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The Top 10 Best Crystals for Memory (Focus and Studying)

People become who they are through the memories they make. Everyone has core memories that are essential to their personality and way of thinking.

Memory is also essential in day-to-day life. People need to remember appointments, meetings and whether or not they did a certain task.

lapis lazuli

Yet, improving your memory can be challenging. We have compiled a list of 10 crystals that can help with improving your memory, so you are less likely to forget both the little and big things.

Why Should You Use Crystals for Your Memory?

While it may seem unconventional to use crystals to boost your brain power, there are many reasons why they can improve one’s memory.

To Sharpen Mental Abilities

One property that memory crystals have is sharpening your mental abilities.

Many of these crystals boost your brain power and make you feel more focused.

This leads to you being able to make decisions quicker and easier, and will also remove brain fog.

To Improve Short-term Memory

Not only is your long-term memory important, but your short-term memory is needed for day-to-day tasks and events.

By using crystals that boost your brain power and overall memory, they will also boost your short-term memory.

This makes it easier to remember all the tasks you have to do in a day.

To Fight Memory Loss

Memory loss can be highly detrimental to your everyday life. Losing focus on what you were doing and forgetting important tasks can make you feel stressed out and lead to other detrimental outcomes.

However, memory crystals will fight your memory loss by boosting your brain power.

To Improve Memory Retention

Every time you learn something, that information should be stored in your long-term memory.

If you struggle with this, crystals can help improve memory retention by removing mental fog and giving you clearer thinking.

How Do Memory Crystals Work?

While there isn’t any scientific evidence of crystals being able to improve your memory, many people have found that using crystals that boost the brain helps them remember everything they need to.

Crystals work for memory loss in various ways. Many of them have properties that help you connect with the crown chakra in your brain, which helps with improving your memory.

When the power of your brain is boosted, everything related to your brain function, including memory, improves as well.

Some crystals have colors that are associated with boosting your memory. For example, the color red has been linked to improved attention to detail, which helps students remember important facts and information.

Blue has also been linked to an increased level of concentration, which can also lead to memory enhancement.

On this list, you’ll see many crystals that are great for memory.

Our Top 10 Crystals for Memory

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis is an amazing crystal for memory. It’s a blue stone, so it’s already associated with concentration and focus based on its color psychology.

Lapis works by tapping into your third eye chakra and stimulating the brain.

This enhances your brain power and focus, allowing you to have better memory and awareness.

Lapis lazuli is overall a very powerful stone, because not only does it improve your memory, but it also heightens your spiritual awareness and inner power.

If you ever need a boost in your day, carrying around some lapis will do you good!

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a strong crystal for memory for two main reasons. First, clear quartz can help with any intention; it is the foundation of the crystal world and can be used for anything.

Alone, you can put any intention you want in it and if you put it with other crystals for memory, the clear quartz will boost the power of the other crystals.

Clear quartz is also great for memory because of its mental clarity properties.

Clear quartz promotes clear thinking due to its transparent or translucent look.

Having mental clarity will help you retain the information you have learned.


Amethyst is a healing crystal with so many amazing properties that will help you with many aspects of your life.

Not only is it a healing crystal that can heal physical ailments like back pain or headaches, but it helps with healing the mind as well.

With amethyst being a healing stone, it is a calming stone that can help with your stress-related memory loss.

Amethyst also helps with sleep so you don’t have to go through the memory problems that come with sleep deprivation.

Amethyst helps make sure everything in your mind and body is working correctly so you don’t suffer from memory problems related to things being wrong.

Rose Quartz

If you want a pretty pink stone that is good for more properties than just attracting love, then rose quartz is the memory gemstone for you.

In the everyday sense, rose quartz will help you remember the tasks you may want to avoid.

If you suffer from forgetting important meeting dates or appointments because they stress you out, rose quartz will gently remind you of the things you must do.

Rose quartz can also help you access memories that are painful, and it can assist you to then work through them.

With its gentle and compassionate qualities, rose quartz will help you, whether you need a crystal for your car or a crystal to help you work through trauma.

Blue Chalcedony

This is another blue stone that works well for aiding your concentration and focus.

This memory crystal will help you build on your memory skills and enhance your listening skills so you can better learn new things.

It is highly recommended to meditate with this stone to get the most out of its properties.


This dark crystal is a transformational crystal that will turn the new information that you process into strong memories.

You will be able to retain information easily by keeping this crystal on you while learning something new.


Selenite is an important crystal for any crystal lover to have. Along with the properties that it holds and wants to share, it is also a cleansing crystal that is perfect to keep around your other crystals.

This is a self-cleansing crystal that will also cleanse the negative energy from surrounding crystals.

Not only will this crystal cleanse your other crystals, but it will also cleanse your mind.

If you struggle with memory problems due to a cluttered and foggy mind, selenite will clear that clutter away so you can focus on the information you are trying to retain.

Selenite is perfect for enhancing memory retention.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is a grounding stone that aids with focus and concentration.

By helping you feel more grounded, you will have an easier time sitting down and focusing on the new information being presented to you.

With these grounding properties, black tourmaline is also an amazing crystal for travel.


This is another black stone that is great for grounding and focus. Obsidian will help you tap into the centered part of you and will encourage you to see all sides of a situation.

By looking at a situation from different angles, you can better learn all the lessons that this situation has to offer.

Obsidian will enable you to distinguish lies from truth, which will better your memory as your head will be only filled with the facts.


Finally, hematite is a crystal that is very similar to both obsidian and black tourmaline, though this stone will sometimes shine silver.

Hematite will help with enhancing your memory retention by grounding your energy and preventing you from getting distracted.

This crystal will make the perfect addition to your memory enhancement crystal army.

How to Use Crystals for Memory

If you are confused as to how you are supposed to use crystals for memory, it is a lot simpler than you may think.

You have many different options for using crystals for any intention. Let’s get into those methods.

Keep Your Crystals at Your Desk

If you are planning on spending long hours at your desk studying for a test or working on a project, keep a collection of memory-enhancing stones to absorb their properties.

Often, simply being near crystals while keeping the intention of having your memory improve will make these crystals work.

Keep your crystals in a dish, jar or out in the open while you are studying.

Wear Crystal Jewelry

Wearing jewelry with your choice of memory crystals is one of the easiest ways to get the properties from the crystals no matter where you are.

Crystal jewelry keeps the crystals close to your skin and gives you super close contact with their properties.

Also, crystal jewelry is really easy to find, and you can even make your own crystal jewelry.

Meditate With Your Crystals

If you don’t want to keep your crystals on you all the time, you can meditate with your crystals to get their energy for the day.

Meditating is much simpler than the media has made it seem. There are so many different meditation techniques that you can use, but at the core of meditation, all you have to do is slow down and think of your intentions.

Hold your crystals in your hands or have them somewhere on your body. Then, while taking deep and calming breaths, think about how you want the crystals to help improve your memory.

Of course, the specific intention can change depending on which memory crystal/s you are using.

Create A Crystal Grid

Crystal grids are great if you have several crystals that you want to use for similar intentions.

By using several of the crystals listed above, you can create a crystal grid that will boost your mental power and give you a better memory.

Crystal grids are formations of crystals created so that the crystals can connect their properties with the properties of the other crystals to enhance a core intention.

There are different forms and patterns that you can create in your crystal grid, but all of them use the power of connection and have the properties of the crystals flow to a certain point.

Keep your crystal grid in a space where you will see it often, but won’t get disturbed.

You don’t want any crystals being knocked out of place by an accidental swing of an arm or a mischievous cat.

Good places for crystal grids include shelves, on top of dressers, or, if you can keep it safe, on your desk.

With a crystal grid, all of the memory-improving properties of your crystals will be absorbed by you.

Practice Visualization

Visualization can be tricky to master, but the benefits from this skill are super good.

Use your crystals to aid you with your visualization as you imagine your intentions coming from the crystals into your brain.

You can imagine that by holding the crystals in your hands, their powers flow into your brain and improve your memory.

Many of the crystals listed above are good for visualization, so you get many benefits with a few stones.

A Disclaimer on Crystals

While crystals are great in that they can do so many things for us, it should be remembered that they won’t be able to replace modern medicine.

If you struggle with memory due to a mental or physical health condition, crystals won’t be able to reverse that.

You still need to go to your doctor for any appropriate medication.

Crystals won’t be able to eradicate things like ADHD, dementia, side effects of a brain injury, or any other condition like these.

While they can ease some of the symptoms you may face, they aren’t going to make the problem completely go away.

If crystals do help you, then that’s good and you should continue to use them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What crystal is good for remembering things?

Lapis lazuli is one of our favorite stones for remembering things. The blue color of the crystal aids in concentration, while other properties of the crystal include increased mental awareness, third eye activation and an increased level of focus.

Which stone is best for learning?

The best stone for learning is clear quartz. This crystal leads to clear focus, removing the blockages in your mind that prevent you from learning.

Clear quartz helps you keep your focus and increases memory retention, plus it heightens the properties of the crystals it’s around.

What crystal is good for studying and focusing?

Labradorite is amazing for both focusing on what you need to learn, and then retaining that information for studying.

If you are preparing to take a test and need a crystal to aid your memory, labradorite is perfect for you.

Is lapis lazuli good for studying?

Lapis lazuli is great for studying because it aids in concentration and focus.

With this stone, you will have a clearer mind so you don’t get distracted while you are studying.

It also helps with keeping necessary information in your brain while letting distractions go.