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The Top 10 Best Crystals for Confidence and Self-Esteem

A lot of people think that crystals are mysterious and that their effects are hard to define and abstract.

Many of these effects are quite serious, often dealing with spirituality or health.

But can crystals impact a person’s self-confidence, an extremely important ingredient for the success of everyone in life?

Top crystal for confidence: Orange Calcite Raw Crystal
Image by ConnectCo via Etsy

We will let you in on our list of 10 crystals most known to help boost confidence.

Confidence Defined

We all have a pretty good idea of what confidence is–a seemingly simple concept–but to get us all on the same page, we’d like to identify two major types of confidence, social and epistemic.

Social Confidence- This type of confidence applies to social situations–it is confidence when in gatherings, meeting new people, or speaking to several people.

Epistemic Confidence- This confidence is actually quite different from social confidence.

This is a confidence that comes from having certain knowledge or intelligence.

So, if you have to give a presentation on the job, you may have epistemic confidence if you know that you’ve done plenty of research and preparation and that the information you’re going to present is accurate and figures to get the results you’re looking for.

Now, it’s important to understand that epistemic confidence doesn’t have to mean arrogance.

While it is true that being too sure of an opinion can lead to a downfall, it is healthy and important to gather confidence from the fruits of one’s learning or efforts.

In fact, a person who is lacking in social confidence can recoup some self esteem through epistemic confidence.

After all, having interesting tidbits or other speaking knowledge is important in interactions with anyone, and excelling in this area should bring a healthy amount of confidence.

Bring Gemstones Into Your Confidence

Now that we’ve looked at the types of confidence, we can tackle the question of why you should bring healing crystals into your quest for greater confidence.

The main reason is that, as we’ll explore in greater detail, the various confidence crystals work with one’s underlying issues and each speaks to very specific components of our emotional well being, which in turn add up to higher self confidence.

How Does it Work?

Gemstones have vibrations, which in turn interact with our energies. In fact, some of the crystals for confidence that we’ll be exploring work with some important chakras.

Opening these Chakras can, among other things, repair confidence issues.

A person has to have an intention for the workings of these self-confidence boosting crystals; then she or he wears them or does some meditation while holding these crystals and that allows the gems to do their work.

Top 10 Crystals for Confidence

Going from effective to most effective, let’s take a look at the crystals that work with a person’s vibrations and energies to boost self-confidence.

10. Sunstone

Sunstone is formed in one of the most dramatic ways possible, from lava. More specifically, as basaltic lava cools, crystals form and become what we know as Sunstone.

The gem is found in India, Russia, Norway, and the United States of America.

One of the biggest reasons that this crystal is for confidence is that it interacts with the Sacral Chakra, and for good measure, the Solar Plexus.

In that way, Sunstone is all about positivity and about whisking away self doubt and replacing it with a towering batch of self belief.

9. Amazonite

Amazonite is an ancient stone found in, you guessed it, the Amazon River. Well, Amazonite is a silicate that is often found in a lighter green.

But let’s talk confidence. First off, the stone has great calming properties–you’ve probably heard the phrase “calm confidence,” and there’s no doubt that the two traits are connected.

But perhaps more to the point, Amazonite helps open the throat chakra. This chakra gives a person more confidence and makes you feel more free to speak your truth and reveal your feelings and opinions.

What’s interesting is that this becomes a virtuous cycle, your confidence only increasing the more you exercise it and speak your truth.

8. Black Tourmaline

This gemstone is made up of prismatic crystals and is known as a shamanic stone.

The striking black gem is most known for its protective properties. It protects from negative energy.

Further, Black Tourmaline connects to the root chakra. That gives you a very important grounding.

However, Black Tourmaline is adventurous as well, urging a person to have grand goals and to approach them with intensity.

That shows how this variety of Tourmaline is one of the best crystals for confidence.

7.Fire Opal

This variety of Opal gets its name from its fiery orange and red color. It’s a great light-catching stone, often appearing almost to be on fire itself.

People suffering from poor treatment that has left them with low self-esteem will really benefit from this fiery stone.

It is said to boost a person’s enthusiasm and positivity, making her or him ready for life’s challenges, with a healthier self-esteem.

6. Rose Quartz

The dreamy pink color of this variety of quartz is said to come from manganese, titanium, and iron impurities.

Isn’t it wild how something called an impurity can actually be very lovely?

Well, rose quartz is known to have ample feminine energy, and can help people struggling with difficult issues in their lives.

It also helps a person accept themselves for who they are, which in turn boosts confidence.

It’s easy to feel confident when your anxiety is gone and you feel joyful and free of depression, worry, or guilt.

That is what Rose Quartz can help you with, according to experts.

5. Tiger’s Eye

Noted for its lovely orange-brown color, Tiger’s Eye is known as one of the best emotional healers.

Not only does it aid in mental clarity but it sends a healing light into your solar plexus, and this gives you great confidence.

It brings out one’s natural energies.

4. Citrine

This bright yellow stone is known for its happy vibes and general joyfulness.

Because of this, it brings forth great energy to its wearer, chasing away gloomy thoughts.

One of its main traits is helping a person focus more on positivity. It connects to the solar plexus.

3. Carnelian

We’re now getting into the elite crystals for confidence, starting with Carnelian.

This stone, made of chalcedony, is such a powerhouse because it connects to all three of the lower chakras.

These are the sacral chakra, the root chakra, and the solar plexus chakra.

The sacral chakra brings stability and the ability to experience pleasure.

The root chakra is responsible for being grounded and also for stability. The solar plexus lights the inner fire, spurring a person on to action.

By opening up all of these chakras, Carnelian makes a person feel balanced and ready to go to work.

A person with these chakras in good condition has drive and desire to improve and to achieve new goals.

2. Red Jasper

This stone carries with it about as much protection as any stone on earth.

It calms the mind and gives focus, stamina, and persistence. It motivates a person to feel up to difficult or unpleasant tasks, one of the rarest forms of confidence.

Red Jasper works with the Root Chakra to boost confidence.

Top crystal for confidence: Orange Calcite
Image by MoonriseCrystal via Etsy

1.Orange Calcite

Calcite is a rock-forming substance found in igneous and metamorphic rocks.

Because of its connection to the Sacral Chakra, it promotes pleasure, creativity, and happiness.

It also expands consciousness and helps with meditation. With this kind of spiritual certainty, it is no wonder that Orange Calcite motivates a person to succeed, particularly when it comes to career or financial goals.

Not only does this form of Calcite provide motivation, but perhaps of greater value, it promotes enthusiasm.

What better trait is there on earth? Enthusiasm makes things worthwhile to us and colors our whole outlook on the world.

It allows us to throw the kind of life into whatever we do that in turn brings more success and more enthusiasm.

Implementing Crystals for Confidence

We’ve done a lot of talking about the various things that crystals are known to do for people spiritually, most leading to greater self-confidence.

But how does one actually use crystals for confidence? Well, here’s a brief guide.

The Crystal Desk

A desk is ripe to be blessed with crystals, since confidence is needed for many tasks a person might plan at a desk.

One might feel positive energies but then sit down for hard work and become discouraged.

The stones we’ve highlighted, which provide a confidence boost through a wide variety of spiritual improvements, are a good way of ensuring that as important work proceeds, you keep your spirits high.

The best work comes from confidence.

Confident Jewelry

One way to keep Red Jasper, Orange Calcite–or whichever stone you choose–closer to you is to wear it in jewelry.

Some people choose to wear jewelry on the part of the body that represents the chakra they want to work on–anklets would be good for these confidence stones to work with the lower chakras.

Meditate, Crystal-style

Meditation is a great way to put intention into your crystal use, which is extremely important.

It’s not just about happening to be near a crystal–you have to know what you are looking to gain from your exposure to it.

When you meditate using crystals, you can hold them in your hands or you can just place them in some geometrical shape around you.

Some people choose to hold decent-sized cuts of crystals or some just hold pendants or rings or bracelets or cabochons that could be placed in these pieces of jewelry.

Naturally, wearing the jewelry can work too. The meditation need not necessarily focus on your goals or desired improvements, but should primarily help clear your mind. That is the best way to move forward with all your goals–having a mind that is dragged down by baggage or negative feelings about the complications in our lives will prevent us from reaching our emotional goals.


Another technique that could prove valuable is visualization, seeing your goals, or at least mapping them out in your mind.

What’s interesting is that visualization can work well with multi-sensory stimulation like touch or hearing.

A Crystal Grid

Crystal grids are geometric arrangements of crystals, even if it’s not a horizontal and vertical grid.

The idea is for the energy to be aligned properly to help you meet your goals, open your chakras, etc.

Final Thoughts and Ideas

Confidence is a foundation, and while these gemstones aren’t exactly “rocks,” they do help you build that right foundation.

Without confidence, it’s difficult to accomplish the other things you need to accomplish.

Spiritual healing requires inner strength, and that requires positive energy.

We all have negative energies and various pieces of mental clutter that threaten to drag us down.

The crystals we’ve profiled are known to heal us in ways that both clear out the negative energies and that provide the confidence boost we could all use.

Now, most of these claims have not been scientifically tested, and various parties have their opinions on the workings of crystal and other holistic healing methods.

We are just giving you thorough, current information.

We wish you the very best on your spiritual journey and we hope you have acquired some epistemic confidence from this article.

Crystals for Confidence FAQ

What crystal is good for confidence?

There are many crystals that help with our souls and spirits in ways that lead to greater self-confidence. These include Tiger’s Eye, Orange Calcite, Carnelian, Red Jasper, and Citrine.

Can Amethyst help with confidence?

Amethyst helps a person get in touch with their higher self. This helps a person focus on higher spiritual goals and not get bogged down in everyday cares and worries. This in turn builds self-confidence.

Does Malachite help with confidence?

Malachite is a protective stone associated with peace and well-being. It opens up a person’s mind to greater optimism and the ambition that comes with it. It does help with self-confidence.

Is Sunstone good for confidence?

Sunstone is one of the gemstones most associated with confidence, as it works with the sacral chakra to increase a person’s creativity and flexibility. These traits make everything seem more possible, which is a form of confidence.