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Larvikite Properties, Powers, Healing Benefits and Uses

In the icy, volcanic regions of Norway in the year 1884, scientists stumbled upon a great discovery.

This was no ordinary volcanic rock, as its appearance was reminiscent of our very own Milky Way!

Larvikite gets its name from the region in Norway where it was discovered, the Larvik Fjord region. Since then, larvikite’s properties have spread far and wide.

Larvikite Palm Stone
Image by DesertHippieShop via Etsy

The crystal community embraces it as a stone of protection, healing and psychic guidance.

Larvikite properties

Before using this stone, it’s important to understand the properties of larvikite. This way, you can properly benefit from using the stone. Larvikite’s properties include:

Physical and Healing

As we’ve already discussed, larvikite is an igneous rock. Like labradorite and moonstone, larvikite is a type of feldspar.

From this, we get its unique shine or “schiller effect“. This is caused by tiny inclusions that reflect and refract light.

Larvikite is typically opaque, but it can also be translucent. It has a hardness of 6-7 and a pearly luster.

Larvikite is known as a brain stone. Those who suffer from learning disabilities, or have difficulty focusing and retaining information should benefit.

It helps by calming nervousness and promoting concentration. This should help to open the user up to knowledge and gain understanding.

It may also help with recovering from strokes and prevent the onset of early dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Besides improving brain function, larvikite is often used to promote youthfulness by treating skin disorders and regulating blood flow.

Larvikite has also been used to cleanse and detox the body, removing harmful toxins and boosting metabolism.


Larvikite teaches patience, something a lot of people lack. When feeling pressured by difficult decisions, larvikite is believed to help with keeping level-headed and making decisions based on facts, not emotions.

It is also said to help with self-confidence and creativity.

Those experiencing difficulty with letting go of past trauma should use this stone.

It puts the user in control of their narrative and helps to find closure. Larvikite helps with inner strength and the ability to see beyond what we can see.

Thus, allowing us to weather life’s challenges and focus on what’s important.

Metaphysical and Grounding

Larvikite is said to connect its user with the spirits of Earth and nature.

Working with this crystal is believed to awaken psychic abilities, allowing the user to experience inner visions of their past life.

Larvikite also has the unique ability to cancel unwanted spells and repel negative energy.

Some call it the Crystal of Reversing Misfortune.

Larvikite’s properties are at their strongest during a rainstorm or near bodies of water.

This is because of its water element. Many use it at this time for chakra work to unblock the root chakra and for meditation.

Origins of larvikite

Norway is the main source of larvikite, but it has also been mined in Canada and Russia.

Larvikite is not a moonstone, however, it’s sometimes called black moonstone.

It is also sometimes called birds eye granite or Norwegian pearl granite, which can be a bit misleading because larvikite isn’t granite.

This stone is sometimes used to make kitchen countertops or used on the exterior of commercial buildings.

Because it’s so popular in the world of construction, the International Union of Geological Sciences declared it a Global Heritage Stone Resource (GHSR)

Larvikite is also marketed as:

  • Pearlspar 
  • Blue pearl granite
  • Emerald pearl
  • Blue Norwegian moonstone

Fun Fact: Larvikite is the national stone of Norway. This isn’t to be confused with the national gemstone thulite.

Types of larvikite

Larvikite comes in two types: light and dark. If it is light, it can be a clear blue color or light grey; if it is dark, it can be dark blue or dark grey.

Larvikite can also appear black.

How to cleanse and charge a larvikite crystal

Since larvikite’s element is water, use this as your primary cleansing method.

One way to use water to cleanse larvikite is with running tap water. Hold it under your tap for a few minutes for a quick cleanse.

Sometimes this method may not be enough, especially when it has been working overtime to heal you and keep you safe.

In this instance, you’ll need to soak your stone for about two hours. If you have access to a lake or river, hold the crystal underwater with your hand or a mesh bag for a few minutes.

Rainwater is the most effective method for cleansing larvikite. It is the most powerful as it combines Earth’s energies with that of the heavens.

Leave your larvikite out in the rain for a few hours to cleanse and charge.

This is the best time to use it.

You may also use other crystals to cleanse your larvikite. Try clear quartz or selenite.

How to activate larvikite

You want to activate or program your larvikite in a quiet, comfortable place.

You should be able to open up your mind, body and soul to the crystal. Most crystals are activated this way, i.e. through meditation. When you feel connected, repeat the phrase, “I dedicate this crystal for the purpose of [insert intention]”.

You can also activate your crystal using the water element. The concept is the same, except you want to hold it under the water while you set your intention on it.

You may also use a crystal grid with other like-crystals. For example, carnelian, selenite and clear quartz.

How to use larvikite

Disclaimer: if you are in danger of being harmed, you need to seek help and not rely on crystals for protection.

Larvikite’s properties are great for professionals, especially those whose jobs require creativity and analysis.

Bring it with you in your pocket and feel for it at times of uncertainty. Place it on your desk when you’re having difficulty coming up with a solution.

If possible, consider moving your home office to the northeast sector of your home.

This is the sector of knowledge, relaxation and spirituality. Combine this with larvikite for clear thinking, great decision-making and independence.

Though your home is your sanctum, negative energy can still reach you. This can happen when negative energy latches onto you or your family members during the day and follows you home.

It can also be from visitors who don’t have your best interests at heart. Place it at your front door to dispel negative energies before they enter your home.

If you’re in a bad situation that you can’t escape from, for example, a toxic home life, sleep with it under your pillow.

It should protect you and keep you safe from those who wish to harm you. The stone may also help to put your mind at ease and help you to sleep better.

For crystal healing benefits, consider wearing your larvikite as jewelry. This will help to promote the free flow of energy, as well as blood throughout the body.

For skin ailments, place the larvikite in your bath and soak with it.

Larvikite is an excellent stone for meditation. It will act as an anchor for your soul while you engage in astral travel.

Meditation is also a great way to cleanse your auric field and restore balance in your life.

Larvikite’s properties: Chakras, the Zodiac and Planets

  • Chakras: Root (base) chakra, third eye chakra
  • Zodiac signs: Aquarius, Cancer
  • Planet: Earth
  • Element: Water

The root chakra, also known as the base chakra, sits at the center of our body and soul.

Here, you’ll find your primary life force. It will help you connect to the planet and promote physical healing.

This should also help you feel secure and grounded. The third eye chakra is responsible for intuition, spirituality and mental clarity.

This helps with keeping your emotions in check, as well as maintaining a sober mind.

While Aquarius is an air sign, it is known as the water bearer. Aquariuses are known for their intellect and level-headedness.

They’re stubborn and relentless in their pursuit of wisdom and wealth. With that in mind, they are often the target of naysayers and negativity.

Larvikite is the perfect crystal to offer protection while helping with their pursuit of knowledge.

As for Cancers, their intuition is their strongest trait. They easily pick up on energies in the room, which can work against their favor.

Larvikite offers protection. Cancers are known to possess psychic abilities, and using this stone offers guidance.

Larvikite jewelry vs Larvikite crystals

It doesn’t really matter whether you use your larvikite as jewelry or as crystals.

You can still access larkivite’s crystal properties. It’s all up to your preference in most cases.

We recommend larvikite jewelry for those who intend to travel with their crystals.

And, if you love its physical appearance, use it in this way to show it off.

As Jewelry


This Larvikite Pendant Necklace has an elegant and romantic look. As a pendant, it draws a lot of attention, so don’t be surprised if you get asked about it.

With all this attention, you may attract negative energies, so be grateful for its protective properties.


Wear a Larvikite Bracelet on your left hand to receive healing energy. This side is believed to be responsible for connecting you to your intuition.

If your job requires a lot of typing, it should help with your creativity and analytical skills.


Larvikite’s Schiller effect makes it perfect for rings. Wear this Larvikite ring on your index finger to connect to your intuition and for inspiration.

As Crystals


Larvikite wands are used to direct energy in a single direction. This makes it perfect for transferring energy to another person or chakra work.

A wand may also be placed in the center of a crystal grid.

Palm stone

A Larvikite palm stone is the perfect choice for people who meditate on the go.

During a stressful day, you can pull it out of your bag or pocket and call on larvikite’s properties.

Thumb stone

Larvikite thumb stones are the perfect size to carry around in your pocket.

Whenever you feel nervous or afraid, reach for one. It has a thumb-sized indentation to make you feel more connected to the crystal.


Pyramids are designed to capture energy from the universe, which it stores within its core.

This is the most effective shape for unblocking the root chakra. Place your larvikite pyramid in your home to help keep you grounded as you connect to the spiritual realm.


Source your larvikite from reliable sellers on Amazon or Etsy. You can get a decent-sized stone for about $30.

If you have a local dealer you trust, this is a good way to get your hands on it.

There are many dealers with questionable morals when it comes to sourcing crystals.

Only buy from sellers you know have sourced their crystals ethically and sustainably.


Larvikite is a protective and grounding stone. Its properties range from physical and emotional healing to activating your metaphysical self.

With this stone in hand, expect to approach life with the wisdom and courage you need to solve problems and overcome difficulties.

Larvikite works well on its own, but it won’t hurt to pair it with other crystals.

Try using it with dumortierite, apatite and diopside.

There’s no disadvantage to using crystals to connect with your spiritual self.

However, science has not proved that its other properties work. If you still wish to use crystals, use them in combination with traditional medicine.


What is larvikite used for?

Larvikite is used to dispel negative energies and protect its user. It is also said to help boost intellect and creativity, and provide emotional support.

Is larvikite and black moonstone the same?

Yes, but don’t confuse it with a ‘real’ moonstone. It is marketed as black moonstone, however, larvikite has a different composition.

Is larvikite a grounding stone?

Yes. It works closely with the root chakra to anchor your body during auric travel and bring balance to the chakra system.

What is the meaning of larvikite?

Larvikite is an igneous rock that was discovered in the Larvik region of Norway.

It is used for construction, as well as crystal healing.