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Peach Moonstone Properties, Meanings And Healing Benefits

The first thing you should know about peach moonstone is that it doesn’t actually come from the Moon.

The Romans used to think so, and believed they would form from drops of moonlight.

Science would later tell us that peach moonstone comes from Earth.

Tumbled moonstones

If you know anything about crystals, you know belief in their properties isn’t new.

Different cultures would use them for some of the same purposes we do today.

Many of these beliefs got passed down through the ages and spread worldwide.

The properties of peach moonstone have attracted thousands of people up to this day. That must mean it possesses powerful properties anyone can benefit from.

Physical appearance is a leading reason collectors choose peach moonstone.

But its properties are just as important. It allows its users to address pressing issues in their lives. The more you know about peach moonstone’s properties, the more effective it will be.

Physical and healing properties

One of the unique things about peach moonstones is its adularescence. In other words, the crystal appears to glow from within.

This happens because moonstone is a form of potassium aluminum silicate feldspar.

NB: This isn’t the same as fluorescence, which involves UV light causing the crystal to glow.

Peach moonstone gets its peach color from the high aluminum content. Its stunning appearance, combined with a hardness of 6-6.5, make people love peach moonstone jewelry.

Some claim wearing peach moonstones can help overcome fertility issues. It is also said to boost circulation and improve immunity.

Peach moonstone is believed to have both mental and physical healing properties.

Using this crystal helps with anxiety and other mental health conditions. The stone is a mood booster and should help those who are having a hard time being positive.

Peach moonstone helps with symptoms of PMS related to mood. It is also used to manage hormonal fluctuations caused by puberty.

This crystal is good for people struggling with self-confidence. It opens them up to trusting their gut feeling or intuition.

It is rumored to help these people find balance, and trust that they are on the right path.

Peach moonstone’s properties may also help to reduce your chances of overreacting.

When things don’t work out as planned, it helps with finding peace.

Emotional properties

Peach moonstone is a stone of new beginnings. Its warm feminine energy helps with healing from past emotional traumas.

It is also good for relieving stress. Peach moonstone’s properties help those struggling with emotional intelligence.

It is also believed to teach restraint as it aids in understanding one’s feelings.

In India, it’s regarded as a “stone of happiness”, as well as a lucky stone.

It teaches patience and also increases your blessings. Peach moonstone may also have a protective role, shielding its user from harm.

Metaphysical and grounding properties

Like other moonstones, peach moonstone draws energy from the Moon. It follows the lunar cycles.

Like the Moon on a clear night, it sheds light on our life in several different ways.

It illuminates the path we should follow and makes difficult situations clear.

According to Ancient Hindu Indians, peach moonstone activates the Kundalini Serpent.

This serpent sits at the base of the spine in a coiled position. It transfers energy from the root chakra upwards to the crown chakra.

It works by combining divine feminine and masculine energy for maximum divine healing.

Like a snake, it sheds negative energy and represents transformation and rebirth.

Origin of peach moonstone

Peach moonstone is a rare type of moonstone, but there are deposits all over the world.

The largest deposits are in India, particularly in the Himalayan mountain area.

It’s also commonly mined in Australia, Brazil, Norway and the United States.

Other deposits are in Sri Lanka, Tanzania and Madagascar.

This is a crystal with a rich history. In India, peach moonstone helps to celebrate milestones and new beginnings.

Newlyweds receive it as a traditional wedding gift for luck and fertility.

In Ancient Rome, peach moonstone was sacred to the goddess of the Moon, Diana.

This had strong links to intuition, creativity and feminine energy. Other cultures used it for crystal healing of both mind and body.

Types of peach moonstone

There are many different types of moonstones. They come in all sorts of colors, ranging from opaque to transparent.

Rainbow moonstone is famous because of its play of color. Blue moonstone is abundant and easy to get your hands on.

Green moonstone is not very common, nor is clear/colorless moonstone. Moonstones can also come in silver, yellow, white or purple.

Though the name suggests this type of moonstone is only peach, it can come in a variety of colors.

Peach moonstone can appear as tan, pink or even reddish-orange.

How to cleanse and charge a peach moonstone crystal

The best way to cleanse and charge a peach moonstone crystal is with moonlight.

Place it on your windowsill or elsewhere in the rays of the Moon for at least 24 hours.

This will cleanse the negative energy the stone had absorbed, and recharge it for use again.

Some people do the same thing with sunlight, but moonlight is more effective in this case.

Since its element is water, cleanse it under running water for daily maintenance.

If you haven’t cleansed it in a while, place it inside a bowl of water to soak for at least 2 hours.

Warning: Do not drink this water. It is full of negative energy. If you want to make crystal-infused water, cleanse it before infusing it.

If you have sage or palo santo wood, consider using it to cleanse your peach moonstone.

Allow the smoke to pass over the stone for a few minutes until you’re satisfied.

How to activate peach moonstone

We activate crystals through meditation. Most crystals have multiple properties, so you need to be specific about its purpose.

This is setting your intention.

Focus on which property of peach moonstone you currently need. If you are using it to help with anxiety, repeat the phrase “I dedicate this crystal for the highest good.

I ask that it calms my anxious mind”. It’s up to you whether you want to say it aloud.

You will know when the crystal is activated.

How to use peach moonstone

Use peach moonstone for meditation, especially when you want to clear a troubled mind.

Hold it with your receiving hand and allow its energy to flow through you.

If you want to kick your chakra work up a notch, place the crystal at the sacral chakra point.

Instead of wearing peach moonstone jewelry, you can carry it around in your pocket.

This allows you to enjoy peach moonstone’s properties all day. Place it in your child’s backpack to protect him/her from harm and ward off negativity.

If you want to leave it at home, place it in a crystal bowl or on a stand in the eastern sector.

It will bring good luck to your family, especially when going through changes.

When there’s tension, sit and discuss your feelings with the peach moonstone.

The best place for this is in the southwestern sector of your home. This helps with understanding each other, especially when emotions are running high.

Placing peach moonstone under your pillow may help with insomnia. Doing this can also help with understanding complex dreams and ward off nightmares.

Peach moonstone and chakras

Peach moonstone can tap into multiple chakras.

The sacral chakra is connected to fertility and creativity. Using peach moonstone to unblock this chakra will help improve sexual performance.

It may also contribute to overall well-being and self-confidence. This crystal is also associated with the heart chakra.

As you may already know, this deals with emotions. It’s also associated with sensuality and our ability to connect with other people.

As for the upper chakras, there’s a deep connection with the third eye and crown chakras.

Your third eye chakra is connected to intuition. Once the energy flows properly, it will connect you to the big picture.

Your crown chakra is where your intelligence comes from. Using peach moonstone helps to improve emotional intelligence and comprehension.

Peach moonstone and the zodiac and celestial bodies

  • Zodiac signs: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio
  • Celestial bodies: Moon
  • Elements: water, wind

Feminine energy rules the Moon and puts us in tune with our emotions and intuition.

Peach moonstone resonates best with Cancers and Scorpios. These are both feminine water signs.

Libra is a wind sign, and can benefit from the stone’s ability to bring balance and boost intuition.


Be sure to get your peach moonstone from a reputable dealer. Look out for red signs when buying.

This includes questionable origins or the jeweler being unable to answer questions about the crystal.

Find dealers that source their crystals ethically and sustainably. Try Etsy, Amazon, eBay and similar sites.

If possible, try crystal dealers in your community.

Peach moonstone jewelry vs Peach moonstone crystals

You’re free to use peach moonstone however you like. Some prefer peach moonstone jewelry because it’s a great way to use peach moonstone’s properties on the go.

Others prefer crystals for a deeper connection as-needed.

Types of jewelry with peach moonstone

Peach moonstone jewelry is often exquisite owing to its color. Some popular types of peach moonstone jewelry include:


You want your peach moonstone necklace charm pendant to sit right at your heart chakra.

This makes it most effective when dealing with matters related to love. 20 inches is the perfect length for keeping the energy flowing all day.


If you’re trying to get pregnant, wear a peach moonstone bracelet daily. One of the main properties of peach moonstone is improving your chances of fertility.

Wear the bracelet on your left wrist to tap into your creativity. Wearing it on the right hand helps with understanding and healthy communication.


Crystal earrings are a great way to tap into your third eye and crown chakras.

You can choose between studs and drop earrings because the benefits are the same.

Expect mental health issues like anxiety or depression to become more manageable.

They may also help with stresses in the workplace, as well as your understanding.


The hand and finger you choose to wear your peach moonstone ring on are very important.

Since this is a feminine stone, you want to wear it on your left hand. Your left hand is best for healing crystals, as well as dealing with emotional stress.

Don’t wear it on your thumb since this can overburden the sensitive crystal.

Instead, wear it on your middle finger to boost intuition or your ring finger for matters of the heart.

Peach moonstone crystal shapes

The “best shape” for your peach moonstone depends on which of the peach moonstone’s properties you’ll use it for.

The most popular peach moonstone crystals include:

Palm stones

Palm stones are very popular because they are easy to travel with. They’re small enough to hold in anyone’s hand comfortably and are relatively affordable.

Use this peach moonstone crystal palm stone as a healing crystal. Carry it around in your pocket or bag daily.

Thumb stones

Thumb stones are actually a type of palm stone. The difference lies in the thumb-sized groove on one side of the stone.

This peach moonstone worry stone is particularly good at soothing anxiety.

It should provide emotional support on the go. Pop it in your pocket, and connect with it when you need its help.

Tumbled stones

Tumbled peach moonstone can come in many shapes and sizes. Use it to make DIY crystal jewelry, or place it in a crystal bowl with other good luck crystals.

Other collectors use them as decorations, stepping stones and even vase fillers!

Peach moonstone tumbled stones are also perfect for travel.


Crystal spheres emit their powers in all directions. This shape is ideal for people who plan to leave their crystal in one place in their home, e.

g. an office or living room. You may also use this peach moonstone sphere while meditating.

Eggs are like spheres, except they emit the majority of their power at the top focal point.

This shape is also linked to fertility, so if you intend to get pregnant, this is the shape for you.


A pyramid is perfect for placement in the center of a pyramid grid or bowl.

You may also use this peach moonstone pyramid for targeting chakra points. It should help to keep the chakra system balanced.


Peach moonstone is a crystal of new beginnings and good luck. Its nurturing feminine divine energy soothes its user and promotes confidence and positive thinking.

Pair your peach moonstone with pink aventurine to boost your creativity and intuition.

For healing, balance and protection, pair with amethyst, rhodochrosite or unakite.

As always, remember that there is no scientific evidence that crystals work in the way we describe.

For this reason, it is important that you don’t use peach moonstone to replace traditional medicine.


What does peach moonstone symbolize?

Peach moonstone symbolizes new beginnings, rebirth and transformation. It also represents warm feminine energy, which includes healing and peace.

Who should wear peach moonstone?

Anyone can wear peach moonstone. Cancers, Libras and Scorpios benefit the most from peach moonstone’s properties.

Is peach moonstone a real moonstone?

Yes. There are different types of moonstone, which include peach moonstone.

Peach moonstone gets its color from its high aluminum content. There’s also rainbow moonstone, blue moonstone, green moonstone, etc.

What are moonstone’s healing properties?

Moonstone has both physical and mental healing properties. This includes helping with fertility issues and problems related to the immune and circulatory systems.

Peach moonstone’s properties also help with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and self-destructive thoughts.