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The Top 10 Best Crystals for Grief, Loss And Trauma

What are the best crystals for grief? When people hear the term “healing crystals,” they may think it refers only to physical healing.

But so much of what crystals are noted for is in the realm of spiritual or emotional healing.

People turn to crystals to repair, soothe, or enhance elements of their psychology.

Tumbled Apache Tears
Image by Knkminerals via Etsy. Tumbed Apache Tears

In a way that is related, crystals can help in times of emotional trauma, such as the loss of a loved one.

Grief is very trying, and crystal experts tell us that these gemstones can help.

We will discuss the workings of crystals for grief and will reveal ten top crystals for grief coping.

The Grieving Process

Everyone grieves differently, but most experts agree that grieving the death of a loved one takes between a year and two years.

It is important for a person to go through each stage and then advance to the next one and finally get to acceptance.


Even if the deceased was in the hospital with an illness, the survivor may feel a deep sense of shock that the person is now gone.

Not being able to see the person or hear their voice, even if they’d been severely compromised by the illness before their death, can come as a shock.

Having to reckon with something as frightening and unknown as death, something that the grieving person has, of course, never experienced, will always be a shock to the system.


Death can be so hard to accept that some folks cannot come to grips with it and somehow hold out hope that the person will reappear one day.

This is a normal part of the grieving process and can be considered a psychological defense mechanism.

It’s a way of reacting to stage one, shock, but like shock it must be overcome.


Once a person overcomes denial, it can be only natural to become angry. After all, one is missing the company and support of a loved one.

The anger can paradoxically be turned upon the person who has passed away himself or herself.


This stage helps demonstrate just how trying the grieving process can be. In bargaining, a person tries to cry out to a deity or to some invisible force that if they can be relieved of their grief, they’ll change their lives and themselves.


Some of these first few stages of grief can happen over only a month or two–hopefully not longer than that.

But after the first, turbulent stages comes a stage that may last a bit longer, depression.


We’ve listed the stages of the actual grieving process except for the final one, acceptance.

One might consider that to be the end of grief or a stage after grief. Well, acceptance generally comes only after the other stages, and it represents finally realizing that life must go on and that while one misses the departed, death is a natural part of life.

Crystals for Grief

As you may know, crystals work on very specific parts of our bodies, as well as giving specific emotional aid.

This is perfect for a process like the grieving process, which has its specific stages.

To illustrate, calming properties of various crystals would prove a godsend during the shock stage.

Mental clarity from others would chase the denial way. Calming would continue the healing process in the anger stage, melting negative feelings away.

As we’ll explore in more detail, the wide variety of emotional benefits said to come from working with crystals will have something to offer various folks.

Top 10 Crystals for Grief

We now look at the healing crystals that offer the most for sufferers of grief, with number 1 being the best.

10. Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz, which looks calming due to its white-clear hue, does indeed have calming properties.

Particularly when used in meditation, clear quartz can help a person get distance and a perspective, which is a major way of dealing with depression, the final stage of grief before acceptance.

While Clear Quartz connects to all the chakras to one extent, it works best with the crown chakra, which helps a person connect to the divine.

There is probably no better way to deal with grief than by communing with one’s god or the divine.

That can impress upon a person the true reality of where their loved one is and how things fit together for a greater plan.

Clear quartz color: clear. Planets: sun, moon. Number: vibrates to 4. Chakra: Crown.

Best crystals for grief #9: Moonstone

This gem is one of the best crystals for grief because of its feminine energies, which promote soothing and healing.

Because this stone restores confidence and inner peace, it is perfect as you’re nearing acceptance–it figures to speed the onset of the all-important acceptance.

It then promotes feelings of newness, energy, and a new beginning, all much-needed in this predicament.

Moonstone colors: white, blue, white pink. Planets: moon. Number: vibrates to 77. Chakra: Crown.

8. Black Onyx

Black Onyx is all about emotional balance. We all have negative energy from time to time, but Black Onyx can bring balance by serving as a protector, keeping away the monsters that are negative energies.

It’s important to have a protector stone in times of chaos or crisis like the death of a loved one.

It has very important protective work to do.

Yet, once it manages to keep you afloat during the most crucial times, Black Onyx is also reputed to inject a person with vital energy and enthusiasm.

These traits are also absolutely valuable when coming to the end of grief.

Black onyx color: black. Planets: saturn. Number: vibrates to 6. Chakra: root

Best crystals for grief #7: Malachite

Malachite has an interesting way of working. Rather than chasing away negative feelings or energies, it absorbs them, thereby taking them away from us.

It is good for balancing moods, helpful when we’re in the anger stage.

By connecting to the heart chakra, Malachite opens our hearts and brings healthy energies into our hearts and our bloodstream.

Malachite colors: green (banded). Planet: Venus. Number: vibrates to 9. Chakra: Heart, Throat

6. Citrine

Citrine is a gorgeous stone, generally a vibrant yellow, with occasional varieties that are orange or closer to brown.

It’s about as good a healing stone as you’ll find, and it specializes in forging inner confidence.

It pushes away distress and makes a person feel stronger.

Another way Citrine can help is by increasing a person’s stamina and energy.

This physical side of our lives is more important than some people might surmise, as a way of getting us through grieving.

Emotional healing is challenging and does require energy, beside the idea that having energy gives a person confidence and makes them feel up to difficult tasks.

Citine color: yellow. Planet: Jupiter. Number: Vibrates to 6. Chakra: Solar Plexus, Crown.

5. Opal

This crystal works with the throat chakra, which helps a person express themselves and be more outward and vocal.

Too often, we hold grief or other feelings in. We may be afraid of being a burden on others, but they’re probably more than happy to help.

However, probably the bigger concept is that putting things out there in speech usually makes us feel much better.

The stone is strong enough, according to experts, that it helps open up communications between you and a divine realm.

It definitely draws out wisdom, helping decision making.

Opal color: yellow. Planet: Jupiter. Number: Vibrates to 6. Chakra: Solar Plexus, Crown.

4. Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a dusky combination of clear quartz and darker quartz, which each contribute their energies.

First, the user receives an all-important calm. Then comes the actual healing and grounding.

This grounding will help you understand the emotional wounds you’ve lately suffered.

Smoky quartz colors: brown, gray. Planet: Saturn. Number: Vibrates to 6. Chakra: Root.

3. Selenite

Among the various best crystals for grief, Selenite is probably the most-effective cleanser.

What this means is bringing divine energies with their warmth and beauty. It’s important to have this warmth in our hearts during this time.

If we don’t we’ll have only the bitterness from the loss. The sorts of emotions we have in us and that we allow to take center stage are everything when it comes to our efforts to overcome feelings that may drag us down.

Selenite colors: white, colorless, gray. Planet: Saturn. Number: Vibrates to 8. Chakra: Third Eye, Crown.

2. Rose Quartz

Known as “the stone of universal love,” Rose Quartz is one of the very best crystals for grief.

Linked to the Heart Chakra, it inspires you to give generously your unconditional love.

Rose Quartz figures to allow for one to forgive oneself and proceed to self-love, all-important for the grieving process.

You will be accompanied by loving energy from the rose quartz and should feel the strength from it to be able to let go of the grief that’s been plaguing you.

Rose quartz color: Pink. Planet: Venus. Number: vibrates to 7. Chakra: Heart.

Best crystal for grief #1: Apache Tears

Tumbled Apache Tears
Image by Knkminerals via Etsy

This stone, our pick for best of the crystal for grief, is a form of obsidian.

The elegantly-lovely black stone is an empathetic stone, with empathy being one of the things you need most during the worst parts of the process.

This empathy is said to help one forgive oneself and others.

That’s partly because this spiritual gem allows you to release dark emotions as needed.

Apache Tears And Leather Necklace
Image by Smithnjewels via Etsy

It brings up negativity from our systems slowly and gradually. Further, Apache Tears work to cleanse auras, squelching negativity and shielding us from bad vibrations.

Thus, it is the best of the crystals for grief.

Apache tears colors: black/dark brown. Number: vibrates to 1. Chakra: third eye.

How To Implement the Crystals for Grief

Well, we’ve presented you our countdown of the best crystals for the grieving process, so let’s briefly get into how to actually use the crystals.

It’s mostly intuitive and with a gentle learning curve.

One thing to focus on, which is commonly done and not difficult, is just surrounding yourself with healing crystals.

Energies from these crystals have, as we’ve shown, a variety of healing properties to offer various components of our psychologies and our physiologies.

Placing them on end tables, shelves, window sills, and desks is a good way to maximize positive energies.

During a trying time, such as the loss of a special person, there couldn’t possibly be too much friendly energy.

Meditation is another way to pull forth their loving energy and help with your grief.

Naturally, when you are meditating, you’re clearing your mind. That really gets you off to an excellent start when it comes to using the crystals to help with emotions one feels during this time.

Apache Tear And Leather Necklace
Image by Smithnjewels via Etsy

A crystal grid may accompany your meditation, or you may choose to use this grid without actual meditation.

Many folks succeed by thinking about the calm or insight or other positive energy they seek.

Sometimes sitting near a crystal grid and not really directing your thoughts can be beneficial when using crystals for trauma.

Now, let’s not forget wearing your crystals around you all the time in the form of jewelry.

Whether you go with necklaces, rings, bracelets, or even bangles, bringing healing crystals into your life is a convenient way to use them for grief.

Can Angels Soothe Your Grief?

If you stop to think about it, wouldn’t it be a bit strange if angels didn’t help with grief?

There are a few specific ones you should meet who can help with these issues.

Archangel Gabriel– Gabriel is given the ability to tell people of God’s will.

It is said that moonstone is a good way to facilitate communication with this important angel.

Archangel Raphael– The healing angel, Raphael is a likely figure to try to channel while grieving.

The stone you want to use to draw these healing energies is malachite.

Archangel Azrael– Don’t be alarmed to learn he is called the “Angel of Death.”

He isn’t the one to bring death to a person, like the Grim Reaper. Rather, Azrael’s main function is to help people who are grieving death.

Specifically, Azrael helps melt away anger during that stage of grief.

To Wrap Up

We hope we’ve brought you some great information here, something to really think about.

We would, though, remind you that you aren’t reading medical or psychiatric advice.

Some of these claims haven’t been tested by science.

Crystals for Grief FAQ

Which crystal helps with grief?

The crystal that helps most with grief is Apache Tears, a type of obsidian.

It gives empathy, much needed when struggling with grief. We also profile nine other stones that help with grief.

Is Malachite good for grief?

Malachite is absolutely perfect for grief, since it absorbs negative energies.

With proper energies, we can forgive others and ourselves, thus removing baggage that gets in the way of getting through the grieving process.

Which stone is best for anxiety?

Selenite ranks as the best stone for anxiety. It cleanses our chakra and auras, leaving us filled with divine light.

It can help a grieving person look with optimism into a future, accepting that life goes on.

What is Moonstone good for?

Moonstone is filled with healing feminine energies; the gemstone spurs on feelings of newness and possibility, perfect for those suffering grief.