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Dalmatian Stone Meanings, Properties And Healing Benefits

The Dalmatian Stone may be the most whimsical gemstone. It sometimes goes by the name Dalmatian Jasper–which is ironic, since technically, it’s feldspar.

Clearly, it is named after the adorable dog, and as such, allows for some very unique jewelry.

Dalmatian Jasper Tumbled Stones
Image by Akhealingcrystals via Etsy

But Dalmatian Stone’s meaning goes beyond that, including important healing energies.

That deeper meaning is exactly what we’ll be exploring in this article.

Dalmatian Stone Properties

In this section, we’ll take a brief look at the physical properties of dalmatian Stone–what it’s made of, what it looks and feel like, etc.

–and a bit of a deeper dive into its properties in terms of healing or soothing qualities.

To start, Dalmatian Stone, while called Jasper, is actually igneous microcrystalline Quartz, with other metals mixed in.

These metals are Iron Oxide and others, and they give the dark spots that have given the stone its name.

Incidentally, many experts are now saying the proper name is dalmatian Stone, not Dalmatian Jasper, since it technically isn’t Jasper.

The misnomer comes from a translation from Latin to Romance languages to English.

Anyway, outside of these mineral spots, the stone is usually a milky-white or grey.

Without getting into technicalities, we’ll say that it has a medium-high hardness, meaning that it won’t scratch easily when worn as jewelry.

Spiritual Properties of dalmatian Stone

Two main traits that develop Dalmatian Stone’s meaning are positivity and protection.

It protects a person from harmful lines of thought and from depression. Therefore it leads to positivity.

Basically, it first allows you to know your true friends from less-true ones.

It organizes the mind and allows you to see what battles you should and shouldn’t fight.

Once you start making plans for how to become the person you want to, emotionally and spiritually, the stone will give you a calming and soothing feeling that allows you to start your quest.

From there, dalmatian Stone, with its positivity and clarity, allows you to be invigorated, enthusiastic about what you’re doing.

These are the major metaphysical properties of Dalmatian Stone. But it’s important to acknowledge the varied individual things it can do to improve one’s world:

  • Interaction with pets and children-calming and soothing
  • Critical thinking to come to terms with one’s need for improvement and growth
  • Strong family bonds, including fidelity
  • Help quitting smoking
  • Aid in sleeping, with protection from nightmares
  • An energizer that helps you see the humor in any situation

Healing Properties of dalmatian Stone

Now, as we begin this section, we should say that we are just providing information about the reputation of Dalmatian Stone, not giving official medical advice.

If you have a serious medical condition, consult a doctor, even if you also incorporate healing properties of gemstones.

Because it’s an Explorer Stone, Dalmatian Stone appeals to explorers. Scientists and adventurers can benefit from its ability to open our minds to various possibilities.

In terms of specific health needs, Dalmatian Jasper helps boost the immune system, pushing away illnesses before they even take root in our bodies.

Because of its calming properties, Dalmatian Stone chases away muscle spasms.

Dalmatian Jasper will give you help if you have any inflammation in your body.

In general, it is all about calming and bringing balance. That gives you the right foundation on which to build.

All of your spiritual growth can really begin once you have balance in your physical health.

Where Does Dalmatian Stone Come From?

Well, it can come online or from a jewelry store. But, where does it really come from?

Like many gemstones, it can be mined in many countries. A city much associated with its discovery and continued processing is Chihuahua, Mexico.

You’d think they’d change the city’s name to Dalmatian, but they have other ideas. In any case, it is found throughout the Americas.

But it is also mined in Africa. It is one of several gemstones that appears across the globe, and more importantly is easy to find.

Dalmatian Stone and Chakras

One benefit of crystals is that they often interact with very important chakras, or energy centers that help drive our thoughts, energies, and psychic abilities.

We all have seven chakras, and they each control various components of our selves, and are each located at different parts of the physical body.

Chakras must be “opened” to work at full capacity and to give us full benefits.

The Damlmation Jasper stone opens the Earth, Sacral and Base Chakras. Let’s investigate.

  • Earth Chakra– This Chakra lives between the feet. It hooks up with the core of the earth, Mother Gaia. It connects to the earth’s energy, which allows you to stay grounded and to discard unnecessary energy.  Well, the dalmatian Jasper has earth energy and grounded energy, so it is the perfect tool for the Earth Chakra.
  • Sacral Chakra– This Chakra is in the midsection, a tad lower than the navel. It is said to promote fertility and is also associated with water. Dalmatian Jasper can help with its creativity-boosting properties to open this Chakra and feed greater creativity. In terms of physical health, it maintains the reproductive organs.
  • Base Chakra– This Chakra is located at the base of the spine. To make it easier to say, it was shortened to just “base.”  This all-important Chakra is the location of our very life force.  It is what allows us to connect to the world and with Mother Nature.  The Dalmatian Stone can balance the workings of the internal organs, which is how it interacts with this crucial Chakra.

Dalmatian Stone and My Favorite Planet

All gemstones that act as healing crystals have association with planets. Well, Dalmatian Jasper isn’t a birth stone and hasn’t been made an unofficial one by any other zodiac planet.

But it is connected to my personal favorite planet, Earth. No, that’s not cheating.

The reason this stone is dedicated to Gaia, the Earth Goddess, is that it is drawn to the Earth and it draws us to the Earth.

This means a sense of grounding, which in turn leads to a calm.

You don’t have any issues of planet alignment with Earth as the planet that interacts with Dalmatian Jasper.

You’re always on the planet, and you are looking for something more grounding than otherworldly.

Think about this: one of the things Dalmatian Stone can do, being a playful stone, is to help you find the funny part of any situation.

Well, if you know someone who doesn’t get angry about everything, but can back off and get a more mellow view of things, you usually say that person is “grounded.”

It’s as though they have roots deep in the Earth and can’t be pressured or knocked off balance.

How to Source Dalmatian Stone

Jewelry is so gorgeous that it’s very hard to remember that it came out of the side of a mountain or from the ground.

But it is a big business, and there are various practices and types of practice that apply.

Some ways are harmful to the environment, and some finance armed conflicts.

Therefore, knowing the practices of the mine that the stone comes from (and to simplify, the country or other governing unit that mandates certain regulations) is important.

Environmental Sustainability

The biggest issue with mining gems for crystal healing is the sustainability of the gems themselves.

They don’t have baby rocks, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. However, the way the mining is done can do so without stripping the mines too much.

One obvious way of doing this is not to overproduce. Keeping more stones in the ground may bring prices up a bit, but that’s better than running out entirely–you want your great-grandchildren to have jewelry and crystals, right?

However, it’s also true that as we discuss the Dalmatian Stone’s meaning, we should look at the actual environmental impacts, meaning disturbing the soil, producing CO2, and throwing pollutants into the air.

To cut down on these things, it’s important for companies to do things slowly and carefully, not just the fastest way; to use up-to-date equipment with environmentally-sound specifications; and to not rip the topsoil off a mining site and then just move away.

This leaves a lot of destruction with a low amount of gems mined.

Other Ethical Issues Pertaining to Mining

Besides environmental issues, there are many other ways that the mining of gems can impact the world.

Obviously, it’s impossible for you to research everything about the locale that sources your Dalmatian Stone.

However, a good retailer should have that information for you. If they’re not willing to share that info with you–or don’t have it–you may go elsewhere.

Conflict Mining– You may have heard this phrase. While it has nothing to do with a Dalmation Stone’s meaning, it applies to the mining of all gemstones.

Conflict mining means taking the proceeds from selling gems to finance military conflicts.

There are many groups protesting this, as well as many individuals who refuse to buy conflict gems.

Community– Mining operations sometimes employ many people, giving work to–sometimes–a large chunk of a town or area.

This means that to be ethical, mining operations should prepare for how to prepare the community for the time when they shut down and move on.

One way to do this is to try to invest in entrepreneurs and/or local small businesses.

Safety– A good, ethical company will go by local safety standards. You want everyone to be safe and sound delivering your healing crystals of jewel stones.

Get To It: Using Dalmatian Stone for Healing

One of the interesting things about Dalmatian Stone is that it exists and is used both for crystal healing and for its beauty as a jewel stone.

It’s an interesting difference, but the two do gel to some extent. When you want to show Dalmatian Stone’s meaning to the world with a pendant on a bracelet or necklace, or with, say, Dalmatian Jasper beads, that means you have some direct contact with the stone.

And it’s an all-day contact. This is a wonderful way to recharge stones that need re-charging.

When you first begin using a stone, it must be charged and prepared before its first use, and requires more than just wearing as jewelry.

But long-term exposure to Dalmatian Stone is definitely a great way to maintain a sense of playfulness and joy, and to remain positive.

It’s easy to be grounded when you have a piece of this stone on you regularly.

Here are some ways to wear Dalmatian Stone as jewelry.

Dalmatian Stone Jewelry

There are so many different pieces that work well with Dalmatian Jasper/Dalmation Stone, and we’ll give a brief sampling, below.

PendantsHere’s a pendant that is perfect for necklaces. It’s a cute little cookie and can be personalized by the inclusion of the initials of a person of your choosing.

Necklaces– Be the first on your block to own this colorful, striking necklace.

It has a 16-inch chain with a 2-inch extension.

Bangles– Bangles are a type of bracelet, and this particular one has a bold, large Dalmatian Stone, meaning it’s a real attention getter and conversation starter.

This handmade item is 14K gold over brass.

Bracelet– The pendant in this adornment is small but beautiful, demonstrating a lot of the milky-white qualities of Dalmation Stone.

It looks like a chocolate chip cookie. The handmade craft has a silver-plated chain with both a clasp and extender.

Dalmatian Stone Products for Healing

As mentioned above, different cuts and configurations of Dalmatian Stone (meaning, small cabochons, larger loops, or big blocks of it) do different things and have different strengths.

A larger piece of stone will simply give you stronger vibrations and accomplish your spiritual healing.

Dalmatian Stone Tower– Get maximum vibes from this carefully-crafted tower, which stands 7.5 cm.

Dalmatian Stone – This smaller crystal, a palm stone, has enough mass for use while cleansing your chakras or developing a particular trait through work with crystals.

You can specify your desired when from 60-120 grams.

Dalmatian Palm Thumb Groove StoneThis smaller, lightweight stone is also known as a worry stone, really brings out the calming effects of Dalmatian Stone.

It contains an indentation for your thumb for maximum comfort.

Dalmatian Tumbled Stones– A bit like an Easter egg in appearance, these tumbled stones are noted for their high numbers of black markings.

Dalmatian Jasper Sphere– A well-rounded collector might really appreciate this orb of Dalmatian Stone.

Otherwise known as a crystal ball, it is 45-55mm across, and it’s customizable in terms of dimensions.

Dalmatian Rough GeodeThese are fabulous for altars or similar structures, and can really lend themselves to home decor, so your rooms will all have the right energy.

Final Gems

There’s no doubt that the playful and joyful nature of Dalmatian Stone is so much of its value and charm.

Its grounding properties and connection to Earth really set it apart. Who among us wouldn’t want to be grounded?

Please note that while practitioners agree on the traits described here, that doesn’t mean they’ve passed standard scientific tests.

Dalmatian Stone FAQs

What is Dalmatian Jasper Good For?

Like most gemstones, Dalmatian Jasper has reported spiritual and physical healing properties.

It is known to open up the Base Chakra thus connecting us to Mother Nature.

It heals our soul by giving us grounding and calm.

What is Dalmatian Obsidian Good For?

This gemstone is often used as a healing crystal, since it brings joy into people’s through by helping them focus on the positives.