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Infinite Stone Meaning, Healing Properties, and Benefits

Let’s make one thing clear: Infinite stones and infinity stones are two different things. So for the Marvel fans, sorry to disappoint. But what’s an infinite stone’s meaning?

Infinite Stone Adjustable Cord Necklace
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It is a powerful crystal, but don’t expect control over the entire universe. Infinite stone’s meaning is healing, and some call it the ‘Healer’s Stone, but that’s not all there is to it.

It acts as a protector of the etheric body and can manifest abundance for its users. Let’s learn more about the meaning of infinite stone and how you can use it in your everyday life.

Infinite stone’s meaning and properties

Physical and Healing

Infinite stone is actually a type of magnesium silicate mineral. Most people know this as Serpentine. Like other forms of Serpentine, infinite stone is relatively soft.

The opaque, green-gray crystal has a hardness of 3-6, but don’t let this fool you. Infinite stone is the most powerful type of Serpentine there is.

It has stronger vibrational energies and unique properties. This crystal protects both physical and etheric energies.

On a physical level, it is believed to counteract all types of pain. The healing energy of the crystal treats joints, muscles, and connective tissues.

It is also said to strengthen the immune system, cells, and even DNA structure. This promotes cell regeneration, healing, and general well-being.

Infinite stone’s crystal healing properties are also believed to help with digestive issues. Other uses include ridding the body of parasites and treating skin diseases.

Some even believe it can help with brain function and can treat/prevent Alzheimer’s and Senile Dementia.

Infinite Stone Natural Crystal Healing Gemstone Tower
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Infinite Stone’s meaning: Emotional

Infinite stone’s meaning is healing, so expect emotional or mental healing as well. A lot of us cope by bottling things up or pretending they don’t exist.

Infinite stone allegedly gives clarity, especially when dealing with betrayal and uncertainty. This is helpful when users need the strength needed to face problems head-on.

It is also said to be good for grief. Everyone struggles with their personal lives from time to time. Using infinite stones may be good for promoting understanding, and more importantly forgiveness.

This helps you to focus on the positive experiences, and move forward on a blank slate. With your personal life in check, you’ll be more open to good fortune and abundance.

The clarity allows you to make better decisions. It may even help you overcome hurdles in your career.

Infinity Infinite Stone Genuine Bracelet
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Grounding and Metaphysical

Protecting your aura is important. Infinite crystals are believed to provide protection from electromagnetic pollution.

They’re also said to help ground the energy field to the earth. Gurus and spiritual leaders recommend it for physical and spiritual fatigue, and with clearing any blockages of the hara line.

Once in synchronicity, you may feel a strong downward pull when holding the infinite stone. This lets you know it’s working.

Using infinite crystals during shamanic guided meditation should help you achieve higher consciousness. It may even enhance your psychic abilities.

Some say it helps to open all the Chakras, with a special emphasis on the Heart Chakra. This promotes inner peace and good luck.

Using infinite stones is believed to help users tap into their past lives. This helps with understanding the present and preparing for the future.

Infinite Stone Palm Stone
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Origins of infinite stones

Infinite stones only exist in Africa. Scientists haven’t fully figured out how this rock forms, or makes its way to the surface from inside Earth’s crust.

So, we’ll add this to the list of things science can’t explain about crystals and their metaphysical properties.

In Ancient times, infinite serpentine stones were worn as amulets. This was said to protect wearers from snake bites and help with extracting deadly poisons.

The stone was supposedly discovered in modern times by a man named Steven Rosely. It got its name after he established the infinite stone’s meaning as a powerful healer.

Types of infinite stones

Besides the green-gray variety known as Infinite stones, Serpentine can also appear as :

  • Atlantisite– Australian yellow-green to green variety with purple stichtite inclusions
  • Lizardite– common lime-green to dark yellow variety found worldwide
  • Lemon Serpentine– also known as ‘new jade’, pale yellow to yellow-green
  • Striped (Chrysolite) Serpentine- olive-green with white stripes (also known as asbestos)
  • Williamsite– translucent green variety used for ornamental purposes

Fun fact: The weak bonds holding Infinite stones together give it a snake-like texture.

Infinite Worry Stone
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How to cleanse and charge an infinite stone crystal

Infinite serpentine must be cleansed regularly because it soaks up a lot of negative energy. Smudging is a popular way to cleanse infinite stones.

Smudge outdoors with sage, cedar, sweetgrass, or whatever you have on hand. Cover the stone in smoke for at least a minute.

If you have access to fresh flowers, place your crystal in a bowl of fresh flowers for 24 hours. To charge your infinite stone, bury it under soil for 24 hours.

This is especially good for charging on a full moon. If you have large crystal slabs such as amethyst and clear quartz, place your infinite stone(s) on top for charging.

Etheric Shield Rare Infinite Crystal Bracelet
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How to activate an infinite stone

For meditation, find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed by anyone or even sunlight. Focus on your infinite stone’s meaning and control your breathing.

Empty your mind and make it a blank slate. You will know when you’re ready to receive the power of the infinite stone.

You can also activate an infinite stone by placing your intention on it. Zone in on which of the infinite stone’s properties you want to access.

For example, dealing with night terrors. Repeat the phrase aloud, or in your mind: I dedicate this crystal for the highest good. I ask that it rids me of night terrors and helps me get some rest.

Infinite Stone
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How to use infinite stones

A popular use of infinite stones is activating kundalini energy. This can be done by visualizing, chanting, and/or breath control.

The purpose of kundalini meditation is to cause the chakras to open up, from the root chakra to the crown. The user is believed to experience an awakening or self-realization.

Allegedly, this feels like a surge throughout the physical, mental, and spiritual bodies. Use it outdoors when you want to connect with spirits and fairies.

You can also be one with the spirit of nature, such as the mountains, rivers, and waterfalls. When placed under your pillow, you may find that you sleep easier, especially when you’re stressed out or in pain.

Healers tend to use infinite stones in elixirs to draw out pain. This is one of the properties of infinite stone.

Women with menstrual issues and persons with muscular pain are believed to be healed by it. The elixir combines the energy of the Infinite stone with oil or water.

Besides healing, it can be used for anointing others. For feng shui purposes, place the crystal in the Center, or the health position.

This is said to promote overall well-being, balance, and peace. When placed in the Southwest region, users may get help with strained relationships.

In pairs,it’s said to help with intimacy. Place infinite stones in your office for abundance, wealth, and good fortune.

The stone is said to increase your drive for success, and give you the energy and fortune to achieve it. Others say it improves resilience and gives users courage in the face of big risks and failures.

Infinity Infinite Stone Genuine Bracelet
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Infinite Stone’s meaning: Chakras, Zodiacs, and Planets

Zodiac: Taurus, Gemini. Planet: Earth. Element: Earth

A great advantage of using infinite stone is its versatility.

It is useful for the throat, heart, solar, sacral, and base chakras:When placed on the Throat Chakra, the stone is believed to aid communication.

This is especially useful when confronting past issues. The Solar Chakra is responsible for self-confidence, inspiration, and self-control.

When unblocked, along with the Heart Chakra, it brings good fortune, and clarity. Opening up the Sacral Chakra is said to be good for struggling relationships.

It brings sensuality and desire back where it’s lacking. It may also help spark creativity and passion for your career.

Once your Base/Root Chakra is open, it’s rumored that the stones help with etheric body repair. This allows your body to heal from the holes and tears in your etheric web.


We always encourage our readers to do due diligence when purchasing stones. As demand for crystals and gems increases, so does the need for ethics and sustainability.

It’s your duty to ensure you find verified sellers with good reputations. Infinite stones come from South Africa.

Some reputable vendors ship directly to your location from the source. Check with local dealers first to see if they can source it for you.

If all else fails, use platforms like Amazon or Etsy.

Infinite stones in jewelry vs infinite stones as crystals

Types of jewelry pieces made with infinite stone


Infinite Stone Adjustable Cord Necklace
Image by Wildwomanrockandgem via Etsy – check this item on Etsy

Crystal necklaces keep the heart and throat chakras unblocked throughout the day. Use them if you have issues with communication, particularly with a partner.

At work, it can help calm nerves on a big day. This Infinite Stone Necklace can lengthen to whichever Chakra you need the most help from.

Bangles and Bracelets

Infinity Infinite Stone Genuine Bracelet
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Wearing crystals around your wrists is a great way to harness their properties on the go. They come in different forms including round bead bracelets, cuffs, bangles, and more.

This provides an etheric shield, protecting the wearer throughout the day. You can even wear it at night to help with bad dreams.

Infinite stone crystal shapes

By now you should’ve noticed that crystals come in many different shapes. This should help you understand the best way to harness infinite stone properties:

Point tower

Infinite Stone Natural Crystal Healing Gemstone Tower
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Infinite Stone Gemstone Towers have a flat six-sided base as its stand, and extend upwards. They can come in many different sizes, and direct the energy of the crystal through a central point.

This comes in handy for healing work, as well as pinpointing chakras. You can also place it in the center of a crystal grid of like crystals to enhance their power.

Palm stone

Infinite Stone Palm Stone
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Infinite Palm Stones are flat, polished crystals. They’re so named for fitting perfectly in the palm. They’re a great way to access the properties of the crystal on the go, and can easily be slipped into a pocket.

Keep one under your pillow for bad dreams.

Thumb stone

An Infinite Palm Stone or Worry Stone is a special type of palm stone. It’s good for users who struggle with self-confidence or anxiety.

It has a groove that allows the thumb to fit perfectly into the slot. This gives the user a stronger connection with the crystal.

Tumbled stones

Infinite Stone
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Tumbled Stones are as close as some people get to raw crystals. Larger pieces of crystals are placed in a machine called a rock tumbler.

This breaks them down into smaller, irregular-shaped pieces. They’re great for crystal bowls, or even home and office decor.


Infinite Polished Gemstone Sphere
Image by Crystalgemstoneshop via Etsy – check this item on Etsy

Unlike point towers, Infinite Stone Spheres emit their energy in all directions. This makes it perfect for placing in the center of the home or a crystal grid.

Spheres are commonly used for meditation and scrying. Eggs have a similar use as spheres, emitting energy from all directions, but more powerful at the top.

They have strong feminine energy and can help with hormonal and energy imbalances.


Infinite stone is good for your well-being and is a powerful healing crystal. When treating physical ailments and mental issues, it’s always best to consult traditional medicine.

Crystal healing has yet to be backed up by science. As such, it’s considered alternative medicine. But, examples of their benefits are all around us.

Pair your infinite stone with any of the following healing crystals:

  • Seraphinite
  • Blue Lace Agate
  • Garnet
  • Chalcedony

Infinite Stone’s meaning – FAQs

What is infinite stone good for?

Infinite stone’s meaning is healing of both the mind and body. Some believe it’s an all-rounder that can help with pretty much anything.

From relationship issues to careers to peace and balance, infinite stones do it all.

Are infinite stones rare?

Not particularly. The deposits of Infinite stones are quite large, and the prices don’t reflect scarcity.