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The 10 Best Crystals For Back Pain (For Pain Relief)

Many people suffer from back pain and struggle to find some relief. For many, the typical medications and other remedies simply don’t work.

For those who have seemed to try everything, yet are not getting any relief, it might be time to try crystals.

red carnelian bracelet

Many crystals can help with alleviating back pain and can amplify the relief from other back pain therapies.

We have compiled a list of 10 crystals that are great for helping with back pain so you can finally get that relief you have been looking for.

Our Top 10 Crystals for Back Pain

Crystals do so much for both our minds and our bodies. There are several crystals that are great for pain management, especially back pain.

If you suffer from back pain and want some crystals that can provide relief, here is a list of those that can help you.

1. Carnelian

Carnelian is our favorite crystal for back pain. It does a great job of reducing pain in the body, including lower back pain.

Carnelian is a beautiful orange crystal that ranges from a deep fiery orange to a lighter yellowish orange.

The deeper-colored stones can look similar to amber; however, carnelian is much harder than amber.

This crystal is associated with the core or your sacral area. It connects with your lower back and all the vital organs that are in your lower torso.

This crystal has very bright energy that comes from its vibrant color, which helps channel healing in your body.

Since it is associated with the lower torso and lower back, more of the healing energy will be directed to those areas.

Carnelian can help with various kinds of back pain. Whether you have a stiff back or have menstrual

cramps that make your back ache, carnelian can help ease those pains.

If you want something more from your back-healing stone, carnelian is also one of the strong crystals for memory.

Using carnelian for your back pain is very simple. Place it on the part of your back that is hurting and let it sit there for about 30 minutes.

If it is too difficult to place it on the part of your back that hurts, put it on the front of your body directly in front of the back pain.

For example, if your lower back is hurting but you can’t reach that spot, put the carnelian on your lower abdomen.

Another way to use carnelian is to keep it in your pocket throughout the day, which is great for chronic back pain.

2. Smoky Quartz

While clear quartz is great for any ailment, smoky quartz is especially good for relieving pain in the physical body.

Smoky quartz will look a lot like clear quartz, though it will have various amounts of gray whisps within the stone.

This crystal looks cloudy, though some have so many whisps that the crystal looks almost entirely gray.

If you deal with back stiffness and back muscle cramps, smoky quartz is the way to go.

It stimulates the synovial fluid in the joints while neutralizing the negative energy in the body.

As this crystal promotes healing in the body, all the aches and stiffness you feel will simply melt away.

Another great thing about smokey quartz is that they are great crystals for travel.

If back pain is a struggle while sitting in a car or plane for many hours, bring along smoky quartz.

To use smoky quartz, you can either place it on the spot of your back that is in pain and let it rest there for 30 minutes or you can hold it in your hands for a few minutes every night.

Some people will state their intentions to the crystal to better target the pain.

3. Hematite

Grounding crystals are great for relieving all sorts of pain, making hematite an amazing crystal for back pain.

Not only can it ground you and eliminate negative energy, but it also eases back pain away from the muscles.

Hematite is a dark black crystal that looks similar to obsidian or tourmaline.

Two main ways to tell the differences between hematite and the other crystals is that hematite is the heaviest and when polished, has a metallic shine, unlike the other two crystals.

Hematite works to decrease the anxiety felt in the body, and with it, the muscle tension in your back.

It helps flush the toxins out of your body and helps the endocrine and circulatory systems.

To use hematite to ease back pain, you should keep it close by at all times.

Keep it in a pocket or as a necklace so it can pull the pain from your body.

If you are suffering from pain currently, use the crystal to gently massage into the muscle to ease away the pain.

4. Amethyst

This crystal is the ultimate healing stone. Whether you have a hurt back or a hurt heart, amethyst is always there to take the pain away.

Amethyst is a purple stone that ranges from pale lavender to a deep royal purple.

You can commonly find rough cuts of amethyst, polished pieces or chunks of amethyst geodes to satisfy the eye.

However, for the sake of healing back pain, we recommend you get polished amethyst.

Amethyst works by soothing the stress and tension out of the body. It has strong healing properties and works to break up energy blockages that can commonly cause pain.

Amethyst encourages healthy sleep, has anti-inflammatory properties and is great for those with chronic back pain.

To use amethyst, keep a chunk of it on you every day. When you are suffering from back pain, place the piece of amethyst on your back or massage it into the muscle.

For everyday use, rub the stone between your fingers for a few minutes.

5. Malachite 

The color green is associated with health and wellness. When you carry around the green crystal malachite, you will be boosting health within your body.

Malachite is a bright green stone that tends to have beautiful swirls of black.

This crystal works by drawing out toxins from your body and encouraging relaxation.

It works to boost the immune system, and clears out negative blocks and tension from your muscles.

For those with tense back muscles, malachite will push out that pain to make room for relaxing peace.

Use malachite by keeping a chunk of it with you each day. Place it onto the part of your back that hurts, and keep it there for 30 minutes until you feel the pain melt away.

6. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz isn’t traditionally considered a stone for pain relief, yet many people have found that it has aided in melting the pain and tension away from their muscles.

This crystal is a beautiful light pink that makes both a perfect Valentine’s Day decoration and a remedy for helping with pain.

Rose quartz works by promoting peace and harmony in the body. If you suffer from chronic back pain, there is probably a level of emotional pain layered beneath the physical.

Rose quartz allows you to release the sadness and grief that comes with chronic pain, easing tension in the body.

To use rose quartz, keep some on you every day. When you feel yourself in pain, whether it is physical or emotional, hold the rose quartz in your hand or on the painful spot.

7. Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is good for anything and everything. If you have back pain, clear quartz is a super easy crystal to find that will make the pain ease up.

This crystal is clear, usually, but sometimes it can be foggy and translucent instead of transparent.

You will sometimes see cracks and whisps along the inside of the stone as some of its beautiful imperfections.

Overall, clear quartz works by boosting your physical energy to remove any pain-related symptoms that you have.

It establishes a healthy flow of energy within your body so it becomes better at repairing any pain that you are suffering from.

Clear quartz helps fight against any pain that you have, including back pain.

Use clear quartz by carrying it around with you every day.

8. Citrine

Like carnelian, citrine is a great crystal for back pain. It is a bright yellowish-orange color that can be compared to beautiful sunlight.

Citrine works by improving the energy flow in the body, along with your blood circulation.

As bright and positive energy moves through your body, it breaks apart the pain and suffering found in your back muscles.

It can also reduce the stress that comes from your pain.

Use citrine by keeping it with you every day. When you are in pain, rub the stone in the palm of your hand or massage it into your back.

9. Fluorite

Fluorite can be found as a mostly clear stone with purple whisps in it, but it also comes in white, blue or purple.

This stone has many variations in how it looks.

This crystal works by promoting balance within the body. It flushes out toxins while bringing positivity, which works out the back pain caused by tension or muscle soreness.

Fluorite works to fight both upper and lower back pain.

Use fluorite by gently massaging it into the part of your back that is in pain.

You can also carry it around to prevent back pain from occurring.

10. Moonstone

Finally, we have moonstone, which is a pale white or yellow stone resembling the moon we see in the sky.

This is the last of our crystals for back pain, though there are more crystals out there that work well too.

Moonstone works by bringing stability to both the mind and body, and releasing tension kept by the muscles.

It helps with back pain by encouraging the body to release tense back muscles and eases any tenderness felt by the muscles.

To use moonstone, gently massage the crystal into your aching muscles until the pain ebbs away.

You can also allow the moonstone to sit on the hurting area until the pain goes away.

How to Use Crystals to Alleviate Back Pain

It is super easy to use crystals to alleviate your back pain. To get the most benefit, keep them close to the body and state your intentions to your crystals.

The first step to using crystals is to make sure they are energetically clean.

As crystals are used, they absorb the toxins and negative energy from our bodies, requiring them to be clean to continue working.

Learning ((linking to the article titled: ‘How to Clean Your Crystals’ on anchor text ‘how to clean crystals’)) will help to keep them working to release the pain from your body.

If your crystal gets too cluttered with negative energy, it won’t be able to release the pain from your body.

Then, you should know your intentions. When using your crystals, make sure you think about them healing your back pain.

Imagine them taking the pain from your back and holding it in the crystal instead.

After a few uses, you should cleanse your crystal so you can repeat the process.

Finally, you need to keep your crystal on you. Whether you have the crystal as a piece of jewelry or hold a chunk of crystal in your pocket, both of those methods work just as well.

If you want faster relief, rest the crystal on your back so the crystal is in contact with the hurting muscles.

Using your crystal to gently massage where your back hurts connects the properties of your crystal of choice directly to your back pain.

With the list of crystals provided above, you now have many options for the kinds of crystals you can use on your back so you can finally live pain-free

Disclaimer! This is Not Medical Advice

We must remind you that crystals are not a replacement for medical care. They can, though, be great to add something extra to your health.

Crystals can work alongside modern medicine by boosting the effects of the pain medication that you take or any therapies you partake in.

However, while they can do wonders for easing the pain in your body, they will not be able to cure illnesses or broken bones.

If your pain is persistent, we encourage you to seek medical attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Carnelian Good for Back Pain?

Carnelian is our favorite crystal for back pain! Its bright color works great for promoting healing in the body and releasing the tension in your back muscles.

This crystal is associated with the lower back, making it perfect for alleviating pain there.

Is Hematite Good for Back Pain?

Hematite works great for easing back pain as it removes the negative energy blocks in the body.

This grounding crystal flushes both toxins and pain from your body leaving your back muscles relaxed.