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Scolecite Properties, Powers, Healing Benefits And Uses

Is it time to add new crystals to your collection? Scolecite stones look like something straight from an art museum.

Scolecite has a unique structure that you will not find anywhere else in the world.

Scolecite is a stunning crystal, and its properties make it even more attractive for avid collectors.

Polished Scolecite Tumbled Stones
Image by TheStoneSanctuary via Etsy

It is known as a stone of self healing and recharging, as well as a stone that helps balance the chakra system.

Another interesting fact about this gemstone is where its name comes from.

Scolecite comes from the Greek word ‘skōlēk’ meaning ‘worm’, but worms have nothing to do with its formation!

The name refers to the way the stone behaves when heated with a blowpipe. When exposed to the heat, it curls up just like a worm!

Scolecite properties: The crystal of Heavenly Breath

We encourage you to use your scolecite as more than merely decor. It is rumored to have several properties that can help in your everyday life. These include:


The best way to describe scolecite is as ‘hydrous calcium aluminum silicate’.

It is part of the zeolite mineral family. It is one of many secondary minerals which form within the cavities of basalt, granite and syenite.

Scolecite forms long, thin prismatic crystals or needles in close proximity to one another.

These needles fuse as they grow, and can only be differentiated when polished.

White Scolecite Stone
Image by NikaWhite via Etsy

It’s a relatively soft rock with a hardness of only 5-5.5 and it has a vitreous luster.

Usually, scolecite crystals are translucent, but they can also be transparent.

Scolecite helps with mental health conditions, particularly depression and anxiety.

It helps those feeling drained to feel nourished and energized, which promotes both mental and physical healing.

Scolecite is a great stone for insomniacs. It puts the mind at ease and fights the underlying cause of sleeplessness.

It also helps with productive thinking and warding off destructive thoughts.


Scolecite has an energy that many describe as ‘sweet’. Perhaps it’s because of the self-love aspect, but it can also refer to its ability to bring its user inner peace.

Scolecite is great for people with emotional turmoil that affects the way they build relationships with other people.

It opens the heart up to love in a way that envelops everyone around you, and not just a lover.

Scolecite is a stone of non-judgment and compassion. It encourages tolerance of others and gives them the platform to express themselves freely.

Those around you will feel comfortable being themselves and supported.

Metaphysical and grounding

One of scolecite’s main properties is its high vibrational energy. This is crucial for opening the entire chakra system, particularly the heart and crown chakras.

The stone helps us find our place in the world with the emotional and mental energy to take on anything.

It also promotes a higher sense of healing, transcending the physical plain.

Origins of scolecite

A lot of the scolecite we have today comes from basalt mines in India. Usually, when basalt is mined for making roads, the workers meticulously pick the gemstone out and sell it to collectors and dealers.

It can also be found all over Europe, as well as in the U. S. A and Africa.

Rare scolecite has also been discovered in Iceland and is often transparent and larger than usual.

Types of scolecite

White is the most common color of scolecite. Next is clear. It can also come in salmon, pink, red, yellow, purple and green.

Orange scolecite is very rare.

How to cleanse and charge a scolecite crystal

Since scolecite is an “auric cleanser”, it will require more cleansing sessions than many of your other crystals.

Ideally, after every use.

Using sage is a popular cleansing and charging method for crystals. Place the lit sage in your giving/right hand.

Your giving hand releases the negative energy from the body. Hold the crystal in your left hand and move it through the smoke.

Since scolecite’s element is wind, consider using it to cleanse your crystal.

Place the stone on your windowsill on a windy day. You can also use your breath by placing your intention on it and exhaling for about 30 seconds.

Inhale deeply to receive its benefits.

Consider using herbs or aromatherapy to charge your crystals. Place your scolecite in the room and allow it to soak up the energy from the herbs or essential oils for at least two hours.

Rosemary, lavender, cedarwood and peppermint are all excellent choices. Never use water on scolecite.

The two don’t mix.

How to activate scolecite

Activate your scolecite by placing your intention on it. You want to do this in a quiet space where you can focus.

Place the crystal in your left hand. This is your receiving hand to accept the scolecite’s properties.

Say your intentions aloud while holding the stone firmly. You will know when it’s ready for use.

How to use scolecite

Scolecite is a wonderful stone for dealing with emotional stress. It boosts low moods and balances out anxious feelings.

Placing it in your bedroom or common area will elevate the mood, and help you and your partner with understanding each other.

Scolecite’s properties make it perfect for chakra work. To activate your third eye chakra, hold the crystal up to the center of your head.

This helps to make confusing dreams more vivid and will help you remember your experience.

When held to the crown chakra, it connects your consciousness to the universe.

This brings divine wisdom, self-enlightenment and peace.

If you’re going to a situation where you feel like your confidence isn’t where it needs to be, bring your scolecite in your pocket.

Its self-soothing properties help to calm you and help with focus. It gets rid of negative energy and thoughts.

Place scolecite in your office to boost your creativity. Scolecite also helps with focus and energy levels, and makes working enjoyable.

Scolecite and chakras

Scolecite is good for the upper chakras. It’s a good stone for clearing energy blockages and helping you on your spiritual journey.

This crystal is best used with the third eye chakra and crown chakra. Meditation is one of the most common ways the crystal is used for chakra work , but many people are opting for crystal jewelry these days.

Scolecite and the zodiac and planets

Scolecite resonates with Saturn. Capricorns stand to benefit the most from using scolecite.

If you are an introverted Capricorn, you can lean on your scolecite for confidence and that energy boost.

It may help with pessimism and get rid of those negative thoughts.


The best way to make sure you get authentic scolecite is by buying it from verified dealers.

You can also be sure the crystal was sourced ethically this way. You can find a wide range of these crystals on popular sites like Etsy and Amazon.

But if you have a reputable local dealer, you should explore that option.

Scolecite in jewelry vs scolecite as a crystal

Types of scolecite jewelry

If you aren’t a fan of having a bunch of crystals lying around, consider scolecite jewelry.

You’ll find a ton of options when you type in ‘scolecite jewelry’ on the internet, but first, consider these options:


We recommend a heavy pendant. The weight helps with providing a strong physical connection when the mind is in turmoil.

This stunning white scolecite sterling silver pendant is not only stunning, but can rest right at your heart chakra for positive vibrations.


Scolecite earrings help to keep your crown chakra clear throughout the day.

If you work in an intimidating office space, these scolecite dangle drop earrings will help when you’re under stress.

They will also aid with problem-solving and creativity.


We don’t recommend scolecite rings for daily wear. Consider this scolecite teardrop ring as a ‘special occasion’ piece.

But be careful, remember this only has a hardness of 5-5.5. It can be scratched on glass or even with a knife.

Scolecite crystal shapes

If crystal jewelry isn’t your thing, that’s fine. Many people prefer to keep their scolecite as natural as possible.

It could be for the best since it isn’t a hard mineral. These are some of the most popular shapes for scolecite crystals:

Palm stone

Palm stones are small enough to carry around in your pocket. Whenever you feel anxious or lose confidence, rub on this palm stone until you feel soothed.

If you have trouble sleeping away from your home, place this scolecite palm stone under your pillow.

You can also place it at the respective chakra point while meditating.

Tumbled stones

Scolecite tumbled stones are great for meditating on the go. They can be set up in your hotel room or away-office and put away easily when it’s time to go.

For house-wide use, place in a bowl in a common area with other compatible tumbled stones.


Spheres are used primarily for meditation. This scolecite sphere fits comfortably in the hands and helps with your concentration.

You can also place it on a stand in your home. It radiates energy in all directions and is the best shape for this job.


A crystal tower is best for situations where you want to focus the energy of the crystal in one direction, for example, chakra work.

Placing the point at a chakra point helps to remove energy blockages. You can use these scolecite crystal points on yourself or in the direction of someone you want to send high vibrational energy to.

Which crystals can be paired with scolecite?

Scolecite will let you know which crystals to pair it with. You should be matching similar properties for increased effects.

Some popular pairings include phenacite, danburite and moldavite. Pairing with chrysanthemum helps with focus, mental clarity and positivity.

It may also be paired with any crystal from the zeolite family. Some of these pairings include stilbite, heulandite, and prehnite.


The crystal community is growing every year. More people are realizing there might be something to it and want to get in on the benefits.

As much as we believe in the power of crystals, we caution against replacing traditional medical treatments with crystal powers.

Scolecite is a wonder to look at, and a greater wonder to work with. You deserve inner peace and mental clarity.

These are the main properties of scolecite, as well as unblocking the chakra system and promoting positivity.


What does scolecite mean?

Scolecite comes from the Greek word ‘skolek’ meaning ‘worm’. This comes from the mineral’s reaction to a blowpipe (it curls up).

Where is scolecite found?

Much of our scolecite comes from India, but it’s also found in North and South America, Africa and parts of Europe.

What family is scolecite in?

Scolecite is a hydrated calcium silicate mineral in the zeolite family.

Is scolecite a rare mineral?

Scolecite is somewhat rare in the zeolite family, but it isn’t a rare mineral. This makes it very affordable for crystal collectors.