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Green Calcite: A Crystal of Inner Peace and Tranquility

Transformation has always been a big theme in literature, and in popular cultures in general.

So many of us get into ruts in our lives and look to transform as a way of improving our situations and ourselves.

Green Calcite Necklace In Sterling Silver
Image by MizzOktober via Etsy – check this item on Etsy

Green calcite is certainly the gemstone for anyone with such concerns and goals, since it is the stone of abundance, success, and achievement.

It is also associated with transformation and healing. If you want a deeper appreciation of the gem, or are just trying to see if it’s right for your needs, this is the article for you.

We’ll highlight all the benefits of the variety of calcite and do a deeper dive into its traits.

What are Green Calcite’s Properties?

A good background is always good–you don’t want to be caught unawares in terms of the stone you’re using–or wearing.

So, in terms of the geological stuff, Green Calcite is, as you’d guess, a variety of Calcite.

Calcite is a sedimentary stone, formed by various layers forming one on top of another.

When the stone crystalizes it traps chloride, which then gives the stone its green color.

Most specimens of green calcite are opaque, meaning that they pull light in and trap it.

Some are at least partially translucent. They are usually a gentle, pale green, bespeaking nature’s delights.

But they sometimes come in bolder greens, even appearing almost like emeralds.

Emotional Healing Properties of Calcite

One of the draws of many gemstones is the way in which they function as healing crystals.

They do this if they have certain metaphysical properties that speak to components of our psyches.

If stones can improve such factors as self-esteem, positivity, giving and receiving love, they can then allow our overall spiritual lives to be what we need them to be.

First off, one of green calcite’s main properties is the promotion of success.

Users of this variety of Calcite report new developments in careers, relationships, and their personal interests.

Here’s how this works: all physical objects in the universe give off vibrations.

The frequency of these vibrations is really what matters, and Green Calcite vibrates to the frequency of abundance.

Abundance, in modern society is had through success, or can be considered a type of success.

But there’s so much more. These green crystals instill us with not just positivity, but also a free-flowing thought process.

They open our minds to new ideas and possibilities, causing us to have a richer inner life with new ideas.

Another of the green calcite stone’s meanings is the way it soothes the mind and brings calm.

What is greater or more welcome than calm? One of the ways the stone does this is by chasing away toxic energies and replacing them with healing energies.

This is one of the reasons the green crystals are said to help with anger management, including among those difficult teens.

Green Calcite is also said to help improve memory, as well as building up a person’s empathy and compassion.

Needless to say, the vibrations of Green Calcite can do a lot to help a person emotionally and spiritually, making it something to definitely tap into.

Green Calcite, Your Heart, and Your Health

Another of the properties of green calcite is its way of healing us physically.

It focuses largely around matters of the heart–not romantic, but physical.

Blood pressure is, of course, a heart issue, and Green Calcite is known to help regulate it, bringing it down as necessary.

It also is said to remedy aftereffects of cardiac arrest.

As for blood clots, by boosting the immune system, Green Calcite is said to stop these as well.

It can help with the treatment of burns and similar pains.

Green Calcite, Where Might We Find You?

Conditions that form the sedimentation that in turn forms Green Calcite can be found all over the world.

While there are only several countries that have Green Calcite deposits, they are spread all over the globe: they are Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Africa, and even North America, in Canada.

Usually, they are found in large masses and cut down to size appropriately.

Accepting the Blessings of Green Calcite

Now that we’ve outlined the spiritual and physical benefits of Green Calcite, it’s time for the nitty-gritty.

When it’s time to integrate the stone into your life, there are a few quick acts of preparation to do with loving care.

  • Cleanse
  • Charge
  • Activate

All of these must be done before using the stones to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Cleansing and charging should be accomplished periodically, while activating needs to be done only once.

So, let’s walk through each one.

Cleansing the Calcite

Cleansing gemstones may not be “cleaning” in the traditional sense, but more like amplifying its energy by keeping it nice and clear of bad energies.

Here are some ways to cleanse your green calcite:

  • Soft cloth- Carefully wiping with a soft cloth is not just the most obvious but also easiest and most convenient way to cleanse your Calcite, taking away potential blockages–like any stone, it can be scratched, so be sure to use a microfiber or other cuddly cloth and be gentle.
  • Incense– Incense possesses the properties to cleanse blockages in a gemstone and to amplify its healing energies.

To cleanse a Calcite stone with incense, light a stick and then swirl the smoke around.

The crystals may be on an altar above the incense, but it’s just important that they receive the smoke.

  • Natural light– See how easy and convenient this is? Yes, you can cleanse crystals by leaving them in sunlight.  Simply place them in a window, on a patio, or outside, for the entire day.

Again, while you may choose whether or not to do this cleansing before the first use, cleansing is to be done periodically.

Charging the Calcite

Charging means getting the crystal ready to do its work, and should be done before initial use.

You might say it helps turn a stone into a crystal.

One method is a moon bath, meaning to leave the crystal where it can have access to moonlight.

This can be a window or a patio or courtyard. One night will do.

A related method is submerging the stones in moon water. Have you heard of moon water?

You can’t buy it at the store. To produce moon water, use an earthen or glass jar, ideally a pint or larger.

On a night with a full moon–place the jar where the moon has an unobstructed path to it.

In the morning, you have a jar of moon water

Burying the crystals beneath the earth is another way of charging them. Simply carve out some soil and place it in a jar.

Deposit the crystal into the soil and secure the lid. Then lower this spiritual package underground and cover it.

It will now be earth-charged. As you can see, there is some flexibility with interacting with the natural world to charge your calcite or other crystals.

Activating the Calcite

Activating Calcite is the last step before the first use of the crystal. Once you’ve activated it, you’re ready for your spiritual journey.

Subsequent charges and cleanses will be done for maintenance, as necessary.

It’s a bit different from cleansing and charging because you, the user, play a more active role in, well, activating.

The chief component for activating Calcite is to inform it of your intentions.

You will doubtless have objectives for your Calcite. These may involve a transformation or rejuvenation, a heightened sense of joy, any of the various great benefits of the crystal.

The idea is to narrow this down to your key objectives and then announce these intentions.

Do so in short, clear sentences, like “I will forgive myself” or “I will find the positive in everything around me.”

But other options abound. To bring forth Calcite’s properties, you may also integrate scents or aromas.

Burn holy woods or incense and let the smoke pass over the crystal for some time.

You can also opt for smudge sticks.

Making the Calcite Work

One way to really get into Calcite’s meaning is to align it with your heart chakra.

This is where you get benefits such as opening your heart to peaceful and loving energies and the capacity to give love.

It’s where you get openness to the world and positivity. You can get these benefits by wearing lockets near your heart or by carrying them around with you or being near a lot of them.

There are other supporting benefits of Green Calcite’s properties, and some of these have very specific applications.

If you’re trying to purge your world of anxiety, place Green Calcite crystals all through your home and it will absorb these negative energies.

Having Green Calcite on your nightstand will provide peace of mind, restful sleep, and pleasant dreams that will send you cheerfully on your way.

Green Calcite will Shock the Chakras

The main Chakra that Green Calcite works with is the Heart Chakra. This is where it provides its calmest, most soothing energies.

Any crystal that opens the heart chakra is supremely beneficial for almost anyone.

Being able to express love for ourselves, for life, for those around us, is a gateway to so many things, as outlined earlier.

An open heart chakra is important for a life with warmth and an abundance of meaningful relationships.

Wear Your Green Calcite

It’s important to get as much out of your Green Calcite as possible. Whether you’re asking it to stimulate tissue healing after an illness or just to perk up stagnant energy, you have to be exposed to the vibrations of the Calcite to a large degree for the crystal healing to take effect.

Let’s take a brief look at your various, abundant options for jewelry.

Pendants– A pendant is a great way to really show off your favorite gemstone, particularly with a cut of a decent size.

You can go with an oblong cabochon, or instead, a petite round stone that sits lightly on the chest.

Necklaces– Necklaces jazz up any outfit and give the wearer a subtle charm.

This small Calcite necklace comes in a cool, stylish light green that looks simply regal.

Bangles– Show confidence and individuality. This casual bangle measures 58 mm.

They are flexible and light, and are great for being sure to channel Calcite energy when you’re not in a situation that calls for something fancy.

Bracelets– Come in a wide variety, showcases calcite stones of many sizes.

This bracelet of Green Calcite beads comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Rock the boho style with this bracelet.

Earrings– Earrings bring the energy of Green Calcite close to your crown chakra, which opens up one’s higher wisdom.

These earrings feature Green Calcite as the stone and are made of sterling silver.

Rings– This form of jewelry may be the very best way to show off your Green Calcite.

As is the case with this piece, rings often showcase a large piece of Calcite.

The large cabochon is stylishly held in place by copper, which forms the band.

The Many Shapes of Crystals

The last–but not least–way to integrate crystals into your life is to use crystal shapes.

These are crystals that are mostly designed for use in meditation and other crystal healing endeavors rather than for jewelry or decoration.

Point towers- This is a common shape of crystals, often used in crystal grids or to bring energy into a somewhat big room.

These calcite point towers will deliver green calcite’s meaning to you whatever your use of them.

Palm stones– These can be great for holding during meditation or when on long, contemplative walks; palm stones are also good for distributing energy since they can fit into corners and nooks and crannies.

Tumbled stones– If you’re a bit more aesthetically driven, you might go with smooth, polished stones.

These tumbles have some yellow green markings along with the usual lovely green of Green Calcite.

They are available in many sizes.

SphereThese spheres showcase heavy banding and make an excellent addition to your curated crystal collection.

Their heft really brings the benefits of Green Calcite.

Pyramid- Perfect for meditation, these pistachio pyramids stand 1.7 inches or 4.3 centimeters.

There’s no doubt that the experts are aware of many spiritual and health benefits of Green Calcite.

It is important to be informed about the world of crystals as you enter it and experiment.

However, what you’ve read is not medical advice and the claims of crystal experts haven’t necessarily been verified by scientific studies.

Green Calcite FAQ

What is Green Calcite Good For?

Green Calcite is a powerful healing crystal that helps a person with new beginnings and transformation. It is known to make users more positive and appreciative of the abundance of life.

What Does Green Calcite Do Spiritually?

Green Calcite is the stone of abundance, showing us all that we have to be thankful for and giving us optimism for the future. It works with our heart chakra to give us loving energy.

Is Green Calcite Good luck?

In a way, Green Calcite can be considered good luck, since it does so many positive things for the wearer, including financial and material gains. You may be the one in charge, but the benefits of Green Calcite can seem like luck.