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Unlocking the Chevron Amethyst Meaning: A Guide

Chevron amethyst is considered one of the best crystals for activating the third eye chakra. But what is chevron amethyst’s meaning?

It’s believed that the crystal’s properties can help you heal and improve your tranquility and emotion.

Chevron Amethyst pendant
Image by CrazyStonesShop via Etsy – Chevron Amethyst pendant

Specifically, it’s said that this crystal can strengthen your physical abilities, promote positivity, block negative energies and enhance your spiritual wisdom.

Wondering how to use it and where can you find this crystal? Learn about chevron amethyst’s properties, usage, cleansing process, activating system, benefits, etc.

Chevron Amethyst’s Properties

This hexagonal crystal is a blend of white quartz and purple amethyst. The white quartz running through the middle of the stone creates a distinctive chevron pattern.

However, chevron amethyst’s color can vary from pale lilac to deep purple.

This beautiful crystal has long been valued for its spiritual significance.

People believe the stone contains a potent energy source that can bring positive transformation into one’s life.

Let’s discuss various properties of this stone

Metaphysical Properties

Crystal healers believe that the metaphysical properties of chevron amethyst are abundant.

It can give you emotional balance, strength and a calm mind if you hold the crystal during bouts of anger, stress or sadness.

Combine it with blue sandstone, and you can convert that positive energy into boosted confidence and courage.

It keeps you focused on your goal by removing self-doubt and anxiety.

Placing a chevron amethyst crystal in your home can enhance spirituality, positivity and protection.

Plus, wearing it as jewelry or carrying it in your pocket may create a protective aura to repel negative energies.

Many spiritual healers claim that the stone can also boost your immune functions when you’re ill.

Healing Properties

The healing properties of chevron amethyst can help in self-growth, bringing tranquility, cleansing body toxins, improving manifesting abilities, etc.

This crystal can prevent chaos and noise around us, the process of which can heal us mentally and emotionally.

Again, crystal practitioners say that the chevron amethyst’s power could boost physical healing.

Wearing chevron jewelry or holding a stone can relieve skin irritation and headaches and strengthen your immunity.

In addition, this crystal has excellent grounding power believed to be effective in spiritual healing.

Chevron amethyst resonates with the third eye chakra, which might be good for enhancing psychic abilities and states of consciousness.

As a bonus, it can establish a connection between the third eye and crown chakra.

Origins Of Chevron Amethyst

Also known as dog tooth amethyst or banded amethyst, the stone gets its original name because of the many Vs in its structure.

The V’s are actually created from the combination of amethyst and quartz that build the stone’s internal structure.

Chevron amethyst is found only in a few countries with exceptional climates and geological specialties.

Madagascar, India, Russia and Brazil are widely known for producing this crystal.

Irrespective of the origins, this stone has been popular in various cultures, especially in ancient Greece and Egypt.

They used to revere amethyst as much as other precious gemstones, including rubies and diamonds.

They used to believe in the crystal’s extraordinary power to cure drunkenness and cool bad tempers.

Therefore, kings used to wear amethyst jewelry, while others used to carry amethyst wine goblets to stay sober.

Different Types Of Chevron Amethyst

Chevron amethyst is available in two different colors: purple-white and smoky black-white.

Here are brief reviews of both types:

Purple Chevron Amethyst

The standard chevron amethyst variation features the formation of purple amethyst and white quartz in “V” patterns.

These patterns can also contain thin white lines resembling fractures in the stone.

Smoky Chevron Amethyst

This version is rare and is mostly used as an aid during meditation and body exploration.

It’s believed that this crystal contains calming power, which is helpful for protection and grounding.

Smoky chevron amethyst looks smoky black with a white end. Some stones may have the “V” patterns like the standard chevron amethyst variation.

How To Cleanse And Charge A Chevron Amethyst Crystal

Now that you know the properties and meaning of chevron amethyst, let’s learn how to cleanse and charge this crystal.

It requires cleansing from time to time, just like any other crystal. The cleansing process is very straightforward though, so even noobs can do it without making mistakes.

Dipping the stone in warm salt water is believed to drive away all the bad energies from it.

Mix 1 or 2 tablespoons of sea salt into the warm water and then leave the stone in it for 2 to 3 hours.

Crystal healers claim that a saltwater bath can cleanse chevron amethyst and refresh it with positive power.

However, washing the stone afterward with normal water and drying it with a clean towel is recommended.

You also need a selenite slab or bowl to recharge and purify the chevron amethyst’s energy.

It’s believed that selenite can give the crystal a powerful cleansing effect that freshens its energy.

You can leave the crystals on the selenite overnight.

How To Activate Chevron Amethyst

Many crystal practitioners believe that chevron amethyst does not need activation.

You can leave it outside (possibly on a windowsill) overnight during a full moon after cleansing.

It will get activated by soaking up the moon’s energy.

You can also keep the stone in a selenite bowl or slab for activation because selenite contains the moon’s potency and spirit.

If it feels heavier than usual without any extra shine, it’s considered to be activated.

How To Use Chevron Amethyst

There are many ways of using the crystal to get peace of mind and drive away stress and depression.

Here are some ways:

Wear As Jewelry

If you want to keep the stone close to you all the time, wearing chevron amethyst jewelry is the ideal option.

It can be a ring, bracelet, earring or necklace.

It’s believed that keeping the stone close to your heart can flow its energy through your body, bringing well-being and calmness.

Wearing chevron amethyst earrings is believed to make your mind focused and calm throughout your day.

Hence, it’s considered the best way to use this stone for overthinkers.

Use It During Meditation

Chevron amethyst helps with healing and coping with tension and stress. It contains many healing and spiritual energies believed to help you focus and solve a problem with serenity.

In addition, the purported healing benefits will help you to learn more about yourself and your surroundings.

That’s why the crystal helps a lot during meditation.

Place It In Your Bedroom

It’s said that keeping chevron amethyst near you during the night can get rid of nightmares, reduce insomnia and calm anxiety.

It may help you to have lucid dreams and peaceful sleep if you place it underneath your pillow.

This crystal is also powerful enough to solve your problems through dreams.

Drink Chevron Amethyst Infused Water

Chevron amethyst is water-safe because it scores a 7 on the Mohs Hardness Scale (so it doesn’t dissolve in water).

Also, it’s non-reactive and inert to chemical reactions, making it a safe choice for crystal-infused water.

Some crystals should be avoided because of their potential to corrode, rust or dissolve in water.

Make sure you do your research before adding any crystals to your water bottle.

Chevron Amethyst’s Meanings In Chakras, the Zodiac and Planets

Here are the chevron amethyst’s meanings in earthly spiritual powers:

Chevron Amethyst And Chakras

These crystals are rumored to rebalance and refocus the Ajna Chakra (Third Eye) whenever you feel overwhelmed or stressed due to external events.

It can improve your intuitive vision by focusing on the higher realm and the surroundings.

And a healthy Ajna Chakra helps make your vision sharp and clear physically and spiritually.

You can get better results by pairing chevron amethyst with other crystals containing the same energy.

Moss agate, tanzanite, lapis lazuli and sodalite are some of the best options to put together with this stone.

Together, they will enhance psychic and intuition abilities.

Chevron Amethyst And the Zodiac

This crystal is associated with two astrological signs: Pisces and Aquarius.

People born under these zodiac signs can bring good luck and a positive aura into their lives by using chevron amethyst.

Chevron Amethyst And Planets

This crystal is also known as the February Birthstone (Pisces), which is ruled by the power of Jupiter.

This planet is believed to represent power, wisdom and strength. In the Hindu religion, Jupiter is the guru of the gods because of its Brahmin origin.

Where To Buy Chevron Amethyst

These crystals are found in only four countries worldwide. However, amethyst is not a valuable crystal (only $20 to $30 per carat, and the highest quality ones can be $40 per carat).

Chevron amethyst is worth more or less the same. So there is a slim chance of people producing fake stones for profit.

You should still be careful, though, especially when buying online. It’s easy to find sellers on Etsy, Amazon, eBay and other platforms.

Always buy from a registered vendor who has plenty of positive reviews.

Different Types Of Jewelry With Chevron Amethyst

If you want the aura and power of chevron amethyst to stay with you all the time, consider wearing jewelry made of this crystal.

This stone can protect you from negative energy when you’re outside.

Here are some great examples of chevron amethyst jewelry:

Chevron Amethyst Pendant Drilled on the Leather Strap

One of chevron amethyst’s properties is healing by bringing serenity. Hence, it’s believed that keeping this crystal close to your heart will bring peace to your heart.

For that reason, it’ll help you to focus on your relationships and life.

Chevron Amethyst Pendant Jewelry Gift

Teardrop Chevron Amethyst Pendant
Image by EysepireDesigns via Etsy – check it on Etsy

This necklace features an eye-catching chevron amethyst point pendant that adds a touch of elegance to any outfit.

Wear this beautiful handmade piece as a talisman to bring peace and clarity.

Chevron Amethyst Beaded Necklace

Just like a pendant, a necklace made of chevron amethyst will sit near your heart, which is believed to protect you from negative energies and unnecessary chaos.

Chevron Amethyst Bangle

Having this crystal near your hand is said to create power that triggers your imagination and makes you feel inspired.

Chevron Amethyst Beaded Bracelet

The bracelet is perfect for helping you to tap into your spiritual awareness.

It’s made with 8mm natural chevron amethyst beads, giving it an elegant look.

Chevron Amethyst Earrings

Wearing earrings made of chevron amethyst will keep it close to your head, which is believed to calm your brain and keep you more focused throughout the day.

Therefore, this jewelry is ideal for overthinkers.

Benefits Of Chevron Amethyst Crystals

What if you don’t like wearing jewelry? Don’t worry; you can still obtain the chevron amethyst’s benefits through crystal stones.

Let’s learn about the different shapes of chevron amethyst crystal stones:

Chevron Amethyst Tower

This shaped stone looks like a stick made of purple and white chevron amethyst.

Keep it in your pocket, underneath the pillow, or anywhere in your room or office.

It’ll create a solid protective bubble around you and give you chaos-free surroundings.

Chevron Amethyst Palm Stone

This crystal stone is formed in a flat round shape. You can keep this stone in your hands, which is believed to enhance your spiritual growth and repel negativity.

Chevron Amethyst Thumb Stone

This crystal stone will enhance spiritual and psychic abilities and help you let go of unhealthy thoughts or behaviors.

Natural Chevron Amethyst Sphere Quartz Crystal Ball

You can carry one of these in your hands or bag. Sphere crystal stones can help you concentrate on your problems with a calm mind, which is believed to solve problems quickly.

Take Chevron Amethyst’s benefit with a grain of salt

So now you know the meaning of chevron amethyst, how to use it and its properties.

However, take all the online claims about the stone’s benefits with a grain of salt because there is no scientific proof of these fantastic properties.

You may still try a chevron amethyst stone or jewelry to see if it works. It’s believed that pairing this crystal with other types of crystals may increase its effectiveness.

After all, wearing crystal jewelry or keeping crystal stones close doesn’t have any harmful effects.

FAQs about Chevron Amethyst’s Meaning

What Is the difference between amethyst and chevron amethyst?

The main difference between amethyst and chevron amethyst is the color. Standard amethyst has no stand-out color other than shades of purple, but chevron amethyst features a combination of purple and white color.

Is chevron amethyst real amethyst?

Yes, chevron amethyst is a natural stone formed with a combination of genuine amethyst and white quartz.

What does amethyst do spiritually?

Amethyst is believed to offer spiritual wisdom and relief from stress, plus it’s thought to drive away sadness, and protect from physical and emotional negativity.

Are chevron and dream amethyst the same?

Yes, chevron and dream amethyst are the same things, as both share a similar formation.