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The 10 Best Crystals for Creativity (And How To Use Them)

All people are creative, but some people feel that this trait just isn’t a big part of their lives or doesn’t apply to them.

Or, we sometimes mistake ordinary creative blocks for a lack of creative ability.

Whether you’re a painter, writer, executive, or parent, creativity is part of what you do and part of how your brain works.

carnelian crystal necklaces

One way to get your creative juices flowing is to acquire the use of various crystals.

Not only will we reveal ten gemstones that can bring more creativity into your life, but we will explore various ways of implementing the stones and bringing creativity into your being.

Creativity’s Many Faces

Many people think that creativity is what is behind really wild paintings or TV shows set in magical lands.

But creativity doesn’t have to mean weird or even really unusual. Creativity just means, well, creating.

It’s the force that brings forth ideas, ways of thinking, and options, which then go into a tangible item, project, or course of action.

Some very creative ideas you have may never be apparent to others.

Creativity basically means a mind that is open and active, not troubled by doubts, second-guesses, and negative energy.

When you have some nice creativity flowing through you, you can face challenges with more confidence, since you are looking to create and problem-solve, rather than letting obstacles get to you.

Bringing forth new things is what creativity is all about.

Why Crystals for Creativity?

One of the biggest obstacles to creativity is negative thinking. If your brain is convinced it’s not going to create something new, there’s little chance it will.

Negativity comes from all fronts, and it’s only human to give in to it at times.

But crystals have powerful energies that are thought to reduce negativity.

Many of the crystals we’ll feature have qualities having to do with new and different perspectives, being grounded, and being able to focus.

This sort of mind is not cluttered with worry and is learning about its full potential.

That kind of confidence births creative thinking.

Top 10 Creative Cre-ystals

Here are the types of crystals that best draw out creativity in people. They are in order, saving the best for last.

10. Red Jasper

This stunning type of quartz is associated with an “in the zone” state where thinking is clear and one can execute the best.

Another way of looking at this space is that it’s a small VIP lounge where your inner critic is not allowed.

Red Jasper is said to aid in motivation and spur a person on to persevere.

That’s a pretty good combination and it shows that while the crystal can get you started, it’s up to you to do the work to bring the goals to you in the longterm.

Of course, you’ll be using the powers given to you from the stone, so your chance of success is high.

9. Herkimer Diamond

Found in Tanzania, Mexico, Spain, and the USA, this transparent gem is all about clearing blockages.

Because of its high vibrations, Herkimers promote imagination, making them one of the best crystals for creativity.

Wearing the Herkimer Diamond to unlock your creative potential is best done by wearing it in a pendant as close to the mind as possible.

8. Amethyst

While some creative people seem shy or unassuming, that doesn’t mean they’re not confident, particularly when it comes to their art of choice.

Artists and anyone thinking creatively must have confidence. Some new ideas developed when your creative process is humming from creativity crystals may be met with resistance.

After all, you’re creative–not everyone will get your drift right away.

Wearing Amethyst develops self-confidence for its wearer, making it one of the best crystals for creativity.

7. Green Aventurine

This gemstone, another variety of Quartz, is actually thought of as one of the luckiest crystals.

However, we’re looking for something a bit different, here. The reason is one of the best crystals for creativity is that it opens up a person’s sense of humor, as well as the ability to change.

If you can’t accept change and don’t have the drive to move forward and see what will happen, you won’t be a very creative thinker.

As with the other best crystals, Green Aventurine lifts a person’s spirits across the board, making a person feel optimistic, joyful, all things that are associated with creativity.

6. Tangerine Quartz

This stone is iron-rich and comes chiefly from Brazil. It helps a person grow and develop.

Its orange-red color symbolizes a sun setting on one part of our lives, ushering in a new era.

This is perfect for creativity, since creativity often involves leaving a part of us behind and seeing things in a new way.

Clinging to old conceptions of our selves gets in the way of creativity, and is often the main culprit.

5. Tigers Eye

Wouldn’t you know it? This creative crystal is yet another form of Quartz, usually metamorphic and with a shiny red-brown color.

It’s a favorite for collectors due to its exciting tiger-like appearance. It’s great for any gender or occasion.

Traditionally the Tigers Eye has been there to ward off the Evil Eye.

A person who has a hard time getting started with creative projects and a creative mindset should really turn to Tigers Eye, since it’s all about getting the person in the right mindset.

4. Citrine

We’re now really getting into the big time when it comes to stones that help with creativity.

The reason Citrine really rocks (get it? ) when it comes to this is that it interacts with the solar plexus to give a person more spirit and energy and really get going.

That’s really where creativity comes from. Citrine gets a person to that mode–not quite a new level, but a level of energy–where the brain starts crying out for new ideas and the person seeing possibilities that had been right before their eyes yet invisible.

Get that solar plexus humming!

3. Lapis Lazuli

Here’s an awesome metamorphic rock that is made mostly of calcite and lazurite.

When it comes to the best crystals for creativity, this is one of the heavy hitters.

That’s because it interacts with the all-important Third Eye Chakra. This Chakra is just above the (two) eyes and opens a person up to new heights in terms of wisdom and thinking.

The Third Eye is for the very deepest thoughts. You’d better believe that this kind of higher thinking will leave you with all sorts of creative, challenging ideas.

It’s the sort of skill set that will impress your co-workers and others, in turn giving you the kind of confidence that will lead to more creativity.

2. Mookaite

This unique stone has fossils inside of it and is found mostly in Australia.

One trait of this gemstone is that it helps a person feel an affinity for nature and Mother Nature.

While that might drive creativity, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Mookaite is the second best of our crystals for creativity by spurring you to strive for excellence.

According to experts, it brings passion and love into a person’s heart and into their efforts.

That’s what creativity is all about–it’s impossible to look at a very creative product of any kind and not see the passion behind the creator’s creative energy.

1. Carnelian

A variety of chalcedony, this ruggedly-handsome stone actually turns impurities into its amber-hued beauty.

But not just lovely, Carnelian is the perfect helper for anyone looking to pump up their creative expression.

In ancient Middle Eastern cultures, certain civilizations used Carnelian stones to help shy people speak better in public.

It was also known as one of the stones in the breastplate of Aaron, a high priest of Israel.

Well, today, Carnelian is known to do an amazing job of letting a person feel one’s heart and not get stuck in one’s head.

There’s no doubt that creativity involves standard intellectual ways of thinking, but it does benefit from the heart as well.

One of the main ways Carnelian helps tap into creative juices is by reminding us of the awards of being creative.

There’s a pure joy produced by working on creative tasks or just coming up with creative solutions to the endeavors you face.

Carnelian helps you channel that.

Further, Carnelian keeps a person from overanalyzing things, which we’ve seen is a big impediment to creativity.

Carnelian really helps keep a person cool, collected, and mentally-rested for creative tasks.

Last but not least, Carnelian works with the Sacral Chakra to bring us courage and unlock creativity.

Using Crystals for Creativity

Crystals in the Home

Placing crystals on tables, counters, and desks in your home does a nice job of making sure the energy is always around.

It ensures that foreign or malicious energies won’t be able to intrude.

Jewelry With Creative Crystals

You can make jewelry yourself or buy jewelry with the best crystals as the jewel stone.

But the various stones we’ve highlighted all make spectacular jewelry, whether you’re using a good-sized cabochon or a small pendant or a stone in a ring.

The pieces are small compared to two-inch point towers or other spiritual crystals, but they do make contact with your body, and they do bring the necessary energies.

Meditate With Crystals

Meditating is, of course, a way of using crystals for creativity that means the most focus–your brain is directed on what you’re doing the whole time.

The first thing to do is to be clear on your specific goals, including which chakras, if any, you’d like to work on.

Now, once you know your goal, many people sit with crystals in each hand, a good way to achieve physical balance in addition to the mental balance.

Sometimes, lying down with the healing crystal resting on a part of their body.

Being on the Grid

Another great option is creating a crystal grid. One way to do this is to lay the crystals out in a particular configuration.

It doesn’t have to be a strict grid, as in rows crossing each other at 90-degree angles.

It can be a sacred geometry or other shape that encourages you. In this situation, as with any other, it’s very important to set clear goals before getting started.

The Angel of Creativity

Archangel Jophiel is the angel of beauty and of creativity. This angel, as you might expect, opens up our creativity receptors. The angel, pictured holding a tambourine, is said to unlock mysteries to us.

We can then take what we’ve learned and implement it in our personal lives.

Final Thoughts

We hope we have provided the information you are looking for. We have reported a consensus of the crystal communities and have presented findings from experience, from healers, etc.

We do acknowledge that this information hasn’t been validated by traditional scientific studies.

Mainstream science doesn’t place much focus on crystals and other elements of holistic healing.

There are several gorgeous stones that can help you with creative energies, and many of these have other healing properties in addition.

One good idea may be to find something that works as well as possible and use it long term, rather than revving up for particular creative pursuits.

Now go get creative!


What crystal increases creativity?

While the actual work is always ours, there are several crystals that create mental environments for us to unlock our creativity.

These include Carnelian, Tigers Eye, Citrine, Mookaite, and a whole list.

What gemstones symbolize creativity?

There are many ways that gemstones can open up various parts of our minds.

The ones that give us passion, enhance our senses of humor, and clarify the mind are the ones associated with creativity.

Which crystal helps with imagination?

There are more than a dozen crystals that have an impact on one’s imagination.

They include Mookaite, Citrine, Carnelian, Amethyst, Herkimer Diamond, Lapis Lazuli, Tigers Eye and more.