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Super 7 Crystals: Discover Their Meaning and Power

Have you heard of the famous Super 7 crystals? Also known as “Melody’s Stone,” the rare crystal is a unique combination of seven minerals.

Super Seven Crystal Necklace Pendant
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Crystal healers adore this sacred stone for its power of healing and enhancing spiritual awakening.

The crystal can balance all seven chakras and bring harmony to our energy fields.

Its exalted vibration makes it a powerful tool for meditation and spiritual practices. Want to explore this crystal’s origins, properties, and applications?

Let’s embark on a journey of discovery together.

Origins of Super 7 Crystal

The gemstone can only be found in the Minas Gerais area of Brazil. It’s a unique blend of seven minerals:

  1. Amethyst
  2. Goethite
  3. Cacoxenite
  4. Lepidocrocite
  5. Smoky Quartz
  6. Rutile
  7. Quartz

All these elements are thought to have distinct therapeutic qualities that combine to form the Super Seven crystal.

It remains a highly sought-after gem for its ability to create a link with the spiritual world and enhance psychic abilities and healing power.

Super 7 Crystal Teardrop Pendant
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Super 7 Crystal’s Properties: An Overview

Stick with us to get details about Super Seven crystal’s benefits and properties:

Metaphysical Properties

The crystal can impact your existence significantly, helping with shattering limits and letting go of restrictive habits.

Its benefits come from its unique mineral combinations. Amethyst sparks creativity and boosts your cognitive ability, while Cacoxenite lifts you, reminds you of beauty within, and guides you to spirituality.

Clear Quartz helps with removing the veils that blind your intellect. Goethite builds ties between the spiritual and physical worlds, and Lepidocrocite facilitates better communication between partners.

On the other hand, Rutile calms the restless mind and Smoky Quartz heals and transforms each hurt, bringing light from every pain.

Super 7 Crystal Slices
Image by SelenicSpirit via Etsy – check this item on Etsy

Each mineral in this stone holds some unique properties. The crystal can help you comprehend your deepest feelings and promote healing benefits like Blue Opal.

It’ll help you to see what truly matters and to focus on what is important in your life.

Healing Properties

Super 7 crystal holds energy so vibrant that you can pair it with Infinite Stone for complete etheric body repair and safeguard from spirits that mean harm.

The combination works well for a spiritual awakening. This gem is like a doctor on call 24/7. It detoxifies bad vibes and improves the immune system by removing the root cause of your trouble.

Stress, inflammation, or tightness in the chest? The crystal can treat these problems and more. You can also use it in therapy for addiction since it works well in managing stressful mental states.

Super 7 Quartz Crystal from Brazil
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Physical Properties

The Super 7 crystal is an igneous rock that is available in multiple color combinations, including purple, red, yellow, and gray.

Touching the stone feels good because it has a smooth glass-like texture. Its transparency varies from see-through to opaque, depending on the concentration of mineral elements.

On the Mohs hardness scale, the crystal scores 7 out of 10, so you can easily shape it into slabs, beads, tumbled stones, and cabochons.

Emotional super 7 crystal stone’s Properties

This magnificent crystal can boost your positive emotions and supercharge your psychic abilities. It can also purify any space of negative energies, keeping your aura and vibrations bright.

Another fantastic Super Seven feature is its power to tap into wisdom from beyond the stars. It has a direct connection to the celestial Sirius system, which can help increase your spiritual knowledge.

How to Cleanse the Super Seven Stone

You can use any of the following methods:Running Water. Holding your Super 7 under running water is the perfect way to wash away negativity.

The flowing water will release unhappy memories or drained emotions trapped inside the stone. Moonlight. The cosmic powers of the moon will bathe the crystal in positive lunar light, cleansing it inside and out.

Keep it outside or on an open windowsill under a full moon for deeper cleansing. Candle Flame. A flame-based cleanse with aromatic candles is also incredibly rejuvenating for a crystal.

Natural Raw Super Seven Crystal Point
Image by DeepOrangePress via Etsy – check this item on Etsy

Waft the gentle smoke over the stone to purify the space around it. The flickering flame will remove any unwanted bad energy clogging its potential.

Earth. The earth will act as a massive crystal quarantine, trapping all the negativity and overflowing it with vitality and life force energy.

For ultimate recharging, bury the stone in potting soil or sand for a full day and night.

How to Use a Super 7 Crystal

If you want to manifest your desires, hold the stone gently and visualize what you want. As you focus on your vision, feel the certainty and optimism it naturally provides.

It will boost your confidence and create the ideal conditions for making those wishes come true. Super 7 is a master healer like Green Calcite.

So, it’s great for establishing a sense of balance and well-being amid the chaos. You can also use it to purge your chakras.

Start at the root chakra and slowly work up to the last one to clear all blockages responsible for unrest and imbalance.

Super 7 Crystal and Chakras, Zodiacs, and Planets

The stone activates all seven chakras at once. It cleanses and balances them, so you can experience wholeness and bliss.

It also aligns with the sign of Gemini, fostering playfulness and better communication into your life. Additionally, Super 7 complements the Mercury planet, bringing wisdom and intuition to all your endeavors.

Its powerful vibrations erase stagnation and numbness, opening you to spiritual realms beyond comprehension.

Where to Source the Super Seven Crystal From?

It’s important to use authentic, high-quality crystals because only a genuine Super 7 crystal can transform your life in extraordinary ways.

So, where do you buy the gemstone from? You can get them from popular sites like Etsy and Amazon or purchase from your local jewelry shop.

For online purchase, check the seller reviews from other customers to avoid getting scammed.

Different Types of Jewelry With Super 7 Crystals

If you’re a jewelry lover, you can use Super 7 in various forms to compliment your sense of style.

Super Seven Pendant with Chain

Super Seven Pendant with Chain
Image by EarthsMineralsInc via Etsy – check this item on Etsy

The jewelry piece features an 18-inch snake-style necklace and a raw Amethyst pendant. Wearing it may help open your heart chakra for giving and receiving love.

Super 7 Bracelet

Super 7 Bracelet 6mm Beads
Image by PeaPodBracelets via Etsy – check this item on Etsy

Wear this minimalist 6mm gemstone crystal bracelet if you need a spiritual power boost.

Super 7 Earrings

Super 7 Coaxenite Citrine and Amethyst Sterling Silver Earrings
Image by TreasuresOfEarth via Etsy – check this item on Etsy

The handmade earrings are crafted with stunning Super 7 beads and silver-plated bead caps. They will look gorgeous with any outfits.

Super Seven Sterling Silver Ring

Super Seven CRystal Heart Ring
Image by UniqueToMeDesign via Etsy – check this item on Etsy

The Sterling Silver ring crowns a stunning Cacoxenite Super 7 stone. You can wear it to enhance your spiritual awareness.

The Use of Super 7 Crystal As A Crystal

Well, you can even use this crystal directly if you’re not into wearing stuff.

Super 7 Palm Stones

Super 7 Crystal Palm Stones
Image by ShantiShopIndia via Etsy – check this item on Etsy

There are different types of palm stones that you can use for meditation and fidgeting. Keep them in your pocket or bag, or sleep with them for comfort

Super Seven Crystal Sphere

Super Seven Crystal Sphere
Image by ShantiShopIndia via Etsy – check this item on Etsy

Super 7 crystal spheres are playful and balanced that can help bring wholeness and harmony to your life.

You can roll a sphere on areas of pain or tension for a massage-like effect. Also, try holding them during meditation to connect to life force energy.

Super 7 Crystal Pyramids

Super 7 Crystal Pyramid
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Pyramids have spiritual meanings and assist with manifestation. Their energy is grounded yet flowing, connecting chakras for higher thinking.

You can use pyramids for grounding energy in grids or Feng Shui in your home for a specific intention.

The Takeaway

The Super 7 crystal has captivated crystal practitioners and spiritual seekers for a long time. They believe in its potential for healing and cosmic wisdom.

While scientific evidence is yet to support these claims, there’s no harm if you use it along with traditional medicines.