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Peacock Ore: A Gemstone of Transformation and Creativity

A stone so lovely and colorful would have to be named after the magnificent peacock, right?

This lovely stone is actually one of the best healing crystals in the world, even if this is a recent discovery.

Raw Chalcopyrite Ring
Image by Luxezen via Etsy – check this item on Etsy

While peacocks look happy spreading their attention-getting feathers, so is this stone all about happiness and joy.

It’s all about playfulness and finding that spark of joy in just about anything in the world.

Properties of the Peacock

I bet you guessed that Peacock isn’t the official scientific–or original Latin–name for the stone.

Scientifically, it’s actually Bornite, which is a kind of iron sulfide. When this awesome stone is underground or in caves, etc., it is a copper red. Its peacock-like colors come from exposure to fresh air.

Peacock Ore: King of Crystal Healing

The properties of peacock ore that you might be most interested in are its metaphysical ones, those related to the healing act.

This can be either emotional or physical, sometimes blurring the line between the two.

Let’s start with the spiritual/emotional properties.

The chief point of peacock ore is that it sets down a great foundation. It’s not particularly easy to embark on spiritual growth if you’re full of negative energy.

That circular process explains how Peacock is so valuable–it not only protects us from negative energy, but also gives us a feeling of full joy.

Peacock Ore’s energy comes from Kwan Yin, Buddhist goddess of compassion. You often see her supple form in jewelry of figurines of Peacock Ore.

What this means is that not only will you feel compassion for yourself, but will also start to feel it toward others.

This way of looking at life is an end unto itself, a sure-fire metaphysical healer.

Another benefit of this gem of a gem is that it takes away energy blocks, which is huge if you’re meditating.

Speaking of ways in which it works with our performance, this chalcopyrite (another name for it) interacts with the Crown Chakra.

It not only cleanses this chakra and clears its blockages, but Peacock also allows the Chakra to reveal our higher selves.

This in turn allows us to know what’s really important in life, to know which things we won’t let get us down.

A person in touch with her or his higher self can’t help but drink in the joy of day-to-day living.

Physical Healing

As for healing in the “medical” sense, Peacock is of some use. One of its chief areas is one’s amorous life.

That’s because its vibration’s frequencies correspond to sexual energy and potency.

But it has other healing properties as well. It is used by home to help facilitate the absorption of vitamins and the regulation of hormones and other chemicals.

Think about how important it is for your body to receive the benefits of the nutrients you take in.

Another amazing property of Peacock Ore is that it is very beneficial to pregnant women.

It not only keeps the woman healthy, but sends nurturing energy into the womb.

Go Get Some Peacock Ore!

As far as the origins of Peacock Ore, they are found almost exclusively in porphyry copper deposits.

These come from hot liquid deposits oozing up from the ground. These deposits, though they may sound very rare, are found all over the world.

They are in the Pacific rim, North America, South America, China, Australia, even the Caribbean: you name it.

Some large crystals are in Arizona (USA) but the biggest probably come from Kazakhstan. Specific locations are the Carn Brea Mine in England and the Mangula Mine in Zimbabwe.

Unlike some other great gemstones, Bornite (remember, it’s another name for P-Ore) wasn’t used by the ancient Greeks or Egyptians.

Rather, the first historical reference to it was as recent as 1725 in what today is the Czech Republic.

It was named after Ignaz von Born, an Austrian scientist.

Polish the Peacock?

One thing you may notice about this type of iron sulfide is that it has such beautiful colors.

The stones can be found in its popular blends of red hues and blues, or in brown and amber combinations.

The colors aren’t just born on the stones, but they form. They’re formed by the simple process of oxidation, something we often see all around us.

The takeaway is that the process of polishing stones will rub off the colors, because they exist only on the surface level.

Therefore, this mineral will always be in that rustic, raw state that really calls attention to its mineral-ness.

But a lot of folks forget all about that due to the brilliance of the colors, which is where the nickname “peacock” comes from.

Using Peacock Ore for Healing

Let’s now transition into the portion of the article in which we give some specifics as to how to put Peacock Ore into use so you can gain its spiritual or physical benefits.

The first thing you have to do is cleanse and activate peacock ore. Cleansing will then be repeated from time to time, to keep the vibrations producing cleanly, while activation strictly needs doing only once.

Cleansing and Activating

By cleansing a crystal, you purify its energies, making it as effective as possible.

A stone like this, you probably shouldn’t rub with a cloth. However, many options remain.

You can place the ore in a container of rice. This will remove bad energy from the stone; yes, it does go into the rice, so throw that bad-energy rice away.

Or, you may choose to hold it near to burning sage; or you can bathe it in moonlight, which simply entails exposing it to the moon’s rays, ideally when the moon is full.

One night is enough for any cleansing.

After the initial cleanse (and a charge, which we’ll explain below), you must activate your Peacock Ore to access its best benefits.

The main component of activating any crystal is to convey your intentions to it.

We are outlining the fabulous things that the stone can do for a person, and when it is time to activate it, it’s best to focus on two or three of your first objectives.

You then speak your objectives to the stone. This may be something like “I will become more mentally clear,” or “I will relieve stress and worry.”

The stone is thus aligned properly to address your specific needs.

If you want to enhance the activation of your Peacock Ore, you can use aromas or smoke.

You may choose to burn incense or holy woods such as palo santo, then put out the flame and let the smoke pass over the crystal for a few seconds.

Or, you can use smudge sticks, which are the perfect shape and size for the job.

Charging Your Peacock Ore

Charging is actually the first thing to be done, but it also needs to be done periodically.

Charging, like cleansing and activating, is all about clearing the way for the energies to travel.

Some of the above methods, like a moon bath, apply to charging as well. But we’ll just list methods not already covered.

One of those is soaking the stones in moon water. Yes, moon water! To make moon water, start with an earthen or glass jar, preferably a pint or larger.

On a full moon–it must be a full moon–set the jar out where the moon has an unobstructed path to it.

Say an affirmation, guiding the moonlight and the water, something similar to speaking intentions with a crystal.

Bring the water inside after its overnight bath. You now have charged moon water.

Soaking your crystals in this water for hours will keep them thoroughly charged.

Burying the crystals beneath the earth is another outstanding option. Scoop out some soil and put it in a jar.

Put the crystal inside the soil and close the lid. Then lower all of this underground and cover it.

It will now be earth-charged.

Using Your Activated Stones

Now that we’ve cleansed, charged, and activated the stone, here are a couple ways to channel the metaphysical traits we’ve discussed all along.

Meditating is a very common way of using crystals for healing of any kind.

This allows you to deal, specifically, with positivity, being grounded, letting joy well within you, training yourself to enjoy the little things.

The first thing to do in meditation is to be clear on your specific goals, including which chakras, if any, you’d like to work on.

Now, once you know your goal, options include sitting upright with crystals in each hand, or lying down and placing a crystal on the part of the body that corresponds to a particular chakra you’re trying to address.

Another method is using quite a few stones to distribute their energies throughout the places you live your life.

In terms of the home, this means placing them in various areas throughout your apartment or house.

You may choose to target places where you’ve had arguments or have felt bad energy, or places where you tend to feel anxiety.

The bedroom is a fairly important place, not just because of the way Peacock Ore specifically targets sex drive, either.

It’s a good place for the energy to really reach you, particularly when you are nearing sleep and as you sleep.

Carrying stones in your pocket is also a great method. This takes the vibrations and energy of this beautiful stone with you on your daily journeys.

Put Your Peacock Ore in Jewelry

Another way to take the peacock ore show on the road is by wearing it in the form of jewelry.

Be bold and get some well-earned attention with peacock ore jewelry.

Here are some examples.

Pendants– Pendants place any healing crystal near the throat chakra, to help you present yourself with more confidence to the world.

This pendant wraps the raw Peacock Ore in wire, giving it a stout and powerful appearance.

The handmade item can be customized and they are all made to order.

Necklaces– Versatility is the name of the game with necklaces, since they can be beaded with stones, contain a few cabochons on the chain, or one pendant in the middle.

This choker is made of chalcopyrite peacock ore of a variety of blues with generous purple included too.

It has a lobster-claw closure and is 15 inches in length.

Earrings– Earrings bring the healing energy close to your crown chakra, where the interaction with Peacock Ore helps the chakra show you your higher self.

These statement earrings contain studs made of rough Peacock Ore, showing its stunning iridescence to full potential.

Rings– Rings are a way to be aware of the presence of your gemstone, which should give you a psychic lift when you need one.

This particular beauty contains a large orb of Peacock Ore in the center of the band.

The stone, specifically, contains up-cycled Chalcopyrite; includes a silver band.

Using Crystal Shapes

Our final way to have crystals in your life in the most effective way is to use crystal shapes.

These are crystals cut into meaningful geometric shapes.

Tiny chips – this crystal vial containing Peacock Ore chips is an excellent tool to enhance one’s well-being, creativity, and happiness.

Freeform– Stones in miscellaneous shapes give you ample flexibility when arranging them to spread their energies strategically.

These specimens are palm-sized and extremely vibrant. The stones average 41-55mm.

How To Sum Up Peacock Ore?

The biggest thing to remember about this gemstone is that it causes joy. It opens up a good, effective way of looking at the world; it also protects us from negative energy, giving us the kind of spirit we need to be our best selves.

We’ve outlined, above, some physical healing properties attributed to Peacock Ore.

We should add that these claims haven’t been the subject of medical or scientific studies and this article is not meant to be medical advice.

Consult your doctor with any recurring medical conditions.


What is Peacock Ore good for?

Peacock Ore has some of the best spiritual properties of any gemstone. It instills joy and enthusiasm for life. It also sparks romantic vibes.

What is the Meaning of Peacock Ore?

Peacock Ore gets its energy from the Buddhist goddess of compassion. As such it is the stone to turn to in times of need. It will flood you with a sense of joy, which gets you into the position for needed spiritual growth.

Is Peacock Ore Man-made?

Peacock Ore is a natural phenomenon formed when Bornite is heated and exposed, rather than underground. It is initially formed by hot liquid bubbling up from the ground.

What is Another Name for Peacock Ore?

Peacock Ore is synonymous with Bornite, a type of Iron Sulfide. It comes out of the ground yellowish brown or reddish brown, and when oxidized, turns into its multicolored purple colors that give it its name.