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Orange Selenite: Meaning, Healing Properties and Uses

Orange selenite is a beautiful type of selenite mineral.

It’s popular among people who believe in astrology and healing crystals.

Also, it’s known for connecting with your intuition while helping you make clear decisions.

Orange Selenite Pendant Necklace
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It’s a stone of transformation that encourages us to let go of the old and embrace the new.

The name “selenite” comes from Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon, who drives her chariot across the sky each night, shedding light on all she sees.

It’s a Greek word that means “the stone of the Moon,” but it has no relation to the moonstone crystal.

The name is a nod to the pale reflection it emits.

Orange Selenite Properties

Selenite comes from gypsum—a crystallized form of it, to be specific. It has a hardness of 2 on the Mohs scale, making it easy to scratch with your fingernail.

Orange selenite is a well-known variety that has internal elements crystallized in the form of tabular rods.

The beautiful orange color is the result of hematite impurities within.

Red selenite
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The Unique Properties of Orange Selenite

Except for some minor variations, orange selenite shares the properties and energies of selenite.

Selenite is transparent, and it’s believed to give access to higher realms and communicate with beings from other dimensions.

It initiates spiritual awakening and helps your spiritual body and mind climb to a higher level.

Orange selenite offers all these properties in a calmer and more controlled manner because of its heavy grounding effect.

The hematite in it grounds both physical and spiritual entities. The darker the orange shade, the stronger the grounding effect is.

Orange Selenite Tumbled Freeform Crystals
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Crystal healers consider selenite a powerful healing stone because of its high frequency energy and harmonious vibration.

The harmonic resonance restores peace and calmness, while the high-frequency vibration clears blockage from the energy path.

Selenite is believed to clear negative energy from your home, which can help you feel happier and more at peace with yourself and others.

Deborah Hanekamp, the owner and founder of Mama Medicine (an NYC-based holistic studio), suggested keeping selenite near the front door of your home.

Doing this will dismiss negative energies before they can enter the house.

Also, placing an orange selenite log in an unused fireplace can purge your entire home from negative vibes.

Orange Selenite Crystal Towers
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Health Benefits

There is no science-backed evidence about orange selenite’s metaphysical, emotional or healing power (or about selenite in general).

However, selenium, the trace element form of selenite, offers a handful of health benefits.

There is medical proof that selenium can boost your immune system, reduce heart disease risk, provide antioxidants and improve overall health.

The Origin and Types of Orange Selenite

Tracing the Origin

Miners discovered a giant selenite cave in Naica, Mexico, in 2000. The cave is enormous- expanding 980 feet below the surface level.

Recent discoveries in Morocco have made it one of the most available selenite variations.

The massive supply has also devalued its price.

People used this crystal primarily for practical purposes rather than its spiritual and other properties in ancient times.

Orange Selenite Bowl
Image by NaturesArtifactsUSA via Etsy

Because of their mirror-like appearance, Roman people used transparent selenite sheets as window panes.

They also used powdered selenite on the chariot-racing tracks for the glittering effects.

German people also used selenite as a substitute for glass panes in the Middle Ages.

Its name became marienglas for its use in safeguarding pictures of the Virgin Mary.

Orange selenite gets its unique color from hematite (an iron oxide compound).

The orange color can range from pale to dark, depending on the amount of iron-oxide impurities within the stone.

A variation of this stone is peach selenite, which is available in colors ranging from peach to deep orange.

Some varieties of this stone are also known as red selenite.

Orange Selenite Variations

There is no variation of this stone except for slightly different shades. However, it’s available in different shapes as it’s believed that each form is associated with a particular energy and healing power.

For example, crystal healers believe that wand selenite can cleanse the aura and lift blocks from static energy.

A tower shape disperses negative vibes and safeguards you from bad energy.

How to Cleanse and Charge Your Orange Selenite Crystal

Like other crystal stones, you need to cleanse and activate orange selenite to utilize its full potential.

But how to cleanse crystals? The most common cleansing method for a crystal is to soak it in rain or saltwater.

Burying underground to absorb Earth’s energy is another popular method.

Smudging with palo santo or sage sticks is standard for elaborate cleansing rituals.

If you need something quick, purify it with the flame of a candle.

Selenite has the power to dismiss negative energy. So, some people use a selenite tower for purifying other crystals.

How do you cleanse and charge an orange selenite? Well, you cannot use water because selenite will dissolve in water.

To use the sage stick method, follow these steps:

  1. Put a sage stick on a heat-proof bowl or abalone shell and light it up. The flame will go out after a few seconds.
  2. Pass the orange selenite crystal through the smoke and then put it in a bowl full of dry salt. Now, use a singing bowl to purify it with sound vibrations.
  3. Complete the cleansing ritual by soaking it in sunlight for around half an hour and then placing it under moonlight overnight.
  4. For charging the orange selenite, let it soak in sunlight or moonlight.

Some people think that selenite does not need cleansing because it can repel negative energy and amplify positive vibes.

However, crystal healers like Charlotte Grace (the owner of Yogarox) recommend cleansing selenite.

How to Activate the Power of Orange Selenite

Activating crystals allows you to make a connection between the crystal’s energy and yourself.

To do that, you will need to feed natural energy to the stone and set your intention/s.

You can activate a crystal by feeding it sunlight, moonlight, the energy of other crystals, or through prayer or meditation.

Whether you prefer to bathe your stone in sunlight or moonlight, both methods will work for orange selenite.

Red, orange, gold and yellow-colored stones are “solar stones,” so they respond well to sunlight activation.

Because of its color, this orange stone can absorb the energy of sunlight.

The stone can also recharge itself from the moonlight because of its connection to the Moon.

You can also follow this meditation method to activate your orange selenite:

  1. Hold the stone in your hand and picture it with a halo. Keep breathing in and out deeply.
  2. To set your intention/s, say it/them out loud or contemplate it/them. An example of an affirmation could be “My energy moves freely” or “I’m connected”, repeat the affirmation a couple of times.
  3. Your stone is now activated.

The Various Uses of Orange Selenite

Like with other crystal stones, people who believe in crystal healing powers use orange selenite for many purposes.

Let’s see how to get the maximum benefits from this stone’s unique ability.

For Grounding

Orange selenite has hematite, which is known for emitting intense grounding energy.

Connecting to Earth’s energy helps you find stability and restore balance in your life.

Since it establishes a connection to Earth, you will feel the energy shift during different seasons.

It will lift your energy blockage and instill more creative thinking into your head.

A crystal stone with grounding power can help unwind the body and mind on a physical level.

Hold an orange selenite in your hand during meditation to feel that your energy field is filling up with a sense of calmness.

You can also wear it as jewelry, or keep a piece in your pocket or purse.

For Feng Shui

You can harness the power of orange selenite crystal through Feng Shui practice.

It’s an excellent choice for energy transformation into your living place.

Put the stone anywhere in your home to attune your aura with higher energy and keep negative feelings like anxiety and depression at bay.

Another solution is to place the selenite in the center of your home, or you can keep it in a spot where it absorbs the moonlight.

How to Use Orange Selenite

  • Keep a stone under your pillow or nearby when sleeping. It begets lucid dreaming and helps you understand the messages more clearly.
  • Wear an orange selenite pendant around your neck to have more control over your emotions and mental clarity.
  • Put a stone in each corner of your home (or other places) to create a protective grid.
  • Meditate by holding a stone in your hand. It will help establish a connection with your higher spiritual being.
  • Dissolve a small piece of orange selenite into water and spray the mix around your body with a mist sprayer. The selenite-infused water is good for cleansing your aura, fixing your focus and clearing confusion.
  • You can also use it for sound healing. Use a selenite singing bowl and direct the sound to the affected area to treat the illness or unblock the energy.

Different Types of Jewelry with Orange Selenite

Selenite is a soft mineral, making it possible to cut and polish it into various shapes. For this reason, you will see multiple types of selenite jewelry available on the market.

Wearing orange selenite jewelry is a popular substitute for using it on chakras or meditating with it.

You will find it as necklace pendants, bracelets and loose beads. However, meditation with the stone or using it on chakras gives the best results.

Orange Selenite’s Connection to the Zodiac, Chakras and Planets

  • Chakras: Crown chakra, third eye chakra and solar plexus chakra (sacral chakra)
  • Zodiac signs: Cancer, Taurus
  • Planet: Pluto

Zodiac Signs

Selenite is linked to Taurus and Cancer zodiac signs. People born under these signs can use it as their birthstone.

Taurus people can experience a relaxed state of mind, more clarity of thoughts and more balance in their life by using an orange selenite.

Selenite will clear negative emotions and improve the sixth sense in people born under the Cancer sign.


Selenite works well in activating the higher chakras, which are the crown and third eye chakras.

Placing an orange selenite in these chakras will shift stagnant energy and connect yourself to the spirit world.

These chakras are linked to higher consciousness, divine inspiration, mental clarity and creative energy.

You can activate all these things with the help of orange selenite crystals.

Some crystal healers use the stone for activating the solar plexus chakra too.

Positioned in the stomach area, this chakra is associated with self-assurance, confidence and a sense of control over your life.

Meditating by placing an orange selenite on this chakra will help restore control over your life and bring back confidence.

It will drive away negative emotions like anxiety and create a calming effect to stabilize the chakra if it’s spiraling out of control.

Orange selenite has a connection to the soul star chakra too, which establishes a bridge between you and your past lives.

You can unleash untapped power by activating this chakra.

For higher chakras to be activated and work in full function, energy flow must go through the heart chakra.

Since orange selenite can pass energies from the higher chakras, it has the power to cleanse and heal things related to the heart.

However, you should never forget that there is no medically proven evidence about the healing powers of selenite.

If you are suffering from anxiety, depression or any other health problem, you should always seek medical advice.

Use selenite only as a supportive healing option.


Orange selenite is associated with the planet, Pluto.

The stone is seen as a crystallized form of divine light that transforms your environment into a sacred place.

It combines the metamorphosing fire of Pluto and the profound wisdom of his wife, Persephone.

Orange selenite can help you cast light on your inner self and discover your hidden potential.

It can instill self-awareness into you and make you more conscious about your spirits.

This selenite variety is also considered a karmic cleanser. Karmic cleansing is a process that purifies a person’s moral sense by seeking forgiveness from all living entities.

Meditating with an orange selenite can cleanse your conscience by promoting introspection and purgation.

Look into the Sources of Orange Selenite

Orange selenite is not a rare or expensive crystal. You will easily find it in almost all jewelry shops.

However, purchase from a business that sources its stones ethically. After all, you intend to achieve something positive from that stone, which becomes problematic if it has something ominous attached to it.

Independent sellers are a good option. But if you prefer to buy from big businesses, look for information about sustainable sourcing on their storefront or website.

Also, ask the shop or retailer about their sources.


Hundreds and thousands of people swear by the metaphysical, spiritual and healing properties of crystals, including orange selenite.

However, there is no concrete scientific evidence behind these claims.

That does not dissuade crystal lovers from using them. Also, the practices of meditation and rituals, and the placebo effects of strong beliefs are very much real.

So, there is no harm in believing in the positive effects of crystals.

You can try wearing orange selenite jewelry or keeping it in your home to see if it brings positive results for you.

FAQs about Orange Selenite

How can you tell if orange selenite is real?

Despite having a glassy appearance, orange selenite is a soft crystal. So, you can easily scratch it with fingernails or something sharp.

But the fingernail test won’t work if there is a protective lacquer on it. In that case, check if the stone is warm to touch or if it has natural impurities (like specks) inside it.

A glass stone will feel cold to touch and may have bubbles inside it.

What are the physical properties of selenite?

Selenite is a near-colorless crystal form of gypsum. It forms by crystallizing saltwater and gypsum buildup for millions of years. The crystal is mostly found in sedimentary deposits, but it’s not rare to see it in igneous rocks. Selenite has the same properties as other crystals.

Does selenite give good luck?

Selenite is good for cleansing bad energies, connecting to higher consciousness, shifting blockages to your aura, and other related benefits. If you want to attract good luck, use turquoise instead.

How do you use peach selenite?

Peach selenite is another name for orange selenite, so the usage is similar. You can use it for grounding, dispersing negative feelings, having clarity of mind, and many other benefits.