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The 10 Best Crystals for Cars (Safe Travel & Protection)

Traveling in any form can be scary. But not to worry, because crystals can help you feel calm and relieved when you are on a trip.

Victoria Beckham is known for traveling with her crystals, so she might as well put some in her car.

That’s right. A super easy way to use your crystals for your travels is to put some in your car.

Shungite tumbled stones
Image by Heka Naturals Store via Amazon – Shungite tumbles stones

Today, we have made a list of the best crystals that you can use in your car to give you some relief while you travel.

Why Use Crystals in Your Car?

Using crystals in your car is easy and convenient for all of your travels.

There are several reasons why using crystals in your car is a great idea.

Protect Your Car

So many crystals can be used for protection. By using some of the stones that we have listed below, you will be able to protect both yourself and your car through their properties.

Make sure you are at less risk of getting into an accident or your car breaking down by placing a few crystals in your car.

Have Calming Energies

Healing crystals are known for being able to calm people down, whether they are facing anxiety or negative energies.

If there is a long car ride you are stressed out about or you have general driving anxiety, having some crystals in your car can help you relax so you can drive with ease.

Gain Clear Thinking

When you are stressed or anxious about driving, it is hard to think clearly to make the quick decisions that driving requires.

Along with calming energies, these crystals can make it easier to think clearly too.

They remove the negative energies that you have, and many can relieve mind fog.

These effects will make it easier for you to drive your car.

Raise High Vibes

Having high vibes is never a bad thing and can make driving so much easier.

With higher vibes, you are calmer and can make more informed decisions while behind the wheel.

Almost all crystals, as long as they have been cleansed, can raise your vibes.

Bring those benefits with you by putting crystals in your car.

Our Top 10 List of Crystals for Cars


Shungite is an amazing crystal for your car. It is a stone that will protect both you and your entire car while you are driving.

Shungite is a black stone, which is known for being a protective stone.

Another benefit to shungite is that it will relieve stress. With this crystal’s protective quality, you will feel your stress melt away so you can focus on the important aspects of driving.

You can use shungite by either wearing it, which will put more of its protective qualities onto you, or you can tuck this stone away in a compartment in your car.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is an amazing crystal for your car because it has protective and stabilizing qualities.

This is a powerful protective crystal that is often made into calming thumb stones for people to fidget with.

Place black tourmaline in your car so it can absorb the negative energy from the surrounding area.

If you place it at a strong point of your car, such as near your seat or in the center of your car, this crystal will help ground you so you can feel more stable.

This can relieve the stress and anxiety that you feel about driving so you can focus on getting yourself where you need to go safely.

This makes black tourmaline a great crystal for travel, no matter where you plan to go.


Obsidian is another classic protection stone that’s great for your car. This stone transforms negative energy in your car into positive energy, which makes it great for preventing road rage.

Since this crystal is a protection stone, it can even help prevent other drivers from taking out their road rage on you.

Obsidian can be used whenever you are a passenger in someone else’s car. If you are unsure about another person’s driving, bring some obsidian to guard you against the driving or situation that you are worried about.

Make sure you can feel stable and grounded, whether you are in your car or another person’s car.


Howlight works great if you are a nervous passenger or have a nervous passenger in your car.

This crystal is also an excellent healing crystal that can reduce the physical side effects of stress.

From stress nausea to back pain to a stomachache, have howlight with you in the car to reduce these symptoms.

Nervous passengers will be thankful to have their stress symptoms relieved by the crystals in your car.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is a great crystal for cars because it can be used for any intention you have.

It is a vessel for whatever you want in a crystal, though there are a few strengths to note that this crystal has.

Use clear quartz with any other crystal in your car to amplify that crystal’s properties.

With this crystal being clear, it is often associated with clear thinking.

Make sure you can get to your destination without any problems by promoting clear thinking in your car.

Clear quartz, like many other crystals, has calming properties that will continue to ease your worries while driving on both empty and busy roads.

Experiencing heavy traffic won’t be an issue with clear quartz at your side.

Tiger’s Eye

Not only is this crystal known for being great for travel, but it’s also a great crystal for cars.

Tiger’s eye’s main properties are strength, grounding and confidence. This is useful for new drivers out there that are still nervous to be on the road and need a bit of a confidence boost.

Being anxious and timid while you drive can be dangerous. You must be sure of yourself and the decisions you make so you can be a safe driver .

With tiger’s eye, you will get this boost of confidence and will be protected at the same time.


Selenite is important to have in your car for several reasons. First, selenite is a self-cleansing crystal that cleanses the crystals it’s around too.

Keep some in your car with your other crystals in there to keep them cleansed.

Otherwise, you will have to regularly cleanse your crystals manually and you may forget.

The other reason that selenite is a good crystal for cars is because it promotes feelings of calm for people who are using them.


Driver’s anxiety is no more when you use malachite. This green stone is known as the guardian stone when it comes to traveling.

The color green is known for reducing anxiety and instead promoting feelings of calm for both the driver and the passenger/s.


If you are worried that a cluttered mind will distract you while you are driving, throw some citrine in your car.

This crystal is known for promoting mental focus and clarity to remove the fog from your mind and keep you thinking sharp.

Citrine also promotes success so you might be more likely to hit more green lights.


Finally, amethyst is an important crystal for cars because it is an intense protection crystal that will also heal you from any stress symptoms you may experience while driving.

This crystal will protect you from the dangers of the road, from a foggy mind making bad decisions, to the negative energies other drivers have.

This crystal gives you a deep connection with your mind so you can know exactly where you need to go.

Ways to Use Healing Crystals in Your Car

In Your Cup Holder

Your cup holders can hold more than just cups and crumbs from the snacks you had in your car.

Use one of the cup holders in your car to place your crystals in to get their benefits.

Not only is it a convenient spot to keep all of your crystals together, but with the raised sides, your crystals won’t get knocked around by any sharp turns.

On Your Mirror

If you have one or two crystals you want to focus on, tie them to your rear-view mirror and let them hang.

This is a great place for crystals that can handle the sun and benefit from the light shining down.

On a Keychain

Put your crystals on your keychain so you can always carry them around. This is a convenient way to make sure you always have your favorite crystals on you, especially when you are driving around.

Under the Driver’s Seat

If you want a deep connection to your crystals while driving, place them under the driver’s seat.

Every time you get behind the wheel, you will get direct access to the crystal’s properties.

Just know that the crystals might roll around while you are driving.

In the Glove Compartment

Keep your favorite crystal contained at a central point in your car by keeping it in the glove compartment.

In there, you don’t have to worry about your crystal getting lost by rolling around your car.

This spot is great for protection stones when you want to be protected from other drivers and the dangers of the road.

On the Dashboard

Putting your crystal on your dashboard is the perfect way to get the most benefit from your stone.

The dashboard is a central point of your car, so this is where it will do the most work to either calm down those in the car, protect the car or remove negative energies from the car.

Putting raw crystals on the dashboard is best so they don’t roll around as much.

Before Driving, Set Your Intentions

When using crystals for any purpose, you should set your intentions before you get started on your trip.

You can set your intentions by thinking them in your head around your crystals, by speaking to them out loud or by writing them on a piece of paper and keeping it with your crystals.

By stating your intentions, your crystals will know what you specifically want them to do.

This increases their abilities and makes them more focused.

Take Time to Meditate with Your Crystals

If you are new to stating your intentions, a great way to practice is by meditating with your crystals.

Meditating is a lot easier than many people think because there are actually very few rules to meditation.

Meditating with your crystals is as simple as sitting or laying down with them and thinking about all the intentions that you have for them.

Think about what you want them to do while in your car. For example, hold your obsidian in your hands while you meditate and think about how you want the obsidian to protect you from others’ road rage.

A Disclaimer on Crystals

Do crystals work? For many people, crystals will work because they believe in them.

Many people feel that crystals have been able to improve their lives in a variety of ways based on crystal properties.

However, there hasn’t been any solid scientific evidence to prove whether crystals work or not.

It is very important to note that crystals can’t replace medical help and they can’t be proven to prevent car accidents.

Whether or not you have crystals in your car, you should be practicing safe driving habits to ensure both your safety and the safety of others on the road.

If you have a medical condition that makes it unsafe to drive, go to your doctor and don’t rely on crystals to solve the problem.

Final Thoughts

Crystals have done a lot of good for many people. Bring them along with you in your car to bring their properties with you on your journey.

From protection to being calm, crystals have properties that apply to the anxieties and stress many feel while driving.