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Green Tourmaline Meaning: A Stone of Growth and Renewal

Humans have been obsessed with crystals for centuries. And who can blame us?

These gemstones are fabulous, after all. In some cultures, they were even used as good luck charms to ward off evil spirits.

Large raw green tournaline necklace pendant
Image by Ringcrush via Etsy – check this item on Etsy

And guess what? That belief still lives on today.

Tourmaline is available in various colors, from pink tourmaline to black, red, yellow, neon blue, and other shades.

The green variety, AKA Verdelite, is among the most beautiful and treasured stones.

It comes in various shades of green, from deep emerald green to shades featuring yellowish-green, brownish-green, leek green, and olive green.

Besides its stunning beauty, green tourmaline’s meaning is also significant.

Natural green tourmaline is also believed to work wonders on the heart chakra, the love center of our bodies.

It’s like a love potion in stone form, helping to heal your emotional body.

And if you want to clear out negative vibes and get your creative juices flowing, green tourmaline’s magical energy is the way to go.

But that’s not all. Green tourmaline helps you to connect with Mother Earth, establishing your relationship with the great outdoors and opening up your heart to love and self-acceptance.

So, grab yourself a green tourmaline and let the good vibes roll!

Green Tourmaline Crystal’s Properties

Green tourmaline is a beautiful, precious gemstone known and appreciated worldwide for its beauty.

Not only is it lovely, but it also has some exciting properties that make it even more special.

Properties of green tourmaline include:

Metaphysical Properties

Green tourmaline is not just a pretty stone; it has some excellent metaphysical powers that can work wonders on your physical and spiritual well-being.

Want to shield yourself from negative vibes from others and the environment?

Use this crystal. It’s like a personal bodyguard for your energy field, protecting you from all that unwanted negativity.

Green tourmaline’s meaning goes way beyond just protection. It’s also a happy-go-lucky stone, infusing its wearer with unmatched optimism and joy.

And the stone also has calming and immune-boosting powers. It’s like a soothing balm for your body, helping you relax and recharge.

Plus, it enhances the energy flow within your body and draws in those sweet, positive vibrations.

Healing Properties

The healing energies of green tourmaline properties can work wonders on your body, mind, and soul.

Whether you wear, meditate with, or carry it around, the crystal can promote balance and harmony in your body.

It can restore equilibrium in your organs, muscles, and nervous system.

And for those of you who suffer from chronic physical disease, the crystal healing power of this stone can be a game-changer.

It can help to speed up the healing process of skin and bone fractures and bruises and even prevent cellular-growth disorders.

So, next time you feel unwell, grab a green tourmaline and let its positive vibrations work their magic on you.

Grounding Properties

The crystal has profound grounding properties that help us stay balanced and connected to the world.

It helps us to stay true to our highest intentions while remaining linked to the Earth’s energy.

And let’s not forget about the deeper meaning of green tourmaline. The stone can help us reconnect with ourselves and the world, opening us to deeper understanding and new perspectives.

So, it’s no surprise that so many people who wear green tourmaline report feeling a sense of confidence and connection to the natural world.

It’s like always wearing a little piece of nature with you. And as a bonus, it can even help stimulate your creativity and increase your awareness.

Physical Properties

Green tourmaline is a trigonal crystal with triangular prismatic and columnar crystals.

It ranks 7-7.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it a relatively hard gemstone.

The crystal is a tough cookie that can handle some wear and tear. So, you can rock that green tourmaline jewelry without worrying about it getting scratched up or damaged.

The stone’s refractive index (1.610 to 1.698) is slightly lower than a diamond, but that doesn’t mean it can’t still produce a dazzling effect.

Green tourmaline is available in a whole spectrum of green shades. The chromium atoms in the stone are responsible for these color variations.

Emotional Properties

Are you feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Green tourmaline can help you find peace and tranquility, like blue calcite.

This excellent gemstone is not only beautiful but also has some pretty impressive emotional healing powers.

Green tourmaline’s meaning is about love, healing, and mental clarity. So, whether you’re struggling with a broken heart or a cluttered mind, this gemstone can help you find the clarity and compassion you need to move forward.

In addition, the crystal is known for promoting harmony in relationships. It works great for anyone who’s been fighting with their partner lately.

It encourages open communication, understanding, and trust, which are essential for a happy and healthy relationship.

History and Origins of Green Tourmaline

The green tourmaline has quite an interesting origin story. Legend states that a Spanish conquistador stumbled upon this precious stone in Brazil during the 1500s.

The story gets even more interesting then. Did you know that until the 1800s, people mistook green tourmaline for emerald because of its similar green color?

Fast forward to 1850, when scientists finally determined that green tourmaline stone was a distinct mineral species.

Interestingly, the stone’s name, often called “Verdelite,” comes from two words, the Latin word “Viridis” meaning green and the Greek word “Lith” meaning stone.

Today, green tourmaline can be found in various countries, including Africa, Myanmar, Nepal, Australia, the USA, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.

But the largest source of this extraordinary gemstone is Brazil.

Different Types of Green Tourmaline

There are several different types of this stone available. Some of them are:

Chrome Tourmaline

This tourmaline variety gets its color from chromium. It’s rare but beautiful and often found in Afghanistan, Brazil, and Africa.

Watermelon Tourmaline

This variety is named after a fruit because of its appearance. It has a pink center and green outer layer, like a watermelon slice.


This is the most common and popular variety of green tourmaline. It has various green hues, from light green to deep, dark green.

Cat’s Eye Tourmaline

Cat’s eye tourmaline is a rare variety of tourmaline that contains thin needles of parallel inclusions that, when illuminated, sparkle like a cat’s eye.

While this type of tourmaline can come in various colors and styles, green tourmaline is the most common.

How to Cleanse, Charge, and Activate a Green Tourmaline Crystal

Green tourmaline’s meaning is associated with love, healing, and mental clarity, and keeping your crystal clean is essential to maintain its positive energy.

Cleaning Method

To cleanse your green tourmaline crystal, place it in a solution of salt and water.

Leave the stone submerged for 2-3 hours, making sure it is completely covered.

After the time is up, rinse it with clear water, removing all the salt residue.

To dry your green tourmaline crystal, gently pat it with a cloth and let it air dry.

You can also use warm water and soap to clean the green tourmaline. The process is the same as cleaning a blue opal.

Mix a mild, non-abrasive soap with warm water. For best results, use a soft toothbrush or cotton swab to gently scrub the surface of the crystal with the soap mixture.

Never use steam and ultrasonic cleaners to clean tourmaline stone because they can crack it.

Charging Method

Place the crystal under the sun or moon. You can do this with any crystal, but it’s particularly beneficial to green tourmaline.

Place your crystal under direct sunlight or moonlight and keep it there for up to 24 hours.

You can also bury your crystal and stand barefoot on the ground or soil. Focus on your crystal and feel it connect to the Earth’s energy.

You can also wrap your crystal in cloth and place it on the ground.

Activation Method

Green tourmaline’s meaning is associated with compassion, understanding, and harmony.

So, meditating with it can fully activate its healing energy.

Hold your green tourmaline crystal, sit comfortably with your eyes closed, and take deep breaths.

Visualize your crystal filling up with pure light, and imagine all the negativity in the world banished.

Feel the crystal’s high vibration and a solid connection to it.

Green Tourmaline’s Meaning: How to Use the Stone

Using green tourmaline in your everyday life can be an excellent way to elevate your spiritual and physical well-being while connecting to the natural forces and energies of the universe.

Here are some ways to incorporate the crystal into your life:

Wear It As Jewelry

You can wear green tourmaline as a pendant or bracelet to increase its benefits.

This way, the crystal can be with you everywhere you go.

Place It Around Your Home and Office

Green tourmaline is excellent for clearing negative energy and creating a calming atmosphere.

Place the crystal in the corners of any room that feels heavy or drains your energy.

Carry It With You

Keep a piece of green tourmaline in your pocket or purse and carry it wherever you go.

You will get the benefits from its calming and protective vibes.

Place It In Your Bed at Night

Many people place green tourmalines around their beds at night and wake up refreshed and energized.

The stone can help guard against psychic dreams. It also helps with remembering the good dreams when you wake up.

At Your Front Door

The front door is the gateway to opportunities, endless potential, and negative energy.

Use a green tourmaline at your front door to place it around the door frame.

This will act as a shield to keep out harmful energies while allowing positive vibrations to enter your home.

Green Tourmaline and Chakras, Zodiacs, and Planets

Green tourmaline is said to activate and balance the heart chakra. Opening it enables us to connect with the spirit and open to new levels of our inner self.

This helps us access faith, unconditional love, and compassion.

This stone is primarily connected to two zodiac signs, Libra and Capricorn.

Libra, will give you the harsh truth but kind. Those endowed with a Capricorn birth sign are said to be honest and straightforward.

Vedic astrology connects the stone to Mercury, the planetary ruler of intelligence, communication, and the transmission of spiritual knowledge.

The Source of Green Tourmaline

Looking to purchase a green tourmaline? There are a few places to look into.

If you prefer to see the stone in person, head to your local jewelry store.

Most stores carry green tourmaline in various shades and sizes, and you can even have them set into a piece of jewelry on the spot.

If you’re more of an online shopper, you can find green tourmaline on popular websites like Amazon and Etsy.

Just read the reviews carefully and check the seller’s ratings before purchasing.

Remember, not all green tourmalines are created equal. When choosing a stone, consider its quality, color, and clarity.

A high-quality gemstone with a rich, vivid color and minimal inclusions will have a higher value than a lower-quality one.

Different Types of Jewelry with Green Tourmaline

For those looking to add a pop of color and glam to their jewelry collection, green tourmaline jewelry is a perfect choice.

From earrings to pendants, necklaces, rings, and even bracelets, different types of jewelry adorned with green tourmaline.

Large Raw Green Tourmaline Necklace

Whether you prefer a delicate drop or a bold statement piece, green tourmaline pendants are the perfect addition to any outfit.

This handmade item captures the eye and adds a sparkle to your look.

Green Tourmaline Solitaire Slide Necklace

Give your neckline a unique style with a green tourmaline necklace. The jewel is perfect for any occasion and can be dressed up or kept casual, depending on what look you’re going for.

Green Olive Tourmaline Bangles

You can’t go wrong with a colorful green tourmaline bangle for something edgy and modern.

Whether you wear it alone or layer it with other gemstones, like angelite jewelry, this piece will turn heads.

Green Gem Tourmaline Genuine Bracelet

Make a statement with a stunning green tourmaline bracelet. Not only is this piece a great way to accessorize your look, but it’s also a subtle yet stylish way to show off your favorite gemstone.

Light Green Tourmaline Dangle Earrings

A pair of simple studs or an overstated drop earring can add just the right amount of sparkle to any look.

This exquisite chandelier design gives your face a touch of on-trend glamor.

Use of Green Tourmaline as a Crystal

Green tourmaline can be used in various shapes like point towers, palm stones, tumbled stones, spheres, freeform, and raw crystals.

Each of these forms transmits the energy of green tourmaline in different ways and provides different therapeutic outcomes.

Dark Green Tourmaline Crystal Tower

Since it is a long, thin piece, it can help to excavate deeply rooted issues while providing healing and clarity to the user.

Place it on the front entrance of your home to increase protection.

Unique Green Tourmaline Palm Stones

Place it at the center of your home to protect your house from negative energy.

Tumbled Stones

These stones can be placed around your house to create positive energy, gently dispersing its metaphysical powers.

Natural Green Tourmaline Spheres

This form of green tourmaline is perfect for manifesting wealth, abundance, and prosperity.

Place it in the home, office, or anywhere that needs an energy boost.

Green Tourmaline Freeform Stone

Freeforms enable energy to flow freely and are perfect for cleansing and energizing a large area.

Place it in the center of a room to activate overwhelming positive energy.

Key Takeaway

Green tourmaline’s meaning goes beyond aesthetics. It’s a stone that represents strength, courage, and vitality.

Its color radiates life force and positive energy, making it a popular choice for meditation and healing practices.

Although many people believe in its healing powers, there isn’t any scientific proof of green tourmaline’s benefits.

It doesn’t hurt to try using this crystal but use it alongside traditional medicine rather than as an alternative.

Green tourmaline may be the key if you’re struggling to connect with your innermost thoughts and feelings.

Its vibrancy and charm can provide valuable insights into what’s happening inside you.

FAQs about Green Tourmaline

What is green tourmaline good for?

Green tourmaline is known for bringing balance and harmony, creating a positive energy flow. It can help open and clear the heart chakra and lower stress levels while clearing the mind of negative thoughts.

Can a green tourmaline be worn every day?

Yes, green tourmaline can be worn every day. However, many crystal healers suggest not wearing it on Tuesday and Saturday.

Who should wear a green tourmaline?

Anyone can benefit from wearing a green tourmaline. However, it’s best suited for those who practice meditation and spiritual pursuits and those working on self-development.

Is green tourmaline protective?

Yes, green tourmaline is believed to provide protection from negative energies and foster physical and emotional security.