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Pink Calcite Properties, Powers, Healing Benefits & Uses

If you’re seeking a healing crystal that will put your mind at ease or keep bad vibes and unproductive energy away from you, try pink calcite.

Not only is it a pretty stone to look at, but it also makes you feel good, inside and out, and can benefit the whole body.

Pink Calcite
Image by Robert Matthew Lavinsky via Wikimedia Commons

Many people confuse pink calcite with rose quartz, but they are two different crystals with different properties.

The good thing is, they work well together. So if you already have rose quartz in your collection, pink calcite is the perfect crystal to increase its benefits.

It can even help you access transformational healing vibrations.

Pink calcite’s properties

Pink calcite is sometimes called The Stone of Compassion or The Crystal of the Gentle Heart because of its emotional properties.

It is one of many types of calcite found in the world and has many applications, from purifying water in nature to creating medication.

The name calcite comes from the Latin word for lime, calx. This makes sense since calcite makes up the majority of the porous rock, limestone.

Here are some more of pink calcite’s properties:


Pink calcite is made up primarily of calcium carbonate. With a hardness of 3, it is considered soft.

It’s usually pink, but can range in color from a whitish-pink to a deeper, almost purple color.

Pink calcite gets its pink color from manganese inclusions and often has white streaks.

And, if you think pink calcite is pretty in natural light, just wait to see how it fluoresces under UV light.

Fun fact: When pink calcite contains over 30% manganese inclusions, it’s called pink mangano calcite.

Many in the crystal community claim pink calcite may benefit physical health.

This involves easing body pains, lowering blood pressure and supporting heart function.

It is also said to help the body absorb vitamins and minerals and put them to good use in the body.

Emotional and healing

Even though pink calcite isn’t a hard crystal, it holds tremendous power. Pink calcite is a Reiki stone, which makes it ideal for crystal healing and meditation rituals.

It is said to help its user relax and gain a clear mind. Not only does it help you, but it also helps those around you by making you more compassionate toward others.

For those who struggle with bottling up their feelings, pink calcite allows you to tap into emotional trauma.

This should help your mind and body heal from its effects. Whether it’s the death of a loved one, loss of a job or dealing with heartbreak, pink calcite promotes overall well being and gives the user hope.

Pink calcite is the perfect stone for boosting self confidence and promoting self love.

It is a pure loving stone that activates the heart chakra and helps with anxiety, tension and stress.

Spiritual healers also use this stone to forge stronger bonds with the afflicted and send healing vibrations.

Metaphysical and grounding

Pink calcite is a crystal you want with you when dealing with stagnant or negative energies.

When used for meditation or energy work, it clears the emotional center and promotes the flow of energy between the various chakras.

Once clear, it amplifies positive energies, making you more productive, intuitive and confident.

When used for meditation or healing work, it connects you to the energy of Quan Yin.

This allows you to reach enlightenment and experience an understanding of others.

It can also help you understand yourself, lessening instances of self-doubt and self-blame.

Types of calcite

Pink is merely one color calcite can appear as. Pure calcite is clear, and inclusions in the rock cause it to appear in different colors.

The most common colors are orange, white and yellow. Black and manganoan calcite crystals are rare varieties, along with cobalto calcite, a rare purplish type with cobalt inclusions.

Other colors include blue, green, rainbow and red.

The different colors of calcite are associated with different chakras. For example, orange calcite is associated with the sacral chakra.

This helps with energizing the body and improving creativity. Clear calcite, otherwise known as ‘Iceland Spar’, is said to clear energy blockages, help with clarity and promote higher thinking.

Pink calcite vs rose quartz crystal

Pink calcite, or pink mangano calcite, is a pink crystal with some of the same purported benefits as rose quartz.

However, that’s where many of the similarities end.

Pink calcite is more beneficial when dealing with emotional struggles. Rose quartz is more useful specifically for romantic love.

In terms of appearance, pink calcite is typically a pale pink color with white streaks.

Rose quartz is a deeper shade of pink. While pink calcite has noticeable white bands, rose quartz has white specs and spots.

These are sometimes not very noticeable or uniform.

If we’re talking about mineral composition, pink calcite is made of calcium carbonate with manganese inclusions.

Rose quartz, on the other hand, is made of silicone dioxide. It gets its pink color from titanium, iron and manganese.

Rose quartz is much more durable and has a hardness of 7. Pink calcite is soft, with a hardness of 3, and will break easily.

The former can be cleansed with water, but you should never put pink calcite in water.

Origins of calcite

Calcite is a very common rock formation that isn’t concentrated in a specific region.

This is because it makes up 2% of the volume of Earth’s crust. It was popularly used in early sculpting due to its reflective properties.

It was also very easy to carve considering the tools on hand during that time.

Fun fact: Early Viking navigators used clear calcite to find the direction of the sun on cloudy days.

Other uses of calcite include:

  • Chalk
  • Soil treatment
  • Pharmaceutical purposes
  • Construction
  • Sorbent
  • White pigment
  • Animal feed
  • Mine safety dust

Pink calcite was first discovered in Slovakia in 1864, and can be found all over the world. The largest deposits are located in: Argentina, Australia, Japan, Iceland, Madagascar, Mexico, Peru, Russia, United States

Cleanse and charge a pink calcite crystal

Sunlight energy is a great way to keep your pink calcite crystal cleansed and charged.

You may also do so by placing it on the ground or in the soil to access both moonlight and Earth energy.

Pink calcite may also be cleansed by immersing it in a bowl of brown rice.

Just be sure to dispose of the rice afterward because you don’t want to consume the negative energy.

If it’s looking a little smudged, all you need is a soft cloth to get it clean again.

How to activate and use pink calcite

Start by concentrating deeply on your pink calcite. Place your intentions on it silently to activate it.

For grounding, sit in the meditation position. Place the pink calcite in your less dominant hand to receive the grounding energy from Earth.

Pink calcite should have nothing to do with water, which means you can’t use it to cleanse or activate other crystals.

It isn’t great for infusing your water or bath with it either.

Instead, you want to use it to lift the mood in your home and balance energies.

If you feel stagnant in your career, place it in your office. Place it at your front door to trap any negative energy that latched onto you and protect your space.

As this is a stone that is strengthened by Earth and weakened by water, it is a perfect candidate for the metal element.

This strengthens the entire family, both young and old, and brings good fortune.

Pair with gray and white to amplify its effects.

When using pink calcite for meditation or healing work, you’ll want to place it at your heart chakra.

This helps to clear blockages and heal the entire body. It can also be placed at the top of the head to access the crown chakra.

This helps with psychological woes such as anxiety or PTSD, and mental clarity.

Pink calcite and chakras

Pink calcite opens up the heart and crown chakras. This will increase the flow of energy between these chakras, and through the rest of the body.

To activate, place at a spot closest to either of these chakras. Using it as a massage wand or tower is a great way to tap into these points.

Pink calcite and the zodiac + planets

Cancers listen up: pink calcite is a stone you should seriously consider interacting with.

You often find that your kindness is taken for weakness, and you’re very in tune with your feelings.

This can cause you to end up in situations where you feel taken for granted or overwhelmed with emotions.

Pink calcite helps to balance those emotions and let go of the ones that don’t serve you.

It also resonates with Libra, but can be used by all zodiacs for similar benefits.

Its celestial bodies are the Moon and Venus.

Using pink calcite as a crystal vs using calcite as jewelry

Pink calcite may be used on its own as a crystal when you’re at home or traveling.

In fact, this is the best way to use it. This isn’t a hard stone, so you want to be extra careful when handling it.

Leaving it in one place is the best way to do so, or using it only when needed.

But, for those of us who are in dire need of its benefits 24/7 can benefit more by using it as jewelry.

This includes pendants, earrings, bracelets, bangles, rings, brooches, and so on.

Pink calcite jewelry

Wearing crystal jewelry is a great way to access its benefits while you’re out and about.

But, since pink calcite is relatively soft, it isn’t suitable for all types of jewelry.

Here are some examples of how pink calcite is used as jewelry.


The best way to wear pink calcite as jewelry is as a pendant. It should sit right at the heart chakra where it can help the positive energy and healing powers flow throughout the body.

It’s less likely to bang against things this way and can be worn underneath your clothing for additional protection.

This Artisan Mangano Calcite and Faceted Prehnite Necklace addresses emotional turmoil and wards off destructive thoughts.


Earrings are another great option for pink calcite jewelry. They are a great way to tap into the crown chakra, which helps with understanding and emotional maturity.

These Mangano Pink Calcite Earrings are perfect for daily wear and highlight the physical beauty of this crystal.


Pink calcite bracelets can be beautiful, but they are at risk of cracking from accidentally banging your hand on something.

So, wear your Pink Calcite bracelet on special occasions such as when you’re grieving or dealing with emotional stresses.

You can also wear it when you’re about to walk into a situation that requires patience, understanding and compassion.

Pink calcite crystal shapes

Pink calcite crystals can come in many different shapes, but the most popular is as a heart palm stone.

This is because it deals with issues of the heart, particularly grief, compassion and heartbreak.

Heart palm stone

A Pink Calcite Heart Palm Stone is perfect for meditation. Hold it in your less dominant hand and place your intentions on it.

You can also place it in your bedroom to help overcome tension, mistrust and rifts in your relationship.

Thumb stone

This Mangano Calcite Thumb Stone is also ideal for meditation. Its thumb groove allows for a closer connection with the stone.

This helps relieve stress and anxiety, helping to soothe the user.

Massage wand

Using a Pink Calcite Massage Wand is good for tapping into the physical healing benefits of the crystal.

It may also be used during meditation to unblock chakras and promote the flow of healing energy throughout the body.

Your pink calcite massage wand can also be used to cleanse the energy within your home and your family.

How much is pink calcite worth?

Pink calcite is fairly common and can be found all over the world. You can get a good-sized tumbled stone for less than $3.

Mangano calcite is a more expensive variety, but not by much. You can spend as little as $10 on a thumb stone.


Pink calcite is a great option for dealing with grief, break up and other forms of emotional trauma.

It’s also an excellent choice for meditation and grounding. Pink calcite can be worn daily to help with anxiety and physical healing, but since it is a soft crystal, we recommend using it only as needed.

While crystals play an important role in our everyday lives, science has yet to catch up in terms of proof of effectiveness.

As such, pink calcite should not replace traditional treatments. It’s best to use it to accompany therapy and follow the advice of your doctor.

If you plan on adding pink calcite to your collection, consider pairing it with gray agate, rose quartz, amethyst and bloodstone.

Other great pairings include hematite, clear quartz, rhodochrosite and labradorite.


What does pink calcite do?

Pink calcite helps with compassion, grief, emotional distress and overall well-being.

Is pink calcite the same as rose quartz?

No. Pink calcite is made of calcium carbonate, while rose quartz is made of silicon dioxide.

Is pink calcite the same as mangano calcite?

Mangano calcite is pink calcite that has over 30% manganese inclusions.