Diversity

Tektite comes in quite a few varieties, and it’s important to recognize them when shopping for the stones.

Here are the basic categories of Tektites:

  • Microtektite-  There’s a fairly wide variety of sizes to tektites, and the term “microtektite” is for stones under 2mm in diameter.  Micro indeed!  Generally these are (very tiny) spheres.
  • Muong-Nong- Going to the other end of the spectrum, Muong-Nong tektites can be the biggest tektites around.  These are the ones that are often flat on one side, looking sort of like a tabletop or tablet.  
  • Splash-form Tektites- These are generally the largest Tektites; usually formed by erosion, splash-form tektites are often shaped like microtektites, spherical or close to it.
  • Australites- These stones are, yes, found in Australia; many are spheres, but they come in disks as well, and often have very intricate markings.

In addition to these main categories is a variety called Moldavite, found in the Czech Republic, with some green shading.

Make Your Tektite Work

Use of crystals doesn’t take any real work, but you do have to do a bit of prep before you get started.

There’s the initial charge and activation, then periodic charging and cleansing.

How to Charge Tektite

You will get the most from your Tektite if you charge it first. After this initial charging, it must be done periodically.

Charging Tektite is all about subjecting it to the right energy. One excellent method is setting it in the moonlight, either in a windowsill or actually outside.

Another great method is to make a circle of crystals, placing the Tektite in the center for an hour or more.

How To Activate Tektite

The charge is like putting gas in a car, whereas activating it is like turning the ignition.

Both are necessary before you’ll be able to enjoy tektite’s properties. The main thing for activating Shungite is to fill it with your intentions.

We are referring to many different amazing things that the crystal can do for one’s soul, but when it is time to activate it, you focus on two or three of your first objectives.

You then tell the stone your objectives, something like “I will achieve lucid dreaming,” or “I will look at things with distance and perspective.”

But that’s not your only option. To bring out Tektite’s properties, you might also choose scents or aromas.

Some ideas include burning incense or holy woods and having the smoke pass over the crystal for a few seconds.

You can use smudge sticks as an alternative.

How To Cleanse Tektite

The workings of crystals has so much to do with energies and vibrations. If you were listening to music, would you choose to play it through a speaker caked with dust?

That is why cleansing Tektite from time to time is so important. It’s not “cleaning” in the traditional sense, but being sure to amplify its energy rather than muffling it.

Here are some ways to do so:

  • Incense- It may seem strange to cleanse something with incense, but we’re talking about a window into your soul, not a literal window.  It’s all about amplifying the energy that is able to flow from the crystal to you, and incense has the particular properties that do that.

To use incense, light the scent of your choosing, using a hand (if necessary) to swirl the smoke around.

The crystals–several stones, ideally–may be on an altar above the incense, or you can just pass them through in your hand.

The idea is to get the smoke through the pores of the stones.

  • Soft cloth- Carefully wiping with a soft cloth is a wonderful way to cleanse Tektite–any stone needs some gentleness so you won’t scratch it.
  • Natural light–See how simple this all is?  There’s nothing wrong with keeping your stones in a soft, protective bag or in a hand-crafted box.  But eventually, you’ll need to cleanse stones stored in that way.  You can cleanse them by leaving them in sunlight.  You don’t need to move them to follow the Sun, either, since the strength of natural light will be enough, and having them in direct sunlight for several hours in the day will suffice.

Using Tektite

We’ll now get into the specifics of using Tektite to get the most out of tektite’s properties.

The way to use it depends upon your purpose. If your goals are more spiritual in nature, such as being more positive or looking toward a new beginning, etc.

, it’s probably best to go with meditation.

This can entail holding the crystals and telling them your intentions, including asking them for the greatest-possible clarity and results from your meditation session, is a good way to go.

However, even if you don’t establish your intentions in this way, you can embark on a great meditation session.

You may choose to arrange crystals near you, or hold them in your hands. There’s no reason not to integrate incense or scents of any kind, or even soothing music into your meditation.

If you are looking to use Tektite for the opening and cleansing of any chakra, it is best to place it on that part of the body.

You need not meditate while doing so, but yoga can be a good alternative. Depending on the part of the body, you may or may not need to be lying down at the time.

You can also place Tektite under your pillow or on a nightstand, particularly if you’re looking to better manage or control your dreams, or if trying to strengthen your psychic abilities or kundalini energy.

Medical needs can be addressed by placing the stone on a particular part of the body to ensure the right energy flow, or you can use an elixir, which you can make from steeping liquid in a mug holding the stones, then removing the crystals and drinking the tea.

Wearing Tektite

Tektite has a positively striking appearance, and wearing it in the form of jewelry will allow you to partake in both tektite’s spiritual and physical healing properties.

Let’s look at some ways to arrange this.

Pendants- You have a bit of flexibility with Tektite pendants, since they come in a variety of sizes, often quite small.

This handsome number comes with a black Tektite stone and is available with your choice of stone.

Necklaces- They really show off the elegance of Tekite, facilitating one of Tektite’s properties, its work with the Throat Chakra.

Here’s one with a small cut of Tektite in tablet shape. Coming in at 12 mm, it’s a very manageable size.

Bracelets- You have a conversation starter on your hands here–or your wrist, that is.

It’s incredibly earthy, really highlighting the savage beauty of the process that forms the gemstone.

This piece is handmade in Canada and contains raw Tektite.

Earrings- Earrings are a subtle way to take advantage of Tektite’s properties, and these have a lot of polish.

The stones are Staffordites, with a dreamy brownish hue.

Rings- Rings are a shoo-in for crystal jewelry, and this Tibetan Tektite prong ring will really make an impression.

This high-vibration stone comes with a striking silver band.

Be Creative with your Tektite

There are quite a few ways of using Tektite other than placing them around the room or making grids.

Tektite, like most crystals, is available in quite a few forms, which in turn are great for different occasions.

Thumb stones- You’ll probably want to slide your wrist into the indentation in this worry stone, which is made for that very reason.

Wrought of Tibetan Tektite, this stone will give you great calm.

Tumbled stones- link goes to “item is unavailable”

Clusters and geodes- If you’re wanting a supplement to tumbled stones–mix it up a little–this pack of 6 raw stones may prove beneficial in your spiritual life.

Tektite Wrap-Up

Tektite was formed by the impact of a celestial object. We can identify Tektite as one of many healing crystals, a stone whose vibrations can be used to help you greatly.

It is the stone of newness, of maintaining one’s poise, and remaining calm and balanced.

Remember, though, as always, we are not giving medical advice. We are aware of disagreements between the holistic community and the traditional science community.

Tektite FAQ

What does the crystal tektite do?

Tektite is a healing crystal that addresses all the Chakras and can heal a person emotionally. Common benefits are calm, flexibility and enthusiasm for new things. It can also heighten a person’s psychic abilities.

Is Tektite Lucky?

Tektite can be used as a powerful talisman for those needing a serious medical procedure. But it also facilitates social connections and one’s attractiveness, which can be just as good as luck.

Are Tektites Rare?

Tektites are readily available online and at various jewelers. It is available on nearly every continent on Earth, particularly in the USA, with its great online infrastructure for jewels and gemstones.

Are Tektites Magnetic?

Yes, this natural glass gemstone is magnetic. It was formed by a meteorite impact on Earth millions of years ago. They may not have as much of a magnetic pull as some meteorite stones, but on average, the majority of Tektites are magnetic.