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The 10 Best Crystals for Anxiety, Depression And Stress

Managing anxiety is an ongoing and tiring process. It can be hard to figure out what is causing anxiety and what methods will work to ease both the mind and body.

For many people, dealing with anxiety feels hopeless when it seems that nothing is helping.

If you are in that scenario, you should give crystals a try.

Raw purple amethyst crystals
Raw purple amethyst crystals

Crystals can help people with many different conditions. Along with all the other benefits that are available, crystals can calm down your anxiety to help you make that nerve-wracking phone call or get you through that big upcoming performance.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a very common occurrence where one will feel a combination of fear, dread and uneasiness.

Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time whether they are nervous about making a phone call or about delivering a presentation.

However, while everyone experiences a certain level of anxiety, some feel extreme and disabling amounts of anxiety, which could be caused by an anxiety disorder or some other mental illness or disability.

Common symptoms of anxiety include:

  • Heart racing
  • Increased sweating 
  • Dizziness
  • Shortness of breath
  • Restlessness
  • Repetitive thoughts
  • Tense muscles
  • Nausea, which can lead to vomiting if uncontrolled
  • Fainting (in extreme cases)

Feeling anxious occasionally is harmless and is important for the body’s safety.

However, for some people, the brain interprets harmless situations as threats to one’s safety, and the body goes into fight/flight/freeze (fight the perceived threat, run away or stay still).

Understandably,, chronic anxiety can have negative consequences for both the mind and body.

Anxiety causes and is caused by excessive amounts of stress, and too much stress for a long time will hurt the body.

What long-term anxiety can do to your body:

  • Suppress the immune system
  • Lead to weight gain or weight loss
  • Cause digestion problems
  • Increase chances for heart disease
  • Lead to memory loss
  • Lead to chronic pain
  • And more…

Why Use Crystals for Your Anxiety?

Decreasing the amount of anxiety one has is a very common desire. Luckily, crystals can ease symptoms and give you several different benefits.

To Sharpen Mental Abilities

Too much anxiety for too long of a time can make your mind foggy and your mental abilities won’t be as sharp.

By easing anxieties with crystals, your mental abilities will sharpen and your mind will be clear.

Many of the following crystals also have specific properties that allow them to sharpen your mental abilities along with decreasing your anxiety.

To Improve Short-Term Memory

With anxiety, many will find that their short-term memory decreases over time.

However, by lowering the amount of anxiety that you experience by using crystals, you will find that your short-term memory will slowly improve once again.

It also helps that many of the following crystals are also crystals for memory!

To Fight Memory Loss

By lowering your anxiety with crystals and using crystals that help with memory, you will fight the memory loss that you experience.

Many calming and grounding stones aid with memory loss so you can remember all the important tasks you have to do.

To Improve Memory Retention

Using crystals that help ease anxiety and boost mental abilities, you will find that not only will you experience less memory loss, but your memory retention (or long-term memory) will improve too.

If you struggle with memory retention problems because of your anxiety, these following crystals can help!

How Do Crystals for Anxiety Work?

Each crystal has a specific list of properties that it helps with. These properties include mental aid, physical aid, and even spiritual properties.

Many of the crystals listed below have energy frequencies, much like music or other sounds, that promote relaxation in the body.

They have soothing and calming properties that work to relieve stress and make it easier to do the task that is causing you anxiety.

Our Top 10 Crystals for Anxiety

For our list of crystals for anxiety, we have many options that are all good for easing the stress of your day or even helping against depression from anxiety.


Amethyst is the best stone to use for anxiety. It is the ultimate healing crystal with its beautiful purple color and its history of being able to heal both physical and mental ailments.

Amethyst promotes calming energy, and will relax your mind and muscles from the physical impact of anxiety.

This is a protective crystal that will transmute negative energies into positive ones so you can feel good instead of anxious.

This crystal is great for leveling out emotions, which can be helpful during anxiety or panic attacks.

When you deal with anxiety, it is easy for your mind to become cloudy with irrational thinking.

Amethyst works to calm this by relaxing the mind and promoting clear thinking.

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is also an amazing crystal for anxiety as it promotes peace, compassion, and caring energies.

While it may seem that these crystals are better for love, the same properties that encourage peaceful relationships also promote a peaceful mind.

Having love and compassion for yourself will ease the stress and anxiety that you are facing while bringing in positivity.

Black Tourmaline

Black crystals are known for their protective and grounding qualities. Black tourmaline is known for eliminating anxiety and making people feel better.

That is why black tourmaline is often seen as a soothing stone or a palm stone.

This crystal protects you from negative and anxiety-inducing energies while being the perfect crystal for panic attacks.


Hematite is another black stone (that has a metallic shine) that helps with grounding during anxiety and panic attacks.

Once again, this crystal will absorb negative energy from you and prevent other negative energies from coming at you.

Hematite promotes balance, which will keep your emotions balanced and anxious thoughts in check.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is good for everything. It is a blank slate crystal that will help you with any intentions that you need to be met.

Clear quartz is a great crystal for anxiety as it can be used to calm the body, boost your confidence and relieve stress all at the same time.

This crystal can also be used to enhance the properties of other crystals, so it’s great to have some crystal quartz along with other crystals on this list.

Smokey Quartz

Smokey quartz helps to ease the mind, ease the tension from the body, and helps with depression too!

Even though it’s not a dark stone, smokey quartz helps with grounding and can prevent panic attacks.

Smokey quartz is the stone of bravery and can help you get through any anxiety-inducing challenge.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate is a pretty blue stone with properties that match its tranquil look.

This crystal is connected to the throat chakra and can help those who experience social anxiety.

When you feel your throat getting choked up from anxiety, blue lace agate helps release that knot so you can speak freely.

This crystal is great for many things, from relaxing, to releasing anxiety, to promoting easier communication and creativity.


Anxiety isn’t fun and brings about negative energy that can trip up the mind with anxious thoughts.

Citrine can bring positivity to shine away the negative thoughts and feelings that you are experiencing.

Worries will fade away when you have citrine with you.


Another black grounding stone is obsidian. This stone will help with grounding, protection, and allowing anxieties to melt away.

Obsidian is also known for cleansing. If you feel plagued with negative and anxious thoughts that are throwing your whole mood off, obsidian will help cleanse those energies away to make room for peace and clarity.


Our last crystal for anxiety is the ultra-cleansing crystal, selenite. This crystal is all about taking negative energy away and replacing it with positive and clean energy.

If you are experiencing anxiety and stressful thoughts, having selenite on you will free you from them.

How to Use Crystals for Anxiety

Crystals don’t come with instructions, so it can be confusing to know what to do with them if you haven’t ever used healing crystals before.

Using crystals for anxiety is super easy, and you have different options for getting their properties.

Have a Spot Dedicated to Your Crystals

A super easy way to use crystals is by keeping them in a dedicated spot in your home.

This can be on your desk or in a room where you tend to feel anxious. When you have a specific place where you keep your crystals, every time you are in that area, you will experience the benefits of the crystals.

For students, if you get anxious while studying or doing homework, keep your crystals at your desk so you can get their healing properties every time you study.

Wear Jewelry with Coordinating Crystals

Jewelry with crystals in it is already super common and is an easy way of keeping your crystals on you.

As the crystals are in contact with your skin or have just a layer of fabric in between, the properties of the crystals are easily absorbed.

You can find necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more with the crystals listed above so you can feel at ease all of the time.

Meditate with Your Crystals

Meditating with your crystals is another great way to absorb their properties.

There are many simple meditations for anxiety that you can follow when you are feeling anxious.

It is very easy to incorporate crystals into your meditation. When you get started with meditating, hold your crystals in your hand or place them on your body.

As you take deep breaths, allow the anxiety-reducing properties to flow into you with each inhale, and allow the negative energy to flow out of you with each exhale.

Meditation doesn’t have to be difficult. Focusing on your intentions while taking deep breaths is an easy way to meditate without worrying about clearing your mind.

Make a Crystal Grid

Making a crystal grid is the perfect way to combine the properties of crystals into one formation.

Crystal grids are made by setting up your crystals in a connected formation so the energy from the crystals enhances the properties of the connected crystals.

Place your crystal grid in a location where you will see it often.

Practice Visualization

Similar to meditation, you can connect with your crystals and get their properties by using visualization.

To practice visualization to decrease your anxiety, take a moment to spend time with your crystals.

Hold them in your hand or keep them close to your body. With your eyes closed, visualize the calming properties of the crystals flowing into your body, and imagine the anxiety draining from your body.

This simple practice can help you take a break and release the anxious tension from your body.

Final Thoughts

Using crystals is a great way to reduce anxious thoughts while bringing in positive energy.

Using crystals is super easy, you pretty much just have to keep them close by for them to work for you!

This makes reducing the anxiety you feel much easier and much cheaper than some other alternative medicines.

You have many options for using your crystals to help you with your mental health, along with having many crystals to choose from.

Our list of crystals for anxiety is not extensive as there are many more crystals out there that will help with anxiety!

However, our list has the best crystals for anxiety.


We must note that crystals can’t replace modern medicine. While there can be many benefits of crystals, there haven’t been many scientific studies on the impact of crystals on the mind and body.

Many studies have come to inconclusive results because it is very difficult to get proof of evidence during the process.

If you experience severe levels of anxiety, know that you will need to supplement your healing crystals with modern medicine.

Crystals aren’t able to cure mental or physical disorders, so make sure you always discuss new and developing symptoms with your doctor.

Crystals have been able to help many people with the properties that they have.

When it comes to relieving stress and anxiety, what matters most is what works for you.

If crystals help you get through the day with lower levels of anxiety, then that is perfect for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What crystals are good for stress?

Some of our favorite crystals for stress are amethyst, rose quartz and black tourmaline. Each of these crystals work to release the tension in your body and heal you from the things that are causing you stress.

What crystal is good for anxiety?

Amethyst is a great crystal for anxiety because it is the master healing crystal. This crystal will take care of all of your worries while transforming the negative thoughts and feelings that you experience into positive ones.

Is tiger’s eye good for anxiety?

While it isn’t on our list, tiger’s eye is a great crystal for anxiety. This is a grounding stone that will protect you from surrounding negative energy. It reduces stress and thoughts that could make you anxious.

Which gemstone is good for mental health?

Many gemstones are great for improving one’s mental health. One of the best stones for this is clear quartz! This is because clear quartz can relate to any intention that you want. Whether you want to reduce stress, reduce depression, or you just want help through a hard time, clear quartz will work for all of these intentions.