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The Top 10 Best Crystals For Travel And Protection

What are the best crystals for travel? Crystals have been used to soothe our worries for a long time.

They can be useful for traveling in all sorts of ways.

Whether you need comfort for safe travels in a car, flying, or even going on a boat, there are many crystals for safe travel that you can bring with you on your next trip.

Best Crystals for Travel: Various crystals thumb stones
Image by Sara Johnston via Unsplash

Get ready for your next trip by using these amazing crystals to give you the protection and happiness you need.

Learn how to make sure that the crystals you have are authentic and how to use them by reading on.

Our Top 10 Crystals for Travel

Don’t feel like you need to stick to one crystal for your travel safety. There are many kinds of crystals that are great for travel, no matter what kind.

Let’s take a look at all of your options.

Woman holding amethyst crystal in her 2 hands
Image by Anete Lusina via Pexels

1. Amethyst, the “Traveler’s stone”, Best Crystal For Travel #1

Amethyst is the healing stone of healing stones. It is at the top of our list of crystals for travel with good reason.

With this purple crystal, you know that you will be protected. Amethyst is known for being great for keeping you safe and protected.

It will transmute and absorb negative energies, turning them into feelings of peace.

Purple is a powerful color, which also makes amethyst one of the best crystals for both daily uses and one of the best crystals for traveling.

Amethyst crystal

This color is highly calming and great for keeping both the mind and body calm while in a car or on a plane.

It can also be uplifting, giving you the energy that you need once you get to your destination.

If you have anxiety about traveling, whether it’s about being in a car for many hours or flying in a plane, amethyst will relieve those anxieties and make you feel much better.

Best crystals for travel: Amethyst crystal pear shape
Image by Conscious Design via Unsplash

Not only will it get rid of anxiety, but it also helps with sleep! This is great if you experience jet lag when you go on vacation.

Another great quality of amethyst is that it is a great crystal for memory.

Don’t forget anything on your to-do list when you have amethyst on your side

Best Crystals for Travel: Tiger eye crystal

2. Tiger Eye

Tiger eye is another one of the main crystals for traveling. This crystal is great for relieving anxiety and stress, especially when it comes to traveling.

When you go on your next journey, keep some tiger eye in your pocket to promote strength, courage, and protect yourself from evils and dangers.

If you ever need a crystal that will push you forward in your journey while also keeping you safe, tiger eye is the right crystal for you.

Malachite tumbled stones

3. Malachite

These green crystals are amazing for taking with you on your next journey.

Malachite is named the “guardian stone” for travelers as it is known for keeping people safe no matter if they are traveling by car or plane.

This crystal is prided for its transformational qualities. It will take your worries and anxieties and transform them into feelings of calm and peace.

Keep away the negative energies by bringing some malachite with you on your vacation or trip.

When traveling, taking a green crystal is great as the color green is associated with health and wellness.

The color green is known for making people feel rested and secure so if you need a crystal to make you feel calm on your trip, consider taking a green crystal with you.

Best Crystals for Travel: Tumbled moonstones

4. Moonstone

Moonstones are great crystals for travel when you need something that will give you a “new beginning.”

Moonstone is known for being able to balance emotions, give you extra strength, and soothe nerves and anxiety.

Moonstone is known for being the traveler’s stone, making it perfect for taking with you on your journey. Moostone’s crystals also provide high healing energy.

This crystal helps with jet lag just like amethyst. If you are the type of person who frequently feels unwell when or after traveling, moonstone dispels illness and can make you feel a lot better.

Yellow Jasper crystal

5. Best Crystals for Travel: Yellow Jasper

Just like the color green is associated with feeling calm and rested, the color yellow is associated with fun and happiness.

Maybe you want to feel happy and energetic on your travels. If that is the case, you will want to take yellow jasper with you.

This crystal is known for reducing anxiety and stress, instead replacing those feelings with happiness and joy.

Yellow jasper will ground you while also giving you a confidence boost. If you are heading out on a trip alone, yellow jasper will help you make new friends along the way.

Yellow jaspers are great crystals for travel when you need an extra push to get out there.

Smokey quartz crystal

6. Best Crystals for Travel: Smokey Quartz

This simple crystal is not simple in its power. Smokey quartz is one of the best crystals when it comes to absorbing negative energy and making your feel good.

Traveling comes with a lot of negative energy from your anxiety about traveling to the possibility of people giving you a hard time when you are on the trip.

With smokey quartz, it will absorb those feelings so you don’t get as affected by them.

Since smokey quartz absorbs negative energy, it can also absorb pain! Sitting for hours on end can leave you feeling sore and achy.

Smokey quartz is a great crystal for back pain.

Black tourmaline

7. Best Crystals for Travel: Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is known for its protective qualities. With crystals for safe travels, you will want a crystal that has strong protective qualities.

Black tourmaline can do just that.

Black tourmaline

This crystal helps with protecting you against the negative energy from the people around you when traveling like annoying people on the plane or bad drivers. Black tourmaline is recognized to transmute all negative energy in a new positive energy field.

It also works to stabilize your emotions so you don’t get as worked up as the people around you.

Best Crystals for Travel: Polished hematite stone

8. Hematite

Hematite has many similar qualities to black tourmaline. Both are great for absorbing the negative emotions of those around you and keeping you grounded at the same time.

It’s also another crystal that is great for the mind, aiding with memory, clearing brain fog, and enhancing concentration.

The properties of hematite have become so popular that hematite jewelry is well known.

The most common piece of jewelry made with hematite is the hematite ring, making it easy to carry around the crystal’s properties without fear of losing it.

Best crystal for traveling: Citrine crystals

9. Citrine

Citrine is another yellow stone that gives you both happy and safe travels.

This crystal does a great job of turning negative energy into positive energy that can make you happy and feel good while traveling.

It promotes mental focus so you can make sure that your brain is always clear and won’t have problems with getting lost on the road. Citrines also strengthen your immune system

Citrines are amazing crystals for travel because, with them, your experience will always be a pleasant one.

Carnelian tumbled stones

10. Best Crystals for Travel: Carnelian

Finally, we have carnelian as our last great crystal for travel. Carnelian is known for courage, strength, positivity, memory, and socialization.

If you have carnelian with you on your travels, you are sure to have a fun time talking to new people and getting out of your comfort zone while staying safe.

This crystal also helps against pain, especially pain in the bones. This is great after sitting in a car or plane for several hours.

Best Crystals for travel: Purse with tumbled crystal stones
Image by Arty Angel via Pixabay

How to Use Crystals For Travel

Using crystals for travel can sometimes just be throwing a few crystals into your pocket and calling it a good day.

However, if you want to get as many properties from the crystals as possible, there should be a few things that you do to ensure the best experience.

Make Sure Your Crystals are Authentic

With crystals becoming more and more popular with the general population, there are also more and more people trying to pull scams.

Many fakes of crystals are on the market, and if people aren’t aware of how to look for fakes, they could end up wasting their money on something that won’t help.

Learn how to tell if your crystal is real by keeping in mind some key differences in descriptions or in person that are dead giveaways.

These tricks are for chunks of polished crystals, not jewelry which can require the guidance of a specialist.

A crystal can be fake when it looks too good to be true. Be wary of extremely vibrant colors of crystals or crystals that have symmetrical patterns.

Those can be signs that they are just colored glass or colored clear quartz. Fake crystals made of glass will be suspiciously light and can have bubbles inside.

Crystals may have cracks and imperfections, yes, but they won’t have air bubbles. Finally, know who you are buying the crystals from. Ask the retailer where they source their crystals.

When dealing with fake crystals, you might be told outright that the crystals are fake.

Best Crystals for travel: Cleansing crystals
Image by Content Pixie via Unsplash

Cleanse Your Crystal

Crystals are sponges of energy. Many of the crystals listed above are known for absorbing negative energy from both you and other people.

However, as crystals absorb more energy, they eventually will get clogged with the energy and won’t be able to give you the properties you need from them.

The way to solve this problem is by cleansing them. Now, this doesn’t mean washing your crystals with soap and water, especially since that can damage many crystals.

Instead, you are cleansing the energy of the crystal with different energy.

One great way to cleanse your crystals is by using the moonlight. Set your crystals on a windowsill at night and let the moon clean the negative energy away.

Cleansing crystals
Image by Content Pixie via Unsplash

Just make sure to remove them by the morning as sunlight can cause crystals to fade and crack over time.

Another way to cleanse your crystals is by playing calming music. Musical cleansing has been used throughout history from singing in churches to Tibetan bowls.

Play music that makes you feel calm and place your crystals nearby. After a bit of time, your crystals should be cleansed.

Other ways to cleanse your crystals include smoke cleansing, placing them with selenite, and placing them by (not in) bodies of water.

Wear Crystals as Jewelry or Keep Them in a Pocket

Now that you know that you have a real crystal and have cleansed its energy, using the crystal is super easy.

The best way to get the properties of a crystal is to keep it close to your body. The closer to your skin, the better.

Many people will choose to wear their crystals as jewelry which keeps the crystals constantly touching the skin.

This is a great method as it also prevents you from losing any crystals. However, crystal jewelry can be expensive. When you want the properties of crystals, keeping them in your pocket works just as well.

Some people will keep crystals in their bra to make sure the crystal stays close to their skin at all times.

We don’t recommend putting crystals in your socks. That would hurt.

Best Crystals for Travel: Know Your Intentions

While crystals will benefit you no matter what, as long as you have them close, you can add more power to your crystals.

Knowing your intentions gives your crystals extra power to make sure that you get the properties that you want.

When putting on your crystals in your desired manner, state your intentions either out loud or in your head.

For crystals for travel, stating “these crystals will make sure that I have safe travels” is a good way to state your intentions before you get going.

Best Crystals for Travel: Frequently Asked Questions

What Gemstone Represents Travel?

Moonstone represents travel as it is known as the “traveler’s stone.” It’s perfect for keeping you safe while traveling as it has intense protective qualities.

What Crystals Should I Carry Around Daily?

The crystals that you should carry around depending on what your specific needs are.

However, the top three crystals you should always carry include amethyst, hematite, and clear quartz.

Q. Is Clear Quartz Good For Traveling?

While we didn’t put clear quartz on the list, clear quartz is known as being the “master healer.”

It will work great for traveling as it will protect you and keep you feeling calm.

Is Carnelian Good for Traveling?

Carnelian is great for traveling! It will keep you happy, protected, and will make sure that your travels are ones to remember.

Final Thoughts

Even if you don’t fully believe in the power of crystals, it never hurts to carry one with you.

Crystals are beautiful, no matter what kind they are. Each crystal has its special properties, and many will be helpful for traveling.

For many people, having crystals with them while traveling can ease their minds.

They even make worry stones made out of some of the crystals that are listed above.

Those who are feeling anxious can fidget using a worry stone. That way both anxiety can be relieved and the properties of the crystal can be obtained.

Use these crystals to have a great traveling experience whenever you want to experience something new.

Don’t be afraid to bring along several crystals if that is what will give you the best experience possible.