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The 10 Best Crystals for Self Love (And How to Use them)

Self-love is essential for improving one’s mental health and self-image. However, self-love continues to be a struggle in our modern society.

Negative thoughts and self-deprecation continue to rule the minds of many.

There are different types of self-love. These include emotional, physical, mental, social, intellectual and spiritual self-love.

rhodochrosite bracelet

When people strive to have all of these forms of self-love, they will have a balanced sense of self.

Crystals are great for helping in your journey towards self-love. Different crystals can help with different types of self-life, with some crystals being able to help with all the types.

Let’s learn about 10 different crystals that will help you grow your love for yourself.

Top 10 Crystals for Self-Love

We will be going over all of the different crystals that will aid you on your self-love journey.

There will be crystals that you’ve heard about before, along with ones you don’t have as much knowledge on.

Each of these crystals will encourage self-love in some aspect.


This is our #1 crystal for self-love. Rhodochrosite is a beautiful pink stone that has layers of different shades of pink and tan.

Unlike rose quartz, which is solid pink, this stone is multicolored and tells a story in its patterns.

Rhodochrosite is known as the compassionate heart of crystals, making it the perfect crystal for self-love.

This crystal will help you feel compassion towards yourself during both the good and bad moments, which is crucial for self-love.

It will also help with inner healing from past pains.

Rhodochrosite is a great stone if you have a hurt inner child and want to work through healing it.

This crystal works to help with emotional, mental and spiritual self-love.

Keep this crystal close if you have past traumas that you want to work through.

Rhodochrosite can also help with people-pleasing behaviors so you can grow your self-worth and respect the boundaries that you have for yourself.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a classic crystal for self-love. If you know about crystals, there is a very high chance that you have heard about rose quartz before.

Many people will use rose quartz to attract love from either friends or a potential soulmate.

However, this pretty pink stone can be used for self-love as well!

Rose quartz is known as the stone of unconditional love. Not only is receiving unconditional love from others important for your mental and emotional well-being, but you should provide yourself with unconditional love as well.

This self-love crystal will help improve your self-acceptance and compassion towards yourself when you have it close.


Amethyst is one of the main healing crystals and is an amazing crystal for self-love.

When you have amethyst, you will experience healing of the physical body, as well as the mind.

If you experience negative thoughts or negative habits that are preventing you from showing yourself self-love, amethyst can help you.

Amethyst will help you work through past traumas, improve your spiritual self-love and give you a confidence boost.

If you need a ((linking to the article titled: ‘Crystals for Backpain’ on anchor text ‘crystal for backpain’)) then amethyst will be able to help.


Pink crystals are known for their love-related properties and purple crystals are great for healing.

But did you know that bright yellow crystals are also great for self-love?

Citrine is a self-care crystal that can bring you the happiness you need to boost your self-love.

Citrine works to connect you to your crown chakra, in turn boosting your self-love.

This crystal will also work with your solar plexus chakra to boost positivity as if you have become a radiant sun.

Citrine will aid you in your journey towards self-love no matter where you are.

It is also a great ((linking to the article titled: ‘Crystals for Travel’ on anchor text ‘crystal for travel’)) to improve your self-love home and away.


The gentle and feminine energy of the moonstone is just part of the reason why it is a great crystal for self-love.

Moonstone encourages you to find balance or yin-yang energy. Energy will flow through you and heal you from the inside out.

This connection encourages confidence and the compassion that you need to feel self-love.

During hard times, moonstones can help you find self-acceptance.


Amazonite uses its shades of blue and green to balance both relaxation and protection all into one crystal.

This crystal is amazing for self-love because it will give you the power and drive to push through the negative side of self-love.

The journey to self-love is not easy. You will experience the desire to go back to your negative thinking patterns when times get tough, and it will be difficult to keep pushing yourself in the right direction.

With amazonite, you will have help with pushing through the tough times to get to the desired destination.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz can be good for self-love, though this crystal will do anything you want with the right intention.

This crystal is a good stone if you need a boost in any part of your self-love journey.

It can boost the abilities of the other stones in this list, giving you more of the benefits from each stone.

Clear quartz can also help you connect with your crown chakra and therefore gain focus and clarity to see through your negative thought patterns and habits.

With clear quartz, you can focus on the right destination of self-love.


An important part of self-love is grounding yourself. The journey to self-love involves combating the negative thoughts you have about yourself.

This process can make people feel scattered and distressed. The act of grounding will help you recenter yourself, calm down and be able to make your next steps calmly.

Hematite is great for building a solid foundation that will create confidence and increase self-worth.

This crystal will break down your people-pleasing habits and will attract more positivity to yourself.

Red Jasper

Red jasper is another powerful crystal for self-love. It connects you to your foundation, and will help you build self-love and self-confidence upon that foundation.

Red is the color of love, power and confidence, which can give you a necessary boost along your journey to self-love.

Red jasper is another crystal that is good for grounding. If you are ever feeling scattered in your journey, carry some red jasper with you, and go through a few grounding exercises to feel calm and centered.


Carnelian is the last crystal that is great for self-love. Carnelian is all about increasing self-work, self-esteem and self-confidence.

This crystal has a fiery energy that can burn away the negative energy that is blocking your self-love.

Burn through obstacles and bad habits to make room for positivity and self-love.

Carnelian will also give you the courage to keep going on your self-love journey.

If you have past pains that are blocking you from loving yourself and knowing your worth, carnelian can help you work through that pain.

How to Use Crystals for Self-Love

Now that you know a selection of crystals that will help you with growing your self-love, let’s look at how to use them.

Getting Real Crystals

First, you need to make sure your crystal is real. Many sellers in tourist shops, big box stores and online will try to sell people crystals that aren’t real.

Instead, they are either painted pieces of glass or dyed clear quartz. While we love what clear quartz can do, it’s not okay to be sold clear quartz marketed as other crystals.

If you don’t know ((linking to the article titled: “How to tell if a Crystal is Real’ on anchor text ‘how to tell if your crystal is real’)) you can check the hardness of a crystal, if there are bubbles in the stone (real crystals may have cracks but they don’t have bubbles) or see if the stone is suspiciously light.

Once you know you have real crystals, it’s time to cleanse them.

Cleanse Your Crystals

You never know what kinds of people were touching your crystals before you bought them.

Other energy can be on the crystals, so you will have to cleanse them.

Cleansing crystals is super easy, and you have many ways to do it. When you cleanse your crystals, you remove all the leftover energy stuck to them and you are left with a clean slate.

Crystals that haven’t been cleansed will no longer be able to absorb negative energy and they won’t be able to properly do their job.

One way to cleanse your crystals is by placing them in the moon-light. The moon will cleanse, purify and charge anything that you put underneath it.

Before you go to bed, place your crystals on the windowsill so they can absorb the light from the moon.

Just make sure you remove the crystals from the windowsill before the sun rises.

Sun exposure can cause crystals to fade and crack over time.

Using selenite is another great and easy way to cleanse your stones. Selenite is a stone that can cleanse itself along with others.

Place your stones around selenite for a few hours and let the selenite work its magic.

State Your Intentions

To activate your crystals, you need to state your intentions. This will tell your crystals what you want them to do for you.

Stating your intentions can be done in several ways.

First, you can simply think about what your intentions are. Energy is power and thoughts are energy, meaning that as long as you tell your crystals what you want through thought, you will be getting that information to them.

You can also state out loud what your intentions are. This may feel awkward to do, but it is a valid way of stating your intentions.

Finally, you can write your intentions down. This is a great method if you don’t want to state your intentions out loud, but still want your intentions to feel concrete.

When you have your intentions written down, you can keep them where you put your crystals at the end of the day or carry around the piece of paper with you.

This will be a constant reminder to you and your crystals about what your intentions are and what you are striving for.

Wear Your Crystals

Finally, using your crystals means keeping them close to you. Some people will carry around their crystals in their pockets throughout the day so the crystals are always close to their bodies.

However, some people will put crystals even closer to their body by putting them in their bra.

Where you decide to wear your crystal is up to you.

A super easy way to wear your crystals is by having your desired crystals as jewelry!

You can wear your rose quartz, hematite or any other crystal for self-love as earrings, a necklace or a bracelet.

Having jewelry with your desired crystals makes it harder for you to lose the crystals and makes sure they are close to your skin at all times.

It’s incredibly easy to get the benefits from the crystals in this manner.

Some people will infuse their water with a crystal’s energy to drink the benefits instead of wearing them.

It is important to note that you should never put crystals in your water. Some crystals will disintegrate in water and others will make the water poisonous.

Keep crystals around your water bottle to allow the properties to infuse.

Frequently Asked Questions

What crystal is best for self-love?

Our favorite crystal for self-love is rhodochrosite. It is the crystal of compassion, and is the best crystal for healing your past pain and feeling compassion towards yourself so you can improve your self-love.

Can clear quartz be used for self-love?

Clear quartz is the base of all crystal properties. This crystal can be used for any intentions that you want, which means they work well for self-love.

Clear quartz has made it to the list of crystals for self-love.

Can rose quartz bring self-love?

Rose quartz is a classic self-love crystal. It encourages compassion, self-acceptance and works for healing your inner child.

Where do you put rose quartz for self-love?

Rose quartz is connected to the heart chakra, so it works well when placed on your chest in front of your heart.

Wear rose quartz as a necklace for the optimal properties that this crystal has.

Self-love can be a long and tricky journey, but it is very worth it once you have reached a balance with your self-love.

Crystals are a huge help for people striving towards self-love, so if you are interested in trying crystals for your mental health, go and get some for your self-love.