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Top 10 Crystals for Seduction: Ignite the Flames of Passion

Never underestimate how much our sex lives are tied to our spiritual lives.

Sex is spiritual in its nature. So, while there are many ways to approach the quest for a more fulfilling sex life, attending to deeper soul issues may be the best in the long term.

Amulette de Cartier Lapis Lazuli
Image via Cartier – Amulette de Cartier Lapis Lazuli

Crystals can aid in necessary adjustments to your soul’s life, and these in turn can help you become a more seductive human overall.

Now, if you’re just too seductive already, we don’t know what to tell you.

But if you’re looking for healing crystals that will turn up your seduction, we have ten below!

Why Turn to Crystals for Seduction?

Have you ever met someone, and you were just drawn to him or her? Was it hard to say why?

Sure, the person may have looked just fine, and may have been friendly enough.

But something else seems to be behind your clear and very real attraction.

That goes to show that there’s a lot to a person’s aura and energies. Having one’s various soul components tuned up (including a clean aura and open chakras) can be very seductive.

That is one reason to give crystals a chance. They can heal self-esteem and improve enthusiasm.

They can ground a person in the moment and unlock a person’s sexual energies.

Another benefit of various healing crystals when it comes to seduction is that crystals can help sexual energies resonate more.

That is, if you meditate with them or wear them as jewelry, you’ll put yourself in a place to have more sexual enjoyment and to have a richer love life.

Some of the gemstones we’ll profile have the ability to help you forge profound connections with people, including those thrilling romantic ones.

If deep love isn’t seductive, nothing is!

Further, certain stones are heart-opening stones. These allow you to feel self-love and to have a loving viewpoint toward life in general, which in turn is sure to attract love.

Sometimes, some of our energies experience blockages, which prevent us from our full potential when it comes to sending off certain energies, often very important ones.

Crystals can clear these blockages and raise our vibrations, making them ideal crystals for seduction.

How Do Crystals work for Seduction?

The main way that crystals connect to us is through their vibrations. When we wear crystals or sit in meditation near a crystal grid, we partake in the vibrations of the stones.

Without getting totally technical, where there is matter, there is energy.

For example, energy, or heat, as in from a shower you’re taking, causes mist on the mirror, and mist is mass.

The energy present in any matter happens to make vibrations. Therefore, it isn’t woo-woo or crazy to talk about the vibrations in inanimate objects: it’s science, baby.

The vibrations in healing crystals tend to correspond to various traits that are important to us, such as patience, being grounded, concentration, joy, enthusiasm and a zest for life, etc.

Many, as with the stones we’re about to discuss, help us in ways specifically related to romance and seduction.

As you read further you’ll see the many examples of these traits. They include our responses to pleasant stimuli, cleansing us of negative feelings that could hold us back, an increase in our life force, and many more.

So let’s go!

Top 10 Crystals for Seduction

Here are the best crystals for seduction and all-around great romantic energy.

10. Red Jasper

This fiery stone is all about rejuvenation. Part of the revitalizing of our lives includes a spark to our erotic lives.

When this rejuve occurs, it makes us more attractive to others. Further, red jasper pries open the root chakra, thus helping you renew your enthusiasm for life.

It also allows you to approach intimate relationships with confidence and surety.

If you feel stigmas about elements of sexuality, Red Jasper will melt them away, making you feel good about your activities with a love partner.

9. Moonstone

Well, you can’t go wrong with a fertility symbol, which is what moonstone is.

This white, illuminated stone has ample goddess energy, shining down on you (like so much moonlight) all-important kundalini energy.

This is the spirit that awakens all chakras, sending you out in the world as a vibrant, attractive beacon of true energy.

Further, this gemstone is said to help people become better at expressing emotions–this outward reach can be a component to seduction.

8. Unakite Jasper

This is a stone that is as helpful after the seduction as during. It’s heavily associated with sexual performance, the giving and acceptance of pleasure.

However, it has other, more elemental meanings as well, touching our heart and allowing us to feel love and to feel loved.

Those who don’t have their love needs satisfied are more likely to come across as needy or forbidding in some way.

Use Jasper to avoid that fate and to accept fabulous experiences.

7. Tourmaline

There’s so much sensuality in Tourmaline’s appearance alone. Its pinks and purples and gentle greens really channel feminine energy that is important to seduction for anyone of any gender.

Pink varieties can soften one’s emotions and make one more loving; Green Tourmaline is known to provide stamina.

6. Obsidian

One way obsidian counts as one of the best crystals for seduction is that it helps us maintain our balance.

This can mean being sure to pay attention to your sensuality while still doing the hard work you do each day.

It can make you feel like your authentic self, which is sure to boost your self confidence.

That trait is essential to seduction. It’s also known as a stone of strength and power.

5. Tiger’s Eye

This gorgeous black, gold, and brown stone with mesmerizing bands of these colors, develops some important power in the holder.

It makes a person more active, taking more ownership over one’s actions and one’s fate.

That will give you the courage to become a seducer.

4. Smoky Quartz

Just as this stone is a blend of black and white, it also has a dual action of cleansing/protecting (getting rid of old baggage and its negative energies) and bringing in divine energy.

A way that smoky quartz applies to seduction is by allowing a person to see that their spiritual life shouldn’t be considered apart from their sensual lives–that sexuality is indeed spiritual.

3. Rose Quartz

We’ve shown you the delights of smoky quartz, and we were saving the better type of quartz for second-to-last.

Rose Quartz has even more to say about sensuality and seduction. In fact, the sensuous pink stone is synonymous with sexuality–that is what it’s all about.

Rose Quartz reintroduces its devotees to their sacred sexuality. That is, it allows us to pursue a deeper sexuality, one that is grounded in love.

Another property of Rose Quartz that is relevant is that it brings forth positivity and determination, limiting our doubts and our self-censors.

It can make us less self-conscious about our sexual desire and give us added self confidence.

And that’s when the sparks really fly!

2. Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam stones have a wild variety of blue, grey, amber, and tan hues and are found only in the Narmada River in India, a holy river.

Now, the Sanskrit word “linga” means “symbol” which is how we know that the stone is meant to be a symbol of the god Shiva, a member of Hinduism’s holy trinity.

Now, you may wonder if Lingam has anything to do with kundalini energy, and it absolutely does.

Shiva Lingam supercharges our kundalini energy by in turn awakening and cleansing the root chakra, where kundalini energy begins.

But apart from kundalini energy, Shiva Lingam works with all parts of the Chakra system, up and down our bodies.

This can make a person feel like beginning life afresh, with new, powerful energies.

This stone can help with tantra, and is said to be very effective in helping with our sexuality and everything pertaining to our vital life forces.

Further it balances our masculine and feminine energies for maximum sensuality.

So there you have the ten best crystals for seduction. You can use these in your everyday life to balance your energies in a way that will make your love life as fulfilling as possible.

In fact, we’ll now talk about the particulars of just how to use them.

Lapis Lazuli Pendant Necklace 14k Gold Filled
Image by SadaJewels via Etsy – check this item on Etsy

1. Lapis Lazuli

What an exotic name, which applies to a lovely blue stone with great metaphysical properties.

It comes at sensuality and love in so many wonderful ways. First lapis lazuli is said to help instill the mental and spiritual clarity to know what one is looking for and to approach it with great clarity.

Then, it stimulates the Third Eye Chakra, thus putting a person into contact with his or her higher self.

It draws people toward it and improves compassion and integrity, which are very seductive qualities.

Putting Crystals into Practice

Now, let’s get into unpacking these crystals and putting them into play. Let the creative force of your love life run wild!

Have Crystals Near You Always

One strategy for crystal healing is to put the stones in strategic places in your home.

One can research which corners of which rooms work for which stones, but it is different for different crystals.

So, as a more general, catch-all guide, places in the home that tend to be quiet are ideal.

These can include a desk or an end table near your bed, or even under your pillow.

Here, you can consider changes you plan to make in your life, and the crystals will help you with your challenging new circumstances.

We discussed the vibrations of the crystals earlier, and that demonstrates how important it is to have them near you.

Configurations of crystals can send enough vibrations your way.


Meditation is supercharged by crystals. Here’s how to get these supercharged benefits.

First, be clear on your intentions. Tell yourself–and the crystals–the specific kinds of healing are you looking for.

Then, be sure to get to a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.

As the meditation begins, channel your higher self. Ask it to guide you and lead you.

The crystals should be opening the appropriate chakras to facilitate this.

You then practice the meditation in the way you’re used to, resting crystals on your folded knees, your hands, etc.

Just try not to leave them on your person for more than roughly twenty minutes.

You may choose to enhance this meditation with crystal grids, which are crystals in strategic formations.

This allows for enough vibrations for the effects needed without the crystals being held or touching the skin.


A further method for integrating crystals into meditation is visualization.

To visualize, first produce a clear sense of your goals. Then visualize the emotions you’d likely feel if you achieved this goal, what it would look like, and what your life would be like overall.

When you have full clarity, exhale this energy into the stone’s field vibrations.

As you explore these various options, you’ll become comfortable with one or more and will be able to use them to your full advantage.

Seductive Summary

As you can see, seduction has a much more spiritual nature than one may have thought.

It’s not about simply fulfilling base desires or doing something tawdry. Sexual energy perpetuates life, and should be thought about in that way.

If people are to engage in something so profound, they must (even if unconsciously) find the partner to be grounded and possessed of a real spirituality. Having things together, including solid self-confidence and a well-rounded psyche, makes a person very eligible.

These stones are reputed to do the hard work to provide that balance for you.

We should note, however, that we are not giving official medical advice. These claims haven’t been backed by standard scientific studies.


What crystal attracts romance?

Unakite Jasper is a crystal very associated with romance, as well as love and seduction. This crystal does something extremely important–it opens up our ability to both give and receive love, to feel love.

What crystal is good for attraction?

The best crystal for attraction is Shiva Lingam. This stone has a phallic shape, referring to the Hindu God Shiva, and helps a person balance their feminine and masculine energies, which produces true attraction.