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Green jasper: properties, meaning and healing benefits

Jasper is one of the best crystal gemstones for stress and promoting peace.

It comes in different colors like blue, red, black, brown and orange, but green jasper is an all-time favorite.

Green jasper has amazing metaphysical and healing properties. When used properly, it can transform your life.

Green Imperial Jasper Pendant
Image by BonBonStones via Etsy

Green jasper exudes positive energy. It can be worn as jewelry or used as stones for meditation and spiritual development.

If you’re interested in green jasper, it helps to know more about its background.

You should also have a good idea of how to harness its power, and what it’s worth.

Green jasper: The rain bringer

Some say the name ‘jasper’ comes from the French word ‘jasper’, which means ‘speckled or spotted stone’.

Others believe we got the name from the Greek word ‘iaspis’, which means ‘agate’.

There’s also the Hebrew term ‘jashpeh’ and the Assyrian term ‘yasphu’, which others credit.

This all makes sense because it has been used by many cultures over the years.

Our ancestors used green jasper to bring rain to their villages. This is how it got the nickname “The rain bringer”.

Green jasper was worn as talismans or necklaces by Native Americans. They believed it would ward off evil spirits and negative energy from its wearer.

The Greeks also believed it would rid the wearer of bad dreams and negative thoughts.

The Germanic people believed it could pull snake venom from bites. They also believed green jasper could prevent people from drowning.

Green jasper was used by ancient civilizations across the world. So, it shouldn’t surprise you that there are deposits on every continent.

In the United States, green jasper mining occurs at the Nevada/Oregon border.

It also takes place in Utah, Idaho, Washington and Arizona. Guatemala, Brazil and Uruguay also have rich green jasper deposits.

Other sources of green jasper include:

  • Australia
  • India
  • China
  • Indonesia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Russia
  • Egypt
  • Madagascar
  • The Philippines

Green jasper properties

Green jasper has some amazing properties which make it stand out from other varieties of jasper.

These include:


Green jasper has a hardness of 6.5-7 on the Mohs Hardness scale, around the same hardness as quartz, jade and garnet.

It’s an opaque, fine-grained type of quartz that gets its green color from its iron silicate infusion.

The colors of green jasper can range from pale spring green to olive green.

As for its luster, it’s considered vitreous and a bit dull, with similar reflective properties to glass.

Green jasper has a specific gravity of 2.5-2.9 and a refractive index of 1.53-1.54.

Green jasper is considered to be great for physical health. It is said to assist the liver in removing toxins and promote healing and recovery.

Some say it’s great for inflammatory conditions, and can even ease swelling and aches.

When ingested as an elixir, it addresses issues with the stomach and digestive system.

Those dealing with heavy nosebleeds, heavy periods, postpartum bleeding and hemorrhoids may also consider using green jasper.

Having green jasper around during labor is said to ease pains, prevent tearing and reduce bleeding.

Metaphysical and grounding

Add green jasper to your collection if you are seeking a deeper connection with your spirituality and nature.

Green jasper is rumored to help the user tap into primordial knowledge. It also helps with tuning into the ancient rhythms and healing powers of the earth.

It strengthens the mind-body connection, improving understanding and awareness of the spiritual self.

Green jasper is said to be a great stone for anybody seeking balance in their hectic and stressful life.

Impulse control, overreacting, self-destructive thoughts and suicidal thoughts are all said to be addressed with green jasper.

Healing and emotional

Did you know green jasper healing therapies are an actual thing? Green jasper is believed to be an all-round healer of the body.

It supposedly rids the body and aura of negative thoughts and feelings, and keeps them out.

Green jasper is rumored to soothe anxiety and even help with obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

When going through an especially stressful time, green jasper helps uplight the spirit.

People coping with the aftermath of traumatic incidents may also use it to quiet the mind and accept reality.

Types of green jasper

The name ‘green jasper’ is more of an umbrella term. There are different types of green jasper, each with a unique appearance.

Here are the most popular types of green jasper:

Undyed Green Jasper

Bloodstone (Heliotrope) Jasper

This type of green jasper is opaque and has red inclusions. These red inclusions resemble blood in the stone, thus the name ‘bloodstone’.

It gets this striking appearance from hematite (iron oxide). It is believed this stone was formed during the crucifixion of Jesus, and gets its color from his blood dripping down into the dark green earth.

This is an especially unique type of green jasper. It represents selflessness, sacrifice and nobility.

Those who wear it experience courage, bravery and self-confidence. Bloodstone jasper can be found in Brazil, Australia, Canada, the United States and some parts of Europe.

Rainforest Jasper

Rainforest jasper is a green form of rhyolite and is formed from volcanic activity.

It happens when gas bubbles in lava are filled with jasper and other minerals.

This creates breathtaking shades of moss green with white swirls. Rainforest jasper sometimes goes by names like:

  • Green rhyolite
  • Agatized rhyolite
  • Spherulitic rhyolite
  • Rainforest rhyolite

Its earthy tone suggests a deep connection with Gaia, along with protection and feelings of peace.

Rainforest jasper can be found primarily in Australia, with yellow jasper versions found in Mexico and the United States.

Kambaba Jasper

Kambaba jasper is a rare, exotic form of green jasper that goes by many names.

It can go by crocodile rock, crocodile jasper,green stromatolite jasper, bambamba, cumbamba and kabamby.

This type of jasper is typically green and black, forming eye-shaped patterns.

It’s found mainly in Madagascar and areas of South Africa. It is believed to emit calming energies, attract prosperity and instill spiritual confidence.

Green Hair Jasper

Green hair jasper features white hair-like inclusions. It works well as a rubbing stone or talisman.

This type of green jasper is good for the mind and inner peace. People who suffer from night terrors, paranoid delusions and mental illness may benefit.

It occurs naturally in Australia and is a healing stone that also targets the body, and improves alignment with the spiritual self.

Arizona lizard stone

Arizona lizard stone can come in many shades of green, ranging from dark green to grass green jasper.

It is a green rhyolite from Arizona that’s said to be good for skin disorders, bloating and headaches.

It unlocks chakras responsible for blood circulation, promoting healing and improving emotional stability.

This stone is no longer mined, and hard to come by, so if you have one, good for you.

Dyed Green Jasper

Imperial green jasper

Imperial green jasper is at the top of the list of the most valuable types of green jasper.

It’s found mainly in Mexico and is considered rare for this reason. It is a nurturing stone that brings peace in times of stress, and offers stability to endure hardship.

Sea sediment jasper

Sea sediment jasper, or emperor jasper, is largely man-made and is not considered a real stone.

It is dyed to give the green color and can come in blue/green and pink/purple.

The blue/green variety promotes inner healing, decreases stress and promotes self-confidence.

How to cleanse and charge a green jasper crystal


Cleanse green jasper at least once every two weeks. This is important because the stone interacts with negative energy frequently.

You wouldn’t want it to fester around you.

Cleanse your green jasper by placing it under running water from a stream or faucet for about a minute.

This will return the negative energy to the earth. You may also use larger cleansing stones like selenite, quartz and amethyst.

Smaller stones, like clear quartz, placed on top should have similar effects.

Use warm soapy water and a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean it physically.

Heat is a no-no for green jasper, so forget steam cleaning or leaving it in the wash.


Once you’re done with cleansing, it’s time to charge your green jasper. The best way to charge your green jasper is by connecting it with its element: the earth.

Bury it in some soil overnight and allow it to recharge. You may also meditate using Reiki techniques to charge green jasper.

How to activate green jasper

Use elemental activation for green jasper. Since its element is earth, you’ll want to bury it in soil or sand for about 3 days.

You can also use other crystals like clear quartz, amethyst and seleni to activate it.

Do this while placing your intentions on the stone. Your intention is what you want to use the stone for, so be very specific for the best results.

Meditation is a powerful activation tool for all crystals, and green jasper is no different.

You may also consider using a crystal grid, leaving it in place for at least 6 hours before use.

How to use green jasper

Green jasper is a multi-purpose stone that has many applications in daily life.

When placed on the solar chakra, it promotes healing, balance and calms the nerves.

Green jasper may be paired with other crystals, including red jasper and rhodochrosite for afflictions of the heart.

Pairing with larimar is good for calmness and peace, and carnelian is good for fertility.

Combine with yellow jasper or indigo gabbro for grounding, emotional awareness and intellect.

Mookaite, fancy jasper and other types of colored or rainbow jaspers also make good pairings.

If your home is optimized for feng shui, you know that the best place for a home office or any area of productivity is in the north section.

If you’re having trouble at work concentrating or solving a problem, place it in your home office.

Dealing with health or fertility woes? Place your green jasper in the central sector.

Relationship issues? To the east.

Place it under your pillow or on your nightstand if you have bad dreams or restlessness.

Green jasper is also good for cutting tension among couples. Use it in the same way to build a deeper emotional connection.

You may also place it in your child’s bedroom. It works best if there’s a big day coming up and he/she is nervous.

And, since green jasper has a hardness of 7, you can always infuse water with it and drink it.

You can also place it in your tub to soak, especially when dealing with inflammation and body aches.

Green jasper: Chakras, the zodiac and planets


Green jasper is closely related to both the heart and solar chakras. It is sometimes called the peace love crystal.

The heart chakra is responsible for emotions. It is deeply associated with unconditional love, lasting peace and balance.

It keeps its user in control. It doesn’t allow strong emotional reactions or inappropriate behavior.

The solar plexus chakra is responsible for self-esteem, confidence and aggression.

Users who suffer from extreme nervousness and anxiety may benefit. It may also help people dealing with anger issues and impulsive behavior.

When placed on the root chakra, it helps with grounding, balance and stability.

Green jasper helps to balance yin and yang energies. It is also good at removing blockages in any of the chakras.

Zodiac and planets

Green jasper isn’t associated with any specific zodiac sign or planet. However, it resonates well with the spring zodiac signs of Aries, Taurus and Gemini.

These represent rebirth, renewal and new life. It could also be useful for zodiac signs that resonate with the earth elements, like Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus.

Green jasper is a good crystal stone for Cancer. It should help this sign in particular to restore a connection to Mother Earth.

How to tell if green jasper is real

As a consumer, it’s your job to know how to tell if green jasper is real or fake.

Here are 4 foolproof ways to tell:

Real green jasper is opaque

Translucent green jasper is not real. Real green jasper is opaque. This means light should not pass through it.

To test, hold it up to the sunlight and attempt to look through it.

You can’t scratch it with a knife or glass

With a hardness of 7, green jasper is considered tough and cannot be scratched with a knife or glass.

Most green jasper fakes are soft and give themselves away fairly easily with this test.

All you will need is the green jasper plus a knife/glass.

Real jasper isn’t bright

While a shiny stone can be attractive, most gemstones don’t appear that way naturally unless treated or fake.

Real jasper is dull, no matter the color, and anything too vivid or shiny may be a fake.

If you’re still unsure, send it to a lab

A gemologist has all the tools required to test green jasper and other gemstones.

This is the only way to get an accurate answer. You should also be able to get an accurate test done by a local jeweler.

Where to get green jasper

Many people get their green jasper directly from sellers. Others use popular e-commerce platforms like Etsy and Amazon.

The beauty of these platforms is you have access to real customer reviews.

Dealers/sellers have exclusive control over website testimonials. You’re also more likely to find ethically and sustainably sourced green jasper this way.

How much green jasper is worth

Green jasper is fairly cheap and will fetch prices of $2-$5 per carat. Green is considered one of the rarer colors, after blue, and the better the cut and quality, the more it will cost.

Different types of jewelry with green jasper

Many people use green jasper as a crystal for meditation, cleansing and feng shui purposes.

It can also be used as jewelry. Some say this is the best way to use green jasper because it will always be on you, and you can harness its powers on the go.

How you choose to use your green jasper is up to you and your needs. These are some ways green jasper has been used as jewelry and its purpose in each instance:


As a pendant, green jasper can be a statement piece. It’s durable enough for daily wear and can be useful for impromptu meditation.

Wear a pendant that touches the heart chakra to release blockages. It also helps you communicate better with people you encounter daily and be slow to anger.

24 inches is the perfect length for this Green Imperial Jasper Pendant.

This Kambaba Jasper Pendant is 25 inches, perfect for activating the heart chakra.


The hand you choose to wear your green jasper bracelet on will determine the results.

On the right hand, it promotes healing and calmness. It also gives you the ability to be more compassionate toward others.

On the left hand, it will protect you from negative energy and reduce emotional stress.

This Crystal Green Jasper Gemstone Bracelet is good for self-control and banishing negativity.

Wear it on your right hand. This Madagascan Ocean Jasper Bangle Bracelet


As earrings, green jasper works to calm the mind. It quietens negative thoughts, gets rid of paranoid delusions and deals with obsessive compulsions.

It also helps you to clearly hear what others are saying to avoid misinterpretation and misunderstandings.

These Gary Green Jasper Earrings are perfect for everyday wear. If you want something more boho or hippie, go with these Green Sea Sediment Earrings.

Green jasper shapes

Crystal shapes play a significant role in how they are used. Once cut, green jasper can take many different shapes.

Let’s look at the most popular ones, and how you can amplify their power:

Palm stone

Palm stones can be a good replacement for fidgeting devices. They help reduce nervousness and anxiety.

They’re great for travel and can be used for meditation in unfamiliar places.

Its shape represents stability and balance. Place it under your pillow for sleep troubles.

This Kambaba Jasper Palm Stone is a grounding stone and can be placed directly on the stomach to help with digestive issues and worry.

Thumb stones

A thumb stone is small enough for you to rest your thumb on its indentation.

They are also called worry stones and are perfect for carrying around in your pocket.

Use it when you feel anxious or lack confidence. Thumb stones help to ward off negative energy, especially when you feel vulnerable.

Thumb stones are considered a type of palm stone. The only difference is that palm stones have equal proportions.

This Kambaba Jasper Thumb Worry Palm Stone is ideal for healing, grounding and creating strong boundaries.

Massage wand

Crystal massage wands pull negative energy out of yourself or others. It can also be used at the point of ailment to promote healing and activate the corresponding chakra.

You may also use a crystal wand for stress relief, balance and relaxation.

This Rhyolite Massage Wand is ideal for earth-healing rituals to strengthen the mind and body.

Tumbled stones

Tumbled stones are small, inexpensive crystals sometimes referred to as ‘stepping stones’.

They are best used when traveling or as additions to crystal bowls. Carrying green jasper tumbling stones help to keep negative energy away from you.

It can give you the confidence you need to succeed at work, do well on an exam or talk to your crush.

Use these Green Jasper Tumbled Stones when you have to travel for work. You can also bring them in your medicine bag if you deal with chronic illness.


Sphere crystal shapes represent the circle of life and yin and yang. As green jasper, it’s perfect for meditation and healing purposes.

It is able to radiate energy in all directions at once. This makes it perfect for feng shui placement to benefit the entire household.

This Kambaba Jasper Sphere is ideal for those who need to quieten the mind and find inner peace.


Many of the purported benefits of green jasper and other gemstones have yet to be proven by science.

As a result, we rely primarily on anecdotal evidence.

Enthusiasts love green jasper because of its healing and calming properties.

It is also prized because of its ability to dispel negative energy. It can stand on its own or be set in jewelry to reap its many different benefits.

And, when paired with gemstones like red jasper, larimar and carnelian, these benefits become amplified.

So, how will you be using your green jasper?


Is green jasper a healing stone?

Yes. Green jasper addresses inflammatory conditions, stomach and digestive issues, and pain reduction.

It may also heal emotional wounds, and help the user find peace and contentment.

Is green jasper worth anything?

Yes, about $3-$5 per carat. This is more than common jaspers are worth.

How can you tell if green jasper is real?

Scratch it with a knife. If successful, it’s fake.