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Lepidolite: Properties, Uses, Meaning & Healing Benefits

Did you know lepidolite was first called lialite? If you didn’t, you’re one of many.

Lepidolite crystals aren’t the most popular in the crystal community. So you’ll be surprised to know how valuable it is to our society.

Lepidolite crystal’s properties are great for all forms of emotional distress.

Lepidolite Necklace
Image by OliviaMabrey via Etsy

It is known as a good crystal for anxiety, which an increasing number of people suffer from daily.

It is also said to bring balance where there is a lack of stability, and help with all sorts of physical ailments.

The name lialite has roots in Hinduism and is connected to the concept of divine play or creation.

All the pains, sorrows, hardships and pleasures one endures are said to be part of a divine game, sport or drama put on by the creator, Brahman.

The world’s a stage, and man’s consciousness is the player.

Others believe it got the name lialite for its lilac color. When it was changed in the 19th century, its name had a Greek origin, and came from the word ‘lepis’, meaning scales.

This is believed to be more suitable, as it represented the dragon-like texture of the stone.

No matter what we call this crystal, the properties of lepidolite remain the same.

Lepidolite’s properties: The Grandmother Stone

Besides ‘The Grandmother Stone’, lepidolite has other monikers. These include ‘The Peace Stone’ and ‘The Stone of Transition’.

This should give you a good clue about lepidolite’s properties. Let’s discuss the amazing properties of lepidolite stones:


A unique characteristic of lepidolite is its flexibility or elastic tenacity.

It will bend easily and will go back to its original shape without breaking.

Lepidolite is the most abundant lithium-bearing mineral. It is a metal used in everyday items.

You’ll find lithium in mobile phones, pacemakers and electric vehicles. Lithium is also used to treat mood disorders such as anxiety, mania and depression.


(resistance to scratching or abrasion, with 1 representing talc and 10 representing diamond)

Lepidolite is actually a form of mica. It is considered a soft mineral, with a hardness of 2.5-3.5.

This means most other minerals can scratch it. It also means extra special care needs to be taken when handling lepidolite.

Luster and diaphaneity

(used to describe how well it reflects light and its ability to transmit light)

Lepidolite has a vitreous luster. This means it is glass-like in appearance. It can also have a pearly appearance due to the presence of lithium flakes.

It’s transparent to translucent, which means all or some light can pass through it.

Some lepidolite will fluoresce, but this isn’t a defining factor in telling if it’s real.

Healing and Emotional

Since lepidolite is a purple gemstone, you can expect it to be a spiritual stone.

It is a stone of serenity, which means it calms the mind, body and soul, making the owner slow to anger.

Lepidolite dissipates negativity, promoting patience and positivity. Some compare it to the feeling of a ‘nice warm blanket’.

This stone may be useful to those in toxic relationships where emotional or mental dependency is an issue.

It is said to help the owner break free of harsh self-criticism and find confidence.

The stone is rumored to also help those struggling with empathy. This makes them more compassionate and understanding toward others.

Lepidolite is considered to be a healer of the physical body. It is believed to be good for issues relating to the immune system and the nervous system.

Claims have been made that lepidolite aids with menstrual symptoms, pains and aches.

For better results, pair with crystals green jasper or amethyst.

Overall, this is a feel-good stone. A lepidolite crystal can come in especially useful during times of great stress.

It is rumored to help those struggling with severe disorders, such as:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • PTSD
  • Dementia
  • Epilepsy
  • Clinical depression
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • ADHD

There have also been claims that lepidolite’s properties can help with overcoming addiction, but that is yet to be proven scientifically.

Note that lepidolite should not replace medical treatment. Instead, use it to complement it.

Metaphysical and Grounding

Lepidolite is supposedly great for cleansing energy. It works well at ridding negative energy and eliminating toxic behaviors.

It is closely associated with the crown chakra, along with the third eye chakra and heart chakra.

Lepidolite should clear blockages preventing the owner from achieving balance and divine connection.

Lepidolite gets the name ‘The Stone of Transition’ from spiritual healers and gurus.

They believe it dispels energies that no longer serve you. This can mean mental dependency in relationships or even struggles with substance abuse.

The result is stability, and finding a greater sense of self and place in the universe.

Thus, lepidolite is useful in a state of transition.

Origins of lepidolite

You’re likely to find lepidolite anywhere there are large lithium deposits.

It occurs in thin sheet-like formations within granite, pegmatites and hydrothermal quartz veins.

These are called “books”.

Lepidolite was first discovered in the Czech Republic in 1972. However, most of the world’s lepidolite comes from Brazil, Canada, Madagascar, Russia and the United States.

Other sources of lepidolite include Afghanistan, Western Australia, Zimbabwe, Japan, Sweden and Mexico.

It may go by names such as lithia mica, purple mica, lithionite, lithium mica and lavenderine.

Lepidolite was perhaps first used for decorative purposes. They may have also worn it in the form of talismans to keep away negative energy.

Since its discovery is fairly recent, there isn’t much we know about how our ancestors put it to use.

Fun fact: The discovery of lepidolite led to the discovery of other elements.

Once the spectroscope was invented in 1860, the first element discovered was cesium.

A year later, rubidium was discovered!

Types of lepidolite

The most common type of lepidolite is the pink variety, followed by purple and red.

It also occurs in gray, which is less common, along with yellow, orange and green.

Very rarely is it colorless.

Purple lepidolite resembles amethyst and was even called purple jade many years ago.

Pink lepidolite resembles pink quartz and other pink crystals. They both have white spots and veins, which can sometimes appear black.

Lilac is considered by some to be the perfect shade of lepidolite, as it comes in shades of pale to bright lavender.

This is due to the presence of rubidium and manganese in the rock. Violet lepidolite is lighter than the purple variety.

Yet, some consider it a higher chakra gemstone.

Yellow lepidolite is sometimes referred to as golden lepidolite. It can also appear more orange than yellow.

The presence of other minerals like green and black tourmaline also affects the color.

How to cleanse and charge a lepidolite crystal

Cleansing lepidolite involves using music from bells, chimes or singing bowls.

You may also use brown rice or the power of the moon.

Do not use any water-based cleansing methods for lepidolite. Instead, use methods such as smudge sticks or sage with smoke.

Use a damp cloth to improve its appearance.

Other crystals like selenite or clear quartz get rid of negative and unwanted energies from within the stone.

If you plan to use it constantly, keep them together. This way, your lepidolite will always be ready to use.

Use the same cleansing crystals to charge your lepidolite. Another great way to charge your lepidolite is with sunlight.

Leave it on your windowsill for about 2 hours before using it.

How to activate lepidolite

Program daily to radiate uplifting energy. Be specific when placing your intentions.

For example, if you’re having sleep issues, repeat the phrase, “I will have a restful night” until you feel at peace.

Or, “I am not emotional, I am hormonal” when dealing with PMS. Once your intention is set, it is ready for use.

How to use lepidolite

Lepidolite is used during meditation for grounding and attracting positive energy.

Some people find it useful to sit with the stone in silence to help clear their thoughts.

Place it on your nightstand to help with sleep issues related to stress or mental illness.

This can also help with PMS symptoms. If your child suffers from ADHD or other behavioral problems, place it in his/her backpack.

You can also place lepidolite in your home. It helps to balance energies and release any tension.

Place it in the bedroom if you believe there’s codependency you need to shake with your partner.

For feng shui purposes, place the crystal in the northeast sector. This will bring knowledge and stability.

Lepidolite exudes feminine energy and promotes self-love. If you want this effect, it will do well in the southwest sector.

Placing it here will also help with partnerships and marriage.

Wearing lepidolite jewelry is good for those who seek its crystal healing properties daily.

The position of the lepidolite on the body matters. The most effective piece of jewelry made of lepidolite is a pendant or necklace.

This touches the heart chakra and maximizes its benefits. If you can’t access jewelry, travel with the crystal in your pocket.

Do not attempt to make crystal-infused water with lepidolite. It is a soft rock and will dissolve, leaving toxic aluminum behind.

Instead, place it beside your water bottle to harness lepidolite’s properties.

Lepidolite and chakras, the zodiac and planets


Lepidolite is good for the crown, third eye and heart chakras. The third eye chakra is responsible for self-awareness, clarity, emotional intelligence and concentration.

It allows us to find our place in the world, and see beyond what we can currently see.

You may find you are more “in tune”, or experience what we call “gut feelings”.

This is useful when interacting with others and dealing with certain situations.

Lepidolite helps its owner to connect to the crown chakra. This will make connecting to the universe and the spiritual self easier.

It is considered a ‘cosmic connection’. This means it can help form strong, meaningful bonds that span thousands of miles.

It is also said to influence depression when unbalanced and should help with destructive thoughts.

The heart chakra is responsible for love, empathy, passion and forgiveness.

Unblocking the heart chakra boosts feelings of self-love. It also helps those in toxic situations to face reality.

Zodiac signs and Planets

Lepidolite isn’t a birthstone, but some say it’s good for Libra. It also attracts the powers of Neptune and Jupiter.

This makes it a great stone for Pisces and Sagittarius. It helps with empathy and intuition, and takes you on spiritual adventures.

Overthinking Geminis may experience peace with lepidolite, especially when it’s time to sleep.

Capricorns, known for their indecisiveness, gain stress reduction, decreased anxiety and inner strength.

When Libras and Cancers interact with this stone, they gain spiritual fulfillment, balance and intuition.

Lepidolite’s properties aren’t known to clash with any planets or zodiac signs.

Feel free to use it however, whenever.

Different types of jewelry with lepidolite

When buying lepidolite jewelry, it’s important to remember some types work better than others.

This is a soft crystal, so anything that exposes it to shock is a bad idea.

Here are some popular types of jewelry with lepidolite and what you should know about them:


A pendant is an excellent choice for lepidolite jewelry. Wear it on those days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

It offers protection against unwanted energies and triggers, sort of like a talisman.

This Lepidolite Necklace can be adjusted to sit right on the heart chakra.

This comes in extra handy when faced with emotional issues.


Lepidolite bracelets/bangles can come in different colors, from Genuine Purple to Dark Purple (nearly brown).

Note that great care must be taken when wearing them. You do a lot with your hands, so it isn’t hard to knock it somewhere and damage it.

If you still wish to own a lepidolite bangle, don’t wear it every day, and watch out!


Earrings are a much better option than bangles. They don’t come in contact with much besides your hair, and you can always pin it back.

This is a great option for unblocking the third eye and crown chakras. These Lepidolite Earrings are made with sterling silver.

They pair well with other purple crystal jewelry.


Rings have the same issue as bracelets/bangles. They’re very susceptible to damage and aren’t the best option for lepidolite jewelry.

They look very pretty, and can be had as keepsakes, but don’t expect to wear them every day.

This Golden Lepidolite Ring has all the qualities of purple lepidolite. There isn’t much difference outside of the color.

Using lepidolite as a crystal

We recommend using lepidolite as a crystal. This way, you can still access lepidolite’s properties without the risk.

And, if you wish to travel with it, you can always put it in your bag or pocket.

Here’s how most people use their lepidolite as a crystal:

Point tower

Point towers direct lepidolite’s properties through a single point, upwards and out.

This amplifies its powers and maximizes its benefits. They are also great at radiating energy when placed in a specific location in the home or office.

This Lepidolite Crystal Tower is about 4 inches tall. This makes it ideal for crystal grids and chakra work.

Palm stone

Palm stones offer direct skin transfer of lepidolite’s properties to its owner.

It has an even shape, which makes it ideal for placing under the pillow. You can also engage the respective chakras during meditation.

For example, by placing it over the heart chakra. The small size of the Lepidolite Palm Stone allows you to access lepidolite’s properties anywhere.

Thumb stone

Thumb stones are a type of palm stone. The difference is that it has an indentation for the thumb.

This is a better alternative to jewelry because it’s easy to interact with and portable.

This Purple Lepidolite Thumb Worry Stone is good for fidgeting too. It’s a great tool for the physical and mental relief of anxiety.

Tumbled stone

Tumbled stones are pretty much raw crystal chunks. They are typically used in crystal grids and bowls.

They are the perfect size for traveling. You can also turn your tumbled stones into simple jewelry, or even use them as decor.

Lepidolite Tumbled Stones come in different sizes.

Heart worry stone

Heart-shaped worry stones radiate love and positive energy. Keep it as close as possible to the heart chakra.

Lepidolite’s properties will heal your broken heart. It’s also good for low self-esteem, addiction and other emotional issues.

This Lepidolite Crystal Heart Palm Worry Stone is an ideal gift for your partner.

It reduces emotional stress and mental dependency.

How much is lepidolite worth?

Currently, the value of lepidolite cabochons is about $0.50 per carat. This is considered to be quite cheap, but it doesn’t mean it has no value.

Gem-quality specimens are still considered to be rare and exotic. When made into beads, you can pay as much as $35 per strand (sometimes more).

Even though colors like blue, gray and yellow are rarer, they’re less valuable than pink and purple lepidolite.


Use sites with independent reviews like eBay, Etsy and Amazon. These are more reliable than website reviews from online dealers.

You can be sure they are real customers. Use reputable sellers who have maintained high ethical and sustainability standards.

When in doubt, ask a friend or your local dealer.

How to tell if lepidolite is real

Because lepidolite is so cheap, there aren’t a lot of fakes out there as with other gemstones.

Plus, it doesn’t undergo any enhancements, so that’s not something you have to worry about.

The best way to tell if lepidolite is real is to check its hardness. Since it’s a 2.5-3.5, use a knife that has a hardness of 5.5.

Avoid using your fingernail since it also scores 2.5. You may use a copper coin, but the safer bet is another common object that scores higher.

Lepidolite’s properties like its color, origin and appearance may also be used.


Lepidolite restores balance, brings peace and promotes stability. Anyone can use this crystal in their lives.

Its lithium content makes it the perfect stone to accompany prescription lithium treatments.

This includes those dealing with bipolar disorder, severe anxiety, depression, etc.

Many of these benefits/effects have been felt by those of us who use crystals.

However, they are difficult to prove scientifically due to their nature. Even so, it is still a great addition to any crystal collection.

Lepidolite is a fragile crystal. It requires extra care, especially when used in jewelry.

Use a soft cloth to gently clean your lepidolite jewelry. Never use harsh chemicals or even an ultrasonic cleaner.

When pairing with crystals, be mindful of their hardness.

With that being said, opal, apache tears, rose quartz and mookaite pair excellently with lepidolite.

This list is not exhaustive. As a basic rule of thumb, pair with those that have similar properties for boosted effects.


What element is lepidolite associated with?

Lepidolite is associated with lithium, as well as cesium and rubidium.

Is lepidolite good for anxiety?

Yes. It is great at relieving tension, providing stress release and boosting confidence.

Can lepidolite go in water?

No. Lepidolite is a soft mineral that will deteriorate in water.

Where do you put lepidolite in your home?

Put lepidolite in your bedroom or bathroom. This helps with sleep issues, emotional problems and chronic pain relief.

You may also place it in the northeast or southwest sectors for feng shui purposes.