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Rainbow Obsidian: Properties, Meaning and Healing Powers

Renown crystal healers believe that rainbow obsidian’s properties work well for healing and improving personal feelings and emotions.

Rainbow obsidian is a polished version of obsidian, highlighting the internal bands of scintillating colors, including gold, green, red, blue and pink.

Rainbow Obsidian's properties:  macramé necklace
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Because of its vibrant colors and glossy look, it’s no wonder this stone is so popular among gemstone lovers.

The name “obsidian” came from a Roman explorer Obsidius, who discovered the stone in Ethiopia.

The rainbow obsidian is known as the “Heaven Eye” because of its rainbow-like iridescent sheen.

Are you interested in learning about the rainbow obsidian meaning, its energy and its crystal healing power?

Stay with us to learn everything about rainbow obsidian’s properties.

Natural Rainbow Obsidian Sphere
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History and Origin of Rainbow Obsidian

Obsidian is a volcanic glass, naturally formed by the rapid cooling of felsic lava.

The rainbow variant is created when the internal lamellar crystallites are formed in a different structure.

The radiance of rainbow obsidian can appear subtle at first glance. It’s a muted-colored banding that becomes visible with a gorgeous luster when held under bright light.

Other names of the stone are black obsidian, sheen obsidian and iris obsidian.

However, rainbow obsidian is a little softer than black obsidian, rated at 5 to 5.5 on the Mohs Scale.

It gets scratched easily because of its softness. However, this very feature works well for making jewelry items like pendants, bracelets, earrings and rings.

Rainbow Obsidian's properties:: Double Heart
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The stone has two variations, including rainbow obsidian and sheen rainbow obsidian.

Both have the same softness and texture, but the rainbow obsidian produces a colorful shine under the light, while sheen rainbow obsidian displays bubbles of gold and silver colors that formed in the molten lava.

In ancient times, people used obsidian to make tools such as blades, arrowheads and other sharp objects.

Men in some cultures used obsidian tools to impress potential female partners.

The crystal usually comes from Mexico or the Lepontine Alps in Switzerland.

It has recently been discovered in the USA too.

Rainbow Obsidian Polished Flowers
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Rainbow Obsidian’s properties: Metaphysical and Healing

Many crystal healers believe that rainbow obsidian has metaphysical and healing properties.

Timmi Jandro and Heather Askinosie wrote about rainbow obsidian’s ability to treat everything related to the heart in their book CRYSTAL365: Crystals for Everyday Life.

Rainbow obsidian can heal a broken heart when you are recovering from losing a dear one or a past relationship.

When obsidian helps you with fighting stress and anxiety, its rainbow variant has magical effects in solacing a grieving heart.

Askinosie also praised the stone for its deep healing effects on clearing the head from overthinking and dark thoughts.

Purple Pink Teal Green Rainbow Obsidian Egg
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So, using it can help you tuck in stressful emotions and have a restful sleep at night.

The healing properties of rainbow obsidian promote better health by enhancing your body’s natural detoxifying process.

It’s particularly effective at improving the functions of some organs, such as the liver or kidneys.

It helps with any form of detoxification your body might need, in case you are drinking, smoking or living an unhealthy life.

Crystal healers believe the stone can improve cellular regeneration, and increase blood health and bone marrow function.

If you believe in chakras, use a rainbow obsidian stone to improve the base or the root chakra.

Rainbow Obsidian's properties: Antiqued Copper Rainbow Obsidian Pendant
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It’s arguably the most crucial energy point among all chakras because it helps control feelings of stability, safety and purpose.

For instance, if your root chakra is blocked, it can make you feel insecure, depressed or lost in life.

Rainbow obsidian makes you mentally strong to fight negative emotions and accelerates your healing process.

Also, a rainbow obsidian stone has secondary effects on the other primary chakras of your metaphysical body by vibrating with all color frequencies.

Therefore, it can trigger and stimulate all seven of your chakras.

Rainbow Obsidian Cabochon Obsidian Egg
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How to Cleanse and Charge a Rainbow Obsidian Stone

A rainbow obsidian stone is constantly working on cleansing and absorbing all the negative energy, emotions or toxins you come across every day, consciously or subconsciously.

Your crystals can accumulate negative energy, compromising their effectiveness over time.

That’s why recharging the crystals is necessary. It keeps the stones effective by purging their negative energies.

The recommended cleaning frequency is one every month or more if possible.

The following methods are suitable for cleansing and recharging a rainbow obsidian stone:

  • Hold the stone under running water for one minute and then dry it with a towel.
  • Submerge your stone in salt water solution or sea water (if available) for 24 hours.
  • Leave your crystal under the full moon and retrieve it the next day.
  • Put the stone over a self-cleaning crystal and let it sit for 24 hours.
  • Smudge the rainbow obsidian with sage or any other potent herb.
  • Use a singing bowl or bells to create sound. Using sound is an excellent method for cleansing and recharging the stone.

Don’t put the stone in freezing or hot water

Don’t put the stone in freezing or hot water, as that can deteriorate its structure and weaken it in the long run.

To activate the crystal, you can use a singing bowl or put it under the moonlight, sunlight or UV light.

Rainbow Obsidian's properties:: golden Obsidian Heart
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Rainbow Obsidian’s properties: How to Use a Rainbow Obsidian Crystal

Since crystal healers believe that rainbow obsidian’s properties work well for healing and improving personal feelings and emotions, it has the most powerful effects when you hold it against your own skin.

You can carry it around by wearing it as jewelry. Wearing it regularly offers more benefits than occasional use.

Placing the stone on your work desk or desk at home can keep you motivated, energetic and thus productive throughout the day.

People also use it to receive wisdom, guidance and healing from its radiating energy.

You can use this crystal for meditation, but try a few methods to figure out the right approach for you.

Many people put their rainbow obsidian stone next to other stones, which allows them to complement each other’s energies and makes their effects much more substantial.

Natural grade Rainbow Obsidian Polished Double Heart
Image by InfamousCollectibles via Etsy

This particular variety of obsidian is very effective for romance and heartache.

It can help with any form of depression, food disorder or insomnia, as it can absorb all the negative energy surrounding you.

To get more benefits, put a rainbow obsidian crystal in the bathtub when taking a bath.

Putting it under the pillow when sleeping will keep away negative thoughts and help you sleep better.

Pairing a rainbow obsidian stone with nirvana quartz, zircon crystals or melanite garnet will increase its power.

If you want to boost its protective energy, use it with fire agate, black tourmaline, smoky quartz or shungite.

Different Types of Jewelry With Rainbow Obsidian

If you want a protective aura from rainbow obsidian, wear jewelry made of it whenever you go out.

It will keep you protected from the influx of negative energy.

You can consider wearing these ornaments:

Rainbow Obsidian Pendant

Rainbow obsidian crystals are suitable for the matter of the heart. So, keep it near the heart in the form of a pendant.

It will help you to forget, forgive and heal from past relationships.

Rainbow Obsidian macrame necklace
Image by ShungiteJewelryGift via Etsy

Rainbow Obsidian Macrame Necklace

Wear a necklace made with several rainbow obsidian stones to get the crystal’s full-blown protective energy.

It will also cleanse your heart of negative emotions.

Rainbow Obsidian Bracelet
Image by TrendyBohoJewelry via Etsy

Rainbow Obsidian Bracelet

Ward off all evil spirits by wearing a rainbow obsidian bracelet. Its powerful energy creates an aura to protect from harmful sentiments.

Rainbow Obsidian and Hematite Beaded Earrings
Image by LmNtalJewelry via Etsy

Semi-Precious Rainbow Obsidian Beaded Earrings

Let good spirits whisper positive thoughts into your ear. Keep all the bad feelings away with beaded earrings.

Rainbow Obsidian’s properties: Benefits of Rainbow Obsidian Crystal Stones

Not a fan of wearing jewelry? Well, you can still get the full benefits of rainbow obsidian by using it as a crystal stone.

You can use them for meditation, bathing and under the pillow when sleeping.

Let’s see which shapes are available and what benefits they can offer:

Purple Rainbow Sheen Obsidian Palm Stone
Image by LusciousEarth via Etsy

Rainbow Obsidian’s properties: Mediation Stone

(XXRainbow Sheen Obsidian Palm Stone

Meditate with this beautiful palm stone or keep one in your pocket for 24/7 protection.

Having trouble sleeping? Put one under the pillow and enjoy sweet dreams.

Rainbow Obsidian Sphere
Image by SheilaSatin via Etsy

Rainbow Obsidian Sphere Third Eye Protection Crystal Ball

A sphere emits positive and protective energies from all sides. So, keep it at your workstation or home to get all-round protection and safety from negative encounters.

Rainbow Obsidian Heart
Image by RockingPebbles via Etsy

Rainbow Obsidian Heart Healing Crystals

A heart stone emits gentle, positive energy and connects to the heart chakra.

Protect your sensitive soul from everything that disrupts your peace.

Rainbow Obsidian's properties: Aura Obsidian Point Tower
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Rainbow Obsidian’s Properties: Create a Vortex of positive Energy

Put one in each corner of your home or office to create a vortex of positive energy flow.

It’s also good for meditation and keeping under the pillow.

Rainbow obsidian’s properties: The Takeaway

There hasn’t been any scientific proof about the positive effects of crystal stones, so take everything you read about rainbow obsidian’s properties with a grain of salt.

Many believe this stone can help ward off negative energy, increase your psychic abilities and even help heal physical ailments.

It’s not a miracle cure, but there’s no harm in believing in the healing property of rainbow obsidian and using it alongside medical treatments.

FAQs about rainbow obsidian’s properties

Is rainbow obsidian natural?

Yes, rainbow obsidian is a natural stone. Without any human intervention, it’s formed naturally by the rapid cooling and heating of lava.

Is rainbow obsidian rare?

Rainbow obsidian is not a rare crystal, and its recent discovery in the USA has made it more available.

How is rainbow obsidian made?

This mineral is usually found in lava flows. Obsidian stones are created when the lava cools very quickly.

The color layers come from the refraction of tiny bubbles and some other elements.

What is rainbow obsidian worth?

Depending on the coloration and size of the stone, it costs between $20 and $50.