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Shungite Properties, Powers, Healing Benefits And Uses

If you’re carrying in some groceries and the bag in your left hand is a lot heavier than the one in your right, your back will start aching and you’ll feel about to tip over.

You’ll probably make an adjustment right then and there before you get to your kitchen.

Shungite Pendant Necklace Gold Filled Chain
Image by StardustGiftShop via Etsy – check this item on Etsy

Balance is so very crucial in our lives. We must balance our spiritual (otherworldly) and earthly lives; our yin and yang; our masculine and feminine energies.

Well, of the various healing crystals out there, Shungite has the metaphysical properties that will help you attain the best balance possible.

Learn how to use shungite to be your best self.

The Healing Properties of Shungite

Shungite, Inside and Out

Well, before we dive too deeply into all the finer details, we should give a brief overview of it, yes?

Shungite is fossilized material dating back more than a billion years. It has high carbon content with a unique appearance and texture.

The gem has a certain untamed, rustic look for those who want to go in that direction.

Interestingly enough, Shungite is known to purify water by removing poisons–including E.

Coli–from water.

Shungite’s Metaphysical Properties

Metaphysical properties are those that get to the nitty gritty of our souls and the workings of who we are.

So, how does Shungite help us in that way? Well, Shungite is all about balance.

It balances the left and right sides of our bodies, making us whole, as it were.

But it does so much more. Shungite can also open our root chakra, which gives us a clearer sense of our spiritual selves.

At the end of the day, we are just souls, just spirits. All our emotions, feelings, thoughts, ideas, goals, and our sense of what it is to live, comes from our soul, not our physical bodies.

Once we realize and accept this, we are in a much better place overall, with so many possibilities opened up to us.

We can thus kill our egos and purge negative energies through the healing powers of Shungite.

Being without an ego means not expecting things from the world, and accepting the basics, like the ability to commune with friends, family, and nature, and to do our best to make others happy.

What a weight that takes from us.

Shungite’s Healing Properties

When we talk about the spiritual properties of any stone, we often speak of healing, as in, the stone heals a certain chakra, heals hurt feelings, heals us after a trauma, etc.

That’s why it’s important to realize that stones like Shungite also have physical healing benefits.

One way that Shungite can help the physical body is by shielding us from Electromagnetic field emissions (EMF).

When you hear about a person getting cancer from living near a big electric tower, this is what it is.

These EMFs are waves of energy (in the form of heat) that can be damaging. Studies (on animals) have shown Shungite to shield from these waves.

Another of Shungite’s properties is guarding a person from sickness stemming from exposure to bacteria.

It does so due to having a lot of fullerenes, carbon allotropes. These claims have passed scientific tests.

Another of Shungite’s properties is ridding us of energy blockages, usually by cleansing our aura.

It is also an electricity-conducting stone, so that’s awesome. That property is of great use to anyone striving for intellectual growth.

Shungite crystals generally energize a person, which is why health breakthroughs can visit users.

Similarly, it is good for relieving fatigue and stress headaches. It also helps boost the immune system.

And let’s remember, spiritual health and physical health are entwined, one working with the other, so any cleansing of your spiritual life will be beneficial physically.

Shungite, Where Does it Come From?

The first Shungite ever discovered was in Karelia, a part of Russia. In 1879, not long after its discovery, it was christened Shungite after the village of Shun’ga.

Since then, the crystal has been found in Kazakhstan, Republic of Congo, India, and Austria.

It can be found in various permutations. For example, Elite Shungite differs from other varieties due to its silver color and its smoother texture.

Petrovsky Shungite has 70-80% carbon, to the 30% (approximately) of standard Shungite.

Be careful to consider variety when making a purchase of Shungite.

How To Activate Shungite

Before using Shungite or any crystal for its benefits, it’s necessary to activate it.

Use of crystals is an interactive enterprise–you don’t just buy the crystals and set them on a dresser.

The way to activate Shungite is simple and inexpensive, not requiring any prior expertise.

The chief concept behind activating Shungite is to give it your intentions.

We are outlining so many different amazing things that the stone can do for a person, and when it is time to activate it, you focus on two or three of your first objectives.

You then tell the stone your objectives, something like “I will become more mentally clear,” or “I will relieve stress and worry.”

Hearing yourself say these things aloud is helpful.

If you want to really enhance the activation of your Shungite, you can use scents or aromas.

You can burn incense or holy woods such as palo santo, then put out the flame and let the smoke pass over the crystal for a few seconds.

You can use smudge sticks, which are the perfect size and shape for the cause.

How To Cleanse Shungite

Cleansing your gemstone to accentuate Shungite’s properties and to be sure they don’t weaken should be done periodically.

Cleansing before first use is optional. When you cleanse a crystal, you purify its energies, making it newer and more effective.

To do so, you can wipe it gently with a damp cloth; you can place it in a container of rice (being sure to not eat the rice afterward); you can hold it close to burning sage; or you can bathe in it moonlight, which only entails exposing it to the moon’s rays, ideally when the moon is full.

How To Charge Shungite

Like cleansing, charging should be done periodically. It should be done roughly once per month, while a charge every week is certainly an option.

Charging is similar to cleansing. A key method is bathing the crystal in moonlight.

Another great method is to make a circle of charged crystals, and put the one in need of a charge right in the center.

It will then get its supercharged energy in the most direct way possible. There is no doubt that activating, cleansing, and charging are integral parts of the crystal experience.

User’s Guide to Shungite

We now get into what to really do with this awesome crystal once you bring it home as its proud owner.

Purifying Energy

One of the biggest benefits of Shungite is the way it can chase away bad energy.

Just being surrounded by purely positive energy is so much of life’s battle.

If you want to cleanse the energy in your spaces, seek out the places where you notice negative energy.

So, if you tend to replay old slights or traumas late at night in your bedroom, that room has negative energy.

This is where you should place your crystals after they’ve been activated and given their initial charge.

You may find that a small array of them under your bed is adequate, but there’s nothing stopping you from putting a single crystal under your pillow.

When you feel that someone is nagging you, has wronged you, or you’ve gotten into a spat with someone, the location almost certainly has negative energy.

If you’re at work and you’ve seen people bullying a co-worker or being catty and judgmental, that area contains negative energy.

Now, you may not be able to sneak crystals into common areas (ha ha) to stop this from happening, but placing them near your door, where looking out at this den of malefactors may put you in a bad mood, may be the answer.

Placing crystals in work areas–your study or desk at home, for example–is also beneficial.

Negative energy doesn’t always take the form of something truly ugly. It can be blocked or sluggish energy, and you must improve it.

Meditating with Help

Meditating is, as one would guess, one of the best ways to use crystals. Achieving breakthroughs mentally or spiritually is aided with concentration and quiet, undisturbed thought.

When you meditate with crystals, you do have them near you–or on you. If you are going for ego destruction for example, you want to stimulate the root chakra.

It’s located just under your navel, so you may opt to place a piece of Shungite there when you meditate in a supine position.

While going through your intentions while meditating, having a circle of the crystals around you, or holding them, can also be beneficial.

Other ways of taking advantage of Shungite’s properties can include:

  • Wearing it as jewelry– This is really the only way to have it with you at all times, keeping in mind that unless you have a crystal attached to a belly chain, you probably won’t have it on your root chakra perpetually.
  • An elixir- Using an elixir can be most relevant when trying to get physical healing benefits from the Shungite.  An elixir is a little beverage of water or tea poured over a shungite stone, allowed to steep for a reasonable time period, and then poured into a mug without the gemstone.  Experts claim that elixirs can help with inflammation.

Shungite Your Chakras

As mentioned, healing and opening Chakras is tantamount to achieving and receiving spiritual healing.

It’s like putting new spark plugs in a car. One of Shungite’s properties is that it has an awful lot to do with various Chakras.

Specifically, Shungite interacts most directly with the Root Chakra. This is a crucial chakra because its opening and stimulation sets off a chain reaction pertaining to the other chakras.

The root chakra itself focuses on a sense of belonging and grounding. As mentioned above, it can interact with other Chakras to help us approach our higher selves and higher wisdom.

Emotional healing isn’t to be done just by a snap of the fingers and a good, honest try.

It requires higher spirituality and the distance and clarity that comes with it.

Shungite Jewelry

Whereas using crystal grids and towers and placing them on your person are important, so is enjoying Shungite’s properties on a daily basis.

There’s nothing like carrying good energy around with you on the go.

Pendants- Pendants on a necklace can be great for the heart chakra, but a pendant for any kind of jewelry is good.

Ths pendant and noble shungite necklace allows more than a dozen choices of pendant, as illustrated in the photo.

Necklaces- Necklaces can contain pendants or beads of Shungite, keeping the energy not from both the throat and heart Chakras.

This necklace is filled with 14K gold, and you can rest assured it’s the genuine article, from Russia.

This necklace will bring grounding and protection.

Bracelets- Whether as a supplement to a pendant or other form of Shungite Jewelry, the bracelet can be a very graceful way to both receive the energy of Shungite and show off its beauty.

This model, the shungite natural healing gemstone, is as stylish as it is simple.

Enjoy its purification and healing.

Earrings- Earrings are in close proximity to the all-important crown Chakra.

This is the ultimate Chakra for higher consciousness. These earrings feature a cute bead of Shungite and are constructed of sterling silver.

What a beautiful way of integrating crystals into your life.

Crystal Shapes

You also have the option of using crystal shapes, which are larger with more energy to give, but which aren’t carried around with you to give you energy all day.

Point Tower- These small towers can be very decorative or can create a grid.

This protection tower is in the point-obelisk shape and an elegant black with wispy gray highlights.

Palm stone gives a “not available” notice

Tumbled stones- While the rugged charm of raw Shungite is impressive, the gem can change direction and become glossy, as with these Shungite Elite Tumbled Stones.

These shiny gems can give you healing energy and can be used in a variety of ways.

They also come in packs of 5 different quantities.

Heart- These Shungite hearts are romantic and cute, but can also serve as pocket stones or palm stones.

They shield the wearer from electromagnetic field radiation (EMF).

Shungite for Water- This package of Shungite stones can make a container of water taste a lot better, free of impurities.

The fullerenes in the gem help it absorb nasty chemicals that may be in your water.

Shungite Sign-off

We hope we’ve given you a wealth of information on Shungite that will help you contemplate elements of your spiritual life.

We should say that where possible, we have identified which claims of Shungite’s properties have been through studies of any kind.

However, medical problems need medical attention, and there is limited published evidence of Shungite’s medical utility.

Shungite FAQ

Is Shungite a rock or a mineral?

No. It’s a mineraloid, but let’s not quibble and just call it a mineral. But for the curious, a bunch of mineraloids can aggregate together to form a rock, to show the difference between the two.

Is Shungite a gemstone?

Most assuredly. Shungite is a mineral (mineraloid to be exact), a term that is used more or less interchangeable with gemstone; some folks refer to the stone as a gemstone to suggest a crystal, or stone with healing properties.

Does Shungite remove lead from water?

Lead is a terrible contaminant. And while Shungite does not remove it from water, it has other purifying effects by ridding water of bacteria, nitrates, nitrites, iron, manganese, chlorine, and phenol.