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Mookaite Properties, Uses, Meaning and Healing benefits

What are mookaite’s properties?

Well, not all Jaspers are equal. Mookaite is a simply incredible form of jasper that has an amazing variety of healing uses.

But it is primarily thought of as the stone of “here and now,” and what is more useful than that?

mookaite jasper gemstone crystal square resin necklace 
Image by Beincoe via Etsy

The stone gets its name from crystals that make it up–mookaite crystals. Because it is found in Western Australia, Mookaite Jasper is also called Australian Jasper.

It comes in lovely earth tones, like caramelly gold, amber, and shades of brown.

This rustic, yet elegant gemstone originates from Mooka Creek, which is, of course, why it’s called Mookaite.”

Mooka” means “running waters” in the language of the aboriginal people of this area.

Mookaite from the Kennedy Ranges
Image by The Childrens Museum of Indianapolis via Wikimedia

Mookaite’s Properties

We’ll divide Mookaite’s properties into various simple categories: physical, metaphysical, grounding, and healing.

Physical Properties of Mookaite Jasper

When we talk about physical properties of this Australian gem, we mean its traits that you can see, touch, etc.

Mookaite jasmine can be considered a hard stone, although it isn’t extremely hard.

It usually score roughly 6-7 on the Mohs hardness scale, which goes from 1-10.

For a reference point, a steel nail is 6.5.

In terms of diaphaneity, it is opaque, meaning that it has little to no diaphaneity, which means translucence, or the ability to let light pass through.

Mookaite has vitreous lustre, meaning reflective–looking at one, you’ll see your reflection.

Mookaite's properties: Natural Mookaite Tower
Image by Hotbeadsfancy via Etsy

Metaphysical Properties of Mookaite Jasper

Metaphysically, the “here and now” stone has a lot to offer folks in terms of peace of mind.

One of the reasons we feel the way we do or think the way we think has to do with energies.

The stone’s vibrations, according to crystal experts, shield a person from negative energy.

One of the effects of this positive energy is being grounded. That is how the stone provides “here and now” benefits.

Experts say that Mookaite works first by improving one’s self-esteem. Once your self-esteem is at proper levels, you’re better able to have a balanced approach in your life.

Only after your self-esteem has risen can the works of this grounding stone really manifest themselves.

Red mookaite jasper donut gemstone pendant 
Image by Uustonebead via Etsy

That’s because better self-esteem chases away negativity.

In place of this negativity, you will feel an energy and life force. This will feel like joy and positivity, according to the writings on Mookaite’s properties.

Basically, everything is about outlook, and those who have experienced the work of this powerful healing stone say that Mookaite allows us to see things more favorably.

When energies are more positive, it’s only natural to experience things around us in a more upbeat manner.

Further, another of Mookaite’s properties, as described in the literature, is calm and relaxation.

This is why so many people speak of Mookaite’s help with times of trouble.

Your experience with this crystal may be unique to you based on your energies and your soul–be sure to find what is working best and stick with it.

Mookaite's properties: Mookaite yellow palm stone

Mookaite’s properties: Grounding

Another property of Mookaite crystal stone is its grounding ability. The stone allows people to let the past go and live in the “here and now,” calmly realizing that only by making the most of the present can one create a positive future.

The stone helps to ground a person’s soul, mind, and body to the earthly realm.

When one’s mind is afloat or not present, it’s actually harder to be focused.

That’s why one property of Mookaite Jasper is helping one with creativity and with clear, useful ideas.

People report that they’ve benefited greatly in this regard.

Mookaite crystals

Healing Properties of Mookaite Jasper

It is hard to fully describe the many physical healing properties of Australian Jasper.

Again, it is hard to know what one’s individual results may be, but many researchers have catalogued many healing properties of the crystal.

One well-reported property of it is that it helps the immune system. This helps to chase away minor sickness and larger conditions of many kinds.

A better immune system also means restoration of tissues, longer life of organs, and better blood flow.

One can find many reports of lower blood pressure from those who’ve worn Mookaite Jasper and have enjoyed its properties.

Other conditions for which Mookaite is useful include: hernias, cystitis, water retention and glandular disorders.

While one should surely see a doctor for any of these issues, Mookaite’s properties may still prove beneficial.

Mookaite jasper birthstone is related to the birthstones for the months of September and October.

Mookaite's properties: Mookaite tumbled stones

Mookaite’s Glorious Varieties

One of the great things about Mookaite is that it comes in such a wide array of appearances.

Particular stones often have amber and caramel tones, with shades of yellow and brown.

Sometimes you’ll even see purple and red stones, or even grey.

Mookaite is formed from sedimentary rock which are in turn formed by fragments of radiolarians found in the Kennedy Ranges in Western Australia.

Cleansing and Charging

Cleansing your Mookaite crystals is fairly simple. You don’t need much in the ways of equipment or supplies.

You can wash and purify the stones with any running water. After you’ve rinsed the crystals off for one minute, place them in a container of salt water that covers them.

Soak them for roughly an hour.

After you have cleansed the crystals to purify their energies, it’s important to charge them for the proper energies and proper amounts of energies.

Yellow Mookaite Pyramid
Image by LucidDawnCreations via Etsy

A very quick and convenient way to do this is to rub the crystals in your hand.

The body heat from your hand will charge them properly. This is a popular way, and we recommend physically handling crystals from time to time.

However, there are ways of charging crystals to get certain results, and one can find guidelines for this.

Activating Your Mookaite Jasper

As the word “activate” implies, doing so is an essential step in using mookaite or other crystals.

The properties of Mookaite Jasper, as is true of any crystal, must be infused with the proper energies.

This doesn’t mean that the person is really doing anything with his or her own agency, only that we are allowing the crystals to lead us to their wisdom.

Here are the steps:

Have your crystals go sunbathing

All you have to do for this procedure is to set your crystals on a window sill or a porch–anywhere that provides good sunlight.

Sun is the method for stones that are yellow, orange, or gold: this works specially well for an Aboriginal Mother Earth stone like mookaite.

Note, however, that if one of the properties of your Mookaite Jasper is that they are closer to purple or red, you’ll need to go the route of the moon bath!

Cool, right?

Mookaite Pendants
Image by Ruggedelements via Etsy

Mookaite’s properties: Be on the grid–the crystal grid

What’s a crystal grid? Well, it requires you to have other crystals that are fully charged and ready to go–at full power.

You then place this in a grid-like pattern, a square or rectangle. In the center of this grid goes your Mookaite stones–only a couple.

(In fact,you can make a smaller grid with only one stone in the center if you want to be more meticulous).

The energy from the charged-up stones transfers to the stone to be Activated.

Remember, you’re destined to become a part of this process, as the stones’energies will enter your body and give you their benefits.

Mookaite's properties: Mookaite tumbled stones

Make your intentions clear

In the general category of activating a crystal, one concept is giving intentions to a stone.

This means communicating to the Mookaite–or other crystal–what your goals are for your spiritual interactions with it.

Because Mookaite, like all crystals, does so many different things, one must place one’s efforts in a particular direction.

According to Madison Young, owner of a Los Angeles crystals shop, you have to “tunnel that energy” into an individual or specific desired outcome.

Some folks go about this by placing the stone in their non-dominant hand and doing a sort of prayer or meditation aimed at reaching that goal.

You may place the stone onan afflicted part of your body, as the case may be, or even near you.

Focusing for several minutes will activate the stones. After all, it’s all about energies, which makes it a two-way street.

While the properties of Mookaite are exceptional and life-altering, that doesn’t mean they don’t need some help from the person.

Polished Mookaite Stone FreeForm
Image by Yellowtreecoshop via Etsy

Mookaite’s properties: Your Partnership with Mookaite

We’ve now arrived at the fun part of the article where we show you how to go about using Mookaite for spiritual and physical healing.

One can’t just be in the same room as a crystal and expect it to work magic.

Instead, it’s important to use these tools properly.

Mookaite’s properties: Grounding and Spiritual Health

Remember that Mookaite is the crystal of “here and now,” meaning that it can make you feel at peace wherever you are.

Naturally, your own bedroom, living room, office, etc. are crucial in this regard due to the time you aim to spend there.

The use of Mookaite here is easy. Find any places in the room that are dark or dingy or that are less inviting.

Mookaite's properties: Mookaite Jasper Sphere from Australia
Image by Theconsciouscrystals via Etsy

These can be places where you don’t feel at ease as much as you’d like. Place crystals here after you’ve cleansed and properly energized them.

Also place them in main areas of the room. It can be very effective–and affirming–to see the healing crystal around you.

Mookaite’s properties: Immune System and Overall Well-being

We’ve mentioned that Mookaite Jasper is a great way to strengthen the immune system.

Obviously, this has wide applications and is incredibly beneficial, since a boost in the immune system does so much good for all parts of the functioning of your body, and for healing of anything that is less than optimal.

The way to use Mookaite for this benefit is to place the stone under your pillow.

This will expose you to it for an extended period when you are at rest. At these times, your immune system is primed to regenerate, so having exposure to crystals is ideal.

Mookaite from the Kennedy Ranges
Image by The Childrens Museum of Indianapolis via Wikimedia

Mookaite’s Properties: Healing Larger Health Problems

Above, we explained that Mookaite is said to be powerful enough to help one’s blood flow and the life of one’s organs.

It is also associated with the healing of conditions like cystitis, water retention, and glandular disorders.

It’s also good for reproductive health and for use by pregnant women.

For most or all of these things, a great, creative use is to put a cabochon into a belt buckle.

Why? Well, one of the two chakras that Mookaite interacts with is the sacral chakra.

This chakra energizes a person and regulates the person’s overall wellbeing.

The reason for that is that it is located near the base of the spine, near one’s abdomen.

Thus a belt buckle works well, but you could also wear a pendant on a long chain that goes down to the abdomen.

As for other health issues like glandular disorders, water retention, cystitis, one way to address this is to use the stone as an elixir.

This means washing it and leaving it in the bottom of a glass of water overnight.

Mookaite Polished Tumbled Gemstone
Image by Crystalgemstoneshop via Etsy

Mookaite’s properties: Mookaite Won’t Shock Your Chakras

Chakras are centers of energy within your body, stacked up from head to toe.

They each work with various parts of our bodies and help us with certain energies.

Many crystals work with different chakras, and Mookaite is no exception. One of Mookaite crystal’s properties is its interactions with two chakras:

Root chakra- the red and brown shades of Mookaite work with this chakra.

Root chakra- This chakra is located at the base of the spine and connects people to the earth and to the ground, one of the main concepts relating to Mookaite.

Mookaite has a unique function for this chakra, which is to cleanse it.

Solar Plexus chakra- This chakra focuses on the abdominal area, and helps us both with our relations with ourselves and with other, giving us both stability and external power.

Mookaite also helps this chakra keep its balance.

Sacral chakra- Sitting at the base of the spine, this chakra works with sex organs and kidneys, as well as helping a person feel connected and feel uplifted. This chakra interacts with the yellow shades

Mookaite’s properties: The Zodiac, Mookaite, and You

Mookaite Jasper is associated with two astrological signs: Capricorn and Cancer.

Capricorns are known to be ambitious and hard-working. They are probably perfectionists, and push themselves and can be a bit critical.

Mookaite helps Capricorns be a bit more laid-back and more compassionate toward others.

Cancers, on the other hand, have nurturing qualities, with highly-tuned intuition.

They can often become overwhelmed because of all the energies they soak up from others, as though the suffering of others belongs to them too.

So, Mookaite hopes to ground them and allow them to let go of some of this responsibility.

Where to Get Mookaite

It’s very important to purchase all of your crystals, including Mookaite, from merchants who ethically source them.

This applies to the mining of the stones and to the crafting of the jewelry itself.

This means using practices that are good for mother earth and that treat workers justly.

The Exotic World of Mookaite Jewelry

Now that you’ve learned a lot about the fascinating properties of Mookaite Jasmine, you must be very anxious to learn about some fetching jewelry featuring the gemstone.

All major varieties of cuts and pieces of jewelry are available with Mookaite, as you’re about to see.

Let’s go through them all.

Mookaite Pendants

Whether a slice of Mookaite is all one color or a beautiful swirl of different tones, you’re going to want to let people see how beautiful it is.

There’s no reason not to throw some loveliness out into the world while growing stronger, more confident, happier, and more grounded.

The pendant need not be a cabochon, either. One alternative could be a boho style, or perhaps a square design with resin.

Another fun style is a donut-style pendant. There are many options!

Mookaite bead Bracelet
Image by Heavencrystals via Etsy

Mookaite Bracelets

It’s easy to receive the benefits of the properties of Mookaite Jasmine with a low-maintenance item like a bracelet.

It’s the kind of thing you can wear every day–just be sure to keep that crystal charged.

There are bracelets made up of many beautiful beads, plus those that are adjustable or that have cuffs.

Mookaite Earrings

If you’re more of an earring person, that’s definitely an option too. You can go the minimal route with a simple stud earring with a small stone; or dangle earrings with many small stones like a skewer provides a very unique look.

Mookaite's properties: Brecciated Mookaite Round Gemstone Silver Ring
Image by Banithani via Etsy

Mookaite Rings

Going the route of the ring will give you really good contact with the crystal, to maximize its healing in a spiritual or a physical way.

Whether you go for a cocktail ring or a smaller design, just be sure to go!

Shapes of Mookaite

The use of Mookaite in jewelry can be a bit different from use as a crystal.

It may be for a more casual user, and may or may not involve things like meditation or making intentions clear.

Naturally, if you want to wear a piece of jewelry with Mookaite just because the stone is beautiful, there’s nothing wrong with that.

There is a significance for various shapes of Mookaite cabochons and pendants and stones.

Let’s go through them:

Oval- Oval stones reduce anxiety and keep worry at bay. They can be very useful for people who have suffered childhood trauma.

Sphere-These stones push their energies out like the spokes of a wheel.

This balanced structure creates a feeling of well-being and stability in the wearer.

Pyramid- Mookaite stones of this shape emit energy from a very stabilized base.

Because the base is broad, a wearer is kept grounded on earth, even while accessing a more sophisticated way of thinking.

Freeform- Irregularly shaped–freeform–stones are quite different from the other shapes, since they don’t have a particular significance that anyone has nailed down.

They aren’t without energies, just without a well-defined significance.

Mookaite is a rare and beautiful crystal. It makes for attractive jewelry, and is associated with some very positive benefits.

It is hard to know whether or not these things are real, but we should mention that they haven’t met scientific standards of observability and reproducibility.

You should give the use of Mookaite a try if you feel you are interested, and find out how the results go.

Mookaite’s properties FAQ

How is Mookaite different from Jasper?

In short, Jasper is the family to which Mookaite belongs. Another way to look at it is that it’s created when radiolarians create sedimentary rock that in turn creates Mookaite crystals.

How can you tell if Mookaite is real?

Some clues that Mookaite may not be real include perfect symmetry, if the outside and inside aren’t different enough, and if the price is suspiciously low.

Does Mookaite give good health?

It is widely thought that Mookaite helps with the life of one’s organs and with high blood pressure.

Clearly, though, there are many factors that influence the health of parts of our bodies.

Can you put Mookaite in water?

You most assuredly can put Mookaite in water. One thing to note is that Mookaite works as an elixir, meaning that if one puts it in drinking water overnight and drink the water, that person should feel the benefits of the crystals.

What is Mookaite known for?

Probably the most famous property of Mookaite is how it makes people feel clear-headed, grounded, and happier.

It’s known as the “here and now” stone.